53 Replies to “I Agree With This Because Many Indigenous Tribes Owned Slaves”

  1. Oh good gawd, get real, she just needs to call herself and all others peoplekind, let everyone dealing with or being served by her/him/it figure out what the hell job he/she/it holds.
    This pandemic doesn’t seem to be a deterrent to stupidity, we need a famine.

  2. “Dad, what is a ‘chief’?”
    “Mom, what is a ‘medicine man’?”
    “What is a ‘brave’?”
    Goodbye indigenous culture. Future generations will have no idea you even existed because SJW’s are removing the hooks that kept your culture relevant to the present. Ask kids today what they know about the Aztec’s. That’s how little they will know about your native indian culture.

    1. I’ll predict the obvious: In three to five years they will be burning down businesses and looting because there are no African American or indigenous symbols or words in our culture.
      Aunt Jemima will be re-created.

      And much wampum will be exchanged….

  3. Corporate executive suites and Boardrooms are blessed with no shortage of virtue-signalling “politicians” plagued with cultural Marxist indoctrination. Universities are not the only place where the institutional left dominate. This specific issue is an example of the Stockholm Syndrome of white progressives.

  4. The Counterfeit government of the Dem-on-enslaver representation is once again practicing black-male-euthanasia. This time not with the Whipping-Machine process but by direct smothering of life by Planned-Organ-Marketing and inner-city-jungle-warfare.

  5. We obviously need a sixty million dollar, ten year inquiry to look into the use of the word chief. Followed by a tearful apology from Big Chief Gay Eagle With No Balls and a big payout. Break out the drums, feathers, and chants to the sacred liquor bottle.

  6. Now she’s offending the RCN’s Leading Seamen or is that Sailor?

    It just occurred to me, the abbreviated title is LEO. Isn’t Cancel culture trying to get rid of those too?

    1. Seaperson?

      Admiral lashes out at ‘hateful’ online comments as Navy looks to drop ‘seaman’ term

      Navies around the world have described their junior sailors as “seamen” for decades if not centuries, with the Royal Canadian Navy using “ordinary seaman,” “able seaman,” “leading seaman” and “master seaman.”

      But those terms are being replaced in Canada as the Navy – which is short hundreds of sailors – charts new waters to become more diverse and inclusive. Navy officers have said the move is also designed to ensure junior members feel safe and proud of their ranks and jobs.

      Members of the Navy as well as the public at large have until Friday to vote online on two alternatives, with both variants substituting “sailor” in place of “seaman” in different ways.

      1. “Hateful”? This “navel person” is MALE is it not? With a skirt? What’s “he” got under it? If I wuz a sailing sort, I’d spit on the deck before I ever saluted that thing. Yeah sure, flog me….round the fleet, too. All 6 boats?

      2. It’s a good thing they’re scrapping the term “seaman”. Otherwise, with the low-IQs extant these days, it would more likely be misspelled as “semen”, and there ain’t none of that around in politically correct circles these days.

  7. Chief is an english word of course. “Origin: Middle English: from Old French chief, chef, based on Latin caput ‘head’.”

    The above took about two seconds of searching to find. Its use is to refer to the head of a group of people whether it was a clan, a tribe, or a random group. It is completely proper to use it to refer to the head of an tribe or to the head of a corporate department.

    The main thing to remember is that it is an English word used by speakers of English. Nothing whatever to do with Indians.

    About the only thing that I can think of that might be derogatory is the sarcastic implication that a particular “chief” isn’t really in charge of anything at all. And so the honorific is actually an insult. But that is advanced English for people who possess the ability to appreciate subtlety and nuance.

    1. I have been just thinking if the use of English by non-English speakers is a cultural appropriation 🙂

    2. Yeah, I did the old etymology search, too. Better get rid of Captain, which also derives from caput, as does chef, etc.
      It is all kaput.
      I wonder what the aboriginals actually called their chiefs before whitey got here.

  8. From Wiktionary
    From Middle English chef, borrowed from Old French chief (“leader”), from Vulgar Latin *capum (from which also captain, chieftain), from Latin caput (“head”) (English cap (“head covering”)), from Proto-Indo-European *kauput- (English head).

    Did it not occur to her that all those native bands and tribes with different languages of their own might have taken an existing word from English for their titles? Oh wait, it did… :
    As Roome herself acknowledged, “The origin of my original title is European.” She claimed that “that doesn’t give me a pass,” arguing that the term is still tied up with the system of “systemic racism.”

