The Great Healing Forward

Jack Posobiec needs to move to Gab.

WH source: The NRA, Turning Point USA & Patriot Guard Riders are three of many non-militia groups on the list CID / FBI are using to cross reference in vetting for potential “extremists”
“YAF also on the list”
“They’re looking at various TPUSA chapters in almost every university and high school where there is one (for example high school members who are in the future soldier program, which is Army’s version of Delayed Entry Program) + college age soldiers obviously already in.”
“Investigators also looking for the following in pictures: MAGA / KAG apparel, Gadsden flag, Confederate Flag, NRA gear, Q stuff”
“Soldiers facebooks, twitters, instagrams, tik-toks and snapchats also being checked, units from deep red states such as Texas being thoroughly examined.”
“Left wing, anarchist groups also listed but not a top priority, in fact zero have been investigated as of this evening. Leaders in both Army + FBI have directed to focus attention on groups with “strong conservative sentiments”
“NCIS, AFOSI, CGIS also expecting to receive that directive from senior DoD officials in the coming days, this goes way beyond the inauguration. It won’t magically stop after tomorrow.”

OTOH, this thread will still exist when Twitter nukes his account.

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  1. This is right out of the Nazi’s Reichstag Fire playbook too, along with suspension of freedom of speech and assembly, but remember! Trump followers are the fascists!

    Jack is a must read. I don’t “follow” him, I check him from a bookmark since my Twitter account was deactivated since I wouldn’t provide them with my personal phone number.

      1. It’s why I bookmarked my best go-to accounts on the sidebar.

        Under @Social you might want to check the link to @Ian Miles Cheong
        /doesn’t appear to be working/
        // also under podcasts – Steve Bannon’s War Room is the only one NOT on youtube –
        wonder how long the other 4 will remain.

  2. Thanks Kate for this site. Jack is one of the white hats and his voice needs to be accessible.


  3. Meh…an army of soyboys, dykes and trannies is just what America needs. They ought to do real well fighting a guerrilla war in the homeland.

    1. Tomorrow we will find out if there are still good men in high places of power which could avoid a possible coming civil war. We know there are none in DC all the way up to the VP, there are no men of honor either in the judicial branches all the way up to the supreme court…
      The election was stolen on Nov. 6, most Americans know that, including up to 22% of Dem voter according to one poll…the Nov 5 Georgia twin election was most likely rigged too and it’s likely only going to get worse from now on if it is not stopped.

      The DoD is the biggest employer in the world; 3 million approximately. They swear an oath to protect the US Constitution from foreign and domestic enemies…There is ample evidence of foreign manipulation via Dominian machines and other trickery.

      Historically, Republicans are much better financial friends to the DoD, Trump certainly was…IMO, they are the last hope for good men/women.

      BTW, where is Flynn? Is it going to be his payback time for him?…I hope so

      Tonight, I’m praying the Good Lord that he did not abandon us and I’m Canadian BTW

      1. It wouldn’t be a surprise if THE PLAN has been compromised, and goes away like a fizzled match.
        Many predictions, many statements, many suggestions of the enemy being caught, but no results.
        Four years of WE HAVE IT ALL, four years of no results, no arrests, no penalties for the Russia collusion delusion, no penalties for the massive election fraud.
        It all empowers the Fascist Demarxists, that they can do anything, get away with anything, and, most of all, make a total mockery of the once great, but ignored, US Constitution. Easy to do when you have compromised John Roberts, who now votes like a DeMarxist.
        Welcome to the Fascist Banana Republic of America.
        Economic Spiral dead ahead, fasten your seatbelts.

    2. At first I didn’t think about dims and Rinos in Congress being afraid of us bible thumping, guns clinging and clicking, red necks.
      But now I believe they had the Shit scared out of them.
      Maybe we should Riot more often?

  4. For those not yet clueing in where this is heading, you might want to pick up a history book or two. This is a story that’s been told several times before.

    Spoiler alert: You’re not going to like what happens to the protagonists next.

  5. Lawfare anyone?

    If you can purge on the right then you can purge on the left too.

    The courts may be the best place to stop the insanity.

    1. It’s really fewer people involved than those who strings are pulled in congress.

      Who are those people…

  6. When they’ve rounded up and made unemployed 50% of the US popualtion, they’ll turn on themselves for being insufficiently progressive; probably sooner.

  7. The great irony is that when Trump first got in, the pundits were carrying on about his possibly purging his political enemies. He did not — although in retrospect, he perhaps should have. But going after ordinary citizens who belong to NRA, is seriously abusing
    power. These are Communist tactics and they do not belong in a democracy.

  8. Tomorrow night all the fake news networks are having airing

    “celebrating America” : Tom Hanks hosts a new national journey toward a united America….

    These people make me sick. Never forget fellow conservatives what these scum are all about. For four years it was muh Russia and destroying Trump and his supporters. F you.

    1. Don’t worry, the corrupt Canajun networks are joining in too.

      Tune in starting at 7am tomorrow morning, dontcha just wanna stayed glued to the set, just so no one misses the slobbering and mutual masturbation going on by the newsies to each other.


  9. The FBI , the very same FBI that covered up the Clinton Foundation , Hillarys computer, the Pakistan ISI operative managing Democrat computers, Obamagate, the Russian hoax, Bidens computer, his crack pipe and underage porn collection etc etc is the agency charged with investigating loyal national guard members and civilians who believe in the second amendment. Lets talk straight the FBI is nothing less than a Democrat institution, along with the DoJ who cannot seem to prosecute a case without studying it for a decade. There is no justice in the USA.
    And we are supposed to gaze upon this and a city turned into a armed citadel to keep citizens away from the new monarchs, it is beyond laughable.
    Half the RINO party are also complicit. And lets be honest President Trump is somewhat culpable, he never followed through on his comment that Hillary would in jail if he were elected.
    A reckoning is required, may it be swift and extremely painful for the traitors.

  10. Recruitment has favoured “people of colour” for a while now. Halfwitted thugs who can be depended on to mow down uppity white Americans without hesitation as required by their paymasters.

    Well-trained soldiers who can actually fight and win a war against savages—never mind a People’s Liberation Army armed to the teeth with the latest nerve and bioterror agents—and consider America worth fighting for? Not so much.

  11. FBI? Fumbling Bumbling Idiots? The same who have lied and obfuscated since the Big O (zero) held office? Sat on Hunter’s evidence? May have aided the “Big Steal”? Etc., etc., etc… And now leaving no stone unturned? ROTFLMAO!