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Ban everything that might ffend the various forgerin terrorists Obama the Fink is bringing in The Melting pots become asepctic tank of multi-culteral trash

Do you hate people that know their history, I know the hypocrats do!

Does this mean the liberals have rewritten that the national socialist party were right wing ?

Yes. He's right. Those states were Dem states. UNTIL the 1960s. And that's the key word. UNTIL. The racists states and defenders of this racist flag are now Republicans. And that's what matters. Not what the democratic party was 50 years ago. Because if we're going to worry about that, let's dump all of the slave-owning founders of the US. The reason we don't is because slavery was at that point, not recognized as an evil. That didn't come until a century later. And of course, that's when conservative forces fought against change. Just as you guys are fighting against it today.

What a maroon Steyn is. He, and you guys, are AGAIN on the wrong side of history.

And that's the thing about Conservatives. If you guys had your way, we'd still be up in the trees. (Not that you even believe we were once there, which is kinda funny/sad.) Fortunately, Cons always lose eventually. Unfortunately, it isn't until a lot of energy is wasted and good people end up getting hurt.

I don't know what is wrong with us.. I mean why do we not find grabbing same sex genitals, hugging thugs and voting for "we are all victims" politics attractive?I should wish I was you John, but somehow I don't!..

By the way John. I would like to see you debate that "maroon"..chuckles.

So societies turn on a dime, do they John? What changed in the 60's? I'd argue labels were one of the major changes, but that's not quite true. JFK wouldn't be a Democrat in today's politics. The reason is that classical liberalism is too passe, so it's now a conservative ideal. the Left has moved on to inequality as a founding principal, and the whole "everyone should be equal" idea is best left to the past.

I hate to break it to you John but the founding evils that the US left is rallying against are the Democratic party's founding principals. The fact that history has shown their results to be evil isn't a surprise to those of us on the Right, we think it's a property of their final plan. Not that we think that the left plans that far ahead. One cannot maintain a world-view including so many internal contradictions and have a coherent long term plan.

"And that's the thing about Conservatives. If you guys had your way, we'd still be up in the trees." Conservatism relies on what's been proven to work. Snares get rabbits. Swimming gets shellfish. If not for Conservatives, you'd still be throwing yourself off of any available branch shouting "I can fly!" and never learning from the results. Then again, you never do learn from the results, do you John?

UNTIL is not an excuse.

If the American Civil War was about slave owning, then the South ultimately won,
and the Confederate Flag deserves all and any honor it gets from fellow Americans.
The Affordable Care Act, coupled with computer wizardry, has led the Union into slave ownership.

John: old English word for crapper.

history and truth are very difficult for liberal democrats. today it seems that truth and history have diverged along the way.

Nothing has changed really – this is the core concept of the practical facist-socialism the Dems and left practice today. Statist socialism/collectivism enslaves the individual to state servitude for life under threat of capital punishment for escape/dissent – there is no practical difference between that and the 18th century mercantilist form of slave trade except in the old slavery a private individual benefits from stealing the slave’s production and freedom and in socialism the powered oligarchs benefit from stealing the individual’s productivity and freedom. Slavery is the forced theft of an individual’s freedoms and productivity – the left are fine with this.

They are well on the way to their modern feudalist slave state – I mean, all whites are racists, anyone who is patriotic or a constitutionalist is a terrorist, white middle class America is a criminal rape state, why not just out law the GOP and have done with it – complete the single party gulag state these zombies want.

Zombie alert!!

John - re read your post and see if you can realize how hypocritical it is.

1st, who says these are "Racist states"? Almost all southern states have a black governor, a black mayor of their major cities and or congressional Rep.

2nd Where and when did this miraculous changing of the party of racism occur? In a Marxist studies group at commie martyrs U? Maybe in a new video game? Because there is not a scrap of evidence to support such a wild theory - I bet you believe the same evil raaaaacists ran 9/11 and make those chem-trails only you seem to see - tinfoil hat time on that.