    Of course, we all know that virtue signallers tend to be narcissists, psychopaths, and manipulators. Why would Technical Safety BC allow themselves to be lead by such a horrible person? They need to replace her immediately, we can’t have psychopaths in charge of worker safety.

    1. The Indians appropriated our culture by using the word chief.

      I’m so old that I can remember when that was bad.

  9. Of course, it would have to happen in B. C., the province where logic goes to die.

      1. Nope, it’s a Spoonerism.

        Like the old joke about the difference between a circus and expensive brothel, at the circus you can see cunning stunts.
        or the difference between a diseased whore and a midget conman, one is a cunning runt.

        1. Very good. Yes, very expensive brothel.
          I actually came up with this in a meeting. The guy must have hated me. I sure hope he’s not reading this.
          Anyway, he was wasting everyone’s time by beating a dead horse. So I told him, Clay Farkas, don’t flay carcass. (If I thought the attendants were quicker on the uptake, I wouldn’t have mentioned the name. But it made the spoonerism obvious.)

  10. She might also refer to herself as Top Banana/Head Honcho/or simply the Individual In Charge. Just make it simple for simple minds who go along with such tripe.

  11. Name changes are all over the place these days. In the big scheme of things this is a distracton. Think of the sign companies, web techies etc–  they would all get work from these governments which are famous for make work projects.

    Last night, July 27th, this article, (see link below) was featured on the Montreal CTV News. (The Gazette piece was from June 16th) It’s about McGill, it seems James McGill was a slave owner!

    I’ll bet McGill University gets a name change. What do you bet it’ll be changed to something like l’Université Trudeau University with a large endowment from the Trudeau Foundation or perhaps from Canadian taxpayers, if PMJT can get away with it. After all, the University is the alma mater of this Prime Minister, most of his friends in the government and as well, several Cabinet members.

    If they changed the name of Montreal’s Dorval Airport they can rename mostly anything. Watch for it.


    P.S. It’ll always be Dorval Airport because it’s in the city of Dorval.

    (Chief, chief! Là, là, bla, bla!)

    1. You know the most racist organization in the history of the United States?
      Yup, the Democratic Party. Its members founded the KKK. As late as twenty years ago, one of the Democratic senators continued to be a big honcho in the KKK. All the segregationists were Democrats.
      A close second would be Planned Parenthood. It was founded for the explicit purpose of ethnic cleansing by killing black babies. Distancing themselves from the founder does not change its raison d’etre, which still holds true.
      Now those are two organizations that scream for renaming, or better yet cancelling.

      1. The Dems have lost their way. Too far left now, radical, even.
        They ought to go more to the middle. Remember, it’s the economy… what Bill Clinton said.

        I bet they’ll never rename nor cancel Planned Parenthood.
        We’re you thinking of Robert Byrd? I remember him.

        The World has gone crazy OB!
        Stay safe!

  12. The Mic Mac on the East Coast and the Kwakiutl on the West Coast had no common language, let alone titles so using the English word “chief” has no native roots anyway. Now they are after the word “squaw” which was specific to one part of North America and apparently meant “wife” (oops, is that sexist now?).

  13. So there I was, just toodling along through life, livin’ the dream, and then I heard the word ‘chief’, and KABLAM!, I turned into a racist.

    It can happen that easily.

  14. When liberals tell you that they are so weak minded and blatantly stupid that using or hearing an old English word will turn them into racists, believe them.

  15. Every day we find more evidence that the species with the lowest intelligence in the fauna classification is the White Liberal. It is a species that some how survives childhood then finds a way to get put in charge of everyone’s affairs. How much more evidence do we need before we put these imbeciles back into the asylums where they belong?

  16. For many years I was the Chief Flying Instructor of a large flight school. Nobody complained about the title, which carries prestige and responsibility.

    I was sometimes referred to as le grand fromage, but the initials CFI really mean a lot in aviation.

  17. This just out: these American Medical Physicians have been censored by the USA MSM and Social Media. In Canada it would be normal but in America it’s taking away a Constitutional Right. Shame on the Democrats. They are blatantly lying and they think are running the country. It is a moral absurdity!


    1. Apologies, I meant to put the above post in Readers Tips.
      Makes me off topic here! Hit Me!

  18. With this constant attempts to “purify” our language, how long will it be before our only way of communicating with one another is like how the apes did in the first act of the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey?

    Oooops! I made a mistake! (Yeah, I know: hard to believe, huh?) That part of the movie is entitled The Dawn of Man and Stanley Kubrick probably mis-gendered some of the critters with that.