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This is craziness.

The FBI had a decade-long confidential informant relationship with the father of Pulse nightclub shooter Omar Mateen, prosecutors admitted Saturday, 12 days into the trial of his wife.

The undercover relationship with the father, Seddique Mateen, continued even though the bureau was tipped off in 2012 that its informant was himself raising money to plan a terrorist attack on the government of Pakistan.

The father's status also played a role in the FBI's decision not to seek prosecution of Omar in 2013 after they investigated him for violent threats, attorneys for the shooter's wife said. If Omar had gone to prison in that case, the infamous Pulse shooting might have been avoided.

Omar Mateen killed 49 people and injured 68 others at a gay nightclub in Orlando in June 2016.

As with the Parkland School shooter -- about whom the FBI received multiple tips and did not act -- the question is not "why did the FBI let this happen?", but "how many others like this are there?"

Welt (Bing translation);

If a man loudly rushes to Angela Merkel (CDU), if he only a few metres in front of her security people will be overwhelmed if this man is a 23 year old Afghan, if he gets something also here that is similar to what sounds like "Allahu akbar" - then set other well-known reflexes too.

It happened on Wednesday morning at the exit of the Berlin Reichstag building. Merkel was re-elected just to go into their sedan, as the unknown ran off on her. After all, what happened in the past years in European cities, after all the bombings and knife attacks, often accompanied by "Allahu akbar"-call, had the scene scaring everyone, who stood or as video saw the scene on a screen.

More about the man is now known. World Police sources learned the droughts circulating information is first of all correct: it is Afghan, and he is 23 years old. However, he does not live in Berlin. Rather he comes from the Swabian Germany, located southeast of Stuttgart. And he has not occurred so far by the police.

He was sent to a psychiatrist.

On Sunday night Earnest I. White, founder of the AR15 Rifle Association, called on his followers to go after the black man and cut the throat of blackness."

wait... i may have got that mixed up... just a little.


Umar Haque, 25, taught an Islamic studies class despite the fact that he had no teaching qualifications and was employed as an administrator. He was allowed to supervise classes of 11- to 14-year-olds on his own, during which he re-enacted attacks on police officers and showed students videos of beheadings.


A slaughter in Nigeria goes unreported.

"armed men stormed through 15 villages to massacre Christians and destroy their churches in a violent crackdown against the [Christian] religion in Nigeria ... Dozens of people have been killed after the gangs ransacked towns and villages to clear them of all aspects of the Christian faith."

Wrong victims.

Inside the unit that tracks targets for US drone wars.


A "Minnesota woman" went on an arson rampage at St. Kate's this past Wednesday. Truza Jamal Hassan -- a 19-year-old former student -- set eight fires in seven buildings across the campus. All but one of the fires were set in trash cans inside bathrooms.

Hassan kindly explained that she did so in retaliation for American military intervention in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to the criminal complaint failed in Ramsey County District Court. Her religious inspiration isn't expressly stated, but she appeared in court yesterday wearing garb including a black face covering that exposed only her eyes and what appeared to be a large white sheet draped over her head.


The United States said on Thursday it was suspending at least $900 million in security assistance to Pakistan until it takes action against the Afghan Taliban and the Haqqani network militant groups.

Related: A record year for US counterterrorism strikes

Christmas decorations not included: New York City To Spend $50 Million To Prevent Car-Ramming Terror Attacks

On the Eighth Day of Christmas the multiculti fetishists gave to us...

h/t Sid Vicious

Is not that he "lies". It's that he tells the truth.

President Donald Trump signaled Monday that he was prepared to cut off aid to Pakistan if the country failed to cooperate with the US.

"The United States has foolishly given Pakistan more than 33 billion dollars in aid over the last 15 years, and they have given us nothing but lies & deceit, thinking of our leaders as fools," he wrote. "They give safe haven to the terrorists we hunt in Afghanistan, with little help. No more!"

When you get Rand Paul and Hamid Karzai on the same side...

More... President Donald Trump on Tuesday appeared to threaten to cut off U.S. aid money to the Palestinian Authority, asking why the U.S. should make "any of these massive future payments" when they are "no longer willing to talk peace."

WATCH: Ambassador Nikki Haley speaks on Pakistan, Iran"

Hostages, my ass -- updated.

Update. I can't believe I left this out.

The executions will continue until morale improves.

Where the foxes caper unmolested, the government packs your school lunch...


And life comes at you juxtaposed!


'tis the season.

It's been more than six years since a team of Navy SEALs brought justice to Osama bin Laden in a raid on his Abbottabad compound in Pakistan, and captured a priceless trove of intelligence at the same time. The CIA has begun releasing some of bin Laden's papers, The Hill reports, but the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies has already had an advance review of the material. Thomas Joscelyn and Bill Roggio delve deeply into the new insights that will emerge from this release, with the most significant likely to be the revelation of a partnership between al-Qaeda and Iran that many said was impossible...


As I write,

...Geraldo is on Fox demanding to know why this bike path wasn't blocked off with concrete barriers.

Why? Why does every public place have to get uglified up just because Geraldo doesn't want to address the insanity of western immigration policies that day by day advance the interests of an ideology explicitly hostile to our civilization? Instead Geraldo wants to tighten up vehicle rental. Why? Why should you have to lose an extra 15 minutes at an already sclerotic check-in counter because Hertz and Avis and UHaul have to run your name through the No-Rent list? Why should open, free societies become closed, monitored, ugly, cramped and cowering?


Eight people killed after terrorist driving Home Depot truck rips through Lower Manhattan bike lane

Morning update at Drudge:

Driver Mows Down Pedestrians, Cyclists...
School bell rang -- then hell broke out..
'Found Himself Corridor of Death'...
UBER driver, Uzbekistan native...
Hero cop stopped killing spree...
ISIS Threatened Halloween Attacks...
Chilling image of jihadi flag taken weeks before...
Central Asia Growing Source of Terrorism...
Trump orders stepped up 'extreme vetting'...


Diversity is our strength.

NYC terror attack suspect, Sayfullo Saipov, entered US through Diversity Visa Program

A few moments ago at CKOM radio in Saskatoon, listeners were advised by our morning talking heads that this is "the new normal", that "there is nothing we can do", and that Islamic terrorism is something the west must learn to live with.

These are the same low-information sons of bitches who jump to shut down anyone who warns of the well documented consequences of mass Muslim immigration as "Islamophobes", "zenophobes" and "racists", and they'll do it again tomorrow.

And it's not "God is great", you witless media stooges. It's "Allah is greater".

Experience the fun-filled adventure of murder, rape, insurgency and slave ownership of ISIL. Come back for the leniency.

A top UK official told the BBC last week that ISIS terrorists from the UK returning from Syria and Iraq will not be prosecuted. Instead, the government will try to reintegrate them back into society because they were "naive" when they joined the genocidal terrorist group.

ISIS, on the path to destruction.

The Islamic State group once drew recruits from near and far with promises of paradise but now bodies of jihadists lie in mass graves or at the mercy of wild dogs as its "caliphate" collapses.

Flies buzz around human remains poking through the dusty earth in the Iraqi town of Dhuluiyah, 90 kilometres (55 miles) north of Baghdad, at a hastily-dug pit containing the bodies of dozens of IS fighters killed in 2015.

"They should have ended up in the stomachs of stray dogs," local police officer Mohammed al-Juburi told AFP.

"We buried them here not out of love but because we wanted to avoid diseases."


Bissonnette goes straight to trial.

Hopefully speedy, decisive, and with a severe punishment...unfortunately it won't be as severe as it should be.

H/t, Warren K Smith

Somalian national in the refugee program....

Known to police - was on a "police watch list."

I heard about the stabbing during the game last night, the rest is new.

National Post article with EPS Chief news briefing.

PM Trudeau's Statement

CHED radio Edmonton

Andrew Scheer's statement

Premier Notley's statement

Where the foxes caper unmolested, the government packs your school lunch, and YOU get a deradicalization program! And YOU get a deradicalization program! And YOU get a...

Three senior leaders of one of Switzerland's most visible Islamic organizations were indicted Thursday after a nearly two-year investigation into videos that one of the leaders made in Syria, including interviews with senior al-Qaeda leaders.

They're always in the first place you look.

"The kind of reporting that gives sophism a bad name." (h/t Joseph)

Omar Khadr wants unfettered access to sister, other bail changes

Remember, Khadr's champions all argued that the family was to blame for the radicalization of him and that it wasn't his fault he killed a medic, blinded another, and orphaned children.

Full circle.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said Sunday that police conducted a counter-terror operation "to disrupt a plot to bring down an airplane," and announced increased security at the nation's airports.

Good work by Peter Kent;

The Fox News item quotes Kent's op-ed under the headline: "Gitmo Lottery: Canada makes millionaire out of terrorist who killed U.S. soldier."

Google searches for Khadr's name were up more than 700 per cent Monday in the United States from the previous day, according to Google Trends.

Not my Prime Minister. Not theirs, either.

Please, please let this go through.

In their court filing Monday, they are asking for an interim court order freezing the settlement funds "whether in the hands of [Mr. Khadr] or anyone else," and an order requiring a full accounting of the money, including "the current location of all such funds, or property acquired thereby." They also call for the appointment of a receiver to hold the cash, pending the outcome of their case.
One source told The Globe and Mail last week that the settlement money has been legally sheltered to prevent Ms. Speer's lawyers from gaining access.

They also cite media reports that say the July 5 payment was "specifically expedited in light of this motion to ensure that the funds reached Khadr before they could be executed upon."

They screwed over the victim, a single mother. Goodale, Trudeau, the rest; SOB terrorist sympathizers, the lot of them. Probably having a good laugh about it.

"Hahah. We did it in the summer!", "No one cares.", "The plebes will forget by September, let alone the election."

I hope she wins. I hope she makes the terrorist destitute. I hope he ends his days begging for coins to buy liquor.

The lawyer for the widow of an American soldier killed in Afghanistan said Tuesday they have filed an application so that any money paid by the Canadian government to a former Guantanamo Bay prisoner convicted of killing him will go toward the widow and another U.S. soldier injured.

Related: The Canadian Taxpayer Federation has a petition to deny Khadr our money.

I am sickened. Who says murdering scum-bag terrorists don't profit.

And please, no death threats in the comments section.

If Canada had any spine in the PMO, this whole payment will go to Khadr's victims but I don't know the law in this nor do I think the PMO knows what a backbone is.

Speer's widow, Tabitha, and former soldier Layne Morris, who was wounded in the firefight and lost sight in one eye, sued Khadr in a Utah court for damages. In 2015, a Salt Lake judge handed down a $134.2-million (U.S.) default settlement after receiving no reply from Khadr or his lawyers.

See also, Warren K Smith's link to the Globe & Mail story.

It's the new "Hands up, don't shoot!"


Waiting for the "mentally unstable" label or that "we'll never know the motive".

h/t Larry

CNBC: Russia's Defense Ministry claimed on Friday it had killed the Islamic State leader, Ibrahim abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, as well as up to 330 other fighters with an air strike on Raqqa at the end of May.

He's not heavy, he's my scorpion.

Suicide bombers and gunmen attacked Iran's parliament and the Mausoleum of Ayatollah Khomeini in Tehran on Wednesday morning, killing at least 12 people in a twin assault at the heart of the Islamic Republic, Iranian officials and media said.

Islamic State claimed responsibility and released a video purporting to show gunmen inside the parliament building and one body, apparently dead, on the floor.

Toronto Sun;

Sources told the Toronto Sun that a woman, wearing an ISIS bandana, allegedly entered Cedarbrae Mall in Scarborough Saturday afternoon and then the Canadian Tire store, where she walked to the paint section.

She allegedly ranted "Allahu Akbar" -- God (Allah) is greater -- before swinging a golf club at employees -- at the same time of bloody terrorist attacks in London, sources said.

The woman was restrained by several employees, after she pulled out a large knife from under her clothing, according to police. The knife was pried from her hand and an employee suffered non-life-threatening injuries, said a police release.

"There is no reason to be alarmed by this."

The sad truth, and getting sadder with every attack, is that the political class has little interest in doing what would really be necessary to combat Islamist terrorism, let alone talk about it. They don't want to talk about how Britain's lax immigration policies over decades led to hundreds of thousands of immigrants entering the country with varying degrees of willingness to assimilate and adopt Western values. They don't want to openly criticize the blatant problems with the multiculturalism the UK has pursued for years and the obvious impact it has had on the immigrant population.

Oh no. This would cost them too much. It would shatter the façade of political correctness that's been constructed over our "civilized" western world, and destroy the illusion, so vital to the political class, that Western values are universal.

The politicians are only willing to give speeches about how united we are and how terrorists cannot tear us apart. But the truth--so clear and obvious--is that with every attack the West becomes more and more divided. We are not united, not by a long shot. Before the bodies of the poor souls who were killed Saturday by radical Islamists were even identified, the Left and Right were at one another's throats. On that score, the terrorists emerge victorious every time.


What kinds of people join the Losers? Mostly young males. And you know what brand young males do not want on them? Right: Losers.

If you call them monsters, they like it. If you call them ISIS or ISIL they put it on a flag and wave it around. If you call them non-Muslim, it just rolls off their backs because they have Korans and stuff. Almost any other "brand" you can imagine is either inert or beneficial to Loser recruitment.

Loser is different. No one joins the Loser movement.

Business Insider: 8 arrested in Manchester attack as a 'significant' connection emerges between bomber and ISIS recruiter.

"This morning (Thursday 25 May 2017) we have been carrying out searches at an address in the Withington area and a man has been arrested.

"These searches are connected to Monday's attack on the Manchester Arena, but this is a fast-moving investigation and we are keeping an open mind at this stage.

"Another man has also been arrested in the Manchester area this morning in connection with the investigation, bringing the total number of men in custody to eight.

"A woman who was arrested in Blackley on Wednesday evening has since been released without charge."

More at Fox News: Manchester bomber Salman Abedi's father and brothers arrested, linked to ISIS, Al Qaeda

In another victory for ISIS, the Obama cells in US intelligence are now fully activated;

Police hunting the terror network behind the Manchester Arena bombing have stopped passing information to the US on the investigation as a major transatlantic row erupted over leaks of key evidence in the US.

The police, Downing Street and the Home Office refused to comment on the BBC report, but Theresa May will confront Donald Trump about the leaks - including crime scene photographs - when she meets him at a Nato summit in Brussels on Thursday.

He wasn't anti-nuke. He was on the other side.

When federal prosecutors and agents learned the true extent of the releases, many were shocked and angry. Some had spent years, if not decades, working to penetrate the global proliferation networks that allowed Iranian arms traders both to obtain crucial materials for Tehran's illicit nuclear and ballistic missile programs and, in some cases, to provide dangerous materials to other countries.

"They didn't just dismiss a bunch of innocent business guys," said one former federal law enforcement supervisor centrally involved in the hunt for Iranian arms traffickers and nuclear smugglers. "And then they didn't give a full story of it."

In its determination to win support for the nuclear deal and prisoner swap from Tehran -- and from Congress and the American people -- the Obama administration did a lot more than just downplay the threats posed by the men it let off the hook, according to POLITICO's findings.

Through action in some cases and inaction in others, the White House derailed its own much-touted National Counterproliferation Initiative at a time when it was making unprecedented headway in thwarting Iran's proliferation networks. In addition, the POLITICO investigation found that Justice and State Department officials denied or delayed requests from prosecutors and agents to lure some key Iranian fugitives to friendly countries so they could be arrested. Similarly, Justice and State, at times in consultation with the White House, slowed down efforts to extradite some suspects already in custody overseas, according to current and former officials and others involved in the counterproliferation effort.

And as far back as the fall of 2014, Obama administration officials began slow-walking some significant investigations and prosecutions of Iranian procurement networks operating in the U.S. These previously undisclosed findings are based on interviews with key participants at all levels of government and an extensive review of court records and other documents.

"Clearly, there was an embargo on any Iranian cases," according to the former federal supervisor.

"Of course it pissed people off, but it's more significant that these guys were freed, and that people were killed because of the actions of one of them," the supervisor added, in reference to Ravan and the IED network.

Hear my prayer;

Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin is a member of the anti-fascist Facebook group, By Any Means Necessary, which orchestrated the riots that occurred ahead of a scheduled lecture by Milo Yiannopoulos.

Not sure why he calls them "anti-fascist".

Paris shooting: sixth terrorist strike on the French capital in three years

Seems fitting: Trudeau International Airport

According to an investigative journalism report from the public affairs program JE, aired on the Quebec-based French-language station TVA, several employees at the airport were stripped of their security clearance due to radicalization and support for the Islamic State.

The investigation found that one employee with airport security clearance reportedly shared Islamic State propaganda videos, including graphic imagery of torture and murder, through social media accounts.

Another individual, according to the report, suggested that the November 2015 Paris massacre, carried out by Islamic State agents, needed to be replicated.

One of the radicalized employees reportedly had direct access to runways and aircrafts at Montreal's airport. This employee allegedly had a great deal of knowledge and documentation about military-calibre assault weapons.

And yet, according to the report, this individual still works at the airport, and has simply been moved to a new post -- away from runways and aircraft.

Oilprice: The End Of OPEC Is Near

What looks like a bomb has gone off in the metro.

You may remember a year ago Kate visited friends in St. Petersburg. It is very "cosmopolitan" like other European cities. I'd not be shocked to learn that it was the Dutch Reformists, again.