3rd If the leftwing nut jobs can call up the founders as racists because they owned slaves , why is it different if the wing nut right does the same thing with the dems who supported slavery an apartheid for most of America's history? - as far as that goes the left and the Dems still support slavery except they want to enslave whole nations to statist authoritarianism.

John you have to tell me, because I have been wondering for years just what it is that allows a person such as yourself to become so toxically hypocritical and blind to fact and reality? Is it the new designer pot or is it a general mental unfitness that is the result of exposure to a grotesquely hypocritical political culture? Or do you come by it naturally? In any event seek help to center yourself in reason and reality and stay away from hypocritical endevors like partisan politics.

As C_Minder says, Conservatism is at least about keeping the things that work in a society which is why Conservatism is the last bastion for the principles of capitalism and classical liberalism.

And, as Occam alludes to, Progressivism is about enslavement. For example the Climate Change scam is just a mechanism to get western societies onto the AGW plantation, enslaved to the failed cultures and states of the third world through massive wealth redistribution.

So, yeah, Conservatives at some point will lose. The problem is that when Conservatives win, only the sociopathic Progressives lose but when Conservatives lose, everybody loses.

You can~t be one a side of history

John, you are just regurgitating Marxist agitprop put out by profession propgandists.

1) The South did not turn GOP in the 60's. Most of the state houses and politic machines remained Democrat well into the 1990, in some place )(like Goegia, even later). What they did reject where left wing liberal candidates for the POTUS, most particularly from the North East, and for good reason as time has shown. They certainly stood behind Carter and Clinton, who, though liberal democrats, where from the South (indeed that is one of the chief reasons they secured their party's nomination in the first place). Really, up until the 1990s or so, the South routinely continued to send Democrats to Statehouses. This puts the lie to the propaganda about the South turning to the GOP because of segragation.

2) It is absurd to label the GOP segregationist. Prior to LBJ, almost all blacks in the south were Republicans (MLK was a Republican). It was the GOP that got the Civil Rights Act through the Congress: The Democrats could not down because of the Southern Democrats. These Last 40 years or so, the Democrats have undertaken this Orwellian propaganda campaign to project their sins on the GOP. It is a complete lie, and you should be ashamed of yourself for buying into it.

3) What turning there was in the 1960s against the Democrat has everything to do with the New Left taking over the Democrat Party in the 1960, and not much to do with "The Confederacy". This is a rational, even patriotic response.

4) There was no GOP "Southern Strategy". That was just electioneering propaganda from the Democrats and crypt-democrats, Country Club Republicans like Senator Jarvis of NY, and it started with the Goldwater candidacy. Such a thing could not be hidden. I defy you to give one speech given by any GOP candidate for national office that supports this (and of course, here I mean Goldwater, Nixon, etc.)_ The Democrat, on the other hand had an open southern strategy, one famously summed up by LBJ. The whole "Southern Strategy" meme is just one more Left Wing Lie.

5) This is not about the Civil War or slavery, it is a political attack on a section of the country that the Democrats have lost control of, mostly because they cannot stop slandering it. They Lost it by their treasonous turn to Marxism. If the South was solidly voting Democrat you can bet you bottom dollar that the Democrats would be down there campaign on stages where the Confederate flag was clearly displayed. You are allowing yourself to be manipulated.

This is really the Leftist's attempt to start a Maoist tinged "Cultural Revolution" in the USA, and it should be thoroughly denounced as such. One can only hope that they moved too soon for it to work.

5) There is no "tide of history"; there is no teleology to it. This is purely a Marxist notion. The USSR, for example, re-established serfdom. (and I would say that so far as the Democrats go, the only problem they have with 19th century American Slavery is that it entailed private ownership, not public ownership of slaves. They would gladly enslave us all. But if in fact there is a "wrong side of history" then I would posit that you are on that side. You are siding with Marxist Leninists and even one decade of their "rule" caused much more suffering and death that the entire history of American Slavery.

All of you points are, as they say, "not even wrong"--a clearer articulation of the moronic would be hard to find. You really need to learn to think for your self and stop being manipulated by the enemies of your nation (if you are American) or your civilization.

