Quebec Mosque Shooting (bumped)


"Allahu Akbar" and so far nobody really knows anything. Which is why I've been following and not speculating. I'll leave that to our kneejerk media. Meanwhile, beware of fake reports if you're scanning social media. Journos are falling thick and fast for those as well.

Update: @stephen_taylor TVA reporting on vague descriptions of suspects: one of QC origin, one of Arab origin.

As of this morning, no new information has been released identifying the suspects. How completely Canadian.

Update: Mohamed Belkhadir, the man police arrested as a suspect in the mosque attack, was just trying to perform first-aid.

Things you'll never see on the CBC.

Or the Globe and Mail.


Sad that people were killed. That being said I will not speculate as to the motives of the shooters. Speculation won't make anything better but may make things a whole lot worse.

If it's muslimes killing muslimes then there's no cause for alarmist speculation.

Yes, lots of dodgy fake-looking info circulating on Twitter, along with people trying to make political hay of this before official reports are even in. 24 Hour Rule, people!

so, now Li'l spud has to wait to see who the killer were before he can run some were and read a statedment and then take selfies. Last time muslim terrorists killed 6 Canadian in Africa, so the fool charged off to a Peterborough moque. If catholics did the shooting he can run to a catholic church, read a statement and then take selfies. But now here the problem, if muslims shoot muslims....what to do??????

It doesn't matter who the killers were Turdeau will throw western Canadians under the bus. If this happened in a Christian church, he would be at a Muslim community center apologizing already.

2 suspects apprehended ... but no descriptions of the perps have been given. Yeah ... that makes it a Muslim-vs-Muslim Terrorist attack. Brand Sh-Islam -vs- brand Su-Islam ... murdering the 'wrong' version of Allah's 'peaceful' religion. So why are we importing warring factions who have been murdering each other since the Dark Ages ? Why are we importing both sides of Islamic HATE ? How exactly does this make us a better country ?

You're missing the point. There are a frightening number of people in positions of power who believe every word of John Lennon's "Imagine" without pausing to consider what it would really mean. Imagine there's no countries. How does one make that happen? Ergo, the current immigration situation in the West.

Ed Minchau >

There is also a frighntning amount of people in power who know full well the damage that unchecked Third World immigration brings. Problem/ Reaction/ Solution. They create the problem, our reaction is to demand a solution to the problem that they created, they then provide the solutions - Ever more restrictions on our freedoms and rights as the result. Domestic cyber security, Gun control, freedom of speech & expression, privacy rights to name a few.

Widely used political & MSM terms such as "Domestic" & "Homegrown" terrorism was one of our first clues.

There are two options for the presstitutes:

1. A white supremacists did this.

2. A gun did this.

They are just waiting for the confirmation which story to run with.

Stop sounding like a beta male, there's no "safe space" here as far as I know.

But thanks for picking my comments out of the crowd to try and control, was it the "western" angle that Triggered you?

CreepyClown >

LOL - I get it now, your being petty about my inert followup comment on the last Reader Tips thread, so followed me over here and cherry picked my comment like a spoiled brat whose been "wronged".

Well grow up son, there's allot worse things happening out there in the world.

BTW, my comment/ clarification on the other thread was not intended in anyway to be a put down or trash, but you obviously need to check your anger - friendly advise.

Yes, if you think my sarcastic humour about Turdeau and the west on this thread was foul enough to "Trigger" you, you probably are "hanging out in the wrong place". There will be much, much worse for your sensitive ears coming from others in days to come, trust me on that.

Why are you certain they did not deserve it? Just curious.

And you know they were innocent how? You expect people to mourn the dead mooselimbs?

They've updated the number killed to six.

A terrorist attack in Canada against Muslims has never been heard of before, at least to my knowledge.
I do remember the cowardly Muslim terrorist attacks against Cpl Nathan Cirillo shot at the National War Memorial with no chance to protect himself, and WO Patrice Vincent who was run down by a car.

And the other attacks Muslim terrorists had planned that were foiled by the RCMP.

... Imagine there's no borders ... it's easy if you do ooh ooh ooh

Yeah ... that brain dead experiment has gone into the dustbin. It's a sweet tune ... should have left it at that.