Questions about Garland

Dan Maynard: I can't tell you whether the FBI knew the attack was gonna occur. I don't like to think that they let it occur. But it is shocking to me that an undercover agent sees fellas jumping out of a car and he drives on. I find that shocking.

Anderson Cooper: That he didn't try to stop--

Dan Maynard: He didn't try to stop 'em. Or he didn't do something. I mean, he's an agent, for gosh sakes.

Anderson Cooper: If this attack had gone a different way, and lots of people had been killed, would the fact that an undercover FBI agent was on the scene have become essentially a scandal?

Seamus Hughes: It woulda been a bigger story. I think you would have seen congressional investigations and things like that. Lucky for the FBI and for the participants in the event you know, here in Texas, you know, everyone's a good shot there.

h/t Sid Vicious

Developing... Two people were shot outside the UK Parliament on Wednesday. Twelve others were injured in a possible knife attack.

More up at Daily Mail.

"Asian" man in his 40's:

policeman has been stabbed and his attacker shot by officers after a major terrorist attack at the Houses of Parliament that saw up to a dozen pedestrians hit by a car, leaving at least one woman dead.

The attacker mowed down people on Westminster Bridge in a grey Hyundai i40 before crashing the car into railings - then running through the gates of the Palace of Westminster and stabbing the officer.

Witnesses reported at least two bodies on the ground on Westminster Bridge and "one in the water". St Thomas' Hospital confirmed one woman has died and a number of others have been hurt - including some with "catastrophic" injuries.

Yup. Looks Japanese.

Update: Previous speculation on the id of suspect was incorrect, and has been removed. New information here.

It's official: Islam is a disease.

The railway station axe attacker has been identified as 36-year-old Fatmir H. originally from Kosovo. He is said to be mentally ill...

Things you'll never see on the CBC.


British Islamic State fighter who carried out a suicide bombing in Iraq this week is a former Guantanamo Bay detainee who was paid £1 million compensation by the government.

Jamal al-Harith, a Muslim convert born Ronald Fiddler who detonated a car bomb at an Iraqi army base near Mosul, was released from the US detention camp in 2004 and successfully claimed compensation after saying British agents knew or were complicit in his mistreatment.

And of course, there's this.

He was freed following intense lobbying by Tony Blair's Labour government.

(*Update: Heckuva job, Kate... "2004".)

Richard Fernandez;

Trump must now make an immediate choice: reinforce Afghanistan with no long term prospects of victory or watch it fall. The last two administrations have not brought victory over Islamic extremism any closer. To avoid defeat from attrition Trump will need a new approach. While none has been officially announced the outlines of a new strategy may be emerging from the actions it has so far taken.

"It's not a wall, it's an aesthetic perimeter."

Machete-wielding man slumps to the ground after being shot in the stomach at the Louvre museum as he attacked French soldiers while screaming 'Allahu Akbar'

Related? France, Chamonix: unknown person intentionally attacked soldier & British tourist by car.

"Allahu Akbar" and so far nobody really knows anything. Which is why I've been following and not speculating. I'll leave that to our kneejerk media. Meanwhile, beware of fake reports if you're scanning social media. Journos are falling thick and fast for those as well.

Update: @stephen_taylor TVA reporting on vague descriptions of suspects: one of QC origin, one of Arab origin.

As of this morning, no new information has been released identifying the suspects. How completely Canadian.

Update: Mohamed Belkhadir, the man police arrested as a suspect in the mosque attack, was just trying to perform first-aid.

Things you'll never see on the CBC.

Or the Globe and Mail.

Shining The Light on Intelligence, Government and the Muslim Brotherhood;

The mosque in the Quebec City shooting was originally formed by Muslim Student Association according to its own history. The Muslim Student Association was founded by adherents of the Muslim Brotherhood. The mosque donated money on a yearly basis (2001 to 2010) to the International Relief Fund for the Afflicted and Needy (IRFAN). IRFAN, according to the Canada Revenue Agency, was set up to skirt Canadian law and send millions of dollars to HAMAS. The parent organization of HAMAS is the Muslim Brotherhood according to Article Two of the HAMAS charter. IRFAN is now listed as a terrorism entity.

A regular attendee of the mosque is Abdallah Asafiri, according to his own statement to the press. He was listed as the directeur de la formation et de l'animation religieuse au Centre culturel islamique de Québec. Mr Asafiri is also major leadership figure in the Muslim Brotherhood, according to the Muslim Brotherhood itself. He was listed as the "Masul" or the leader for Eastern Canada. He told the press he normally would have been there on Sunday night, but his son borrowed his car and he did not attend when the shooting occurred.


...didn't Canada just solve all of Trump's problems? If humane treatment of immigrants is the goal, Canada is the right place. They have polite behavior, free healthcare, and lots of space. That's a win-win-win.

Or am I missing something?

Canada also gives us a test case to compare to America's plan. In five years we can check back and see how it turned out for them. If it worked, we can reassess. Until then we obviously need to wall-off Canada. But that's another topic.

When you're finished at that link, click over to his main page and read the others.

More here and here.

And this.

Move along, nothing here to see.

Fort Lauderdale Airport terrorist Esteban Santiago registered on MySpace under the name "Aashiq Hammad" and recorded Islamic religious music on the site, 3 years before he ever deployed to Iraq as a U.S. soldier, destroying the lying mainstream media's narrative that he was just a mentally disturbed veteran and that "Islam had nothing to do with it."

h/t Ken (Kulak)

I remember, back in the day, when the left would go apoplectic at that headline.

A 10-year-old girl used as suicide bomber detonated an explosive and killed herself in a New Year's Eve attack in Maiduguri, Nigeria. Although no group or individual has said they are responsible for the attack, using women and little girls is consistent with the tactics of the ISIS-affiliated group Boko Haram.

They don't show up here nearly as much as they once did.

Gains credibility with every passing day.

Secretary Of Lizard: John Kerry sticks his tongue out dozens of times during anti-Israel speech

More from WSJ: Kerry's Rage Against Israel

It's not clear whether one should laugh or cry:

Dear Mark,

Spot on. It reminds me of the old joke about the procedure for separating the sane from the insane, back when there were "mental asylums" and society tried to keep crazy people inside them instead of running the country.

The intake assessment involved giving each patient a mop and bucket, then locking them in a room and slowly flooding it with water.

As the water level rose, the insane went to work with the mop and bucket.

The sane located the valve and turned off the water.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Rick Darby

On Fox News' top-rated Kelly File, Martha MacCallum asked two experts about the market slaughter and both of them instantly pivoted to military strikes against Isis, the need to form an Arab version of Nato, and other grand schemes. I'm all in favor of destroying Isis, but Isis is a mere symptom, not a cause. After Isis is destroyed, it'll be something else. In many parts of the world, it's already something else: al-Qa'eda, the Taliban, Boko Haram, Abu Sayyaf, al-Shabaab, al-Nusra, al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya, al-this, al-that, al-the other...

Neither of Martha's guests so much as raised the question of why people who want to murder you for attending a Christmas market are in your country in the first place.

Bless the Halls with Concrete Barriers, fa~la~la~la~la, la~la~la, Boom.

Via PJ Media;

A German intelligence officer has reportedly been arrested over a suspected Islamist plot to bomb the agency's headquarters in Cologne.

The 51-year-old official was said to have made a "partial confession" to the plot, according to Der Spiegel.

The suspect attempted to pass on "sensitive information about the BfV (Germany's domestic security agency), which could lead to a threat to the office", an official told the newspaper.


Law enforcement officials told NBC News the suspect's name is Abdul Artan, an 18-year-old student at the university. He was a Somali refugee who left his homeland with his family in 2007, lived in Pakistan and then came to the United States in 2014 as a legal permanent resident of the United States, officials said.

The motive was unknown, but officials said the attack was clearly deliberate and may have been planned in advance.

*Original post referenced dated info, updated.

Hey, if you can change the gender on a birth certificate, what's so special about the date?

He's not anti-Iran nukes. He's on the other side: We're Losing the War and We're Paying for It

He arrived in Germany as a refugee last year and was under interior ministry surveillance for a period, according to Focus magazine, which cited intelligence sources.

Daily Mail

The Wall Around Isis: A prediction of sorts.


Update: Related?

How do you know when an attack is an act of terrorism?

The bodies will go "beep! beep!".

h/t Larry

Blame the French for doing it wrong.

Iran may have received an additional $33.6 billion in secret cash and gold payments facilitated by the Obama administration between 2014 and 2016, according to testimony provided before Congress by an expert on last summer's nuclear agreement with Iran.

I'm sure it'll be put to good use.

Just kidding!

The owner of a car found near Notre Dame cathedral on Saturday containing several gas cylinders is on an intelligence services watchlist of people suspected of religious radicalisation, police officials say.

The Peugeot 607, which had no registration plates, contained seven gas cylinders, one of them empty on the front passenger seat. The car owner was taken into custody but later released, one judicial official said. [...]

There was no detonating device present in the car, which was parked on Quai de Montebello, on the left bank of the Seine and just metres from Notre Dame cathedral, one of Paris's many popular tourist attractions. Documents written in Arabic were found in the car.

Those crazy madcap jokers.

Operation Ostrich: "No country is immune from terrorism. It's easy to terrorize. Government and law enforcement have to be correct 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. But if you decide one day you're going to be a terrorist and you're willing to kill yourself, you can go out and kill some people. You can make some noise. Perhaps the media would do us all a service if they didn't cover it quite as much. People wouldn't know what's going on."

It's the new "must be Tuesday".

And the left accuses the right of using dog whistles....

Global News has learned the RCMP is now leading the investigation into a stolen plane that mysteriously crashed in Peterborough, Ont. last week and it is being treated as a potential "national security issue."

Choudary, guilty. Even if it is an 'Al Capone' charge, it'll do.


The Open Society Foundations, the network of philanthropic organizations funded by billionaire George Soros, appears to have been hacked earlier this weekend, and its confidential reports made available on the website DC Leaks. These newly revealed documents provide a granular look into the extent of the network's operations in Israel and the Palestinian Authority, with millions of dollars designated annually to organizations highly critical of the Jewish state, some of whom deny its right to exist.

Even more troubling, the documents repeatedly indicate that the network actively tried to conceal its engagements in Israel and the Palestinian territories, and has worked to set up an extensive network of organizations designed to support and promote its views. [...]

The Soros network, the report shows, has also been methodical about supporting a diverse number of groups in Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza, creating a web of small organizations supporting each other's goals in the media, vis-à-vis foreign governments, and elsewhere. This, traditionally, is how an echo chamber works: by creating an enclosed system of like-minded partisans that appears sufficiently diverse in scope, it is often able to amplify its messages and lend them credibility.

That video of his was...chilling.


If you kill your enemies, they win.


Aaron Daniel Driver, 24, also known as Harun Abdurahman, appeared briefly in court on Friday. The RCMP is seeking a peace bond against him on the grounds he will "participate in or contribute to a terrorist group."

Cross your heart and hope to die...

Mental illness is breaking out all over.

A SOMALI teenager has been arrested on suspicion of murder after a woman was stabbed to death and five people injured in an attack in central London. [...]

Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley, said: "Whilst the investigation is not yet complete - all of the work that we have done so far, increasingly points to this tragic incident as having been triggered by mental health issues.

"At this time we believe this was a spontaneous attack and the victims were selected at random."

There will be an increased police presence in response to the random spontaneity.


The Obama administration secretly organized an airlift of $400 million worth of cash to Iran that coincided with the January release of four Americans detained in Tehran, according to U.S. and European officials and congressional staff briefed on the operation afterward.

Wooden pallets stacked with euros, Swiss francs and other currencies were flown into Iran on an unmarked cargo plane, according to these officials. The U.S. procured the money from the central banks of the Netherlands and Switzerland, they said.

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Wir fuer Berlin und Wir fuer Deutschland;

Merkel's premiership is hanging by a thread today as thousands gathered to call for her resignation while a key political ally dramatically withdrew his support over immigration policy.

More than 5,000 protested in Berlin and thousands more throughout Germany over the 'open-door' policy that many have blamed for four brutal terrorist attacks that left 13 dead over the last month.


A new survey found that 83 per cent of Germans see immigration as their nation's biggest challenge - twice as many as a year ago.

Islamist strategy well on track: Terrorism hits tourism as visitors stay away from London, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and Istanbul in fear of new attacks

When snipers fired on Union soldiers from Tennessee or Kentucky villages, Sherman expelled residents, burned houses, and laid waste to crops. There are lessons here for what we used to call, quaintly, the Global War on Terror.

A conversation that's way overdue. (h/t Me No Dhimmi)

Give your narratives an extra hug tonight, media friends:

"It seems he was radicalized very quickly," Cazeneuve said following a ministerial meeting at the Elysee Palace in Paris.

It's also unclear whether or not Bouhlel, who was shot dead by police that night, had been acting alone.

The Paris prosecutor's office said Saturday that five people are in custody following the attack. The identities of most of those taken into custody were not clear. But neighbors in the Nice neighborhood where the Bouhlel used to live told The Associated Press that his estranged wife had been taken away Friday by police.

You never know when your time together will end.


A lorry ran down a large group of people in the southern French city of Nice during a suspected terrorist attack. At least 50 people are feared dead with more than 100 injured during the Bastille Day attack.

Gunshots rang out in the streets, with gunmen targeting hotels and cafes in the port city as residents were warned to lock themselves in doors for their safety. Hostages have been taken in a hotel in the city. The RAID anti-terror squad has been deployed to the city.

It is believed the gunmen are holding hostages in the Meridien Hotel and the Buffalo Grill restaurant.

A lorry rammed into a large group of people who were celebrating Bastille Day before gunmen started firing.

A spokesman for the Alpes Maritime prefecture advised locals to 'stay indoors' as gunfire was heard, and a lorry was driven into a crowd on the Promenade des Anglais.

Probably no motivation whatsoever.



There has been a deluge of anti-cop threats on Twitter, many of which calling for the mass murder of police officers.

Hatred towards police is nothing we haven't seen on the timelines of Twitter before, but the past three days have brought an onslaught of highly violent calls to action. A search query for phrases such as "kill pigs" "kill police" and such pulls back thousands of posts. Many of these are blatant threats to all police, regardless of their relevance to past incidents.

The forgotten other U.S. terror attack on LGBT:

Yet the American government never treated the Brown murders as acts of domestic terrorism as they are calling the Orlando massacre at the gay nightclub. And perhaps because media reporting of the Brown case was so scattered, episodic, and highly localized, most of us have never even heard of it in a way that would have afforded the nation an opportunity to comfort the families of the victims, who also were targeted because they were LGBT. Neither were the families given the benefit of a formal federal declaration as to WHY their loved ones died: the retribution of radical Islam. And lastly, when federal authorities declare an act of terrorism, full investigations tend to unfold for co-conspirators, foreign connections, lessons learned, intelligence failures and so on... Without a terrorism acknowledgement, it's unclear if this case ever prompted such all-important introspective treatment, or more importantly, rolled up other cocked and loaded Islamic extremists.

Why the lone wolf terrorist is a myth.

Update: DOJ backpeddles.

Robert Abell, a co-owner of Lotus Gunworks in Jensen Beach, Florida, told ABC News today that a man entered the store five or six weeks ago and asked specific questions about high-end body armor. When employees said the store didn't carry the body armor he wanted, Abell said, the man made a phone call in a foreign language, hung up and then asked about ammunition in bulk.

He was probably calling NRA head office.

Related: Gun shop selling more than 15 AR-15's per hour

Yesterday, I noted that the FBI had questioned the mass murderer (MM) in 2013, based on his claims that he knew terrorists. The FBI concluded that his claims could not be substantiated. But then in 2014 they discovered that MM actually had contact with a terrorist who engaged in a suicide bombing. The 2014 event confirmed that MM knew terrorists.

What did the FBI do? They closed the investigation.

'ISIS' killer 'chanted Allahu Akbar' as he murdered police commander and wife in Paris

Is Islamapologia a word yet?

A 70-year-old Christian woman has been stripped naked, beaten and paraded through the streets by a mob of around 300 Muslim men in a village in southern Egypt.

The mob also burned down seven homes belonging to Christian families, according to an unusually outspoken statement issued by the local Orthodox Coptic church, after rumours circulated in the village that a Christian man was having a relationship with a Muslim woman.

She was asking for it.

The violence is representative of the tensions between the two religions in the province south of Cairo...

It's a tit-for-tat cycle of violence: because Christians exist, Muslims get tense.

So smart, they can't help bragging about it - Obama's Foreign Policy Guru Boasts of How the Administration Lied to Sell the Iran Deal

Samuels's profile is an amazing piece of writing about the Holden Caulfield of American foreign policy. He's a sentimental adolescent with literary talent (Rhodes published one short story before his mother's connections won him a job in the world of foreign policy), and high self regard, who thinks that everyone else is a phony. Those readers who found Jeffrey Goldberg's picture of Obama in his March Atlantic profile refreshing for the president's willingness to insult American allies publicly will be similarly cheered here by Rhodes's boast of deceiving American citizens, lawmakers, and allies over the Iran deal. Conversely, those who believe Obama risked American interests to take a cheap shot at allies from the pedestal of the Oval Office will be appalled to see Rhodes dancing in the end zone to celebrate the well-packaged misdirections and even lies--what Rhodes and others call a "narrative"--that won Obama his signature foreign policy initiative.