@John: John, thanks for your posting. We all need to hear from people such as yourself once in a while to remind us of what rational, knowledgeable adults are up against. I personally hope that you will continue to come to SDA and will continue to post. Perhaps maybe you will even come to understand a different perspective.......

The Party of Slavery was never about moral principles, only power and patronage.
The corrupt political machines that ran big cities and those that controlled blocks
of ethnic and religious voters were equally welcome in its fetid racist tent.
The virginal Marxists who kept their prime faith within the brutality of the Party
of Slavery and gradually seized power in its successor, the Party of Decay and
Corruption don't like to be reminded of how close they could get to equally unsavory
compromised people if "it helped the revolution".

@John, if you libs had your way, we'd be stuck in Rome before the downfall. Haven't you guys figured out that you're not progressing, your Regressing?

Your speculation about the racists going to the GOP is pure myth, and has been rebuked time and time again.

Shame on you for continuing the lies. Progressives have been trying to overturn our way of life for over a hundred years, only this time, it looks like they figured out the correct strategy: Lie! Lie constantly! Lie blatantly, and boldly, and keep repeating the lies until it becomes true.

Exactly nilesmaxim; ice age,er hole in the ozone, er ddt, er acid rain, er alar on apples, er y2k, er globall warming, er climate change. What is up the lefties left sleeve next?

Democrats. The New Taliban.

'when Conservatives win, only the sociopathic Progressives lose but when Conservatives lose, everybody loses'
That's true but progressives believe they are working for everyone's own good and the good of society so they can never be wrong. Their project is one of dedicated selfless courage while we on the right simply believe 'government that governs least governs best'
A tough sell in today's world.

I love how people make noise about the GOP causing the problems in the south. As a previous commenter noted, many blacks were Republicans prior to the 1970s. This was because ABRAHAM LINCOLN was a REPUBLICAN. The issue is that the Democratic Party was taken over by socialists, starting with FDR. Marxist ideas appeal to those who feel "downtrodden", when in fact Marxist ideas cannot actually help those same people. This is the great failure of Western education.

"The wrong side of history" is an ideological statement no serious student of history would ever make.

There is no "wrong" side to history anymore than there is a "right" side. John is simply following in the footsteps of every political hack of any stripe who feels it important to modify the historical record to meet the ideological needs of the present.

Very Orwellian.

This is what I love about the Left. We get labeled Nazis because we want -less- government. We get labeled Nazis because we resist gun control. We get labeled Nazis because we think single payer Medicare might not be the bestest idea ever.

Because that's totally what the Nazis were selling. Less government, more freedom and personal responsibility.

As to what Mark Steyn was saying, he's right. Of course. Because he's ALWAYS right. All he ever does is point at the Dems and say WTF?!!!, so he is merely pointing out long established facts and observing that those long established facts are being ignored by the Dems.

Yes, the Confederate flag and all it stands for belongs to the Dems. No John, we have not forgotten Robert W. Byrd even though he died longer ago than last week. Yes, we do remain aware that the Dems operate by keeping minorities as victims, and that the worst urban blights upon the United States (and Canada) are where politicians from your NuevoFascismo party rule.

Same party, same bulls1t, different tactic. Used to be blacks were kept on the plantation with chains, now welfare keeps them there. Effect remains the same, keeping the n***ers down. (On my blog I'd use the actual N word, but I don't want Kate getting hit with any poo. These false pieties of the Left disgust me.)

John >

“Cons always lose eventually”

LOL – wrong again.

History proves that “Liberals” always lose; eventually they destroy what Conservatism built, disappear under the rocks of history and lay dormant until conservatism builds a new and invigorated society.

Liberalism ONLY thrives once a conservative society has gotten fat and lazy from its successful abundance. Then it takes it apart.

Progressive Liberalism will always be a lose/ lose ideology.

"...complete the single party gulag state these zombies want."

