Asking For It



And that is the tone of the narrative we must endure daily .

For a progressive there is no greater crime than being 'intolerant' so the end result is their blind acceptance for the most bigoted and intolerant cultural behavior they can find and defend:

It is scary to think of who could supplant Muslims at the top of the progressive victim hierarchy.

My guess is pedophiles. Had we as a society been more tolerant the Muslims may have had to wait even longer. We bigots are only getting what we deserve.

To get an idea how FAR apart the realist vs. constructivist parties are on the islamofascist/homophobe/Western hatred intertwinings, have a listen (if you can) to this "panel discussion" from the CorporatistBC's Sunday Edition. It's not an echo chamber anymore, it's a vacuum flask.

Niall from Winnipeg

I could only bear five minutes of this discussion before I had to turn it off. Blame assigned to traditional enemies: Republican party, bakers who refuse baking gay wedding cakes, wife beaters, white depressed men, NRA.

"Asking for it" is right, very gutsy graphic, well done, I saved a copy if you don't mind, but I don't think I'll be displaying it anywhere like on my car bumper or otherwise plastering it around...

I don't think I'll post it on Facebook either, noooo...

If today's media (spokespersons for progressives) were in their Voldemort mode back in the forties, they would be blaming the concentration camp atrocities on "militarism" for fear of offending Germans who weren't overt Nazis.

Muslims, Islamists, Mohamed believers, all want to KILL GAY PEOPLE. That's the truth folks.

Beautifully compiled piece of doggerel.
Sums up our Progressive Comrades perfectly.
Progressive as rust,just more proof Liberalism is a progressive disease.

When the say they mean to kill you and people like you.
When they kill people like you.
Boasting about killing these people and post video.
Then you insist they do not mean what they say.
You are probably a liberal.

The GOP are just as stupid, falling for stripping citizens of their constitutional rights.
"No guns for persons on government what list".
Oh yeah that is gonna end well.

Lying useless parasites.
Crazy stupid people will kill other people, at any time for whatever reason.
You cannot be safe every second of every day.
When seconds count,your government "protectors" are only minutes away.

Given the up tick in the number of crazy people correlates so well with the huge increase in government, I can conclude using IPCC TM science that government causes crazy people.

No one can defend you against the actions of a truly stupid /crazy person.
Read the 5 basic laws of stupidity again.
The only defence a free and civil society has against the insane and power mad is personal vigilance and weaponry.
Better to be tried by 12 of your peers, than carried by six
In the Cody Gun Museum, the Defender Belt Buckle.
Every voter should have one.
However a handgun is a mere convenience, what is missing is the weaponized mind.
Recognizing evil and accepting your own responsibility to act is the hardest part.
Our wanna be leaders have spent decades persuading us that evil does not exist.

Funny that ,who do you believe?
Your lying eyes or pretty boy politicians?

The only blessing from the success of these mindless killers, is the way they reveal the deception and malice of our ruling kleptocrats.
Every success by the crazy is used to further restrict and steal from taxpayers.
This pattern is now so obvious I wonder who is aiding and abetting who?

Painting Muhammad with Bob Ross:


Mind if I steal that?

The part of the Orlando Massecre beyond the Madness; Cruelty; Loss of Life; Terrrorism; Expansion of Fear; is exactly the final item I mentioned.

I recognize there are other measures of the this revolting disregard for Human Life, not withstanding, the complete Ignoring of the Rights of Those who have been Murdered and the Rights of the Wounded. A complete ignoring and ignorance of the Social Contract between The Sovereign Ordinary American Citizen and the Obligations of the Several Government Bureaucracies which did not and apparently could not fulfil.

Now thinking beyond the Tragedy and Sorrow; I am at a Lost How ONE person with One/Two weapons was able to Kill and/or Maim One Hundred People. So far I have not come across any stories or examples of Someone Or Any People who attempted to defend themselves, except to creep into a corner or a cubicle to hide.

The Text messages sent were tearful calls to Mother's and others essentially saying I am sitting here waiting for this Terrorist to come and kill me/us.

Presemably at least on of the WASHROOMS had a Door. Couldn't one Person stand behind the Door; could not One person stand behind a Door with another Person on their Shoulders ready to jump on top of the Shooter when the Door was opened Or whatever? It is amazing to me the number of people who just let this take place.

It is reminiscent of the Twenty Years ago when at (Conestoga?) College in Montreal a Gunman entered an Engineering Class with about an equal number of Female & Male Engineering Students waving a Rifle.

The Gunman told all of the Males, including the Male Teacher, to get out of the Classroom which they all quickly did. Then Marc Lepine (His Arabic Name could not be Published under orders) Lapine shot everyone of the WOMEN. Nothing happened to the Shooter while this was going on.

The Shooter then Left the Classroom still holding His Gun and the MEN, including the Male Teacher stood aside to allow this Madman to Possibly go elsewhere to continue the MAYHEM.

What has become of MANHOOD? What is net result of North American Society when cringing in the corner is preferable to defending one's self and/or others. What started Twenty or so Years ago when MEN decided not to be brave and let WOMEN be SLAUGHTERED.


