22 Replies to “Why Is There Always A Big Screen TV?”

  1. Pam Palmeter is a totalitarian fascist who doesn’t believe in democracy. She doesn’t believe in the free speech of anyone who disagrees with her. In other words, a typical Leftist.

  2. “Hey pal – knock it off with the drum, unless you want it inserted in your butt.”
    Problem solved.

  3. You mean to say there wasn’t any security to give the bum’s rush to that idiot? I’d call that disturbing the peace at the very least and a possible threat to the security of a cabinet minister (Hello secret service types).

  4. Pam Palmeter has an awesome hair-do too. Like an attempt to copy Pepe LaPew by a ten year old.
    How freakin’ low rent are these people?

  5. Sounds like a worthy piece of legislation, as long as the penalties for non-compliance are severe enough, and if there is a decent mechanism for enforcement.
    And yes, they do need better security at such events. “Free speech” is not a license to disrupt the free speech of others.

  6. tee-hee,
    wife tells story of local native employee hired for oil patch. kept not showing up for work, because of this and that, you know?
    While off work, her picture shows up in newspaper at Idle protest!

  7. Apparently, non compliance, means no cash from the feds.. Not that I believe that’d ever happen

  8. I assume this post is a flash video? Could there be an Apple compatible link provided?

  9. Yes,TC,that’s the first thing that occurred to me as well,where in hell is the security that should be with a Cabinet Minister at a Press conference?
    David Suzuki has more security than a Cabinet Minister!
    The government has to stand up to these fascists,and escort them from the premises when they obviously are there for nothing more than to stop the proceedings.

  10. Palmater and the dope on the drum are probably in the elite group who benefit the most by not passing this bill!
    a few of them are getting very rich by screwing the rest of their people!

  11. You are right. Hopefully I am not the only one that is noticing that this sort of disruption is becoming more frequent, as they are getting away with. Probably someone will have to get hurt before this sort of anarchism is dealt with the way it should be.

  12. By coincidence, the Ontario Fat Cats List for 2012 was released today. Pinko Pam Palmater was rewarded $172,271.84 in 2012 for being Associate Professor at RyHi.
    And Liberals claim there’s no fat in the Ontario budget!!

  13. I have a theory that Mr. Harper views some of his Ministers as expendable. An assault on one or two might well serve his policy.

  14. Bygeorge… hysterically funny to find out the fool with the drum, isn’t even Indian, but an Equadorian.. Seems, they’ve gotten so lazy, they’re sub’ing out their protests..

  15. When are conservatives going to start showing up to leftist events with their own drums, pots and pans, … or better yet: bagpipes.

  16. Accountability in band finances eliminates one more crutch that the Native industry in Canada uses to take advantage of native Canadians. It is an industry that is not restricted by skin colour. The truly fat cats of this operation live in Ottawa and number in the thousands.

  17. Simple solution to the problem – go to their news conferences and disrupt them. Just prepare appropriately wearing steel toed boots and have someone filming everything so it’s possible to prove that any action taken by people exercising their right to free speech at moonbat events is an act of self-defense.
    Moonbats claim their tactics are “freedom of speech” and this implies we have the same right to freedom of speech. Using a megaphone to yell out facts that contradict the speakers is far more effective than banging a drum.
    As members of the persecuted white minority, it’s time to fight back against the oppressors. Most moonbats are cowards who are quite ready to attack in large swarms, but when dealing with a group of guys who won’t have any hesitation in fighting back, I suspect they’ll just scream slogans impotently.

  18. It’s notable that both Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne and Ryerson President Sheldon Levy criticized undergraduate engineering hijinks, yet when Palmater crossed Canada (on a taxpayer-compensated workday?) to disrupt a speech by a federal cabinet minister, neither of these wastrels comment.
    Fire them all!!