This is exactly what the left wants, and has largely accomplished this in the media and on our university campuses.

nilesmaxim, "Shame on you for continuing the lies. Progressives have been trying to overturn our way of life for over a hundred years, only this time, it looks like they figured out the correct strategy: Lie! Lie constantly! Lie blatantly, and boldly, and keep repeating the lies until it becomes true."

Exactly. The left learned well from their mentor V. I. Lenin.

There has been progress.

Even in Left Wing murder.

In 1962, black families had higher rates of marriage than white families.

Then the Progressive LBJ decided the (insert offensive term here)blacks would be voting Democrat for a hundred years.

Abortion, murder, poverty.

Left wing murder without the bother of a long march. As always.

John, as many posters here have done a wonderful job of pointing out your tremendous historical and intellectual errors, I have only one question to ask you: when do you leave for summer camp? Your mental rigour resembles that of an eight year old's. You might as well be among your peers.

Meanwhile, the soft-serve paternalist racists in the Democrat Party will continue using black Americans as a voters' block, attack ANY black American who doesn't sound like an Uncle Remus stereotype and serve the interests of he who is truly another white Democrat in the Oval Office (or is he playing golf today?).

Anyone who spends any amount of time in the states of the old Confederacy, can not help but be struck by how different the reality of relations between the races is compared to the caricatures painted by the media, and the knuckledragging "SJWs" who troll the internet looking to project hatred on any who disagree with them.

In the South, adult black men and women are addressed by the young with the same courteous " yes, ma'am/sir " as are the whites. Likewise, black children are raised to address any adult, white or black the same way. Overall, people take courtesy very seriously, and parents instill that in their children. Adults are similarly courteous and deferential to others. I think it all arises from the fact that people in general take the Bible as their guide and strive to live by it. Their recognition of the worth and dignity of each individual, is what ended the segregation of the south so quickly and so completely in fewer than 100 years. Where has a similar ethnic amity happened in Europe, or anywhere else on Earth, for that matter.

Slavery Supporters = Democrats
Supporters of the Internment of Japanese Americans = Democrats
Proponents of Black Americans on Perpetual Welfare = Democrats
Supporters of Permanent Bankruptcy & Debt Payments = Democrats

Future Expectations:

Supporters of 3 People Getting Married to Each Other = Democrats
Supporters of Adults Marrying Children = Democrats
Supporters of Hooded Females around America = Democrats
Supporters of Female Genital Mutilation = Democrats

Oh wait, two of the four future notions are already true!

The reason the South abandoned the Democrats is because the party ideology was antithetical to the South's Christian values. The tolerant, integrated South of today finds it has more in common with Republicsns than Democrats. The Democrats, which controlled the politics of the southern states for so long after the Civil War, must be considered a large reason that segregation persisted in the South so long after Emancipation.

I really don't know why we bother to try and debate with John. He's a long time drive through troll who tosses in his kindergarden logic, a few insults and then runs away. He's a lefty sponge who's absorbed so much bullshit there's no room left for logic or common sense. He's a firm believer in Obama, White privilege, global warming, gay marriage, pride parades, evils of fossil fuels, the wisdom of the NDP and how Harper is destroying Canada. In other words, the perfect socialist and useful idiot. He's pajama boy and a complete waste of time, but he does represent the voice of left and the mindset that comes out of our higher halls of learning. But don't bother trying to debate him,....he already knows it all.

Wow, don't we understand there is neither honour nor pleasure in a battle of wits with an unarmed man.

Don't feed the trool...

"Unfortunately, it isn't until a lot of energy is wasted and good people end up getting hurt."

Only problem there is both the USSR and 3rd Reich are history after killing directly or indirectly about 100 million souls in the 20Th century.


Which places "John" truly on the wrong side of history...if there is such a thing.

Ha John, Ooooo Burn!

I dunno I like seeing the "drive by trolls" like John - they put themselves out there as Useful idiots so that we can springboard our own ideas and rants off their backs!

Without the useful idiots like John, we'd have far less to add than quips.

I used to like the Usefull Idiot troll LAS the best, I could spring board ideas and links off his idiotic comments for others all day long, every day.

... proving that the South IS dominated by Democraps

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