If this Muslim Terrorist had targeted an Orlando Elks club meeting and murdered 49 old white conservatives ... the story would already be gone from the media. No weepy faced Pres. and V.Pres. laying flowers. No 49sec. timeout during the Orlando/Earthquakes soccer match. Nada. Nothing but an anti-gun screed from the left and their praetorian guard media.

The ONLY way this country will ever take Muslim Terrorism seriously ... is when it hits the left. Because most leftists truly believe they will always be exempt from harm ... because they "love everyone". So they need their naive little cocoon shattered by the violence they ignore and pretend doesn't happen to the "good" people they believe themselves to be.

I distinctly recall Paul McCartney saying, after 9-11 that Islamic Terrorism needed to be eradicated ... because it targeted ALL liberal thought and lifestyle. That it was "intolerant". A day before the Orlando massacre I am certain that Sir Paul would have been preaching "tolerance" toward Islam. I expect the slaughter of LGBTQ-QQ's will have woken him up again to the TRUTH

The left supports causes such as anti-Islamaphobia because it believes it's fighting oppression and persecution by doing so. It also believes that this support will grant it automatic immunity from any attacks or other harm.

ISIS and its sympathizers don't see it that way. To them, people are either Muslim or kafir. If the former, they're left alone. Being the latter is frequently a death sentence.

Until the left understands that and stops treating any attacks by ISIS and the like as a betrayal of its support, nothing's going to change.

Kenji: "If this Muslim Terrorist had targeted an Orlando Elks club meeting and murdered 49 old white conservatives..."

In reality, the attack wouldn't have happened. In France, Belgium and the US is there any example of an Islamist terrorist who did not go after a soft target, sure of easy pickings? This gay bar was known as a gun free zone, which we know now was observed by the clientele, to their living detriment.

Hillary's America will look like this. Citizens everywhere armed to the teeth deterring cowardly criminals who move on to other than small arms for their murder, to hell with gun control.

Even when Fort Hood was attacked, the soldiers were by order unarmed and the killer surely knew that.

Even when that idiot who killed our soldier on Parliament Hill he must have known he was unarmed.

Just in case he shot him the back to prove my point they're cowards. BTW ISIS nutbars in ME are crappy soldiers, quite easy to kill. I know the Taliban hunting club, aka our soldiers in Afghanistan, granted their wishes for martyrdom wherever possible.

How one can decouple the SB and Orlando attacks with Boston and 9/11 shows how morally decayed our society is becoming, where cynical and co-opted leaders deny security to their people and where potential voters shrug their shoulders, stay home on election day or vote for free stuff shiny ponies.

How big a price must we pay before acting prudently in concert? Another subway gas attack? Another 9/11? Perhaps a dirty nuke that sickens and kills thousands will get the West out of its easy chair. If continued inaction is viewed as the solution, a major attack and war is unavoidable.

Many people are angry; many people are intolerant; many people hate; many people act on that hate; many people act out of mental illness. Only Islamists nutbars praise Allah and servitude to ISIS. Just because they're hateful psychopaths will never change that. It doesn't mean all Muslims are violent, but it does mean that all murdering Jihadists are Muslim. Those communities must put country before their religion and their political grievances.

They must be allies in the fight, not antagonists to it, as they are now.

How long will the Islamist apologist continue to pull the wool over the sheep's eyes?

How long before the lamb becomes a lion? If we stay sheep, we'll all end up as mutton.

Be my guest.

"What has become of MANHOOD?" It has been neutered in the society the Liberals and Democrats have created, and progressive conservatives(?) have gone along with it.

Niall, the sad part is most of our media is of the same cultural Marxist mold.

That Benson is gay makes it perfect.

"What has become of MANHOOD?"

It's not in the cities, it's in the small towns, rural, and sparsely settled regions.
The smart folks have left the imploding cities and gone Galt.

Great satire.

BTW....did everyone read the whole thing, including the author's note?

"Public policy should be crafted based on evidence and empiricism, ever mindful of the constitution, even when it's politically inconvenient. Our discourse should encourage thoughtful disagreement..."

Before we go into another rhetoric concerning motives, violence and killings against the LGBT community, why don't we take a look in our own backyards. I think you'll find a few Christians in the woodpile!! I know, I know, I missed the point!!

What has changed? A calculated and successful attack on males, male role models, the family unit and tradition.

Just watched a couple of sci-fi movies on TV (the 100, and dark matter). The leading characters were female and space ship captains.

Ok, not too terribly upset, but they/she kicked the crap out of all the males with karate moves and such when they had to hand fight males.

I wonder how that plays into brains of male watching it. Even my wife mentioned that was so wrong.

I'm not even touching the commercials where the males are the dunder heads.

"I wonder how that plays into brains of male watching it."

is that a personal reference?

john, I'v travelled to the Nordic countries lately, and yup, they got very few males that are men. As some one who knows me well, agreed with the statement that I'm like a bull in a china shop over there. Then again, are lots of pussies that post in here!

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