In Rhodes's "narrative" about the Iran deal, negotiations started when the ostensibly moderate Hassan Rouhani was elected president, providing an opening for the administration to reach out in friendship. In reality, as Samuels gets administration officials to admit, negotiations began when "hardliner" Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was still president. It was Rhodes who framed the Iran deal as a choice between peace and war, and it was Rhodes who set up a messaging unit to sell the deal that created an "echo chamber" in the press. "[Al Monitor reporter] Laura Rozen was my RSS feed," says Tanya Somanader, the 31-year-old who managed @TheIranDeal twitter feed. "She would just find everything and retweet it."

Take a gravol before you tackle this one.

The sad story of Abdirizak Mohamed Warsame...

Local leaders have launched a major effort to stop the flow [to militancy] by building up positive influences on the thousands of young Somalis in the area. And in many ways, Warsame seemed to embody the key points: hopeful attitude, engaged in the community, with strong family support.

If only he'd stuck with his job at the airport.

Bono Wants To 'Send In' Comedians To Combat ISIS.

*Changed the post title. Because, obviously.

Michael Ledeen;

Just last week, for example, Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Commander Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari said Iran is preparing for all-out war with the U.S. and its allies, and has vowed Iran will continue advancing and testing its ballistic missile program.

Speaking at a gathering of senior IRGC commanders in Tehran Tuesday, Jafari declared that the U.S, "would not be able to do a damned thing" in the face of Iranian advances, according to the official Tasnim News Agency.

This echoed an earlier speech by Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, who, in response to Washington's latest plea for new talks about the ongoing Iranian ballistic missile tests, coldly said: "Those who say the future is in negotiations, not in missiles, are either ignorant or traitors."


Those who laugh off Iranian braggadocio might wish to rethink their light-heartedness. All indications are that Tehran is deadly serious, and has been all along.

Romulus Augustus couldn't have said it better himself.

New York Times;

The investigation into this week's deadly attacks in Brussels has prompted worries that the Islamic State is seeking to attack, infiltrate or sabotage nuclear installations or obtain nuclear or radioactive material. This is especially worrying in a country with a history of security lapses at its nuclear facilities, a weak intelligence apparatus and a deeply rooted terrorist network.


DOJ: Seven Iranians Working for Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps-Affiliated Entities Charged

In addition, Firoozi is charged with obtaining unauthorized access into the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems of the Bowman Dam, located in Rye, New York, in August and September of 2013.

Hey, let's get our critical infrastructure hooked up to the net. What could go wrong?


h/t Sid Vicious

Guess who? When it comes to terror, isn't it time we started listening seriously to Trump?

Flashback: Donald Trump Finds New City to Insult

The Drudge headlines tell the story.


The wages of multiculturalism. Western politicians have ruined us.

Morning update (bumped)

Ayanie Hassan Ali, 27, is the Montreal-born suspect charged in yesterday's double stabbing at a Canadian Armed Forces recruiting centre in north Toronto. [...]

The man accused of attacking a military recruiting centre in Toronto Monday shouted "Allah told me to do this, Allah told me to come here and kill people," according to Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders.

(Original post continues below.)

Global News;

Police say a man has been arrested after walking into a Canadian Forces recruiting office armed with a knife and allegedly stabbing two Forces members in an incident being investigated for possible terrorist activity.

Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders says the 27-year-old walked into the office around 3:30 p.m. Monday and attacked a person in uniform behind the counter.

"The attack was unprovoked," Saunders said Monday night outside the building at Yonge Street and Greenfield Avenue, just north of Sheppard Avenue.

"Potential terrorist activity is one of the angles we are looking at," he added.


The police chief said the alleged attacker made remarks during the incident, but declined to elaborate or identify the man, saying only he is in hospital.

"Certain comments were made by this gentleman... that has caused some concern," he said.


Sky News;

Tens of thousands of documents, containing 22,000 names, addresses, telephone numbers and family contacts of Islamic State jihadis, have been obtained by Sky News.

Nationals from at least 51 countries, including the UK, had to give up their most personal information as they joined the terror organisation. Only when the 23 question form was filled in were they inducted into IS.

A lot of the names and their new Islamic State names on the registration forms are well known.

Claudia Rosett;

You remember UNRWA, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East, a.k.a. the UN outfit with schools in Gaza that have doubled as rocket depots for terrorists attacking Israel. Opened in 1950 as a temporary jobs and aid program for Palestinian refugees, UNRWA has become an ever-expanding fixture of the UN and the Middle East, a de facto patron of Hamas in Gaza, and welfare-dispenser for what is today a population of some 5 million "registered Palestinian refugees" -- a project that down the generations has helped foster both a Palestinian culture of grievance and dependency, and money and jobs for UNRWA itself. At the UN, all other refugees come under the aegis of the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), which seeks to resettle them. Only the Palestinians have a dedicated agency that has turned refugee status into a bizarre form of hereditary entitlement.

Allahu Jetski!

Ahmed was a big-hearted, immature young man in a big-hearted, immature democracy: a run of the mill Libyan tragedy. I miss him.

I don't.

Economic isolation, like this, leads to wars. Ask Japan, or is recent history not in the curriculum anymore?

The 'process' is the punishment. - Ezra

Michael Totten;

If you're negotiating a deal with a hostile party, it behooves you to ask who's having who for breakfast.

The United States, as the world's sole remaining superpower, should have had the Iranian rulers for breakfast. We should have eaten their lunch, too, while we were at it, but nope. Iran gets 100 billion dollars and we get...nothing.

Canada not invited to anti-ISIS coalition meeting in Paris

Bumped for update.

"I want Justin Trudeau, instead of condemning (the attacks) solely with words and his little mouth, to do it with airplanes," Camille Carrier, mother of 37-year-old victim Maude Carrier, told Montreal's 98.5 FM on Monday. "I am ashamed." [...]

To the television station TVA, Carrier said Monday, "I'm revolted ... (Justin Trudeau) walks around with his nice hair spouting his empty theories, he's on television condemning things but he's not capable of joining in with the others who are supporting the French."


Because it's 2016.

Canada strongly condemns blah blah blah blah terrible crime.

More, well - everywhere.


Militants launched a gun and bomb assault killing at least six people in the centre of the Indonesian capital on Thursday, police said, in an attack that followed a threat by Islamic State fighters to put the country in their "spotlight".

Media said six bombs went off and a Reuters witness saw three dead people and a gunfight going on. One blast was in a Starbucks cafe and security forces were later seen entering the building.

Police said they suspected a suicide bomber was responsible for at least one of the blasts and up to 14 militant gunmen were involved in the attack, Metro TV reported.

At least.

Indeed: "Remember during the election when the media held up Germany as the example Canada should emulate on refugee numbers?"

Related: Trump, Muslim Immigration, and Terrorism:

Muslim failure to control or even criticize Muslim terrorism and to report potential terrorists in their midst justifies taking some action against the entire Muslim community in the U.S. and the rest of the world. As the terrorist actions that have taken place to date confirm, barring Muslim travel to the U.S., with some exceptions, is the least of the actions the U.S. should take. Had we done so under the previous Democratic president, Bill Clinton, we would have avoided thousands of American deaths cause by foreign Muslim terrorists.

No. Next question: "Is the Left Even on America's Side Anymore?"

The Canadian Press is in particularly fine form as they kick off the morning;

On Jan. 7, 2015, two French-born brothers killed 11 people inside the building where the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo operated, as well as a Muslim policeman outside. Over the next two days, an accomplice shot a policewoman to death and then stormed a kosher supermarket, killing four hostages. All three gunmen died.

(Emphasis mine, of course, lest we overlook the relative importance that religion played in the role of perpetrator and victims.)

Now back to Paris, where #JeSuisFrenchBorn commemorated the anniversary outside a police office;

French officials say the man shouted "Allahu Akbar!" (God is Great) outside a police station in Goutte d'Or, near Montmartre, where police shot and killed him.

Reports say he was wielding a knife and may have had a suicide belt. A police robot used for bomb disposal is checking the body in the street.

I'll go out on a limb and assume he's "French-born" as well.

Update - The Ghosts of Charlie Hebdo

"Would-be suicide bomber Mohammed Rehman and his wife Sana Ahmed Khan have been found guilty of planning a terror attack in London. Rehman, 25, had stockpiled bombmaking materials at his Reading home....(U)sing the Twitter username 'Silent Bomber', he asked his followers which targets they thought suitable for a massive terror attack..."

h/t EBD

When asked whether or not the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, is operating in the United States, Homeland Security Secretary (DHS) Jeh Johnson did not directly answer the question.


h/t Frank

Juxtapose time.

CBC, November 22nd: Canada's Syrian refugee plan limited to women, children and families

National Post, December 11: An Afghan official says a woman detonated her explosives' vest at a checkpoint in eastern Nangarhar province, killing her three children and an officer who stopped their suspicious-looking car.

Ex-Guantanamo detainee now an al Qaeda leader in Yemen.

In July 2010, Qosi plead guilty to charges of conspiracy and material support for terrorism before a military commission. His plea was part of a deal in which he agreed to cooperate with prosecutors during his remaining time in US custody. Qosi was transferred to his home country of Sudan two years later, in July 2012.

Who is Saima Jamal and why is she on a Syrian refugee "welcoming" committee?

Free Beacon;

Iran has once again tested a mid-range ballistic missile in an apparent breach of United Nations Security Council resolutions forbidding them from doing so, according to Fox News.

"Iran has carried out a new medium-ranged ballistic missile test, and that missile they say, is capable of carrying a nuclear weapon," Shepherd Smith announced Monday afternoon. "This is a breach of not one but two U.N. Security Council resolutions."

U.S. officials told the news organization on Sunday the test was held Nov. 21 in the port city of Chabahar near the country's southern border with Pakistan. The missile test occurred at a well-known site by the Gulf of Oman.

The missile, called the Ghadr-110, has a range up to 1,200 miles and is capable of carrying a nuclear warhead.

Move along. Nothing here to see.

CBC, November 22nd - Canada's Syrian refugee plan limited to women, children and families

Independent, December 5th - Three female suicide bombers have killed at least 27 people in Chad.

A woman's freedom to wear the niqab...

Of particular interest to investigators is the relationship between Farook, a 28-year-old U.S. citizen of Pakistani descent, and Tashfeen Malik, 27, a Pakistani national. While his upbringing and adult life in Riverside is chronicled in school files, work documents and other records, little is known publicly about her.

Authorities said Thursday that she was more than just an accomplice. At one point as the couple attempted to elude police, Malik fired an assault rifle out the back window of their sport utility vehicle at pursuing officers.


Federal investigators believe there is a "very serious" possibility that Tashfeen Malik, one of two shooters who murdered 14 people and wounded 21 others in San Bernardino, Calif. Wednesday, radicalized her husband and co-assailant, county restaurant inspector Syed Farook, Fox News has learned.


Investigators believe that on at least one of those trips to Saudi Arabia, one or both members of the couple made contact with suspected Al Qaeda terrorists. The exact nature of that contact was not immediately clear.

Hey, that big, black cloak of invisibility isn't a signal of potential radicalization - it's a fundamental Canadian value.

CBS Los Angeles:

A man who has been working in the area said he noticed a half-dozen Middle Eastern men in the area in recent weeks, but decided not to report anything since he did not wish to racially profile those people.

"We sat around lunch thinking, 'What were they doing around the neighborhood?'" he said. "We'd see them leave where they're raiding the apartment."

From the comments;

"This is not normal" - Barack Obama

Actually it's been the norm in all muslim countries for centuries. It's why they all live in walled fortresses.

Open thread as devoutly Muslim ... er... global warming developments continue...

"You talk about control of information, but what control? The passports held by the terrorists are not fake passports, they are REAL passports, issued by the 'Islamic State', in the administrative bureaus they have taken over in Syria."

h/t Larry

Love Notes from Diversity, Fr: Arabic graffiti daubed on easyJet planes at French airports

Who is funding ISIS?

...just last week in the aftermath of the French terror attack but long before the Turkish downing of the Russian jet, we wrote about "The Most Important Question About ISIS That Nobody Is Asking" in which we asked who is the one "breaching every known law of funding terrorism when buying ISIS crude, almost certainly with the tacit approval by various "western alliance" governments, and why is it that these governments have allowed said middleman to continue funding ISIS for as long as it has?"

Hint: It isn't Halliburton.

Molenbeek: A Troubled Neighborhood in a Failing State

It's probably nothing.

Fortunately, it turns out that finding out what ISIS wants is like finding out what a vegan eats: They'll tell you.

Bush Doctrine: "I can hear you, the rest of the world can hear you and the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon."

Obama Doctrine: You'll get used to it.

Climate Change profiteers zealots aren't going to let the slaughter of hundreds of Parisians get in their way. Case in point is Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change:

As Mark Steyn recently said:

When the Allahu Akbar boys opened fire, Paris was talking about the climate-change conference due to start later this month, when the world's leaders will fly in to "solve" a "problem" that doesn't exist rather than to address the one that does. But don't worry: we already have a hashtag (#PrayForParis) and doubtless there'll be another candlelight vigil of weepy tilty-headed wankers. Because as long as we all advertise how sad and sorrowful we are, who needs to do anything?

Now is an opportune time for world leaders of Western powers, plus Russia, to get together and collectively wipe out this scourge known as ISIS. Think it'll happen while Jeremiah Wright's disciple is running America and the Shiny Pony has a majority government in Kumbaya Canuckistan?!

Thought experiment: Do you think the same Leftists who nowadays fly off the handle at the slightest "microaggression" won't buy in wholeheartedly to the notion that "Climate Change is Directly Related to the Growth of Terrorism"?

and terrorists.

Boy, isn't Canada having just an awesome! week.

I'm all for bravado and armchair twitter activism, if it makes you feel better, but let's not delude ourselves. We're all afraid.

Trigger Warning: If your birth certificate suggests you're an adult but you actually prefer living in a bubble wrap type existence, constantly on the lookout for micro-aggressions which might cause you to wimper like an infant at the slightest discomfort, then best that you stop reading this now and have your third Purell cleanse of the day.


Everyone else will likely find it highly informative to listen to this podcast from Friday evening's John Batchelor Show, in the wake of the multi-pronged attack on Paris. The 40-minute episode starts out with host, John Batchelor, interviewing Bill Roggio, Thomas Joscelyn, and Sebastian Gorka. A more informative analysis of what's going on in the world you will not find anywhere. Hour #2 can be heard here.

As I write, Paris is under curfew for the first time since the German occupation, and the death toll from the multiple attacks stands at 158, the vast majority of them slaughtered during a concert at the Bataclan theatre, a delightful bit of 19th century Chinoiserie on the boulevard Voltaire. The last time I was there, if memory serves, was to see Julie Pietri. I'm so bloody sick of these savages shooting and bombing and killing and blowing up everything I like - whether it's the town where my little girl's favorite fondue restaurant is or my favorite hotel in Amman or the brave freespeecher who hosted me in Copenhagen ...or a music hall where I liked to go to hear a little jazz and pop and get away from the cares of the world for a couple of hours. But look at the photographs from Paris: there's nowhere to get away from it; the barbarians who yell "Allahu Akbar!" are there waiting for you ...when you go to a soccer match, you go to a concert, you go for a drink on a Friday night. They're there on the train... at the magazine office... in the Kosher supermarket... at the museum in Brussels... outside the barracks in Woolwich...

Read it all...

h/t Kevin B

Glenn Reynolds: "A decentralized offense requires a decentralized defense. And the only people who are always available to respond are the people who are already there."

Must have been quite the "protest".

Fuel concerns? I'd say it confirms concerns.

Police in Milan said the man, named as Touil Abdelmajid, had reached Italy on a migrant boat in February. The revelation could fuel concerns that militants hide among the thousands of refugees who cross the Mediterranean from North Africa.

Life in prison for VIA Rail terror plotters

Via Facebook: "Obama will track them down and give this family housing".

هكذا يعلمون أطفالهم "الذبح"

Posted by Beirutpress on Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Sky News, live from the Serbia-Hungary border.

More at Gateway Pundit, for when the feed ends.


Germany's open-door policy to refugees appeared to be unravelling tonight following the country's reinstatement of border controls to curb the overwhelming influx of migrants.

Europe's top economy halted all trains from Austria and, in an historic move, temporarily suspended the open borders Schengen agreement in response to the arrival of tens of thousands of Syrian refugees in recent days.

The decision marks a dramatic shift away from the current abolishment of passport checks throughout Europe's Schengen zone.


Iran has discovered an unexpectedly high reserve of uranium and will soon begin extracting the radioactive element at a new mine, the head of Iran's Atomic Energy Organisation said on Saturday.

The comments cast doubt on previous assessments from some Western analysts who said the country had a low supply and would sooner or later would need to import uranium, the raw material needed for its nuclear program.

Related: The Iran deal in perspective.


An argument over a Koran that erupted at a shelter in central Germany has led to violence in which 11 refugees and six police were injured.

Twenty people tried to lynch an Afghan man of 25 after he tore pages from the Koran and threw them in a toilet, according to reports in the town of Suhl.

When police tried to intervene they also came under attack.

Germany says it is expecting 800,000 people to claim asylum this year.

"Not an expert. Is 75% men, 12% women and 13% children a normal statistical breakdown?"

