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    1. What McLean did was akin to abandoning a friend on the side of the road to save his own ass. Don Cherry is a good man, he has a heart for men and women who have served and are still serving, he wears it on his sleeve, he’s not a phony.
      What has happened to our Canada?

    2. The nasty Marxists in Canada ARE NOT recent immigrants….Everybody should know that Cherry was calling out the SJW & their spunk…..Political correct Muslims, or East Indians don’t exist until the SJW claim that they have been insulted…….The Poppy is common to most of the United Kingdom Commonwealth countries because they fought & died together…only the silly SJW’s would not know that…..

      Sportsnet “steals” most of it’s programming from USA Production (Deletes the USA ADV & credits… and should be shut down… The CRTC should be ashamed to condone such conduct……


      1. The CRTC demands that the US advertisements and credits be deleted. Fortunately, I have only had to watch one Super Bowl with the ever repeating coffee shop commercial.

    1. Realistically, we would never get the votes supporting statehood. I can already see the campaign against it, nothing but “Mediscare”.

      We really can’t expect things to improve in Canada, as the whole country is degenerating into a kleptocratic state, lacking rule of law, and with the blackface media consisting almost entirely of presstitutes paid by the taxpayers to support Sox.

      Rule of law + smaller government + more freedom = prosperity. That is how Canada achieved it in the first place, not from magic dirt like the current crop of parasites thinks.

        1. Firstly there is the sales pitch required to get that idea across.
          The second issue is that any state that tried to have their own system resembling medicare coverage would lose all industry to lower tax jurisdictions, and would have an influx of people needing care from across all other states before the system collapsed. Do you want to become God’s waiting room?

    2. “4 western provinces”

      Stop. No. Just Alberta, only Alberta. Those other provinces aren’t going to separate and even Alberta would be a huge challenge to win over. Further even if they do separate there is no reason to be united. Alberta is better off alone. Maybe even less than alone-should amputate Edmonton.

    1. Canada is also a loser Bankrupt state. Canada the Fake Democracy. In reality a Criminal Organization.

    2. We could, John Chittick, but if we try it might not turn out that way, and then we’d have to think what is next best.

      It’s also possible that we could do best being part of Canada, but too much of Canada seems determined to make a version of this country that won’t be best for us and we shouldn’t go along with that.

      1. The Libranos campaigned on attacking the west while they were out east, and the east voted for it. That tells me that confederation can not be fixed, the problem is that Canada is no longer a nation, we do not share common cause, and the voters themselves will gleefully attack us. Time to go. Any thoughts of staying are just nostalgia, regrets for what might have been, and symptoms of battered spouse syndrome.

        1. Well stated, Deplorable.
          There is ZERO future for Albertans in Canaduh West. All of the “you people” will forever vote to continue the rape and pillage of the resources of the west. It is well past the time we finally realized this fact.
          FREE SASKABERTA NOW !!!!!
          Or, suffer the coming Holomodor.

          1. Oldtmer64, don’t forget MB, we have a small oilpatch, and a port that is just as close to Europe as Halifax that could be opened up with a couple of icebreakers like the ones that are used to keep Quebec ports open.

            The reasons to leave go well beyond pipelines or there would be no talk of separation, we would just keep working politically to get them built, like last time when we went Reform. The current situation is just the last straw that makes the status quo intolerable, and Trudeau’s almost instant repeal of everything Harper did upon election that proves reform is not possible.

            Conversation came up last night, and an interesting thought was brought up, if the US recognized a UDI, then it is a done deal and there is not enough Viagra to fix the Eastern impotence, but there is another possibility. Would the UK recognize to keep us as a constitutional monarchy and preserve status of the monarchy? If the Queen or her successor were to recognize independence, then the easterners would defacto have to recognize it as well, the leverage on that would be the possibility of going Aussie and talking about abolishing the monarchy in favour of a republic.

    3. But how do you disconnect from American security? No matter what type of armed forces, except nuclear, how do you deny that you owe your security to US might?

      1. Buddy – since the only geographic threats are Canada and the US, they would owe their security to American indifference. America is not a threat, the rest of Canada is not a threat that couldn’t be handled by a citizen militia. Like many small countries do, they could make a deal with the US. In exchange for recruiting Albertans into the US armed forces the US could provide security, or something like that. The US wouldn’t sit and do nothing if the Chinese ever became an issue, because in that situation a threat to Albertan sovereignty would also be a threat to US sovereignty.

        1. It should be a top agenda item, a statement that you acknowledge and appreciate and will pay for the protection provided by your US neighbour. And it may send a cold shiver down the spineless backs of Laurentian Elites and their smug minions.

