42 Replies to “There is a Knife”

    1. My very first thought was…”Where is Monte Python when you need them?”

      A flying tackle of the Queen to highlight the UK’s retarded knife laws is exactly what that clip needed.

  1. Gee, I always thought the SHARP edge of the sword was on the outside of the curve! Guess I am not a warrior like those women!

    1. My dear Mr. Post. The sharp edge of the sword is wherever Her Majesty decrees it to be. God save the Queen! 🙂

    2. That’s what I thought … then it occurred to me that nobody in their right mind would give Her Royal Majesty a properly sharpened ceremonial sword! … let alone let DOCTOR Jill Biden anywhere near one … and certainly NOT Kampala Heiress near one.

      1. Kenji, if you noticed, she pushed down on the “supposedly” sharp side of the blade to get it to cut through the cake, and then, handled it below the hilt on the sharp side, and didn’t lose any fingers, or even any skin or blood. A fair assumption it was a dull blade. I’m just surprised Khan, the Mayor of London, didn’t demand to have her arrested for openly handling a sword in a public event. I guess being an aging monarch has it’s perks eh!

        As to Kammy Hairy Ass, I don’t think she was there, she was busy setting the central American nations straight, or, setting them up for bribes, not sure, either or both I guess!

        1. HRH needed a machete … the London street weapon of choice. England’s changed … no more sabers. Now it’s third world brush clearing implements.

  2. John Belushi is not around to give them the “samurai cake cutter” demonstration!

      1. That all went down when I worked for a Japanese-American family … they all thought it was hilarious. Can you imagine the pearl clutching over that skit today!?

    1. … but his skank wife handled the upside-down Sabre quite well, eh? She’s quite adept at plunging swords. That WAS Camilla? Wasn’t it?

      1. Camilla with the flowing hair trying to be young like Kate! Beautiful Queen Liz on her birthday!

        1. I noticed Kate just stood there … deferring to your wonderful Queen (she reminds me of my own 90yo grandmother on her 90th birthday … I got my affable sense of humor from her). I noticed Kate didn’t wrestle the sword out of the Monarch’s hands without being asked. Kate really knows how to play her role.

  3. Guess Her Majesty doesn’t trust anyone to hold her purse while she wields the sword.
    There’s been much speculation and a song about it but to this day no one knows what she carries in that purse.

    1. My guess is that her purse holds a loaded handgun which she knows how to use …and as her last living act she plans to double tap Charlie into oblivion.

      1. No, the Queen loves her family, warts and all. She’s probably very concerned for Andrew. He’s rarely seen and definitely not heard.

  4. Why women should not do anything in the military other than typing. The Queen and two future Queens wielding a sword – – – backwards. They are likely colonels of 20 different regiments.

    1. If you listen, she is offered the knife, but preferred the opportunity to have a go with the sword. She has cut many many cakes with swords in her lifetime.
      Also, she does wield a sword often during investitures, knightings etc.

    1. Someone needs to ask, “Who the hell gives a 95 year old woman a large sword to cut a cake”. I’m thinking, while she handled this with good humor and some aplomb, heads rolled afterwards.

  5. How many grudges do you build up over 95 years ?, luckily only the cake got cut 🙂

  6. L – Her Majesty’s swordsmanship would have been better had Prince Philip been at her side.
    The male consort role in support of women is a beneficent one.
    That is foundational to the success of Western Civilization.

  7. I, Elizabeth II, in full Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, officially Elizabeth II, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and of her other realms and territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith dub thee Sir Cake.

    1. Good one nold, thought you were gonna go with
      “let them eat cake!” Her Majesty wouldn’t say that though, she has too much class but maybe she’d think it. We’ll never know.