"People who commit cultural genocide will mass-murder humans. War is inevitable."


Sen. Barbara A. Mikulski announced Wednesday she's supporting the international agreement with Iran regarding its nuclear capabilities. In doing so, the Maryland Democrat gives the Obama administration a veto override-proof list of 34 Senate supporters, all from the Democratic caucus.

Update: Scratch a PBS journo, find an anti-Semite.


Michael Totten;

Two months ago, an ISIS-inspired nutcase named Seifeddine Rezgui strolled up the beach with a Kalashnikov in his hand and murdered 38 people, most of them tourists from Britain.

The police shot him, of course. There was never going to be any other ending than that one. And before the police arrived, local Tunisians formed a protective human shield around Rezgui's would-be foreign victims. "Kill us! Kill us, not these people!" shouted Mohamed Amine. According to survivor John Yeoman, hotel staff members charged the gunman and said, "We won't let you through. You'll have to go through us."

Tunisia's hospitality and customer service are deservedly legendary, but that was truly above and beyond. It's how Tunisia rolls, but in the end, it doesn't matter. Tourists are not going back.

Bloomberg from Maz2.

Note: AP reports that the two American military members were Air Force and National Guard.

Nuanced: Iranian leader tweets graphic of Obama with a gun to his head.

The first time I used that headline the blogging left came unglued.


I don't think they come here much these days.


h/t Kevin

Perplexed... "Did he enjoy 'hunting' or 'other small-town' activities?"

The mullahs may cheat on the agreement, or they may not. They may decide to walk away from the agreement at some point and openly develop nuclear weapons, or they may not. It makes very little difference. There are no undertakings in the agreement that go beyond 10 years (in most instances) or 15 years (in a few). The Ayatollah takes the long view: ten or fifteen years are nothing. In the meantime, what does Iran get?



It's a deal worse than even we imagined possible. It's a deal that gives the Iranian regime $140b in return for ... effectively nothing: no dismantlement of Iran's nuclear program, no anytime/anywhere inspections, no curbs on Iran's ballistic missile program, no maintenance of the arms embargo, no halt to Iran's sponsorship of terror.

Lots of links at Drudge.

More: this helpful advice for a post-Obama world.

Fort St.Johnisbad

Today, the RCMP Integrated National Security Enforcement Team (INSET) in British Columbia arrested Othman Ayed HAMDAN, 33 years old, of Fort St. John, B.C., and charged him for committing terrorism offences contrary to Section 83.2 of the Criminal Code. He is currently being held in custody and will be appearing in court shortly. The offences include:

- counselling to commit murder for the benefit of a terrorist group;
- counselling to assault causing bodily harm for the benefit of a terrorist group; and
- counselling to commit aggravated assault, for the benefit of a terrorist group.

h/t Kevin B

WaPo editorial board;

Rather than publicly report this departure from the accord, the Obama administration chose to quietly accept it. When a respected independent think tank, the Institute for Science and International Security, began pointing out the problem, the administration's response was to rush to Iran's defense -- and heatedly attack the institute as well as a report in the New York Times.

This points to two dangers in the implementation of any longterm deal. One is "a U.S. willingness to legally reinterpret the deal when Iran cannot do what it said it would do, in order to justify that non-performance," institute President David Albright and his colleague Andrea Stricker wrote. In other words, overlooking Iranian cheating is easier than confronting it.

This weakness is matched by a White House proclivity to respond to questions about Iran's performance by attacking those who raise them. Mr. Albright, a physicist with a long record of providing non-partisan expert analysis of nuclear proliferation issues, said on the Foreign Policy Web site that he had been unfairly labeled as an adversary of the Iran deal and that campaign-style "war room" tactics are being used by the White House to fend off legitimate questions.

ISIS's Sex Slaves Commit Suicide: Western Feminists Silent

More here.

Sources: The FBI has canceled all vacations for agents over the 4th of July weekend.

Lets hope the police catch the shooter quickly.

Tarek Fatah;

In the last week of May, the Qatar-based Arabic news network Al-Jazeera polled its Arabic-language audience on the question: "Do you support the victories of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in your region?"

The results were shocking. Of the 56,881 Arabic-speaking respondents, a whopping 81% voted yes.

With an Islamist-friendly White House to back it;

President Obama and his administration continue to support the global Islamist militant group known the Muslim Brotherhood. A White House strategy document regards the group as a moderate alternative to more violent Islamist groups like al Qaeda and the Islamic State.

The policy of backing the Muslim Brotherhood is outlined in a secret directive called Presidential Study Directive-11, or PSD-11. The directive was produced in 2011 and outlines administration support for political reform in the Middle East and North Africa, according to officials familiar with the classified study.

Efforts to force the administration to release the directive or portions of it under the Freedom of Information Act have been unsuccessful.

...this new Saudi phase of the ISIS battle plan threatens to shatter the illusion of the Saudi behemoth. And that's terrifying. Because without a real and present Saudi threat, the last remaining check on Tehran becomes Israeli spies and American bombs.


Update #2:

CBC screen capture from 9:42am Saskatchewan time does not include Al Jazeera's name. (h/t Eric)

"Climate change is probably the greatest human rights challenge of the 21st century." -- Mary Robinson, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, March 6, 2015.

81% Of Al Jazeera Arabic Poll Respondents Support Islamic State.

Trudeau's Gift To Canada just keeps on giving: "counterterrorism catch-and-release"...

Related: Despite media cheerleading efforts, a CBC poll goes horribly wrong...

h/t wallyj

I miss Christopher Hitchens.


Very apt;

Simpson was well known to the FBI, ABC News reported. Five years ago he was convicted for lying to federal agents about his plans to travel to Africa, "but a judge ruled the government did not adequately prove he was going to join a terror group there."

More: ISIS takes credit.

A starring role on Celebrity Killer Canada.



Related: Government appeals.

I amuse myself.

On the run;

Al-Qaida's Yemen branch routed government forces from a large weapons depot in the country's east on Friday, seizing dozens of tanks, Katyusha rocket launchers and small arms, security officials said, as airstrikes by a Saudi-led coalition intensified in the capital, Sanaa, and also in Yemen's second-largest city.

The seized depot is located in Mukalla, the capital of Hadramawt -- Yemen's largest province where al-Qaida has been consolidating its control. Only the day before, the militants captured a major airport, an oil terminal and the area's main military base.

No Bergdahl left behind - The Obama administration so far has declined to organize a rescue mission for the estimated 3,000 to 4,000 U.S. citizens in Yemen.

David Suzuki, February 2008 - Jail politicians who ignore climate science

Robert Kennedy Jr., September 2014 - I wish there were a law you could punish them with.

Al Gore, March 2015 - Punish climate-change deniers

Charleston Gazette, April 2015 - Oil worker shot in Lincoln County

(h/t Tim)

A new Dispatch from Michael Totten.

Fox News: Indian leaders are strongly protesting a Pakistan court's Friday release of the suspected mastermind of the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks that left 166 people dead.

Related: What does Egypt know about the Muslim Brotherhood that we don't?


France's culture minister is to call an urgent meeting of French media groups to assess their vulnerability to hacking after the public service television network TV5Monde was taken over by individuals claiming to belong to Islamic State, blacking out broadcasts as well as hacking its websites and Facebook page.

All TV5Monde broadcasts were brought down in a blackout between 10pm and 1am local time on Wednesday to Thursday by hackers claiming allegiance to Isis. They were able to seize control of the television network founded by the French government in 1984, simultaneously hacking 11 channels as well as its website and social media accounts.

Update: Hacked French network exposed its own passwords during TV interview (h/t betacamsp)

Mr. Brennan hinted he had little expectation that the agreement would change Iran's behavior in the region, including its sponsorship of terrorism. And he acknowledged that the increased revenue Iran would receive as sanctions are lifted could bolster those efforts.

Two sides working toward a common goal: Rouhani added "the Iranian nation has been and will be the victor in the negotiations."

And finally, Kissinger and Shultz weigh in;

Mixing shrewd diplomacy with open defiance of U.N. resolutions, Iran has gradually turned the negotiation on its head. Iran's centrifuges have multiplied from about 100 at the beginning of the negotiation to almost 20,000 today. The threat of war now constrains the West more than Iran. While Iran treated the mere fact of its willingness to negotiate as a concession, the West has felt compelled to break every deadlock with a new proposal. In the process, the Iranian program has reached a point officially described as being within two to three months of building a nuclear weapon. Under the proposed agreement, for 10 years Iran will never be further than one year from a nuclear weapon and, after a decade, will be significantly closer.


Under the new approach, Iran permanently gives up none of its equipment, facilities or fissile product to achieve the proposed constraints. It only places them under temporary restriction and safeguard--amounting in many cases to a seal at the door of a depot or periodic visits by inspectors to declared sites. The physical magnitude of the effort is daunting. Is the International Atomic Energy Agency technically, and in terms of human resources, up to so complex and vast an assignment?

Is he motivated by spite?

It's as horrifying as watching a train wreck. As predicted in yesterday's post Obama's foreign policy has nowhere to go, but he's prepared to go there with considerable velocity. The New York Times says that Obama will go all out against the Israeli prime minister and may switch sides in the UN on the Palestinian issue.

The administration has reached the stage of pointless self destruction and even Tom Friedman knows it. In a doleful, despairing editorial he says it's hopeless. Nothing works. Everything has failed. It's all for nothing. "Have I ruined your morning yet? No? Give me a couple more paragraphs."

Only partially. Read them both.

(h/t Maz2)

... I would argue that we in the West, and indeed most who were not born and raised within the Islamic world, have struggled to meet the test of the second part of that adage. As a veteran of Special Operations and Counter-Terrorism activities against Violent Extremism, this weakness in our comprehension has been a source of constant worry for myself and my colleagues. Too often, it has hindered my own efforts to plan operations, anticipate events, predict outcomes, or evaluate risks. While I would certainly argue that we have achieved some important successes over the years, honesty requires me to acknowledge that I have never been able to achieve all that I had hoped for.

Why? Is it an absence of skill? A lack of coordination or resources? A failure of imagination (as the 9/11 Commission famously reported after the events of 2001)? Those that know me might argue that I am guilty of all of them in some measure. Yet I have watched comrades and colleagues from across the Military, Diplomatic, Civilian, and Intelligence domains, from many different countries, have the same difficulties.

I believe that we do not yet fully comprehend that which we are contesting. And, in the case of the Islamic State (or al-­Dawlah al-Islamīyah fī al-­ʻIrāq wa-­al-Shām; which creates the Arabic Acronym-­ DA'ISH), we have a Violent Extremist foe that I believe is unlike any other we have contested. Whatever strengths al-­Qaeda has been able to demonstrate, in all its various forms from North Africa to Pakistan, in its contest with the International Community, DA'ISH is the most effective, most inspirational, and most powerful manifestation of Violent Extremism we have ever seen.

Download the report here. (h/t Frank)

Oil Pro;

Libya is in crisis and could see its oil-dependent economy collapsing soon if the country's local ISIS affiliate is not quashed. Today's news that militants of the Libyan contingent of the Islamic State have gained control of oil-rich Sirte, a Mediterranean port city, salts the the North African country's already inflamed wounds. Here is why: 80% of Libya's recoverable reserves are located in the Sirte Basin, according to the US Department of Energy. The basin is also responsible for most of Libya's oil output.


In today's Broad Strata news;

A Pakistani man arrested by immigration officials this week is an ISIS supporter who had plotted to bomb financial buildings and the U.S. consulate in Toronto, the Canada Border Service Agency alleged at a hearing Wednesday.

I recall a time when the destruction of ancient artifacts was really, really big news...

Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militants bulldozed early Saturday the ancient city of Hatra founded 3rd or 2nd BC by the Seleucide Empire, activists and Kurdish media reported.

Spokesman for the 14th branch of the Kurdish Democratic Party (KDP) in Ninveh province Saeed Mumuzini told Rudaw news website that "ISIS militants used buldozzers to destroy Hatra city."

"ISIS stole the ancient gold and silver coins, which were used by the Assyrian kings and were stored in the city," Mumuzini added.

Hatra is located 80 kilometers south of Mosul, and is currently a district in the northern Iraqi city, which was seized in a lightening offensive by ISIS militants in June last year.

That was a time now referred to as "the Bush years".

"I asked my husband, seated beside me on the couch during the Bader doc, if he could imagine ISIS or Al-Qaeda or whoever they are this week coordinating airdrops for amputees, or merely "threatening" to hide their prostheses. It was a rhetorical question."


Sweden's national job agency has sacked its whole network of immigrant resettlement assistants after suspicion that some of them may have tried to recruit newly arrived immigrants to jihadist-style militant groups, such as Isis.

A funeral was held on Friday for the man who killed two and injured five in twin Copenhagen attacks over the weekend.

The ceremony for 22-year-old Omar Abdel Hamid El-Hussein took place at the premises of the Islamic Society of Denmark following Friday prayers.

According to Danish media, some 500 people had gathered for the ceremony.

h/t Larry


In response;

Hopefully, just the first shot.

Update: Jordan executes two in response to pilot's slaying

Let's hope this is true;

Jordan has threatened to fast-track the execution of a would-be suicide bomber the Islamic State is trying to free if the terror group kills its captured pilot, it was reported today. The government has apparently warned that Sajida al-Rishawi and other jailed ISIS commanders would be 'quickly judged and sentenced' in revenge for Muath al-Kaseasbeh's death.

Abdullah is Dead. ISIS has an opportunity to flip the Kingdom. Here's how. (h/t John)

Uri Goldflam;

There is terrorism against which the West it outraged, and there is terrorism against which it is not. It so happens that when the same Jihadists in the name of Islam slaughter Jews as we experienced just this morning in Tel Aviv, the world and its opinion shaping media megaphones such as Thomas L. Friedman justify it by their silence or at the very least excuse it away as par for the course.

It is amazing how far some media outlets will go in this self-deceiving game. CNN tried to convince viewers that the attack on the Kosher market was not directed at Jews. BBC correspondent Tim Willcox actually argued with a French woman that it was the Jews' own fault (as a collective) that they had been attacked because "Palestinians had suffered hugely at the hands of the Jews". So eager to give the Palestinians a pass they are at the BBC that even the anti-Charlie Hebdo demonstrations by Palestinians in Jerusalem were not reported and little to no attention was given in the main stream media to the burning of French flags on The Temple Mount in Jerusalem and in Gaza.

#JeSuisCouteau hashtag meaning 'I am knife' sweeps Twitter as people PRAISE Palestinian who stabbed 11 people on Israeli bus

Marine Le Pen;

"To misname things is to add to the world's unhappiness." Whether or not Albert Camus really did utter these words, they are an astonishingly apt description of the situation in which the French government now finds itself. Indeed, the French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius no longer even dares pronounce the real name of things.

Mr. Fabius will not describe as "Islamists" the terrorists who on Wednesday, Jan. 7, walked into the offices of the newspaper Charlie Hebdo, right in the heart of Paris. Nor will he use "Islamic State" to describe the radical Sunni group that now controls territory in Syria and Iraq. No reference can be made to "Islamic fundamentalism," for fear that Islam and Islamism might get conflated. The terms "Daesh" and "Daesh cutthroats" are to be favored instead, even though in Arabic "Daesh" means the very thing to be hidden: "Islamic State."

Let us call things by their rightful names, since the French government seems reluctant to do so. France, land of human rights and freedoms, was attacked on its own soil by a totalitarian ideology: Islamic fundamentalism. It is only by refusing to be in denial, by looking the enemy in the eye, that one can avoid conflating issues. Muslims themselves need to hear this message. They need the distinction between Islamist terrorism and their faith to be made clearly.

Related: "France was one part of the Islamic land and it will be Islamic again." (h/t Irving)

Roger Kimball;

We were told that the 9/11 terrorists, though Muslim, did not speak for Islam. OK, maybe they didn't. But how about the London subway bombers? They claimed to be murdering people in the name of Allah or Mohammed. But maybe they were wrong. Maybe they read the wrong parts of the Koran or Hadith, or interpreted those eyebrow-raising passages too literally or something. Maybe.

Yet here's my puzzlement. Let's agree, for the sake of the discussion, that the 9/11 bombers did not speak for Islam. Ditto the London murders. Indeed, let's say that neither the Boston marathon bombers nor the people who murdered a total of 16 people in Paris last week (the 12 at Charlie Hebdo and four at the kosher market), let's say that they did not speak for Islam either. Like Major Hasan, who murdered 13 people at Ft Hood in 2009 while shouting "Allahu Akbar," they were just "lone extremists" who carry out murder and mayhem while shouting "Allahu Akbar." But that has nothing to do with Islam. OK. Got it.

But here's my question: Who does speak for Islam? We are assured that it's not the group that now calls itself Islamic State, but which, following Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, I am considering calling Daesh, a name they apparently dislike. Anyway, we know that they don't speak for Islam because our political leaders and our media have told us so. It's the same with Boko Haram, the Nigerian Muslim group. This morning, quoting the Australian journalist Andrew Bolt, I noted that they had kidnapped and sold into sex slavery 300 Nigerian school girls. That was before I saw the story that Boko Haram had just invaded another town killing as many as 2000. Boko Haram appears to believe that they represent Islamic teaching, but no: our leaders have assured us that that is not the case. Ditto about Syria: this summer an adulteress or two were stoned to death, but that, of course, was the work not of Islam but of "extremists," if not quite "lone extremists."