          1. Buddy, we have to deal with the brainwashing, gaslighting, and battered spouse syndrome of many of our citizens, an it will require a good sales pitch to overcome some inertia when the state broadcasters kick in the fear mongering campaign. Do you really think making the statement you want us to make would further our interests? We can work on international relations once we are free, but we can not afford to sacrifice our chance at freedom just to espouse premature platitudes because someone else would like to hear them.

      1. Unwe/et al. I did not post the article because I agree with it, I posted it because in my mind it is significant that The Hill had this article at all. They have a fairly large US readership.
        Personally in my opinion Alberta will have to go it alone. This will be a big enough battle by itself. Can we lend support and succor to our neighbors, ie MB, Sask. Northern BC, yes of course.
        But until we secure our own posterity we must fight on alone. And it will be a fight. All the Globalist forces in Canada are arrayed against us here in Alberta.
        It would be so much better if all Western Separatist/Independence groups in Alberta united and worked together putting aside their ego’s.
        But I think it is possible. Will it be quick? No. Is it real? Yes. Kenney knows that Albertans are starting to accept that we must have our own NATION. And he is reacting to that by even entertaining his panels.
        Over some years I have made many proposals starting with Ralph Klein. A Provincial Constitution being one. Under sect 45 of the BNA. It should be written by the people themselves not EXPERTS and whisperers. Not by Gubmint, although Gubmint could help facilitate.
        I proposed that in the Constitution there be an iron clad binding, on the Provincial Government sect that says that whenever Ottawa or any other part of the Federal Government, including the SCOC infringes into Provincial Jurisdiction.
        That a Binding Referendum for a UDI will automatically be triggered. And Albertans will decide if they will abide with the infringement.
        I have also proposed that a percentage of all Alberta Resources Royalties would be paid in physical gold to be held in Edmonton in a vault. And this would become the ballast for an Albertan International Banking system much like we see in the Caymans, Switzerland etc. These small countries have done very well this way.
        I would like to see Alberta the NATION be a Republic. Not entangled with Canada or the USA. Not meaning we never do business, but that we do what is right and good for Albertans.
        In the NATION of Alberta there would be no special rights for anyone.
        All Amendments to the Constitution would have to be by a large majority of Albertans consenting.
        I personally like the Swiss model were the Citizens make all important decisions and the Politicians are nobodys.
        All social issues would be decided by a majority of Albertans in a binding vote. Not politicians or judges.
        In the Constitution the Magna Carta Rights would be enshrined along with Common Law Rights. These Rights have stood the test of time and are what made the Western Nations great and free and wealthy.
        The possibilities are endless as to what we could create if we have the will.
        In my mind we have no choice anymore.
        Albertans need to be constantly calling on Kenney to defend Albertans 1st. MAGA. This means an Alberta Pension, an Alberta Provincial Police Force, an Alberta EI plan, in other words Alberta needs to opt out of all Federal Provincial arrangements that do not directly benefit Albertans. The Provincial Government needs to immediately pass a law that all grants and funds that Ottawa currently pays into Alberta Municipalities will no longer be allowed to directly flow to Municipal Governments.
        That all this funding will be paid into Alberta Treasury or Government and distributed as Alberta sees as necessary.
        As to the Marxist Equalization scam, Alberta needs to completely opt out of the Federal Provincial Fiscal Arrangements Act.
        And begin collecting all tax in Alberta and dole out our portion back to Ottawa for services rendered.
        Anyway get involved Albertans. Find your local Independence group and get involved.
        And get a UCP membership and take them over from within, mold them to our will. In Freedom and Liberty. UDI ALBERTA GO UDI

  1. The biggest story on all of Blackie’s media this morning is Nazi Don Cherry. People are urged to contact their nearest Liberal Party office to sign up for diversity is our strength classes. The Liberal Party however will not be firing Groper for wearing blackface. Justin is wonderful. And the Toronto Star will not be firing its reporter for him saying that only white people in small towns support Cherry. The Toronto Star is wonderful.

    1. John, the left-wing Globe and Mail this morning is also piling on, with three or four op-ed columnists attacking Mr. Cherry. With the establishment media cartel all one gets is the same old, same old one-sided opinion.

    2. And the Chinese are a benevolent people, worthy to rule over us, and not the least bit tight-fisted or callous. The Chinese are wonderful.

  2. Oh Nooooooo! Don Cherry is homophobic! Blackie’s CBC has shown an old clip of him saying something negative about gays back in the 90s. He is literally Hitler. Just ignore that the media forgave Groper for wearing blackface, because it happened years ago. Cherry probably voted for homophobic Scheer.

