Miss Mao Trying to Poise Herself at the Top of Lenin’s Head


Why hold back?

Real art would have Abu Daoud in a chorus line across Arafat's noggin.


Lookout Jack Layton's monkey's got a stick!

Well there's some well spent tax dollars.

Bravo to our public teat sucking Arts Community.

I predict that sculpture gets a extreme makeover by the residents of Richmond.

Dear Mr Campbell,

Re: Lenin's Head

I want my money back!

BC Resident

When I happened to drive by the Lenin/Mao sculpture as it was being installed last week, I was appalled. As a former resident of Richmond, I couldn't believe that a sculpture of two of the nastiest men of the 20th century were being recognized. I little research showed that the artists are Chinese (ie from China), and that the piece is part of a region wide exhibit called Biennale. That did not improve my mood, particularly when grafitti art by local artists was being obliterated with blue paint lest visitors to the Olympics have their visual senses provoked. So our leaders authorize an offensive offshore reminder of communism while they eliminate local expression. Something is fundamentally wrong here.

May I suggest that four additional tombstones be added at the bottom corners of this statue with the following inscription:

4 million died under Lenin's orders, 77 million died under Mao's orders, all in the name of social justice. Beware of evil.

there is an even tinier statue of Trudeau there but its covered by the front of Mao's pants.

Where is the monument to Hitler, Pol Pot, etc. and the continuing parade of genocidal artists?

Do any of the dodos on council actually review what "art"/political statement they are making before they buy it?

You would think these comedians would be putting up 'democratic heros' instead of mass murderers in a democracy.

Oh but I forgot, 'statism will come and save you'!


Hans-Christian Georg Rupprecht, Commander in Chief

1st Saint Nicolaas Army
Army Group “True North"

I'm gonna enjoy the spray painting.

Wouldn't the intersection of Hastings and Granville be a more appropriate local?

The irony would be awesome...so to speak.


This chromed commie abortion would last about 4 seconds in my neighborhood before it was defiled -- too many cold war era soviet bloc refugees in the area to put up with such stupid diplays of 'tolerance' from brain dead progressives.

"...the opportunity to experience art is considered a health benefit and this benefit must be made widely available to all citizens."
-Richmond Arts Strategy

The statue is having the opposite effect as it makes me want to hate Richmond and the twits on council. I can take of my own health and artistic experiences without being taxed for it.

"We have no choice but to strike at the terrorist organizations wherever we can reach them. That is our obligation to ourselves and to peace. We shall fullfil that obligation undauntedly."

They don't make 'em like Golda Meier anymore,unfortunately.

Taxpayers are again forced to support an artist ,to the tune of $75,000 this time,for someone's version of "art". I don't see the residents of Richmond being too thrilled with this masterpiece,except for the fact it DOES mock Chairman Mao.

As I said at UA, if we are forced to accept "art" for it's own sake, even if it means defiling Christian icons,like "Piss Pope",then let's see a sculpture of Mark Lepine, we'll call it ,"Men's Inhumanity to Women".

That should be good for dome feminist outrage.

But, IT'S ART!

The United Soviet Socialist Republic sent my Dad's entire family to Siberia for "re-education"...where my Baba died in the salt mines. 10 years after, they sent them back to the family farm in western Ukraine (which sat idle for that time) to "farm for the commune". I will not EVER support communism in any way shape or form. I'll vacation in Haiti before Cuba.

I wonder if politicians like Darek Dang understand this? I suppose they just don't care...

Shall we have a bronze statue of Marc Lepine in Montreal? What morons think communism not only worked but was humane and rational? If the Chinese- or anyone else for that matter- can't grasp that Mao and his colleagues in tyranny were scum and are now in hell then I just don't know what to say.
And what the hell is wrong with BC, anyway?

I think that statuary of famous, or infamous people is created for the prime purpose of offering tribute or glorification to them. There's a statue of George Vancouver in a Vancouver Park, Wayne Gretzky in front of Rexall Place, Admiral Nelson in Trafalgar Square, the four presidents on Mount Rushmore. Whatever artistic merit these works may have, it is secondary to the primary purpose. Tyrants like Lenin and Mao had statuary and paintings of themselves erected everywhere to ensure that the people they enslaved would be properly subservient. Any defacing of these works resulted in severe punishment.

My point is that most people looking at statuary of identifiable people are going to respond to it in accordance with their knowledge of the actual events that caused a statue of them to be erected, not by how beautifully or intricately it was made. Many non-Canadian visitors who see this atrocity may get an impression that Canadians look favorably on the exploits of these two despots. Lenin's head looks like it's about eight feet tall!

Hopefully the "art" in Richmond will cause a great many people to act "expressively" in response to it.

Its not entirely clear to me whether Mao and Lenin are being glorified or mocked. Maybe that's because I'm thick, or the arts not particularly good. If communists are being glorified, I'm outraged, if they are being mocked I'm not.

I'm with minuteman-I strongly suspect you're experiencing a SOH deficit.
I cannot see a good, upstanding Chinese communist referring to "Little Miss Mao".
Assuming this is correct I strongly applaud this piece of robust political criticism and would be happy to see some of my taxes supporting similar projects to mock communism.

I'm just surprised it wasn't Obama's head . You could make a slide out of the ears for the kiddies.
I don;t carte if people raise statues to Homer Simpson.
Just don't have us pay for it. Especially two mad killers on mega millions.

To me it's derisive of both men, perhaps the artists know something about Mao's private life, we've heard that Stalin liked viewing naked male drawings, and the Nazis were crawling with sexual perverts in the upper echelons. Rohm and his brownshirt boys, and was it the flyboy Goering and his cross-dressing?

I don't see what all the commotion is about. It's just Richmond bowing down and doing the bidding of their Chicom masters.After all,the Chi's own all of BC up to the interior.
As a good aside,I like QWERTY1's idea.

Two words, my friends. Two little words to settle the issue completely.

Cutting torch.

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