So who, according to the establishment gospel, does speak for Islam? The Ayatollah Khomeni was the spiritual leader of Iran, a great Shia Muslim country. Did he speak for Islam? He didn't like a novel by Salman Rushdie and told his followers to kill him for insulting Islam. Did the ayatollah speak for Islam?

Read it all. (h/t Ed Driscoll)

Hey, Sting - we need a song for this! The video, which is too graphic to share, portrays a young child executing two men accused of being spies for Russia.

Hey Sting, we need a song for this.

More commentary at Sun News. And virtually nowhere else.

Related Rex.

German paper that printed Charlie Hebdo cartoons hit by arson attack

Sun News;

The RCMP arrested two men from Ottawa on Friday and charged them with multiple terrorism offences, police said in a news release.

Ashton Carleton Larmond and Carlos Larmond, both 24, have been charged with participation in the activity of a terrorist group.

One and only Ashton looks more like drone fodder than jihadi.


The brother's a twin. RCMP news release.

CTV Update: With updated jihadi like photos!

And as the smoke clears from the first two, another hostage taking at a French jewelry store. (Update - appears to be unrelated.)

As another terror attack unfolds in Paris...

The Independent that Badawi, who was sentenced to 1,000 lashes, received the first round of 50 in a public flogging after Friday prayers, which it says continue every Friday for 20 weeks.

A witness told the human rights organisation that Badawi was removed from a bus in shackles and taken to a public square in front of the al-Jafali mosque in Jeddah. He was then flogged in front of a crowd and security guards for 15 minutes, before being put back on the bus and driven away.

Amnesty says Badawi, who started the "Free Saudi Liberals" website, was arrested in June 2012 for creating an online forum for public debate and over accusations that he insulted Islam. His website has also been shut down.

Related: "... you almost get the impression, you almost get the impression now that the Western appeasement crowd are in fact willing to be Islam's enforcers in the West. And that's very dark and very disturbing, and bad things will flow from that if we cannot even honestly talk about this."

I'm not sure how you could possibly be a "long time fan of mine" if you thought I'd react positively to you tweeting, while the blood was still being wiped off the walls, that the dead cartoonists weren't "heroes" because Charlie Hebdo "was a rag anyhow."

Language advisory.

"Attempting to mediate relations between free people and Islam will not work. Islam either has to get on board with the whole freedom of speech thing or it cannot participate in pluralistic western democracies. It's as simple as that." - Mark Steyn on Charlie Hebdo.

12 dead in an attack on a satirical magazine;

Two masked gunmen stormed the offices of the controversial publication, which has previously been attacked over its portrayal of the Prophet Mohammed.

They were armed with Kalashnikov rifles and are also believed to have had a rocket-propelled grenade.[...]

It is reported both the publication's editor and lead cartoonist were among those killed, as well as two police officers.

Some 20 people have also been injured, at least four seriously.

A manhunt is under way for the gunmen, who escaped after a shootout in the street with police.

Shocking footage has emerged of a wounded police officer being shot in the head as he lies on the ground, holding his hands up.

The killers then calmly return to their getaway car, which was later found abandoned.

Probably mental illness.

Isis chief executioner found beheaded with cigarette in his mouth.

ISIS targets young mothers to groom 'jihadi babies'


Fearing more "mental illness," France deploys soldiers in city centers

Still got their fingernails? Still got their testicles? Still got their eyes? Shut up, then.

According to a new poll released Tuesday by The Washington Post and ABC News, a majority of Americans believe that torture of suspected terrorists can be justified -- even in the wake of graphic revelations by a Senate Intelligence Committee report of exactly what such tactics look like.

Related: "More journalists have tried the experience of being waterboarded than terrorists were subjected to it."

Brought to you by the Guardian, who are apparently, also on the inside.

Abu Ahmed was an essential member of the earliest incarnation of the group. He had been galvanised into militancy as a young man by an American occupation that he and many like him believed was trying to impose a power shift in Iraq, favouring the country's larger Shia population at the expense of the dominant Sunnis. His early role in what would become Isis led naturally to the senior position he now occupies within a revitalised insurgency that has spilled across the border into Syria. Most of his colleagues regard the crumbling order in the region as a fulfilment of their ambitions in Iraq - which had remained unfinished business, until the war in Syria gave them a new arena.

An interesting article, nonetheless. (h/t Frank)

"Anyone who describes Islam as a religion as intolerant encourages violence": Youth blows self up at Kabul play condemning suicide bombers

(h/t EBD)

ISIS setting up training plants in Libya;

Correspondents say that in the aftermath of the revolution that ousted Gaddafi, many rebel fighters left to fight with militant groups in Syria, and some are believed to have returned home.

The elected government has lost Libya's three main cities amid the political crisis.

Benghazi, the country's second city, is in the hands of Islamist fighters, and the internationally recognised parliament is now based in the coastal town of Tobruk in the east.

Most of the reports are still limited to Twitter.

AP News: An Islamic State group video released Sunday purports to show extremists beheading a dozen Syrian soldiers and ends with a militant claiming to have killed U.S. aid worker Peter Kassig, the latest slaughter proudly broadcast by the group on the Internet.


When the Taliban lost control of Afghanistan between Oct. 7, 2001, and Dec. 23, 2001 -- a period of 75 days -- U.S. aircraft flew 6,500 strike sorties and dropped 17,500 munitions. By contrast, between Aug. 8, 2014, and Oct. 23, 2014 -- 76 days -- the United States conducted only 632 airstrikes and dropped only 1,700 munitions in Iraq and Syria...


The story of an IDF platoon in battle.

UN, World join in outrage. "Afterward, the authorities declared a state of emergency in the area and closed Gaza's border crossing, where authorities say the militants are getting support."

From the Facebook page of Zuhair Hindi, a teacher at the UNRWA Jabalya Prep School for Boys.

National Post: Ottawa professor facing extradition over anti-Semitic bombing in Paris...

CBC Ideas: Is Islam the 'green' religion?

"The RCMP has identified persuasive evidence that Michael Zehaf-Bibeau's attack was driven by ideological and political motives. Zehaf-Bibeau had prepared a video recording of himself just prior to conducting this attack. The RCMP is conducting a detailed analysis of the video for evidence and intelligence. You must understand that we cannot release this video at this time and I would ask for your patience in this regard."

But I'm sure there will still be those who claim it was his onerous life because of PM Harper.

Here's are some interestng thoughts from Stefan Molyneux. Fact checking of his comments by SDA readers is highly encouraged.

Mark Steyn: "...the price of welcoming and incubating and growing Islam in the west is, ultimately, the loss of everything else."

CNN: Social media posts of NYPD hatchet attacker suggest possible tie to radical Islam? (Twitchy)

I tweeted earlier, "Yesterday I was pretty sad. Today I'm angry. I really don't want to talk about tolerance. I esp. don't want to talk about respecting Islam."

I'm reading lots of media and lefties getting in a bunch about whether the shooter was or wasn't a terrorist. Whether he was 'just' mentally unstable, a dope-head and a criminal.

He was a terrorist. He attacked two symbols of the country.

The first a symbol of our military and the bonds between soldiers, sailors and airmen through all generations. A place where those who come after can give thanks and have an understanding of the sacrifices of those who went before.

The second, outside of the flag, the strongest symbol of our country, our democracy. Where, as Mr Mulcair stated, yoga must go on, because it is us. It is ours.

His goals, deformed though they were, was not 'just' murder, it was to deface those symbols. The result is that he failed.

But yes, he meant to terrorize.

At the press conference today the RCMP presented this. Video via Global.

I was in Ottawa a few days ago and extensively photographed the National War Memorial and Parliament Buildings. So yesterday's terrorist violence had an extra personal meaning. Little did I realize at the time that the soldiers guarding our sacred monument were at threat from anyone. We now have an extra special reason to be thankful to those who serve in our military.


Let's hope Treason is among the charges.

On the other hand...

Sweet Jesus.

...and was the son of Bulgasem Zehaf, a Quebec businessman who appears to have fought in 2011 in Libya,

The last was getting a bit unwieldy. We'll pick up here where the other left off. This will be top of SDA for a while. New (previously scheduled) posts will happen through the day below. As before, updates below the fold.


Via email;

Referring to the latest reports about some jihadists learning how to fly in ISIS, there is a video about an air crash, probably in Tobruk, in the last few weeks.

Considering all the things happening in Libya now and the way the MIG-21 plane was shown flying and crashing, it quite likely was an inexperienced and overly cocky pilot.

My guess is it could have been an under trained jihad pilot.

Check out the video here

The eviction notice is long overdue: Turkey bombs the Kurds.

ISIS on the move... in Libya

It's a disaster. By involving American forces half-heartedly, with an eye toward no objective beyond bumping up his poll numbers before the midterm elections, Obama has set ISIS up to brag about how they're beating the Great Satan - not just holding their own under air assault, but actually making progress, taking ground, and retaining the strategic initiative.


The report also says an Islamist group in Egypt "has been staging ISIS copycat beheadings and is thought to have declared de facto loyalty to the group." An editorial at al-Arabiya News claims the threat of the Islamic State spreading into Libya is one reason Egypt didn't get involved in the Nameless Non-War, specifically mentioning the parade in Derna depicted above. Another reason is that our debonair internationalist Smart Power President Obama has been treating the Egyptians poorly ever since they overthrew the Muslim Brotherhood:

More here: How Syria policy stalled under the 'analyst in chief'

Guardian: "The Australian Federal Police and Victoria police joint counter-terrorism team can confirm that a number of search warrants are being conducted as part of an operation in the following suburbs..."

Related awkwardness: ... retired general Andrew Leslie, a top foreign affairs advisor to Trudeau, said the Israeli military fired indiscriminately at Palestinian civilians, while Trudeau was publicly echoing Harper's support of Israel.

Now we just need someone to go in and shoot them: The action means Canadian fighters in Syria and Iraq may effectively be stranded there. Their passports are no longer valid and cannot be used to return to Canada.

Meanwhile, we await a response from The Shiny Pony Party...

Let's cut the whole head off.

Australian police detained 15 people and raided more than a dozen properties across Sydney in the country's largest counterterrorism operation, saying intelligence indicated an attack was being planned on Australian soil.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott said he had been briefed on Wednesday night about the operation that was prompted by information that an Islamic State movement leader in the Middle East was calling on Australian supporters to kill.

Abbott was asked about reports that the people detained were planning to publicly behead a random person in Sydney.

"That's the intelligence we received," he told reporters. "The exhortations -- quite direct exhortations -- were coming from an Australian who is apparently quite senior in ISIL to networks of support back in Australia to conduct demonstration killings here in this country."

All things considered, ridding the world of the Knights Templar may have been premature, yes?

Obama has come under fire for underestimating the threat of this "jayvee team" wreaking havoc across the Middle East and threatening the western way of life, and yet he continuously refers to them as ISIL.

Via Allen West

Related: Obama administration wants to make sure ISLAM isn't tarnished by ISIS 'distortions'

Michael Totten;

He and I corresponded by email and planned to meet in Libya last year, though it didn't work out. He had to leave and I had to cancel my trip and re-route myself to Lebanon, so we never actually met.

Perplexed: No one CBC News spoke with can explain how exactly Collin went from sports, hip hop and tweets about wanting to marry American rapper Nicki Minaj in early 2012, to becoming one among thousands of foreign fighters trying to establish an Islamic state in the Middle East.

Related: Will Canada revoke the citizenship of Tahir-ul-Qadri now that he is charged with terrorism and murder?

A minor drama just concluded in the Middle East. A couple of days ago, Syrian rebels identified with the Nusra front, Syria's al-Qaeda affiliate, went up to a Fijian United Nations peacekeeping outpost on the Golan Heights and demanded their surrender. [...]

The Fijians were taken into Nusra's custody and the action moved to positions 68 and 69 on the Golan heights ceasefire line, which was manned by a Philippine battalion. The Nusra people made the same demand. 'Give us your weapons and come with us.' It was here that the Philippine commander made a crucial decision.

He refused.

The Fijians remain unaccounted for.


Boko Haram as been quick to exploit the army's low morale. After forcing government troops out of several towns and holding these areas for weeks at a time, militant leader Abubakar Shekau released a video proclaiming the establishment of a new caliphate in Nigeria's northeast.

Sahara Reporters has translated parts of the video. Shekau praises his forces for their military victories and refutes the authority of the Nigerian state. "We are in an Islamic caliphate," he boasts. "We have nothing to do with Nigeria. We don't believe in this name."

Shekau's video includes footage of fleeing Nigerian soldiers and Boko Haram fighters sporting heavy weapons and armored personnel carriers.

The ISIS laptop contains a 19-page document in Arabic on how to develop biological weapons and how to weaponize the bubonic plague from infected animals.

Where the foxes caper unmolested, the government packs your school lunch, and how is the time at SDA when we juxtapose!


REP. MIKE ROGERS, R-MICH., HOUSE INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE - "The truth is that ISIS is a growing threat to the United States. You heard Oliver North talk about some of the numbers. But don't forget about Canada. They believe that there may be as many as 500 Canadians fighting."

There are 'Twice as Many' British Muslims Fighting for ISIS Than in UK Armed Forces.

VS the moderate Chinese: "China plans to fight terror with dozens of new cities"

h/t Larry

Where the foxes caper unmolested, the government packs your school lunch and the sun never sets on the Islamic Caliphate;

UK Independence Party (Ukip) leader Nigel Farage has called for Britons who have travelled to Syria to fight for Islamic State (IS) militants to be stripped of their UK citizenship. [...]

On Wednesday, the party demanded that the Government strips militants with joint nationality of their UK citizenships, while British nationals could have their passports withdrawn. Those who do not hold UK citizenship but have been granted the right to live here should immediately have that right revoked, the party added in a statement.

Ya think?

Another good day for a golf game: American journalist beheaded by ISIS

Update: He played a round of golf immediately after delivering his remarks


"Anyone who describes Islam as a religion as intolerant encourages violence".*

"No more protests against radical Islam in the Schilderswijk," [the Mayor] declared on his return to The Hague on Thursday. "Too provocative."

Are we still a member of this thing?

Times of Israel: Here are answers to some basic questions regarding Hamas's capabilities, as revealed throughout Operation Protective Edge.

h/t Tom B.

Update: Link fixed!

(From 2010)

h/t WC

Workplace violence;

United States Army major general was killed on Tuesday by an Afghan soldier, shot at close range at a military training academy on the outskirts of Kabul, an official of the American-led coalition and Afghan media reported Tuesday. The officer was the highest-ranking member of the American military to die in hostilities in the Afghanistan war.

The coalition official, who spoke on condition of anonymity and would not release the name of the major general, said an unspecified number of other service members of the American-led coalition and Afghan soldiers, including a senior Afghan commander were also shot. Their conditions were not known.

Photo caption?

A NATO soldier opened fire toward journalists near the main gate of Camp Qargha on Tuesday after a shooting at the military training academy outside Kabul.

Via Michael Totten;

Analyses of the casualties listed in the daily reports published by the Palestinian Center for Human Rights, a Gaza-based organization operating under Hamas rule, indicate that young males ages 17 to 30 make up a large portion of the fatalities, and a particularly noticeable spike occurs between males ages 21 to 27, a pattern consistent with the age distribution typically found among combatants and military conscripts. Palestinian sources attempt to conceal this discrepancy with their public message by labeling most of these young men as civilians.

Q) And the consequences are? How dangerous a situation is it?

This is analogous to Afghanistan, say, in August 2001. And this time, it is Al Qaeda version 6.0. They make bin Laden's 2011 Al Qaeda look like Boy Scouts.

They are far stronger; they are far more numerous. They have thousands who hold foreign passports and require no visas to get into the United States or other Western countries.

They are well funded, they are battle-hardened, and they are well armed. And they now control far more territory exclusively than bin Laden ever did. They have the security; they have the safety to plan their next set of operations; and they are a messianic movement.

Believe me, they are planning those operations. That's why the Saudis moved 30,000 troops up to their border. They know that ISIS wants Mecca and Medina.

They also want to come after us. And I can tell you, as we sit here today in Washington, they're sitting in Mosul figuring out how they're going to get at us next.

But read the whole thing.

Awash in diversity;

Yesterday the pro-Palestinian protesters in Calgary held another protest in front of the new City Hall. The "mainstream media" reported that the protesters apologized for the beating of the pro-Israelite protesters that occurred on July 18th.

What they did not want you to know is that after this so called apology yesterday, some of the pro-Palestinian protesters came again to the church uttering threats and declaring that they will kill us all. Because the church had, like always, for the past 8 years an Israeli flag with them. Some of the "terrorists" wear masks covering their faces and with their hands and with their fingers close to their throats were showing to all of us how they are going to cut our throats.

They were screaming at us: F*ck the Jews, f*ck Jesus, f*ck christians etc.

So much for the apology.

Operation Empty Chair;

The United States shut down its embassy in Libya on Saturday and evacuated its diplomats to neighboring Tunisia under U.S. military escort amid a significant deterioration in security in Tripoli as fighting intensified between rival militias, the State Department said.