    1. Saw that too, this morning. CBC Morning reporter Michael Serapio did the reporting, and he is an out-of-the-closet homosexual. In his report, Serapio mentioned the homosexual lobby EAGLE take on Cherry’s firing, without disclosing that he, Serapio, has published articles for EAGLE in the past. Serapio breaks a number of journalistic ethical rules here, but at the corrupt CBC News nobody cares. The CBC is corrupt, after all.

  3. Check out all the lefty media reports today about Don Cherry and you’ll find the comment sections have been spiked.

  4. I attended a ‘rememberence day’ ceremony at Genesis Place in Airdrie. I was subjected to vile tirade of UN propaganda about how great the UN is. It makes me want to puke.

    Nothing about the Armistice, The Great War or the 11th hour of the 11th day.

    1. “subjected to vile tirade of UN propaganda”
      A few years ago we heard one of those sermons from a United Church minister at our Remembrance Day Service. She wasn’t invited back to participate in the event.

    2. Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past. — ‘1984’, George Orwell

      If it doesn’t support the narrative, down the memory hole.

  5. The Don Cherry firing is still doing a slow burn inside of me. A couple of points:

    — I have signed petitions at True North media and the Rebel media. Anybody know of other “support Don Cherry” activity out there? Please post, and we should realize every little bit helps. Also, I will be contributing more to the Royal Canadian Legion moving forward. We all can up our game, given what Mr. Cherry said about the declining poppy support;

    — the establishment media cartel is censoring the main point Don Cherry was raising in his last HNIC talk: that too many Canadians are not wearing the poppy. (And as an immigrant myself I agree with his contention that too few immigrants wear the poppy). There has been a fragmentary media discussion, in the past, about the problems the RCL has been having raising poppy funds, and the declining number of poppy volunteers helping out. Here is an excellent article, by Anthony Furey, about this problem:

    As well as supporting Mr. Cherry, our small conservative base can start thinking of ways to support the poppy campaign, through our small media blogs, etc. True, the Laurentian establishment and their media-cartel cronies rule Canada, but that doesn’t mean we should take this lying down.

    1. Let him stay fired. Stop being a bitter clinger, and cancel your cable or satellite subscription instead.

      1. Kevin, I am not a bitter person, so I can’t stop being one. If you read my post again, I suggest positive things conservatives can do. Yesterday I posted a message strongly supporting a boycott of Rogers Communications. In the past I made a number of posts about the need for our small conservative groups and media to start organizing well-run boycotts (with web pages, “how to” information sheets), instead of leaving it to individual, isolated conservatives to to the boycotting on their own.

        You can continue to be snarly towards me, but in the meantime I will take you up on your offer for me to cancel our Rogers package, and to enroll in another package. My wife was also upset with Don Cherry’s firing, and I think she would go along with the change. But notice the tricky things we have to do. We have to get another telephone land line; we have to replace our unlimited Internet connection; and we have to replace our cable. We do not subscribe to SportsNet.

        We ought not to subscribe to a BCE package, for to do so would be helping to pay for CTV’s Joy Malbon and Don Martin, two mindless pro-Liberal shills among many at the dreadful CTV News. I know people say conservatives should pull the cable plug, but for us this is not on. We are a retired couple on a pension, with limited income. When we leave Rogers we will snailmail a dead-tree letter to the CEO stating we are boycotting Rogers over the Don Cherry firing.

        All in all boycotting Rogers is not as easy as it sounds. This is why we must start organizing well-run boycott movements. In the meantime I will keep SDA readers posted on our progress in leaving Rogers.

    2. Seriously, what is the point of making threats, that will never be followed through? Just stop buying Bacardi, Roots, anything or anyone that supports what you claim to be against.

      If you are just going to keep paying Rogers for cable, and keep watching hockey whether Grapes is there or not, keep watching NFL whether players stand or kneel…

    3. Cancel Sportsnet from whatever your TV provider package is. My Bell Fibe TV package for Sportsnet is called the “Sports Fan” package. Also contact the Rogers Blue Jays and tell them that you’ve cancelled Rogers Sportsnet so you won’t be watching any Jays games or their advertisers again.

  6. I think his prescription is loony but his diagnosis is on. Rosenberg points out that the US economy is not doing well:

    “real GDP growth has weakened from three per cent in Q1 to sub-two-per-cent in Q3 to now very likely one per cent at most in Q4. That companies have over hired was a premise on full display in the unexpected productivity dip in Q3. Retail sales fell 0.3 per cent in September and auto sales fell hard in October. Housing is coming out of a six-quarter recession and the damage here has been done. Commercial construction has entered a funk and business capital spending is in a well-defined downturn. Exports are contracting and a substantial inventory overhang is in the process of unwinding, a message that was loud and clear in the latest manufacturing ISM report.”


