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They were flying coach.

Ivanka was on a JetBlue flight leaving JFK Thursday morning with her family when a passenger started screaming, "Your father is ruining the country." The guy went on, "Why is she on our flight. She should be flying private." The guy had his kid in his arms as he went on the tirade.

His Harvard educated professor husband was in on the action.


Keeping it classy, Liberals just don't know how to take defeat, very brave of him/her/it to yell at a young woman with kids.
Should have been tased IMO.

A couple of prime candidates for the no-fly list. Uncivilized behavior should be enough to do that, not to mention unpredictable. Secret Service may be paying a visit.

Aha! Now I get the chance to absolutely confirm your prejudices! As a card-carrying leftist I'm just freaking fine with this. Just so you know.

I agree, except to add that the Secret Service should make a point of paying a visit.

My other thoughts about these people are confirmed.

I'd be surprized if there were no Secret Service personal on the plane. This "Gentleman" is in for a long day.

Expect to see more of this. Sorta scares me because some mental case will follow through with attacks on his family or well I hope we make it through Jan 20th...

Evidently ... Gay marriage is a mental disorder. I hope the NEW SCOTUS reverses this perversion

Ivanka should have given him the crayons.

That gay guy certainly makes gay marriage seem like it is. I feel sry for the rational smart gay people. It's amazing how the left is losing their s--- doesn't bode well for the future if Trump can't help things change. If this gets much worse somewhere down the line bullets will be flying for sure.

I wished the Donald was on the flight, sitting somewhere where the gay guy with the kid in his arms didn't notice him. Smote!

The left have swung that pendulum so far over that it needs to be swung back just as far the other way to correct itself. Then do whatever steps necessary to not allow the pendulum to get swung so far in the future. A society not willing to do that is a fail.

Wow but not unexpected behavior from "my husband". It's a disease.

She (Ivanka) paid for the tickets to be on that flight just as any other person. She is entitled to those seats as such just as any other person. The situation seems to go left when another person who "feels" they are not in agreement with another fellow traveller, politically or otherwise, and decide to take a hissy fit.

Special snowflakes seem to come in more than the standard college variety, age wise, it would look like in this episode.

I'm sure Ivanka will fly private from now on, for security reasons, to protect her children from the Tolerant Left. And then the Tolerant left will sneer, "Who does she think she is, with her private jet?".

What a low class thing to do and in front of both her and his own child(ren). What a great role model. I guess no one ever told him that a little self control goes a long way.

Surely between the post-election mental breakdown, protest antics, Orwellian universities, fake hate crimes and a complete loss of manners towards "deplorables" there's enough material out there to do a new reality tv show about progressives behaving badly. Title ideas: Snowflake Meltdowns. Liberals Gone Wild. Progressively Intolerant. Cry Bullies. Chattering Class-less. Educated Ignorance.

The People of Walmart can sit in their double wide and laugh at the bizarre antics of upper class progressives and congratulate themselves on being better people than sneering, hypocritical liberals. And, in many ways, they'd be right.

The best part is how they don't even realize that they're Brownshirts.

Damn you got me.
I confess I have done little else online since Trumps win.
Basking in the heat of melting down Libtards.
This election was most entertaining evah.
Thank you to all actors.
The irony of being lectured on ethics,civilized behaviour and proper conduct by these hypocrites is breath taking.
And enormously entertaining as they lose it.
Can't get enough of these comedic outbursts.
The fact that the "husband" knew before hand, makes this a premeditated assault.
How did these "lovies" know Ivanka and kids would be flying?
Could be some very interesting idiots involved in setting up this display of Liberal Tolerance.

The guy had his kid in his arms as he went on the tirade.

If he can't control himself I think the crazy should get a interview with the American Children's Aid Society as well.

I am still convinced that the violent protests replete with Mexican flags, egg throwing, car blocking, screaming, taunting, etc. did MORE to get Trump elected than any "Russian operative" ... The left is imploding with their own HATE. They're all eating their own livers. Me ? I have been walking 3ft off the floor since Nov. 9. Come on leftists ! Double-down on your own stupidity and hatred !

Fake Queer

Imagine if this happened to Obama's family or Chelsea Clinton? Not that they would fly coach.

Yeah Tim, we all know every moment is another "aha" moment for you to confirm "your prejudices" and no one else's. Just so *you* know, some of us would have loved to be there to help "settle" this *man's* "husband" in the most confirmed way. The game is on and we WILL play it too.

Wife shaming

'JetBlue personnel escorted the unruly passenger off the flight. As he was removed he screamed, "You're kicking me off for expressing my opinion?!!"'

No, you are being kicked off because you tried to turn the aisle in the airplane into a political soapbox; without applying to JetBlue to rent the plane for DNC campaign purposes. Newsflash the election is over and Ivanka is hardly to blame for your ire!

Perhaps he would have been more satisfied had JetBlue staff 'deplaned' him at 35,000 ft sans parachute. At least he could scream JetBlue murder all the way down and not inconvenience other more peaceable passengers.

Ivanka could have handed the man one of her children's crayons, although he may have been bereft of anything intelligent to scribble down. In short, the man was deplaned because he behaved like a complete idiot.


Hans Rupprecht, Commander in Chief

1st Saint Nicolaas Army
Army Group 'True North'

"I feel sry for the rational smart gay people."

Yeah, there's Milo....

....and I think that's about it.

A candidate for a criminal charge of harassment, supported by his wife's words.

Someone should tell the homo he can't have a husband unless he's a woman.

I think the left is getting angrier and angrier because they have held power for a while, but their actions do not seem to be solving their problems. For example, these two married dudes. Did they think marriage would make the world right for them? Does not seem to have worked out. Watch for more and more leftists to become unhinged.


That is why they have already won. You handed your liberty over voluntarily. And you have never once thought about trying to take any back.

Well I ask, would you want to sit in the seats they occupied: Anal warts, ghoneraea, syphilis of the anus. That is a real class act!

too much information. keep your personal sex-life to yourself

Pictures are on Daily Mail website and the two Jewish lawyers involved are handsome dudes. The publicity certainly won't do their careers any harm.
Amazing how frightened of Trump some Americans are. Hope he lives through his term in office.

Looks like the professor has gone 404...

Great decision by some SJW to give an infant to these two. I'm betting the kid will be red-lining the abnormal scale.

Queers gotta queer, it's a force of nature.

I just love reading about these freaks losing their shit and hopefully their jobs.

The link at Hunter College is down but you can still search courses like "Girl Bullying 101", "Introduction to Chasing for Harassment" and Advanced Homo Fascism.
One of the courses they do offer has the word "leadership" in it. (smirk)
Because that can be taught and they have a piece of paper in a frame that says so.

Sarah Palin's daughter got the same treatment by Gays, it's a thing.

Handsome dudes? The one not yelling is a creepy little troll.
The mouthy one should have been on the floor of that plane searching for his now departed chicklets.

God, I wish rational people here would just *stop* using "gay", a term co-opted by the fags.

Just use "homosexual" and be done with it.

Allright allready?

What really surprises me, here and elsewhere, is she was flying JetBlue.

For those not familiar, JB is one of the cheap 'no frills' airlines in the US. Not that United, Delta, American, etc. are much better, but JB is definitely bottom tier.

So Ivanka doesn't isolate herself in biz or first class, and doesn't travel on a private plane. Can you imagine ANY of the Clintons/Obamas/Bushes/Kennedys or other members of the "political elite" doing this?

This proves to me that both Ivanka and her dad know the value of a buck, since they, you know, WORKED for them, unlike the families above, who haven't done anything useful since Ol' Joe Kennedy was bootlegging liquor.

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