Related! Hamas and North Korea in secret arms deal

Video   Developing story

We spent a few weeks guarding the Syrian border then given marching orders into Lebanon. It was the final push towards the end of the war. Everything is still very clear, the weight on my shoulders (33 kilos/72 lbs.), the feeling of my loaded assault rifle, the crunch under my boots. The soundtrack of war. Ours. Theirs. the quick rests and sleepless sleeps. The sound of incoming missiles, the comfort of a good cover. The smell of burnt flesh, a detached arm, flaming truck, charred tank. Helicopters come in, running with the wounded on stretchers. Gunfire. Incoming mortars. The first one long, the second short, the third... . In two separate incursions we took our positions, engaged Hizbullah, won the battle. We lost men. Fathers, brothers, sons. We stayed in local homes, tried not to do unnecessary damage, not always successfully. Pulled out. it's been quiet on the Lebanese border since 2006. what's left? Just me and my little PTSD. It helps me cope.

The rest is here.

They're on the other side: UN agency returns rockets to Hamas

As Israeli airstrikes hit Hamas targets and Hamas rockets fall on Israeli towns, some wonder how did Gaza come to run by Hamas terrorists. The answer is that the world forced Israel to let them in. (h/t Adrian)

They're on the other side: 20 rockets were found Wednesday in a school in Gaza operated by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, the organization confirmed Thursday.

Michael Totten;

That's almost certainly the reason Hamas rejected the Egypt-proposed cease-fire agreement. So far it has accomplished practically nothing. A small band of serial killers on the West Bank managed to murder more Israelis a couple of weeks ago than Hamas can manage with its entire missile arsenal now.

It's pathetic, really, and must be extraordinarily humiliating.

Move along folks, nothing here to see: US officials have also reportedly played down the threat, saying the materials were not believed to be enriched uranium. They added that it would be difficult for the rebels to use the materials to make weapons.

Hundreds trapped in synagogue as Paris protest turns violent.

And, more.

Must be the Moderates: Palestinian-terror supporters on Toronto's streets make the case for overhauling Canada's immigration system

"They know that the West will not respond."

The "Arab Spring" began in Tunisia in 2010, and raced through Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Nigeria, and other countries with large or predominantly Muslim populations whether Arab or not. The movement was later renamed the "Arab Awakening," but changing the name didn't change its Sunni Islamic character.

The common thread throughout these rolling revolutions that cut such a broad swath of the Muslim world was the dramatic shift from largely secular autocracies to Islamist-dominated governments. Uprisings that began naïvely as movements to promote democratic government, devolved into bloody and chaotic wars, spanning the region from West Africa to Malaysia. In many cases they installed new Islamist leaders governing under strict Shari'ah law.

Deeply imbedded and often covert in these conflicts is Shi'ah Iran and its proxies such as Hezbollah, hell-bent to generate chaos; presumably the chaos Shi'ah Muslims believe will precede the coming of the 12th Imam. On the other side are scores of Sunni groups, fighting the Shi'ah in Iraq, Assad in Syria, and each other wherever they can.

h/t Frank M.


"Over the past week the hashtag #GazaUnderAttack has been used hundreds of thousands of times, often to distribute pictures claiming to show the effects of Israeli airstrikes on Gaza."

The hashtag has received 375,000 retweets in eight days.

"A #BBCtrending investigation has found that many of these images are not from the latest conflict and not even from Gaza. Some date as far back as 2009 and others are from conflicts in Syria and Iraq," the report said.

BCF: Muslim working for Homeland Security re-sues Experts Who Exposed His Terror Ties

Related: Religion of Peace Update for the month of June.


At least four Canadian MPs and possibly some senators appear to have been forced to huddle in a bomb shelter in Jerusalem Tuesday after Israeli Defence Forces sounded the alarm because of fears Hamas terrorists would send rockets into the capital.

B.C. Conservative Bob Zimmer, B.C. New Democrat Jasbir Sandhu, Manitoba Conservative Ted Falk and Newfoundland and Labrador Liberal Yvonne Jones were in Israel as guests of the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA). It wasn't immediately clear which Canadian senators were on the trip.

Via BCF: Despite denials by Hamas, there is growing evidence that the terrorist group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria [ISIS] -- also known as "The Islamic State" -- has begun operating in the Gaza Strip.

Rome will be conquered next, says leader of 'Islamic State'

"This is my advice to you. If you hold to it you will conquer Rome and own the world, if Allah wills."

Having claimed the title of "caliph", Baghdadi appealed to "judges and those who have military and managerial and service skills, and doctors and engineers in all fields."

He also called on jihadi fighters to escalate fighting in the holy month of Ramadan, which began on Sunday. "In this virtuous month or in any other month, there is no deed better than jihad in the path of Allah, so take advantage of this opportunity and walk the path of you righteous predecessors," he said. "So to arms, to arms, soldiers of the Islamic s, fight, fight."

We're "Rome", by the way.

h/t JB, who adds: "The following caught my eye in this story -- it about sums up what we need to know about this movement!'Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the self-proclaimed leader of the 'Islamic State' stretching across Iraq and Syria, ... holds a PhD in Islamic studies'"

Now is the time at SDA when we juxtapose!

Foreign Policy Magazine - Jihadist Gains in Iraq Blindside American Spies

New York Times - Ten Years of ISIS Attacks in Iraq (an infographic).

Peace Prize Update: The White House believes it has a brief window to pursue diplomacy, this official said...

Never ever attribute to stupidity, that which can adequately be explained by malice.

The FBI "most wanted" mugshot shows a tough, swarthy figure, his hair in a jailbird crew-cut. The $10 million price on his head, meanwhile, suggests that whoever released him from US custody four years ago may now be regretting it.

Taken during his years as a detainee at the US-run Camp Bucca in southern Iraq, this is the only known photograph of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the new leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq and Syria. But while he may lack the photogenic qualities of his hero, Osama bin Laden, he is fast becoming the new poster-boy for the global jihadist movement. [...]

Why such a ferocious individual was deemed fit for release in 2009 is not known.


TheBlaze: The U.S. Embassy in Baghdad is preparing contingency plans to evacuate its employees if necessary now that one of the deadliest Islamic militant groups in the region has taken control of large swaths of Iraq...

Via Glenn Beck: Susan Rice struggles through Sunday morning interviews following Bergdahl release.


Update: A stunt intended to push the VA scandal from the news cycle goes horribly wrong?

Libya: Editor who condemned terror shot dead.

The American victims of convicted terrorist Omar Khadr are suing him for $42.5 million.

The suit was filed in a Utah court Wednesday, on behalf of Christopher Speer, the U.S. Army combat medic killed by Khadr in 2002, as well as his wife and young children, and another soldier, Layne Morris, who was injured and blinded by a grenade thrown by Khadr in Afghanistan.


Is there nothing that C02 can't do?

The kidnapping of over 200 Nigerian school girls, and the massacre of as many as 300 civilians in the town of Gamboru Ngala, by the militant al-Qaeda affiliated group, Boko Haram, has shocked the world.

But while condemnations have rightly been forthcoming from a whole range of senior figures from celebrities to government officials, less attention has been paid to the roots of the crisis.

Dr Nafeez Ahmed is "executive director of the Institute for Policy Research & Development". And a 9-11 truther.

The Guardian has no shame.

h/t Robert of Ottawa

Mighty generous of them: drops petition backing Boko Haram.

h/t wallyj


Hillary Clinton's War on Women;

On Wednesday, Clinton said that the abduction of the girls by Boko Haram was "abominable, it's criminal, it's an act of terrorism and it really merits the fullest response possible, first and foremost from the government of Nigeria." Clinton said that as Secretary of State she had numerous meetings with Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan and had urged the Nigerian government to do more on counterterrorism.

What Clinton didn't mention was that her own State Department refused to place Boko Haram on the list of foreign terrorist organizations in 2011, after the group bombed the UN headquarters in Abuja. The refusal came despite the urging of the Justice Department, the FBI, the CIA, and over a dozen Senators and Congressmen.

With a US-armed al-Qaeda to vote for;

'The United States switched sides in the war on terror with what we did in Libya, knowingly facilitating the provision of weapons to known al-Qaeda militias and figures,' Clare Lopez, a member of the commission and a former CIA officer, told MailOnline.

She blamed the Obama administration for failing to stop half of a $1 billion United Arab Emirates arms shipment from reaching al-Qaeda-linked militants.

'Remember, these weapons that came into Benghazi were permitted to enter by our armed forces who were blockading the approaches from air and sea,' Lopez claimed. 'They were permitted to come in. ... [They] knew these weapons were coming in, and that was allowed..

'The intelligence community was part of that, the Department of State was part of that, and certainly that means that the top leadership of the United States, our national security leadership, and potentially Congress - if they were briefed on this - also knew about this.'


National Intelligence Director James Clapper Was asked by Senator John McCain during a Senate hearing whether he had seen the documents, published by an array of media outlets including CNN, as potential proof of atrocities by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's government.

Clapper said he had, and that he believed they were real.

"They're terrible. And when you consider the humanitarian disaster in addition to the 2.5 million refugees, the 6.5 million or 7 million that are internally displaced, the 134,000 plus people that have been killed, it is an apocalyptic disaster," he said.

Heckuva job, Barry - Only 11% of chemical weapons removed from Syria

Jihadism: Seven Assumptions Shaken by the Arab Spring

Caroline Glick: "Just as its leaders have always believed, Iran's new nuclear status is its economic salvation."

h/t Adrian

And it was all done legally with existing warrants allowed by law.

The documents show that during the investigation, police went repeatedly before an Ontario judge to obtain warrants permitting them to do everything from marking evidence with invisible ink to staging break-ins to hide their covert searches.

Richard Fernandez;

It seems Al-Qaeda is everywhere these days, excepting Benghazi, where the NYT assures us that a video was responsible for occasioning the burning of the US consulate there.

Still al-Qaeda's resurgence is disturbing given the assurances as recently as the last presidential election that Osama bin Laden was dead and Detroit was alive. And what shall one make of Karzai a-fixing to double cross the United States?


Well nobody said the course toward a world without nuclear weapons ran smooth. Never mind. At least John Kerry's on track to broker a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians is on track. That's reassuring in the wake of news that "Hezbollah has been transferring its long range missiles out of Syria and into Lebanon, including missiles which could reach the heart of Israel, the New York Times reported on Friday." Foreign Policy is reporting that in addition, Hezbollah has acquired sophisticated anti-ship missiles that it has smuggled into Lebanon.

Read the whole thing.

NOOoonononono... Obama's deputies release leftist who collaborated with Twin Towers jihadis

Al Qaeda seizes partial control of 2 cities in western Iraq

Over the past several days, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham, al Qaeda's affiliate in Iraq, has taken control of large sections of two western Iraqi cities that were once bastions for the terror group.

ISIS fighters entered the cities of Fallujah and Ramadi, the provincial capital of Anbar, after the Iraqi military withdrew from them following clashes with tribes over a political standoff that resulted in the arrest of a Sunni member of parliament.

Radio Free Europe;

With the Winter Olympics less than six weeks away, the security spotlight has been focused on host city Sochi, nestled uncomfortably close to Russia's volatile North Caucasus republics and their ongoing Islamic insurgency.

But Andrei Soldatov, the editor of, a Russian site dedicated to terrorism and intelligence, says the Volgograd attacks -- which took place 650 kilometers northeast of Sochi -- throw such planning into disarray.


Front Page;

The world's largest halal food certification company is the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA), based in Park Ridge, Illinois, an affluent suburb of Chicago. IFANCA's symbol, a crescent alongside an "M," can be found on different baby formulas, including ones made by leading brands Similac and Gerber, their Crescent-M dwarfing the O-U kosher hechsher sitting next to it.

Those seeking kosher food - even those seeking halal food - or anyone else who uses these baby food products may be shocked to find out that IFANCA is linked to international terrorism and bigotry.

IFANCA is working with the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) to create a national halal standards and accreditation body. In 2007 and 2008, ISNA, which was co-founded by Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) leader Sami al-Arian, was named by the United Sates Justice Department as a co-conspirator in the financing of millions of dollars to Hamas. Just this past September, the Canadian government stripped ISNA of its tax status in Canada for the financing of a Pakistani terrorist group.

IFANCA is an active member of the Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago (CIOGC). Other members include: the Mosque Foundation (MF), which has held fundraisers for individuals and groups associated with PIJ and Hamas; Islamic Relief (IR), which has been associated with al-Qaeda financing and that was named by the Israeli government a front for Hamas; Helping Hand (HH), which partnered with a Pakistani charity at the same time that charity delivered close to $100,000 to the residence of the head of Hamas, Khaled Meshaal; and the Muslim American Society (MAS), which has used the internet to propagate materials degrading women, cursing Christians, and calling for the murder of Jews and homosexuals.

IFANCA's terror and hate-related affiliations are understandable, given the individuals who are in charge of the organization.

Muhammad Munir Chaudry is a Founding Board Member and President of IFANCA. He is listed, along with a photo, on the "Speaker" page of ISNA. Sharing the page with him are fellow ISNA speakers: Esam Omeish, who resigned from the Virginia Commission on Immigration, after videos surfaced depicting him calling for violent jihad; Nihad Awad, National Executive Director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a reported front for Hamas; Siraj Wahhaj, who was named a party to the 1993 World Trade Center bombing; and Zulfiqar Ali Shah, the former South Asia Division Coordinator for KindHearts, a charity whose funds were frozen by the U.S. Treasury Department in February 2006 for its alleged role as a Hamas financier.


Ahmad Hussein Sakr is a member of IFANCA's Board of Directors and has been with IFANCA since its inception. [...] Sakr is the author of the book, 'Pork: Possible Reasons for its Prohibition.' In it, he describes Jews as being cursed, monkey-like, filthy and corrupt.

Via Sheikyermami

And their Moderate Muslims:

The U.S. government this week said the head of a human-rights organization working on behalf of Islamist political prisoners was also a financier for al Qaeda.

Most of the world knows Abdul Rahman Omeir al-Naimi as a Qatari history professor and human-rights activist. The Swiss-based organization he founded, known as al-Karama from the Arab word for dignity, has worked closely with the United Nations and American human rights groups, most notably Human Rights Watch.

"Just because the Wichita suspect says he was was inspired by Osama bin Laden and Anwar al-Awlaki doesn't mean we know his motives."


Good ol' BBC: "... does not appear to have been affiliated with any religious group"


The US embassy in Ankara said on Wednesday it had suspended "all non-lethal assistance" into northern Syria after members of the newly formed Islamic Front took over premises belonging to the Free Syrian Army's Supreme Military Council, which is aligned to the anti-Assad opposition National Coalition. [...]

The Islamic Front, which comprises six rebel brigades, seized warehouses reportedly containing dozens of anti-aircraft weapons and anti-tank rockets at the Bab al-Hawa crossing on the Turkish border last weekend. The group is backed by Saudi Arabia.

Probably nothing: Quebec license plates found in a jihadist rebel cache in Syria amid equipment used to make homemade bombs...

Al Qaeda in Syria: A Snapshot

Local Syrians call the boss of Da'esh in Tal Abyad "Temsah." "The Crocodile."

The Crocodile is Syrian. The name is appropriate for those foreigners who are feeding the crocodiles with money and guns based on the nonsense idea of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend."

Foreigners and some governments are helping radicals so that they will eat the Assad regime, with others--such as the Iranian Quds force--aiding Assad because part of their long game is to eat Israel.


With few good choices in dealing with Iran's push for nuclear weapons, former CIA and NSA Director Gen. Michael Hayden said he's OK with letting the six-month temporary deal with the country go forward.

But we should be truthful, Hayden told Fox News Sunday. "We have accepted Iranian uranium enrichment."

Turning to NSA leaker Edward Snowden...

"This is catastrophic for the safety and the security of the American nation," Hayden said. Still, he doesn't think the U.S. government should back away from pursuing Snowden.

To do so, he said, would be like "negotiating with terrorists."

h/t DaninVan

CNN: The leaders of the House and Senate Intelligence committees said Sunday that terrorists have gained ground in the past two years and that the United States is not any safer than it was at the outset of 2011.

Blows around;

Hezbollah fears more suicide attacks. That's the headline in NOW Lebanon after a suicide bomber blew himself and others to pieces outside the Iranian embassy in the Hezbollah-controlled suburbs south of Beirut. [...]

Hezbollah did not invent terrorism, of course. Nor would the Middle East be stable and happy if it weren't for its suicide bombers. But there is a karmic sort of justice at work now that a terrorist army and its biggest state sponsor are themselves victims of their own deplorable tactics.

Terrorist attacks and deaths hit record high, report shows.

"It's really getting harder to sleep through this."

"You know, we don't have 10 laws in this country," he said. "We have one law. And people have to obey the law."

Wrong on both counts. We have two laws.

Could'a been a contender.

Massacre in Kenya: 'All Muslims leave... we only want to kill non-Muslims'

November, 2009 - General Casey: "diversity shouldn't be casualty of Fort Hood"

September 2013 - "The CIA found that among a subset of job seekers whose backgrounds raised questions, roughly one out of every five had "significant terrorist and/or hostile intelligence connections,"

h/t EBD

As the writer Barry Rubin pointed out, Major Hasan was the first mass murderer in US history to give a PowerPoint presentation outlining the rationale for the crime he was about to commit. And he gave it to a roomful of fellow army psychiatrists and doctors - some of whom glanced queasily at their colleagues, but none of whom actually spoke up. And, when the question of whether then Captain Hasan was, in fact, "psychotic", the policy committee at Walter Reed Army Medical Center worried "how would it look if we kick out one of the few Muslim residents".