  7. Blackie’s CBC is excited that their hero Justin is briefly coming out of hiding this morning. He will be meeting with Hitler Scheer and Hitler Moe. There was a brief photo op of Scheer and Trudeau. No questions were allowed by his loyal drooling media again.

  8. Jason Momoa on climate change: desmoinesregister.com/story/news/2019/10/02/iowa-raised-actor-jason-momoa-addresses-climate-change-un-speech-global-crisis/3841795002/

    Jason Momoa on pipelines: instagram.com/p/BE_ra4ZvHPd/?hl=en

  9. There is a war against vintage Canadian people going on as we speak.

    Somehow, between the soyboys and the sucks, the Liberals and their Lugenpresse, and of course, the Feminuts and the mindless youts, vintage folk have yet to get the message.

    The Liberal Party and their Running Dog Comrades worldwide, are trading our First World Standard of Living for the Third World’s, straight up!

    Why you say?

    Beyond the usual power and control and social engineering goals of the Liberal Party and its Communist world mates, the real reason is demographics and our broken financial system of more growth equals more debt.

    The world financial system needs borrowers.
    The third world has them.
    We have a society of boomers, 10,000 a day retiring for the next 15 years, destroying money every day by repayment.
    So don’t expect this to change anytime soon.

    “Simply put, in our fractional reserve banking system, the bulk of “money” in the economy is lent into existence by a rising quantity of loans. But the data is clear that those who undertake new loans (create new money) will be in indefinite decline, while roughly equally and oppositely, those that pay down or pay off existing loans (destroy existing money) will take their place.”

    “Under 65 year-olds in consumer nations have a high rate of credit consumption. 65+ year-olds are relatively credit averse and more likely to pay down or pay off existing loans than to undertake new loans. Those elderly that do undertake new debt do so at relatively low levels.

    Where will further debt (“money supply” growth) come from as that the quantity of potential working age persons to undertake new credit, and thus organically grow the “money supply” (let alone consumption), has decelerated by over 90% and is set to begin declining very soon?

    Thus, there are two options to continue growing debt (aka, “money”).

    Either encourage the continually fewer working age persons among consumer nations to take out ever more debt (via perversely paying borrowers with NIRP or similar to undertake new loans) and/or…

    …central banks ZIRP, NIRP, QE, and acronyms yet to be invented will all have the express purpose to destroy assets (purchasing bonds, stocks, etc. that are never to return to the market) and replace them with newly printed “money” which will chase the remaining assets higher.

    This monetization is to avoid a free-market from pricing assets based upon a declining quantity of buyers and fast increasing quantity of sellers.

    Of course, the policy of centrally directing asset appreciation has clear winners (a declining quantity of institutions, asset holders, federal governments) and losers (a fast growing quantity of young, poor, working class, and those with few or no assets).”

    He forgot option 3:

    Bring lots of poor people to rich countries.

    So that is and will continue to be the plan, regardless of the strife caused.

    The real question is what happens when Canadians finally figure it out?

    I suspect that every “immigrant” will be filthy rich and probably own a Canadian or two before the dumbfvcks in this country write a sternly written letter of protest.

    Canadians have descended to a level of awareness previously only seen in the ugliest of dictatorial backwaters.
    With a Media that helps former members of Pravda and Tass sleep well at night.
    A ruling class that is venal and without soul.
    And corrupt, self-serving politicians as the face of the beast.

    We may survive Blackie the Groper.
    We won’t survive the people who voted for it.

    Civil disobedience where are you?
    Canadian backbone where are you?
    Canadians ? Canada? Bueller? Anyone?

    Who am I kidding?
    Canadians will eat any crap sandwich their government/owners give them.

    If there is a more embarrassing, feeble, pusillanimous, ignorant, anemic, afraid, spiritless, cowardly, hebetudinous, dull, apathetic, docile, stuporous, spent, really, really stupid people than Canadians, give them a medal.

    Such a spectacular failure as a country and a people deserves wide acclaim.

    1. Now that Sir was one hell of a RANT. Worthy of some kind of award, Medal of Canada or some such Post National Trinket. My. My. I tip my hat.

      1. And I remain an admirer of your most artful use of the foulest of language.

        I thought I could swear with the best of them, particularly when lying Liberals or their lying Press are the subject, but I bow to your obviously superior expertise.

        I posted under Lugenpresse to try to get around the filters.

        Had to cut some of the most accurate descriptions in the process.