Personally I think the survivors were damned lucky the attackers were just using a couple of puny guns (probably unregistered) instead of a big TRUCK like they used in Germany and France to kill hundreds.

that was then...

"On the one-year anniversary of a brazen Ottawa shooting that claimed the life
of a 24-year-old Canadian soldier, Justin Trudeau avoided mention of the
word terrorism

this is now...

"Prime Minister Justin Trudeau condemned the shooting, which he described
as a "terrorist attack on Muslims in a centre of worship and refuge."

can you spot the difference?


I'll wait. What can we possibly know? We know what the LPC politicized RCMP have informed the media, both of which are proven liars. Not much info, and not dependable.

"Prime Minister Justin Trudeau condemned the shooting, which he described as a "terrorist attack on Muslims in a centre of worship and refuge," in a statement.
He said, "Muslim-Canadians are an important part of our national fabric, and these senseless acts have no place in our communities, cities and country."
Politicians across Canada and the world tweeted their support for the mosque, while denouncing the act.

I'd reserve judgment. Seems that based on Zoolander's and other pols ultra-fast rhetorical response based on LPC politicized RCMP, that some or all of this may be fake news to manipulate public opinion. I'm not saying there wasn't an event. I'm saying I cannot trust the info of who or what or why the event occurred.

The shooters cried, "Allah Akbar?" Who knows the meaning or why of this or even if it's true?!

I'll wait and see what Trump's American intelligence analysis has to say and then weigh my judgement on the blogger fallout.

The Quebec Premiere says

Le #Québec rejette catégoriquement cette violence barbare.

Pity they didn't reject the source of the violence

Check report on Gates of Vienna website, general theme is that this is an attack on alleged apostates in revenge for their failure to toe the correct line. One of two suspects was captured nearby, but the other was taken into custody a long way off after a chase (basically the other side of Quebec City near the Ile d'Orleans).

One can see that the building attacked (location is corner of Chemin Ste-Foy and route de l'Eglise) has few if any outward signs of being a mosque which may tie in with the theme of radicals attacking moderates.

you are creepy, creepy clown

OZ >

"What can we possibly know?"

All true, but we can hazard a pretty big guess that the fallout will be on "non-muslim Canadians" with a high degree of certainty.The language of the CBC, G&M et al already tossing out the "Islamophobia" card and an appearent pigs head last June sets the course. Regardless of "who" the attackers actually were, Muslim or not, it will be certain non-muslim majority Canadians found polittically guilty by default.

Outside of a run of the mill Islamic tribal killing it could quite possibly be Quebec Separatist Supremacists - but even then JT will somehow associate it with an Alberta Tar Sands connection and a new Carbon Tax to fix it all.

the mayor of quebec city says the entire city is in mourning.

major suck@ss pander points... plus, i very much doubt it. if
anything, your average quebecker is now busily searching
craigslist for police or military surplus body armour.


Trumps fault. Brace yourself for a week of "fanning the flames of hatred' lectures.

We have very few details.

Let's all wait & see what the authorities will say in a presser.

Worst case would be for two white christian males that are culprits. Then wait for the push back from Justin...

Regardless of what exactly happened here (we shall know soon enough), one of the laziest and most repugnant stock tricks of the "news" media is fully-bloomed in the CBC (surprise, surprise) reporting of the event. The relevant passage is:

"The incident comes at the end of a weekend in which an untold number were detained at U.S. airports, and thousands of others protested across North America, as a result of a temporary travel and refugee ban concerning seven Muslim-majority nations which new U.S. president Donald Trump signed off on in an executive order."

This particular episode of "Connect The Dots" (the toxic game show wherein the media juxtapose multiple events in an insinuated causal relationship, without providing so much as a jot of evidence in support) has the added paranoid leftist "Canadian" angle of reflexive "blame the Americans" and "Canada is superior to the U.S." Sort of like "Canadian Idol", but with news...

The passage above is utterly gratuitous and transparently biased. And they wonder why (I guess they wonder why, although they show no inclination toward intellectual curiosity) almost nobody trusts them, and why a great many see no value in the continuing taxpayer subsidy to this particular offending outfit.