So instead he got promoted to major and shipped to Fort Hood.

Hey, maybe I could warm up to this Assad fellow after all: New York Times Website Hacked, Syrian Electronic Army Appears to Take Credit

More at the Guardian.

Drudge has the headlines.

Senator Joe Biden in 2007: I Will Move To Impeach If President Bush Bombs Iran Without Congressional Approval

Achmed JR.

Behind the scenes at a Muslim Brotherhood fauxtoshoot

A new front in the War on Man Caused Disaster;

Pakistan-based militants are preparing to take on India across the subcontinent once Western troops leave Afghanistan next year, several sources say, raising the risk of a dramatic spike in tensions between nuclear-armed rivals India and Pakistan.

Intelligence sources in India believe that a botched suicide bombing of an Indian consulate in Afghanistan, which was followed within days last week by a lethal cross-border ambush on Indian soldiers in disputed Kashmir, suggest that the new campaign by Islamic militants may already be underway.

Via Bob Owens;

A former U.S. Attorney who represents whistle-blowers with knowledge of what happened when armed militants attacked the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya last year says 400 surface-to-air missiles were 'taken from Libya' during the attack, and that the U.S. intelligence community is terrified they might be used to shoot down airliners.

Joe diGenova, whose wife Victoria Toensing - a former deputy assistant attorney general - also represents Benghazi witnesses and others with knowledge of the terror attack, told WMAL radio that the loss of those missiles is also one the reason the U.S. State Department shut down 19 embassies across the Middle East last week.


Major Hasan is a Virginia-born army psychiatrist and a recipient of the Pentagon's Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, which seems fair enough, since he certainly served in it, albeit for the other side. Most Americans think he's nuts. He thinks Americans are nuts. It's a closer call than you'd think.

Undecimated: Al-Qaida's Won This Round--So Far

"Killing people is a means to an end for most groups," says Bruce Hoffman, director of Georgetown University's Center for Security Studies. "The terrorists' stock in trade is creation of fear ... as much the threat of violence as the act of violence itself. It's all about getting people to respond or react in a manner that the terrorists think will be beneficial to their cause." For those doubting the severity of al-Qaida's ability to terrify Americans anymore, despite a decade of war, look no further than the 19 embassies that are shuttering their operations across the Middle East and the Persian Gulf for more than a week; the worldwide travel alert; the Air Force transporting personnel from Yemen.

Dore Gold;

In the Daily Beast last week, Bruce Riedel, who served for years as a CIA analyst on the Middle East, wrote an important article with the dramatic headline, "Al-Qaida is back." Riedel, who today works for the Brookings Institution, was taking a position against the conventional wisdom, that was widely heard in Washington prior to the 2012 elections, that the U.S. had al-Qaida "on the run". Riedel's claim was based on his examination of the outcome of a coordinated attack by al-Qaida's Iraqi affiliate against two high security prisons, which led to the escape of at least 500 al-Qaida members.

In breaking into the Abu Ghraib and Taji Prisons, al-Qaida used mortars and suicide bombers. According to its own account, its forces detonated 12 car bombs. The Iraqi Army proved to be useless as it failed to stop the assault. Former U.S. Ambassador to Iraq James Jeffrey was quoted in The Wall Street Journal saying that if al-Qaida could "take down Abu Ghraib," it could also "take down the Green Zone in Baghdad", where the U.S. Embassy was located.

Related: "A year ago Obama said al-Qaida is on the run, and now WE are on the run"

h/t Frank

ABC News;

The Justice for Fort Hood Heroes Act, introduced Friday, would ensure that the victims of the Fort Hood attack receive the same benefits as Purple Heart recipients, including combat-related special compensation.

The attack left 13 dead and more than 30 injured.

Many of the Fort Hood victims say they've been denied Purple Hearts, as well as some financial and medical benefits due to the military's refusal to categorize the massacre as an act of terrorism, instead discussing it as "workplace violence."

And in case there were lingering doubts;

I, Nidal Malik Hasan, am compelled to renounce any oaths of allegiances that require me to support/defend (any - sic) man made constitution (like the constitution of the United States) over the commandments mandated in Islam ... I therefore formally renounce my oath of office ... this includes my oath of U.S. citizenship."

Via Weekly Standard;

Two spectacular al Qaeda prison breaks in Iraq, freeing over 500 of its members in two separate prisons simultaneously this week, demonstrate the group is back with a vengeance. Al Qaeda's Iraq branch is also the moving force behind the jihadist success in Syria. The resurgence of al Qaeda in Iraq has sobering implications for what is likely to follow the drawdown of NATO forces in Afghanistan for the al Qaeda mother ship in Pakistan. [...]

...if American pressure on al Qaeda in Pakistan diminishes after the NATO withdrawal of combat forces next year from Afghanistan, we can expect a rapid regeneration of al Qaeda in Pakistan. The drones all fly from bases in Afghanistan, without which there is no pressure on al Qaeda next door in Pakistan. Iraq is a sobering lesson in what happens when a battered al Qaeda movement gets a second chance.

Related: More than 1,000 escape in Libya prison break

World Trade Center Memorial Didn't Want A Ground Zero Picture

Michael Shulan, the museum's creative director, was among staffers who considered the Tom Franklin photograph too kitschy and "rah-rah America," according to "Battle for Ground Zero" (St. Martin's Press) by Elizabeth Greenspan, out next month.

Palestinian Kids Show Airs Sick Jew-Bashing Monkey Pig Skit

Toronto Star;

Ed Burkhardt, chairman of the Montreal, Maine & Atlantic Railway, said Sunday night that the train's sole engineer shut down four of the five locomotive units on the train, as is standard procedure, in the neighbouring community of Nantes before heading to Lac Mégantic to sleep. Burkhardt said the next engineer was probably due to arrive at daybreak.

But someone managed to shut down the fifth locomotive unit, he said. The railroad alleges someone tampered with the controls of the fifth engine, the one maintaining brake pressure to keep the train stopped.

"If the operating locomotive is shut down, there's nothing left to keep the brakes charged up, and the brake pressure will drop finally to the point where they can't be held in place any longer," Burkhardt said.

There are two ways to shut down the fifth unit: There's an emergency lever on the outside of the locomotive that anyone wandering by could access. Or, there are a number of levers and buttons inside the unlocked cabin.

Both means were used, said Burkhardt.


We are so getting a pressure cooker registry.

With a totalitarian theocracy to vote for: Egyptian President Mohamad Morsi is destroying the country with a toxic mix of ideology and incompetence, and the city of Luxor is now in open revolt after he appointed a terrorist as the governor.

Speech in Cairo Update: US Marines stationed in Southern Europe have been placed on alert.

Michael Totten: It's open to visitors from everywhere in the world except Israel, so I had to see it. My friend and occasional traveling companion Sean LaFreniere joined me, and we set out in a rental car from Beirut.

Via Drudge, we learn that Syria, is Libya, is Eygpt. Like, "surprise", or something.

Good call, PM Harper. We really don't need to be spending more lives supporting radical Islamists who are going to be worse than the disease.


The 26-page document in Arabic, recovered by The Associated Press in a building that had been occupied by al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb in Timbuktu, strongly suggests the group now possesses the SA-7 surface-to-air missile, known to the Pentagon as the Grail, according to terrorism specialists. And it confirms that the al-Qaida cell is actively training its fighters to use these weapons, also called man-portable air-defense systems, or MANPADS, which likely came from the arms depots of ex-Libyan strongman Col. Moammar Gadhafi.

So good that someone finally got rid of Gadhafi. Sure taught Assad a thing or two.


Qassim al-Rimi, the military chief of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, said making bombs such as the ones used in the twin blasts in Boston in April, is within "everyone's reach".

"The Boston events... and the poisoned letters (sent to the White House), regardless of who is behind them, show that your security is no longer under control, and that attacks on you have taken off and cannot be stopped," he said, in the message entitled: "A letter to the American people."

Related: Release the Bin Laden Documents

Caroline Glick;

Since the civil war began two years ago, Assad's complete dependence on Iran and Hezbollah - as well as on Russia - has been exposed for all to see. There is little doubt that whatever checks the US was able to exert against him before the civil war began no longer exist. And if he survives in power, he will be completely indifferent to US pressure and so will behave far more violently than he did before the war began.

And yet for all Assad's horrific behavior and the reasonable presumption that his actions will only become more violent and dangerous with each additional day he remains in power, the most telling aspect of the Syrian civil war is that Israel, the US and Europe are incapable of deciding whether he is better or worse than the alternatives.

And much, much more. Read the whole thing.

h/t Adrian

Ooops... Germany's Star Moderate Muslim Finds that Five of Her Former Pupils Went Off to Fight Jihad in Syria

British Soldier Beheaded In London By Attackers Shouting "Allahu Akhbar"...


The FBI is leaving open the question of who fired the fatal shot that killed a man being questioned by authorities in the Boston bombing probe. The bureau initially said that an FBI agent fired the fatal shot when the man being interviewed, Ibragim Todashev, initiated a violent confrontation.

The plot thickens;

Stevens' mission in Benghazi, they will say, was to buy back Stinger missiles from al-Qaeda groups issued to them by the State Department, not by the CIA. Such a mission would usually be a CIA effort, but the intelligence agency had opposed the idea because of the high risk involved in arming "insurgents" with powerful weapons that endanger civilian aircraft.

Hillary Clinton still wanted to proceed because, in part, as one of the diplomats said, she wanted "to overthrow Gaddafi on the cheap."

This left Stevens in the position of having to clean up the scandalous enterprise when it became clear that the "insurgents" actually were al-Qaeda - indeed, in the view of one of the diplomats, the same group that attacked the consulate and ended up killing Stevens.

The former diplomat who spoke with PJ Media regarded the whole enterprise as totally amateurish and likened it to the Mike Nichols film Charlie Wilson's War about a clueless congressman who supplies Stingers to the Afghan guerrillas. "It's as if Hillary and the others just watched that movie and said 'Hey, let's do that!'" the diplomat said.

He added that he and his colleagues think the leaking of General David Petraeus' affair with his biographer Paula Broadwell was timed to silence the former CIA chief on these matters.

Related: The Only Person In State Department Bureau That Oversaw Libya Who Has Been Punished For Benghazi Had Nothing To Do With It

Andrew C. McCarthy;

You hear it again and again: While Americans were under attack, the commander-in-chief checked out, leaving subordinates to deal with the crisis while he got his beauty sleep in preparation for a fundraising campaign trip to Vegas.

That is not true . . . and the truth, as we've come to expect with Obama, is almost surely worse. There is good reason to believe that while Americans were still fighting for their lives in Benghazi, while no military efforts were being made to rescue them, and while those desperately trying to rescue them were being told to stand down, the president was busy shaping the "blame the video" narrative to which his administration clung in the aftermath.


Hot Air: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev note found in boat points to mystifying motive we may never truly understand

The O's budget doesn't even get 12 revisions.

ABC News has obtained 12 different versions of the talking points that show they were extensively edited as they evolved from the drafts first written entirely by the CIA to the final version distributed to Congress and to U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Susan Rice before she appeared on five talk shows the Sunday after that attack.

A third man has been arrested in connection to the foiled plot to derail a Via passenger train between Toronto and New York, U.S. authorities said Thursday.

"I firmly believe that the reason it took us so long to get the FBI to Benghazi is because of those Sunday talk shows."

And the former cabinet holder wants to be president? Not bloody likely.

You want to know why it matters, Mrs. Clinton? "What difference it makes?" I'll tell you. People who trusted you to fulfill your oath, as they were, died because you didn't hold up your end of the bargain.

The Whoopi Goldberg of Terrorism: "They weren't 'bomb' bombs."

What difference, at this point, does it make?

The deputy of slain U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens has told congressional investigators that a team of Special Forces prepared to fly from Tripoli to Benghazi during the Sept. 11, 2012 attacks was forbidden from doing so by U.S. Special Operations Command South Africa.

The account from Gregory Hicks is in stark contrast to assertions from the Obama administration, which insisted that nobody was ever told to stand down and that all available resources were utilized.


Saudi Arabia Warned Us About Tamarlan Tsarnaev

Breaking: FBI arrest another three lone wolves

Reading, writing, reloading;

This month, Hamas introduced its new training program in Gazan schools, where for one hour a week terrorists from the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades - Hamas' military wing - train 16-year-old boys to use Kalashnikov assault rifles and other forms of weaponry. [...] Its new program is now part of the mandatory curriculum for every public school in Gaza, and every male student is required to attend. A program for girls is in the works, said Mohammed Syam, general director of educational activities at Gaza's Ministry of Education.

Eric Holder, April 24th - "The way we treat our friends and neighbors who are undocumented - by creating a mechanism for them to earn citizenship and move out of the shadows - transcends the issue of immigration status. This is a matter of civil and human rights."

CBS, April 25th - "I am an informant and all I can tell you is that Talibans are walking freely right here in the soil of America right now, right now."

h/t Frank

This has been quite the week for the world to see parents of [alleged] Muslim terrorists who are in complete denial about the possible culpability of their litter. First there was this piece of work in Russia. Now front and center is a father from Tunisia.

The mother of "Speed Bump" and "Flash Bang" (credit to Howie Carr for those nicknames) was interviewed in Russia. Prepare yourself before entering the rabbit hole.

Related: A Look into the Bizarre Thinking of the Radical Leftist Mind

No Quarter's Larry Johnson has an interesting perspective.

Terrorists, winning!

According to the Dedham Patch, Williams-Sonoma has pulled pressure cookers off the shelves out of respect for the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing.

Bill O'Reilly gets to the heart of the matter of why there's no end in sight for terrorism in the world today:

This unwillingness to publicly admit the truth about the root cause of most of the world's current terrorism is the norm amongst:

  • Muslims

  • Leftists

  • Academics

  • The Media Party

  • Politicians

  • Police Forces

  • Folks in Hollywood

  • Anyone who doesn't want to sideline their career/reputation

But until the problem can be openly discussed, how can it ever be solved?

There are some interesting developments in the judicial proceedings against the two alleged terrorists:

A man accused of plotting with al-Qaida members in Iran to derail a train in Canada gave a rambling statement in a Toronto court Wednesday and appeared to be saying he does not recognize its jurisdiction.

"My comment is the following because all of those conclusions were taken out based on criminal code and all of us know that this criminal code is not a holy book," Esseghaier said at the hearing Wednesday. "We cannot rely on the conclusions taken out from these judgments."

In related news, Justin Trudeau has released a new advertisement in which he states, "I'm going to work hard to earn your trust." That's an interesting statement considering that a review of his Twitter account still has only this to say about the recent terrorism plot. That's a rather peculiar way for the Shiny Pony to gain the trust of Canadians who are legitimately concerned about harm coming to themselves and their families. Perhaps if he become PM, our nation's security services will be handed over to the unemployed folks of "Occupy" and all threats to Canada will be warded off by this nightly ritual.

Update: Why was Raed Jaser still here? (podcast discussion on the same)

Canadian Raheel Raza and American Zuhdi Jasser are thoughtful, intelligent, and fearless voices in the Muslim communities of North America. But sadly, they are in the minority. Instead, what is heard much more often are Muslim apologists who have engaged in a marriage of convenience with the Media Party, Academia, and Leftist politicians. Together this trio controls the narrative that the majority of citizens imbibe. As the video herein illustrates, this narrative has infected the highest ranks of Canada's police forces. One can well imagine that any law enforcement official who deviates from the current narrative would have their career aspirations ended in less than 24 hours.


In the country for 20 years, but not a does that work?

For Hezbollah?

My own naïve optimism was dashed on the rocks in Lebanon and Iraq and hasn't recovered. I never even bothered with optimism in Egypt. There's nothing there to be optimistic about.

And I rarely meet anybody who actually lives over there who isn't a pessimist. Expecting the best while everyone around you is expecting the worst is a difficult thing to pull off. It probably isn't advisable even to try.

But I'm finding a bit of homegrown optimism in some quarters of Lebanon now, despite the fact that the economy is on its back and the Syrian war threatens to blow the country to pieces again, and I'd be remiss if I didn't report it.

Dateline Iraq, 2004: There were no weapons of mass destruction

Dateline Boston, 2013: Marathon bomb suspect charged with using weapon of mass destruction


Canadian police and intelligence agencies will announce later today they have thwarted a plot to carry out a major terrorist attack, arresting suspects in Ontario and Quebec, CBC News has learned.

Highly placed sources tell CBC News the alleged plotters have been under surveillance for more than a year in Quebec and southern Ontario.

Broad Strata Update: Muslim community leaders and imams gathering at Toronto RCMP airport detachment for briefing on terror plot arrests

Update: RCMP news release here.

Ontario RCMP: "This is the first time the #RCMP has laid charges related to an Al-Qaeda supported attack on Canadian soil."
@StewartBellNP Toronto terror suspects are not Canadians, suspects were getting support from 'al Qaeda elements in Iran': RCMP

Most recent from @JustinTrudeau:

Heh. "Now it may be objected that discussing ideas with Justin Trudeau is like discussing music with someone who can't hear: pointless and a bit cruel."

In this new podcast, Victor Davis Hanson talks with Mona Charen and Jay Nordlinger about everything that happened in Boston last week including, but not limited to, the Far Left's inability to deal with the facts on the ground.

