Here, Tell These People Something They Don't Know About Me



Remain calm. The night is still young.

10pm Eastern... "World braces for #TREXIT..."


Again, patience my lovelies....

11:30pm Eastern



Dems shitting a brick. Philly graveyards being dug up as we speak.

Wonder how many US travel agencies are open to book flights to the Maritimes? Hope they East Coasters have brewed a lot of beer and whiskey for their new immigrants?

The populations of Toronto and Vancouver will increase rapidly if Trump wins.

The evening is so far more pleasing than I'd feared.

I liked it better when I could analyze results in next week's paper.
Uhh no, actually I don't. Feed it to me fresh, I'll do the digesting myself.

The futures are tanking hard - means there will be change in the White House

No,the assholes who promise to "move to Canada if my candidate doesn't get elected" always stay put in their multi million dollar careers,and in actuality couldn't find Canada on the map.

If all is right in Heaven and on Earth,and Hillary does NOT win, don't expect some dumb f***ing Hollywood angel to leave Beverley Hills for the frozen climes of Outer Trudeaupia.

All those hidden Trump voters coming out. Trexit!

First election where I'm not watching those Wikileaks founds-ins aka the MSM and am instead getting updates from the web. It's much better this way.

A few weeks ago, Gavin McInnes had an item about this on The Rebel's Youtube channel. He figured that the Maritimes would be too small for them, Québec wouldn't be considered because of the language, and not enough people on the prairies and the territories.

So that leaves Vancouver and Toronto because those are "hip". A number of Hollywood celebrities live in Lotusland, such as Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn and I've heard that Charles Martin Smith and Michael Moriarty are in the area as well.

I happened over to CBC and caught Peter Mansbridge discussing the election with the "Panel". David Frum is the conservative so you can guess how that's going. But what amazed me is the african american panelist on the end, Danielle Moodie-Mills, I think if I caught the name correctly. She could only mouth left-wing talking points - Trump is a misogynist, etc., etc., it's all due to minority voter suppression, etc., etc.. I was absolutely appalled at what an airhead she is. How did they find this person? Where did she come from? Has anyone heard of her? More of our taxpayer money well spent!

On call tonight so just hearing occasional news. Found out Trump was ahead when heard a very distraught patient on pysch ward screaming "she's lost!" Quick perusal of Drudge report indicated that things might actually go well for once. Only surprising thing was a conversation with nurses afterwards showing how many people have been reading wilileaks and distrusting MSM now.

I think it's time to build a wall on the US Canadian border to keep out members of the US FSA.

Oooooow. Posted this in the poll thread.

"Lordy, I hope Trump wins just for the glee we will feel because the media hacks will have failed so epically badly. And OMG the pissing and moaning will start then"

Puleeeez...say I get my wish! 😊😊😊😈

Fingers crossed.


I am mildly optimistic....and shocked..maybe there is a bit of THIS going on-

Fox just called Ohio for Trump. Fingers crossed and prayers made!

Michigan and Wisconsin narrowing down, Trump losing ground there. If he carries those with Ohio, North Carolina and Florida going Trump and Virginia unfortunately going Hitlery it is still very very close

All hail the Brexit Effect.

Wow. Hillary is learning the hard way just how many friggin' deplorables there are out there. She's also probably currently wondering, like me, how fast President Trump will organize a special prosecutor to properly analyse her criminality.

The New York Times is projecting a Trump Presidency and the markets are responding accordingly.

OHIO officially called TRUMP'ED 53% vs 42%

and the Governor Kasich said he would'nt support Trump; same for Sen. Portman who won tonight.


Congratulations on a "TRUMP-upPENCE!"


Hans Rupprecht, Commander in Chief

1st Saint Nicolaas Army
Army Group 'True North'

May this be the beginning of the end of the politically correct, safe space, don't hurt my feelings, gender identifying, hug a terrorist insanity that has infested our world. Can't wait to see leftist heads exploding.

Oh and all the self righteous, inflated ego Hollywood talking heads who said they will move to Canada; may Canada's border guards slam the door in their faces.


My math (as well as my understanding) for the Electoral College is a bit shaky — but if I'm in the ballpark, I believe that at this point in the evening Clinton (AKA The HildaBeast) has to basically "run the table" in order to get to 270 EC votes. If the battleground states continue in their present states-of-play, Trump already has 270 EC votes.

I'm not sure she can run the table.

If this turns out the way it's looking, I can't think of a time in my life when I've been more happy to be wrong.

Fingers and toes crossed.

Loki..that is good to know!
I am still getting blank stares when I bring up WikiLeaks and Project Veritas.