        Apparently the colour of Trump’s house in Washington used in conjunction with descriptions of the people who fought and supposedly lost the second world war can’t pass filter muster.

        Canadians-censored since 1867.

        1. Why you, you….I am at loss for words. On second thought, I am most happy to see a fellow rebel, who is pissed off enough to actually howl at the moon occasionally. Canadians are the most pathetic class of sheep ever bred and released onto a tax farm.
          Fed on Beer commercials like “I AM CANADIAN” mean while paying more in taxes than they are allowed to keep for their own families. Their very governments are a threat to their families and their existence by their criminal levels of taxation. Canadians are so brainwashed and subservient now that they will take food right out of their own offsprings mouths and hand more taxes over on demand. Yes it is coming higher Carbon Taxes, more Climate Emergency Wars, redouble the effort. The “Great Leap Forward” etc.
          Even a sheep recognizes the danger when the coyotes approach.
          But not Canadians. They can not even come up with an occasional cuss word. They just bow and scrape and tug their forelocks and walk, head down submissively to their places, well worn places because they have had their places at the Oars of the Slave Ship Canada for generations.
          About as much imagination and resistance as an amoeba or maybe a snail, a slug.
          All the while smugly discounting Americans as rude and brash. Those same Americans that provide us our standard of living through trade and security.
          Anyway I enjoyed your rant now get back to work. More is required of you. Trudeau has Le Grande Design and you are a part of that puzzle.
          As a friendly bit of advise Canadians should by more lubricants, they are going to be walking bowlegged for the next 4 years, and then they will get over their sore butts. You know callused up enough that they will forget the first 8 years and go back for more.
          The Floggings Will Continue Until Morale Improves

    2. “If there is a more embarrassing, feeble, pusillanimous, ignorant, anemic, afraid, spiritless, cowardly, hebetudinous, dull, apathetic, docile, stuporous, spent, really, really stupid people than Canadians, give them a medal.”

      ‘hebetudinous’ – Sure you’re not Lionel?

  10. The diverse community of Toronto recognized Remembrance Day last night, by spray painting the cenotaph at city hall with graffiti. Although the media seems more upset about Don Cherry.

    1. I turned it off when Moe was agitated because Trudeau would not agree to a fair form of MARXISM. AKA the Equalization MARXIST program of PET. Canadians are the dumbest shits in the manure pile. Did nobody study history. EQUALIZATION IS MARXISM. Here let me quote LENIN. “From Each according to his means, To each according to his needs.” EQUALIZATION IS ENTRENCHED MARXISM.

  11. Blackie’s bought and paid for CBC is excited that Sask. premier Moe came out of the meeting with Great Leader Kim Sung Trudeau angry and disappointed. The reporters then attacked Moe for not supporting a carbon tax that all Canadians want. Meanwhile Great Leader only gave Hitler Scheer 30 minutes and rejected all his requests including a November start for parliament. Groper doesn’t want it to interfere with his planned trip to burn jet fuel and party at a NATO meeting.

  12. Channel surfed onto the CBC News channel to watch some reporting on the Scheer and Scott Moe meetings with the Rt. Hon. Trudeau, and I must say that Mr. Moe — in angrily saying Trudeau doesn’t have the welfare of Saskatchewan people on his mind — is a ball of fire. Difn’t know that, given that the corporate media cartel never interview the premier. Also saw Sceer’s comments, and he seems sleepy — not a ball of fire.

  13. Just read this CBC article on Alberta exercising her Provincial Rights and Jurisdictions. Especially like the advice from the Scum Bag Easterners on what we should do. And what we should be allowed to do. Amazing arrogance. The CBC talk to experts on why Alberta booting the RCMP will never work.
    The big plus I see in Alberta having its own Provincial Police is all those jobs would go to Albertans and not Quebecers and Eastern Bums. But the comments section is priceless. Like a sack full of ferrets. Alberta should also kick Ottawa to hell out of our parks as well. Alberta has over 10M acres of Park land all managed by Ottawa and all staffed and controlled by Fwench Fwies. Quebec has about 50,000 acres.


  14. Chilean Peso falls through the floor and into the basement. 800/US dollar. Wow, the dominoes are falling. How long can the deck chairs on the Slave Ship Canada be shuffled. Canada’s total debt including all deficits is about 6T dollars. And Trudeau wants to shut down Alberta which is 15-20% of Canada’s GDP.
    This is what Eastern Inbred Ferrets want, the Unicorn Economy based on Unicorn Farts. He will be handing out Greta Farts in brown paper bags to feed Quebec and the Atlantic Welfare Bums.