Thanks Kate for advising all to take a wait and see approach.
The liberal body politic and its media enablers are already trying to reframe the story by the use of qualifying statements. It was terrorism yes, but the tragic act we are now being told was directed at other Muslims. ...

Sounds like the liberals fear their "moderate muslim's" philosophy might be in danger of erosion. I can see pm potato head getting tripped up on his own rhetoric on this if someone asks him how he can spot the difference.

Here's the link to that story, which doesn't mesh with anything the Canadian MSM is reporting...

Terrible stuff. Now we await the coverage by the media. Trump will be mentioned I'm sure.

Two Laval University students (the usual poor oppressed), one of Moroccan origin were arrested. All sorts of Islamaphobia coverage in stories when it will probably be Muslims if the police would release the names.

I don't think Trump, or a pigs head (Radio-Canada reports) have anything to do with this..

This video is from the website of the mosque that was shot up. Seems to indicate a rivalry of sorts.

We just don't know what it was all about but the PM knows, he has called it a terrorist attack.

Robert Spencer:

"The shooters could be “Islamophobes” who screamed “Allahu akbar” mockingly. Or they could be Muslims who were firing upon other Muslims whom they deem heretical: a Sunni-Shia dispute, or adherents of the Islamic State versus opponents of it.

In any case, this is being covered as if it were an “anti-Muslim hate crime,” and it may be. However, this story that notes that the gunmen were screaming “Allahu akbar” is notably free of the laments about “Islamophobia” that were in earlier stories about the shooting. There is no certainty at this point that it was an “anti-Muslim hate crime,” and the screams of “Allahu akbar” open up the possibility that this was yet another “anti-Muslim hate crime” committed by Muslims."

The police have them. I know there is an ongoing investigation, but why are they taking so long to release the names?

Because of the high Mohamed coefficient?

two names came out on another site without confirmation, one Hassan matti and one Bashir Al-Taweed. supposedly recent arrivals from Stria.

Syria, the t is too close to the y.

....waiting for more details....

Code for MSM will release the story once it has been polished in a way to fit their narrative.

If indeed it turns out to be recent arrivals from Syria what then? Will this prove Trump to be the only Western leader serious about dealing with terrorism? However, lets just wait and see. If we can't face the truth and speak it, we can't deal with or solve the problem.

Right now I'm listening to John Lennon singing "Imagine". This world is far from becoming a brotherhood of man, we need to do some serious work, stop ignoring the obvious and call it what it is.

I think they have been told to keep a lid on this. That means they are trying to hide something. To me, that suggests a Muslim crime. They are notorious for trying to hide wrong doing by Muslims.

This story is already going down the memory hole. They are hiding something. CTC is talking about Trump more.

The last time there was a shooting of this magnitude in Canada was in 1989 at the École Polytechnique in Montreal by the Muslim Gamil Rodrigue Liass Gharbi aka Marc Levine.

Smitherenzes, We can't be reminded often enough about that perpetrator of cultural violence. A deranged lot, indeed.
Thank you.

I bet this will the catalyst for the next round of firearms bans by the Libs.

Didn't take long for the DISGRACEFUL Liberals to respond:

A Canadian federal Liberal legislator, Greg Fergus, tweeted: "This is an act of terrorism -- the result of years of sermonizing Muslims. Words matter and hateful speeches have consequences!"

Somebody send this to Homeland Security. Words have consequences!

Wild guess on the names of the shooters:
"Jean-Guy Mohammed" and "Pierre-Marc Mahmoud"

Too soon?

Maybe this is what Juthtin meant when he said sunni ways. Terrible crime against people that thought they were safe, like all the others who get slaughtered in churches or markets or wherever, what a brain disorder this one is.

The loss of life is terrible, as it is with all terrorism, that said, either the police are holding back the assailants names, or the media is sitting on them and right now and in news rooms across the country, frantic calls are being made to Ottawa in an effort of getting the right spin. Muslims killing muslims for not being extreme enough is going to be impossible to spin. So the wait might be long. I expect a "lone rangers" type angle, along with the mentally ill aspect.

It has been reported that these were Laval students. I wonder if the delay is related to their wanting to scrub the Facebook pages before releasing names.

Thanks for bringing the Islamic civil war to Canada Justin.

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