So Much Scolding, So Little Time


A mother's environmentalist pieties produce a nightmare teenager:

I can do nothing right in my teenage son's eyes. He grills me about the distance travelled of each piece of fruit and every vegetable I purchase. He interrogates me about the provenance of all the meat, poultry and fish I serve. He questions my every move -- from how I choose a car (why not electric?) and a couch (why synthetic fill?) to how I tend the garden (why waste water on flowers?) -- an unremitting interrogation of my impact on our desecrated environment. While other parents hide alcohol and pharmaceuticals from their teens, I hide plastic containers and paper towels.

The mother in question is a "freelance journalist in the San Francisco Bay Area" who writes about "social justice issues."

One of these.


Noonan? Noonan? California?

Nope won't go near this....but do you have a 1 -800 number?

The schools helped her. One of the great joys of my life these days is the daily quashing of the SJW pieties my 13-year-old brings home from the Harper-hating, economically and internationally ignorant Lib-tards that run Ontario's school system.

2015; Bonfire of the Vanities rewrite. Tom Wolfe, call your office.

Hitler did the same thing with the "Hitler Youth".

Donald... don't you mean, the Harper-hating, economically and internationally ignorant Lib-tards that run, the school system, the banks, the media, the governemnt, the bureaucracy, the public service, the universities, the unions, the health care system, the united church, the not-for-profits, the environmental charities, well, basically everything???

The kid will come home shouting "Seig Heil!" next thing ya know

She should have simply told the little bugger:

"Son, you are right, we have failed you completely as your parents. Look, it's far too late for us but you still have a chance. Leave now, right away! Go, and make your eco-responsible way through life without us!"

Whiny complaining moms have whiny complaining kids. Natural outcomes are created from actions and few words. Time for that paleo menu or whatever they call it. I have a hard time believing he isn't scarfing pizza with the gang after school.

Dr. Frankenstein has met her monster.

Precisely the behavior one would expect from the child of a San Fran social justice warrior. The first time my kids brought up any of that Gaia-based crap from school, I explained in common sense, and no uncertain, terms how wrong their teachers were. Problem solved. My oldest daughter went on to college and was the one constantly confronting her liberal professors when they went into their daily Bush-hating, Gaia-loving rants.

idiots busy creating more idiots. it is a vicious circle.

'an unremitting interrogation of my impact on our desecrated environment'
The only desecration I am able to disern took place within the part of her brain where logic and reasoning normally originate.

Holy mackerel. You'd think that a woman with that fine a command of language would have had the ability over the years to sit down with her precocious prodigy and counter the propaganda. When I read things like this, the thought that the entire story might be BS does cross my mind.

Take away his device,tv, shoes etc. they arnt enviromenily friendly.

The poor kid is just testing the limits of mom's unconditional love
to indicate he has some sort of heavy duty issue.

They should have a serious adult discussion about his real problem:

Why can't he get laid?

(Because he's a lame eco-freak?)

Aging lefty has an issue with her offspring being a good little Chekist?

Here I thought that's what they wanted all along.

But she probably believed all the propaganda herself, Jamie, that's the problem. She's just having her hypocrisy pointed out to her in very stark terms by her son, who has no real-life experience to teach him that the propaganda is full of crap.

He'll be a real winner in life, that boy. Head full of completely useless notions about Earth as Eden or somesuch nonsense. He'll end up unemployed on the street demanding that society provide him his needs because anything else is unfair and a burden on the planet.

More likely Heil Homo!

When your kids flog you half to death with your own philosophy, well, it just doesn't get better than that. I sooo enjoy the discomforts of the left. They are all self-created.

Conservatives are now relegated to spectatorship in our disintegrating progressive world. We might as well learn to enjoy it ... shades of Captain Capitalism's
"Enjoy The Decline".

What is an acceptable timeframe for after-birth abortions, I mean is teenager already too late?

Yeah kids today think the 3 R's means Reduce,Reuse,Recycle they have even written a stupid song about it tell the kids that backyqard BBQ's and SUV's cuase Global Warming and we all need to return to a primative society sacrificing Virgins and kids to their earth deities and sitting lotus style around a newly planed tree gong OOOOOOOMMMMM OOOOOOOOMMMM OOOOOOMMMM

Knight, Free Thinker, Mike, and rmgk express my first thoughts on reading this. This also revived images in my mind of Mao's young Red Guard running around denouncing their professors, parents, and much of the other leadership.

She created the mindset in this Komsomnolets monster, and then becomes concerned when his Marxist teachers finish the job she started. He would be just the sort that would turn his mother into the Suzuki Cheka.

Cosmic retribution - if you spew toxic ideas at your kids you deserve to suffer the psychopathy of the monsters you created.

I think this matriarch of progressivism deserves to shouted down by her militant progressive puritan kinder, who thinks only in slogans and who believes it's more important to be politically correct than to be factually accurate, morally just or to have anything resembling an open mind.

Indoctrinating children with the mind-rot of intolerant duplicitous leftist political ideologies at home is bad enough and should be viewed as child abuse, but allowing the same demented indoctrinating on college campuses is downright dangerous for us as a society.