I seem to recall Ohio was late at reporting results in 2008....and it made the difference for the Obama victory.
We didn't have James O'keefe and the poll watchers back then.

Agreed wholeheartedly!

Damn, the NYT forecasting 92% for T
rump to win.......wish I had the Dial-a-Bottle concession for that area :)

Market reaction! WTF? I am befuddled.

When will it be official here? Fox is pretty damn upbeat here.

Come on!...I wanna see President Trump on stage...Note: The Trump camp has reportedly located the homeless woman that protected his Star in Hollywood...He'll probably introduce her later tonight. Hope to see other familiar faces there too...What a great day!

A matter of a few hours at the most now.

Nowwww ... Trump needs to pivot toward our lame duck president and get a team of Lawyers filing briefs to stop every idiotic thing he tries to do between now and Jan. 20

Breitbart Lives! Bring it on home.

IOWA called for Trump leading 50% to 44%

WI called for Trump leading 49% to 46% one of Reagan's old rust belt states.

MI break/leading for Trump leading 48% to 47%


Congratulations on a "TRUMP-upPENCE!"


Hans Rupprecht, Commander in Chief

1st Saint Nicolaas Army
Army Group 'True North'

Behold the Obama legacy!

Golfing toward Gommorrah!

It was expected if Trump wins - a Hillary win was priced in . Bought HVA ( 2 times the vix ) because I thought there was little downside if Hillary wins.

I'm not worried. I lived through Black Monday 1987 when the Dow dropped around 25% in a single day. I doubt the next few days will be near as bad.

Orange is the new Pant Suit

If Trump doesn't win the presidency by both Electoral College *and* popular vote.... we'll have the regressives demanding election reforms and calling Trumps presidency illegitimate. I just hope that, if Trump is elected, he does in fact "drain the swamp." I bet Harper wishes he had.

Trump leading 31,966 votes in MI where he campaigned till 1:00AM in the morning.

MI brings 16 electoral votes, with 254 + 16 = 270 and its all over for "Hillarious" despite an avalanche of crapulence by the media.

I will personally be delighted to see them eat all their predictions with a over sized helping of crow.


Congratulations on a "TRUMP-upPENCE!"


Hans Rupprecht, Commander in Chief

1st Saint Nicolaas Army
Army Group 'True North'

I am disheartened watching the sad faces on the CBC :((

Thank Allah that Whoopi Goldberg, Rosie O'Donnell, Miley Cyrus etal will be moving here to make our country GREAT!!

You better get that wall ready, Canada.

Loving this.Leftwing heads exploding everywhere.MSNBC meltdown CBC hysterical just great.

The funniest part will be the pundits tomorrow. Rush Limbaugh's show will be a must listen to tomorrow. This is the best thing ever.

Can we get a montage of presstitutes choking on the words "President Trump" posted tomorrow? Please?

Kate ... if the US MSM had ANY integrity whatsoever ... they would literally drink their own koolaid. But thank you for illustrating their suicidal cult pact ... so graphically ... so perfectly. RIP sciencitific pollsters ... RIP media elites. RIP Karl Rove

An historical night, uplifting.

Karl Rove is still a POS, a Bushite, trying to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Time to measure up Killary for an orange jumpsuit.

The first VaJayJay will have to wait, too bad, so sad........NOT

So the FBI is going to reassess their findings from earlier this week? (too soon?)

Will Obama pardon Hillary pre emptively? (is this possible before an indictment?)

Will the Clinton Foundation find itself under investigation until both Clintons are dead?

Peter Mansbridge fills his Depends.




If this holds TRUMP goes to 290 with MI in the tally.

Electoral College WAVE has arrived...


Congratulations on a "TRUMP-upPENCE!"


Hans Rupprecht, Commander in Chief

1st Saint Nicolaas Army
Army Group 'True North'

Captcha hilarity: Footpath GIANT

Just listened to a whacko media guy interview two well spoken Trump supporters. Reminded me of the Black Knight in MP Holy Grail...the media guy just would not quit his feeble assault on the Trump supporters. Funny ... and pathetic!

The media can take responsibility for Clinton's loss. They encouraged "average Joes and Jills" into standing up against both the media and the leftist establishment.

Great day! Hope it does not change over night. 😊☺

If your'e not watching CBC you're cheating yourself.

They went extra batshit crazy tonight.

Oh my goodness. I haven't watched CBC News for more than 20 years but I had to flip over to it after I saw Kate's tweet picture. Peter looked like someone had just shot his dog and he didn't know what to do. They had some silly commentators on there as well who are deep in the tank for Hillary. I am trying not to gloat too much and I loathe CBC (my tax dollars help prop that thing up)but I went back to them several times tonight to watch their response.What a night.

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