The purpose of education is to teach a young person to attain an inquiring reasoning mind. It is to expose that reasoning inquisitiveness to a host of new and old ideas and allow their critical thinking to process the information into wisdom and discard all the ideas of no logical merit. If it doesn't do that it is not education it is some form of cultist mind control experiment.

Sadly, today the only place outside of a religious cult where you find people hypnotised in the closed minded belief that other people's opinions and freedoms are subordinate to the conformity of the cult's, is on a college campus.

But we really shouldn't condemn the prog-kinder gens for being this way because they have only been taught to conform and to be judgemental and intolerant, to condemn and censor and suppress any one who won't "conform". What does it say about an ideological moral premise when the only way to feel "comfortable" is in mindless conformity and suppressing the rights and opinions of other people?

When this cultic intolerance takes root on campus they say they have created a "safe space" for students - unless you disagree with them then your "space" is anything but safe. If you openly dissent you can expect anything from scolding circles to open retributive violence.

So -we have a whole generation of these scolding proggy-kinder who are prepared for violence if you hurt their feelings - if you threaten their conformist "comfort". They demand the right to be comfortably ignorant - which means they reserve the right to never have any of their half-baked assumptions questioned - and to be pandered to in this like little princesses cocooned in their artificial progressive make believe bubble. The bubble kids.

The unstated idiom of this right to live in comfortably ignorant bubble only extends to the select few who hold the correct opinions and conform to the prescribed litany of fallacious beliefs. All others are open to the pogroms the prog-kinder will be running when they take the levers of political power.

Kick the little ecofascist out of the house. He/she will soon learn. Or more likely simply become another parasite living off taxpayers but at least you won't have to put up with the B.S.

Reminds me of Mr. Parsons daughter in 1984 who turns him in as a thought-criminal and his reaction is that he is proud he raised such a girl....

I am Soooo with you on that.
I guarantee you this little puke does NADDA at home...but beotch and complain
"....dont like it here..??" there's F****ing door you ungrateful little bastard.

A few weeks on his/her own with ZERO help of any kind from mommy/daddy would do him some good.

On another note - a mandatory 2 yr stint in ones country's military would also work wonders.

I am waiting for the First advertiser to realize the phenomenal potential for anti-PC commercials, using all those words that the Marxists have declared hurtful....People with brains are getting Pissed....

WTF has a brain dead MISS America know about deflate gate.., The crack-head generation don't understand grey matter "over pruning" during teen years...

Off topic but check out 'the clown car' vid linked in the first comment...I was able to count at least 40....

All these back to nature eco-freaks need to be stranded on some island and lets see how long they would live without their Save the Earth eco-crap around them

While at the core of AGW there certainly is/was a seed of actual science it has been overwhelmed by both political and economic manipulation. Marketing it as a religion is simply a tool to advance the cause. Like all religions, the catastrophic claims and promises of utopia are not aligned with reality or reason. Parents should be teaching their children to be suspicious of all ideas that claim:

1) The world is going to end
2) Only we can save you because only we understand the issue (sacred texts, physics, models, god's will etc)
3) In order to save you we need more money and power, no questions allowed.

To summarize ... life's a bitch and then you die.

"The world is going to end"

The world is going to end. But, as I believe P.J. O'Rourke might have observed, not before that big math assignment is due next week.

So get back to your room and finish your homework, kid.

unless he lives in California , id ban him from any fruit more than a mile away .

1.Make him get a job
2.Send him to buy groceries for a week - he gets $200 for a trip to Whole Foods and the same for a trip to Walmart
3.As his allowance is earned on the backs of poor yeopersons of the soil and dispossessed indigenous people , it should be withheld forthwith - Its for the good of Gaia
4. Icrap is full of rare earth metals and lithium - they cause cancer. All electronics should be confiscated for his own protection.
5.Cars , buses and trains poison Gaia with carbons. He should walk to school. Barefoot. Shoe soles cause carbons, too. Carbons will make us all die and malt within the near future. Carbons can only be tamed using billions of taxpayer dollars.

I recommend the following response:

I'm too busy to answer to you for all my actions, but you won't have time to question me anyway, now that you have to get a job to pay room and board and do work around the place, along with paying for your own amenities, for which you may choose any method of patronization or recompense you wish.

Have these little eco-brats live a real back to nature lifestyle live i a puny little tent in the midst of winter without any fires or any little luxeries have them walk many many miles and eat tubars and such things and oh yes sacrifice a virgin or child to their pagan nature deities do just like the indians,aztecs,mynahs and incans did

I live & work in SF now. Thankfully most people here aren't this idiotic but way too many are. In fairness, Vancouver has its fair share of SJWs too.

Karma's a beyotch. But as this episode shows, it can be REALLY funny.

Al Gore wants to eliminate the Internal Combustion Engine we'll start by confiscating all his limos and making him walk to everything thats in a 100 mile radius from his private little estate then make him apeddel powered aircraft so he can cross the big pond and more

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