Not deporting BMW-driving immigrants with "Terrorista" plates.

More here and here.

Via GatewayPundit;

Neighbors say three have been arrested in New Bedford in connection with the Boston Bombing suspect.

Police apprehended suspects from the Hidden Brook Apartments on Carriage Drive in New Bedford. Neighbors say they think that the girlfriend of 19-year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev may have lived in the complex and they have seen him in the area as recently as yesterday.

Via Hillel Neuer;


Other background from AP and Reuters.

And the early morning front-runner for Idiot of the Day:


Salon: "Let's Hope The Boston Marathon Bomber Is A White American"...

There's nothing definitive yet but an investigation has definitely begun.


Max Boot; is hard to imagine the Civil War having been won without Grant, Sherman, and Sheridan--or World War II without Marshall, Eisenhower, Patton, Bradley, Arnold, LeMay, Nimitz, Halsey, and all the other senior generals and admirals.

Likewise it is hard to imagine the War on Terror having been waged without four-star commanders such as David Petraeus, Stanley McChrystal, John Allen, and James Mattis.

Who knows where they found them.

h/t Adrian

Michael Totten;

Lebanese citizens in that region are already killing each other. The only reason their part of the country hasn't yet turned into a war zone is because they're killing each other on the other side of the border, which lies a mere handful of miles from where they reside. They're crossing into Syria to shoot at each other before hunkering down in an unnerving balance of terror when they return home.

US military report showing drop in Taliban attacks found to be incorrect

h/t Maz2

Via Instapundit;

According to the affidavit filed in support of the criminal complaint, on November 30, 2012, Llaneza met with a man who led him to believe he was connected with the Taliban and the mujahidin in Afghanistan. In reality, this man was an undercover FBI agent. At this initial meeting, Llaneza proposed conducting a car-bomb attack against a bank in the San Francisco Bay Area. He proposed structuring the attack to make it appear that the responsible party was an umbrella organization for a loose collection of anti-government militias and their sympathizers. Llaneza's stated goal was to trigger a governmental crackdown, which he expected would trigger a right-wing counter-response against the government followed by, he hoped, civil war.

I trust they ruled out any connections to Homeland Security.

On the thirtieth anniversary of Shergar's disappearance and destruction at the hands of the IRA.

But they weren't always;

Before the Sept. 11, 2012 terrorist attacks in Benghazi, the department undertook a calculated effort to publicize the agents' names and faces--presenting them in a State Department promotional magazine posted on the Internet. After the Sept. 11, 2012 terrorist attacks, the State Department has treated the names and faces of the DS agents who survived those attacks as if they were classified information.

This remarkable about-face raises two questions: Why can't the American people know the names--and hear the stories--of the heroic DS agents who fought the terrorists who attacked our mission in Benghazi? Why can't these courageous survivors deliver their eyewitnesses accounts directly to the U.S. Congress?


The State Department on Monday reassigned Daniel Fried, the special envoy for closing the prison at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, and will not replace him, according to an internal personnel announcement. Mr. Fried's office is being closed...

The Nonexistent Red Line;

It's hardly surprising the administration was eager to paper over a story that showed the cracks in its jerrybuilt Syria policy. After all, just last August Obama pledged that "seeing movement on the chemical weapons front, or the use of chemical weapons" by Assad would mean the Syrian dictator had crossed a "red line" and would trigger a U.S. response. If Assad had already used those weapons, that would mean Obama blinked.

We know more about Beyonce than we do Benghazi;

"My understanding is that we still have some people in the hospital. I'd like to visit with them and wish them nothing but the best but the State Department has seen it unfit for me to know who those people are--or even how many there are," Rep. Chaffetz said. "I don't know who they are. I don't know where they live. I don't know what state they're from. I don't even know how many there are. It doesn't seem right to me."

"This is so patently different than any other experience I've had. Unfortunately, people have been killed and maimed and in harm's way in Afghanistan and Iraq and in points beyond," Chaffetz continued. "It's typically been the case that they would release those names but in this case, they won't. My challenge is to the media. You try and figure it out. They won't let Congress know. They won't seem to let the media know either."

And when Hilary is finished testifying today, that won't have changed.

Live stream here.

Update: This about sums up her testimony.


Video here

Update 2: Rand Paul brings it.

Associated Press;

The death toll from the bloody terrorist siege at a natural gas plant in the Sahara climbed to at least 81 on Sunday as Algerian forces searching the complex for explosives found dozens more bodies, many so badly disfigured they could not immediately be identified, a security official said.

An account from a survivor.

Is it just me who thinks this story being massively underplayed in the news cycle?

Al Qaeda, still decimated;

Update: More here

The Squanderer;

Aifan al-Issawi, leader of the powerful Albu Issa tribe of Anbar Province in Iraq, has been killed in a terrorist attack.[...]

This exchange
gives some sense of the priceless strategic position President Obama threw away with his "responsible end to the war in Iraq." It also gives a sense of the situation Iraq may be sliding toward now.

It bears recalling that we embraced Aifan and his tribe as allies, promised that we would stay by his side, and then, when it suited the new American president, abandoned him to fend for himself. Alas, Aifan's faith in the worth of America's promises turned out to be misplaced.

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms does not get you off the hook; good on the SCOC this time:

... In their unanimous rulings, the court affirmed that a key clause requiring the Crown to prove that defendants were motivated to further the aims of terrorism.

It said that the so-called "motive" clause was carefully constructed to protect those with innocent motivations or who had no genuine awareness that their actions or support could be manipulated by terrorist forces.

"The impugned provision is clearly drafted in a manner respectful of diversity, as it allows for the non-violent expression of political, religious and ideological views," Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin wrote for the court.

"Only individuals who go well beyond the legitimate expression of a political, religious or ideological thought, belief or opinion and instead engage in one of the serious forms of violence - or threaten one of the serious forms of violence - listed in the (section) need fear liability under the terrorism provisions of the Criminal Code," she said...


Suspect identified as Abdullatif Aldosary, an Iraqi refugee;

I just spoke again with my contact in the FBI Phoenix field office (who is not authorized to speak on behalf of the FBI office). This contact said that it is highly unlikely that Aldosary will be charged with any terrorism offense. While they are internally treating it like a domestic terrorism investigation, including looking at if he had any help constructing the explosive device, the FBI is saying very little and and will prosecute this as a simple explosives and arson case because of “the political sensitivities involved.”

That should calm fears of workplace violence, thanks be to Allah for that.


Nov. 29, 1947 was the day the UN General Assembly passed the plan to recommend the partition the British Mandate of Palestine into a Jewish state and an Arab state. The Jews accepted the plan. The Arabs -- both local and regional - rejected it.

Caroline Glick;

Under international law, Israel is not just within its rights to defend itself from Hamas. It is required to. International law requires all states to treat Hamas terrorists as criminals and deny them safe haven and financing. But the cease-fire agreement requires both the Israeli policeman and the Hamas criminal to hold their fire.

At worst, the cease-fire places Israel beneath Hamas. The first two clauses require both sides to end hostilities. The third suggests Israel is expected to make further concessions to Hamas after the firing stops.

Another good read - Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper continues to pick up the slack left by an absent American president who has abandoned freedom across the world.
h/t Adrian

They blow up so fast...

"Muhammad al-Shafi'i Abu Nassat named his son, who was born Friday, after the Fajr missile. Naming his baby Fajr, Abu Nassat told Gaza media, was his way of expressing his gratitude to Iran, which was responsible for supplying Gaza with rockets that, according to Abu Nassat 'struck the enemy for eight days.'"


Related: "Suddenly, just after 2 p.m., the crowd was startled as militants near the hospital fired a missile... "

A real journalist manages to crash a State Department press conference.

Good riddance.

Jabari is the most senior Hamas official to be killed since an Israeli invasion of Gaza four years ago. He has long topped Israel's most-wanted list.

Jabari, a relative of one of the founders of Hamas, Dr. Abdel Aziz Rantisi, was responsible for the attack on Kerem Shalom, when IDF soldier Gilad Shalit was kidnapped and two other soldiers killed. Jabari was in charge of negotiations during Shalit's five years in captivity.

Related: Awaiting Rabble's declaration of a day of mourning.

Update! Video here.

The Brits finally got him on the plane.

The five have sought to avoid extradition by raising concerns about human rights and the conditions they would face in a U.S. prison.

Here's hoping.

Ezra has set up a fund for you to contribute to to send Sgt. Speers' children to college. Please think about giving what you can.

You know, that phrase rings a bell...

It remains an open question whether the administration was intentionally misleading the public so as to avoid the appearance of an administration failure, or was simply making things up without pinning down the facts (what the Democrats accused Romney of doing). Lake quotes a retired CIA official as saying: “I think this is a case of an administration saying what they wished to be true before waiting for all the facts to come in.” That’s the most generous take on what happened.

Of course, on the first 9/11, there was a Republican in the White House.

There is, as always, a media scandal here, a deliberate effort, conservatives believe, to construct narratives that favor the president. But that is small potatoes compared with the mounting evidence of a scandal in the Obama administration. If the administration was negligent in planning, convinced of its own spin (the war on terror is over!) and politicized national security to aid the president's reelection campaign, that is all a big deal. In any event, it should make for an interesting foreign policy presidential debate.

Related from James Taranto;

What message does the ad actually send the Mohammed Tariq Khans? On the one hand, a message of weakness: Assemble a big enough mob, kill enough people, burn enough flags and churches, and you too can grab the attention of the most powerful man and woman in the world. On the other hand, a taunt. If Obama and Mrs. Clinton really mean it, the Khans must think, why haven't they presented the video makers for public mincing? The State Department's ad contains no answer to that crucial question.


Sunbathing and drinking at bars, men and women lived in a bubble on Syria's Mediterranean coast. They refused to believe their country was collapsing into chaos. Until now.


CIA is racing to find Syria’s chemical and biological weapons before it’s too late.

Saddam's too.

Via Drudge

Robert, via email...

Tiocfaidh's got at least TWO cougars.

Not. fair.

This could turn into a cat fight.

Aaron Walker SWAT-ted - What happened tonight was a sign of desperation to silence me about #BrettKimberlin, that much is obvious. And it won't work.

More at Breitbart.

Caroline Glick;

Both Barak and Sharon promised that their unilateral surrender policies would do more than merely transform Hezbollah and Hamas into liberal democrats. They said that by cutting and running, Israel would earn the love of the international community, and winning the love of the likes of Washington and Brussels, they said, was the most urgent item on Israel's agenda.

h/t Adrian

And the crack of a broken hockey stick.

Although the chronology itself was not yet available, the list of sites was sufficient for McIntyre to calculate the numbers himself, and the results were breathtaking. Firstly, the URALS regional chronology had vastly more data behind it than the Yamal-only figures presented in Briffa’s paper

But what was worse, the regional chronology did not have a hockey stick shape — the twentieth century uptick that Briffa had got from the handful of trees in the Yamal-only series had completely disappeared.

Direct comparison of the chronology that Briffa chose to publish against the full chronology that he withheld makes the point clear:

It seems clear then that the URALS chronology Briffa prepared to go alongside the others he put together for the 2008 paper gave a message that did not comply with the message that he wanted to convey — one of unprecedented warmth at the end of the twentieth century. In essence the URALS regional chronology was suffering from the divergence problem — the widely noted failure of some tree ring series to pick up the recent warming seen in instrumental temperature records, which led to the infamous ‘hide the decline’ episode.

More at WUWT
- "Give it up fellows, your cover’s blown."

h/t marc in calgary

Watch for this story to go away now: The individual at the center of the controversial Trayvon Martin shooting is a registered Democrat.

Michael Totten interviews Andrew Tabler.

MJT: There’s a whole chapter in your book about you and bunch of other journalists at a Syrian government conference.

Andrew Tabler: [Laughs.]

MJT: Writing about something like that would normally be a thundering bore, but this was fascinating. The authorities did everything in their power to make sure nobody understood anything or left the conference with any information whatsoever. Why do you suppose they spent so much time and effort making themselves all but impossible for mere mortals to understand?

Andrew Tabler: One of the ways the Syrian government defends itself is by obscuring everything that happens inside the country. Right now there’s a huge question about whether or not to intervene. The government can dispute whatever argument pro-interventionists have. This isn’t unusual for these kinds of regimes. Assad is a master at manipulating the press. Often times hardly anyone is even paying attention to Syria, though that’s changed now. At the time they could snow job us, but now it’s a lot harder, especially when so much violence is being captured on YouTube.

WaPo, February 21st, 2012;

Even as a significant percentage of Americans falsely believe Obama is Muslim, the president has spoken of his Christian faith with increasing fervor during his three years in the White House.

Via NRO, February 22nd, 2012;

It was just revealed two days ago that FBI Director Mueller secretly met on February 8 at FBI headquarters with a coalition of groups including various Islamist and militant Arabic groups who in the past have defended Hamas and Hizballah and have also issued blatantly anti-Semitic statements. At this meeting, the FBI revealed that it had removed more than 1000 presentations and curricula on Islam from FBI offices around the country that was deemed “offensive.” The FBI did not reveal what criteria was used to determine why material was considered “offensive” but knowledgeable law enforcement sources have told the IPT that it was these radical groups who made that determination.

A whole lot has been going on behind the scenes in the aftermath of last year's riot in Vancouver, including but not limited to the Vancouver Police Department (VPD) utilizing a special Homeland Security facility in Indianapolis. In this video, David Berner interviews the VPD's Howard Chow:

Arab SPRING! - Libyan militia accused of torturing to death ambassador to France (h/t Adrian)

Caroline Glick;

CONTRARY TO what several leading commentators have argued since the onset of the Syrian popular rebellion against Assad, Hamas has not been seriously damaged by the events. True, its leaders are looking for a new place to station their headquarters. But there is no law that requires terrorist organizations to have one central office. The families of Hamas's leadership have decamped to Jordan. Hamas leaders have close relations with the Qataris - who remain major funders - as well as with the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and the Sudanese regime.

In addition to these state supporters, through its relations with Turkey and Fatah, Hamas has Washington as well. To understand how Washington acts as Hamas's protector, it is necessary to consider not only the corrosive impact of Washington's relations with Turkey, but also the nature of the Palestinian-Israeli peace process.

h/t Adrian

The turnover of Iraq to Iran continues apace;

A wave of bombings ripped across Baghdad on Thursday morning, killing at least 63 people and injuring almost 200 in the worst violence Iraq has seen for months. The bloodbath comes just days after American forces left the country.

The blasts also came on the heels of a political crisis between Iraq's Sunni and Shiite factions that erupted this weekend.

The political spat has raised fears that Iraq's sectarian wounds will be reopened during a fragile time when Iraq is finally navigating its own political future without U.S. military support.

Is there nothing that Obama can't do?


At least two people have been killed and up to 47 others wounded when up to four grenades exploded outside the main courthouse in the eastern Belgian city of Liege.

Via Drudge

Related - Microphones accidently left on after G20 meeting pick up private conversation between US, French presidents.

h/t Adrian

From an editorial in the very conservative Washington Times:


Precedent always makes policy, but this is both a dangerous precedent and bad policy. The memo may attempt to explain how this utilitarian argument for assassination overawes constitutional guarantees of due process, but so long as the report remains locked away in the White House, we may never know...[via Spotlight on Military News and International Affairs]

Then Richard Cohen in the Washington Post (not as liberal a paper as some might think, compare to the Gray Lady editorially) :


The Justice Department memo and its acknowledgment of Awlaki’s citizenship are ample proof that the Obama administration realized it was crossing a line. But it did so on the sneak — a memo, still secret, written by two lawyers you and I never heard of...


1) Bush tortures foreigners;

2) Obama kills an American.

Go figure. Very nasty things may sometimes be needed for raison d'État. But one then keeps them covert when they may offend commonly accepted legal, and other, principles--instead of effectively boasting of them.

Take that, troofers!

It is also notable that within days of these events, the embassy of Saudia Arabia, a state which until recently was viewed as a potentially heavyweight broker in the negotiation process, has decided to pull up stakes and evacuate its staff from Kabul.
h/t Bill Roggio

A Message for Ahmadinejad;

New York is an annual ritual Ahmadinejad looks forward to. The U.N. indulges his fantasies of being a world statesman, and he gets a vacation from the internecine rivalries and political intrigues that have become a hallmark of the Iranian regime.

Most of all, he relishes the opportunity to pontificate in the presence of academics and opinion makers. Last year, for example, a group of Yale University students held a question and answer session with Ahmadinejad in New York. The students were led by Hillary Leverett, a Yale professor who, a few months before, authored an article with the title, "Ahmadinejad Won. Get Over It." Even the dullest of minds can imagine the obsequious tone of that conversation.

Away from the bosom of the Ivy League, Ahmadinejad can give an interview to one of the many broadcasters eager to repeat his past tete-a-tetes on the major networks. Should the interviewer pitch an adversarial question, Ahmadinejad can be relied upon to smile and take a swipe at Israel or America in response.

And let's not forget the extremists of various hues seeking photo opportunities.

Past recipients of Ahmadinejad's embrace include the Nation of Islam, along with a tiny sect of ultra-orthodox Jews whose hatred of Israel leads them to consort with a Holocaust denier, and a bewildering range of organizations claiming to be "progressive." In 2010, we were treated to the spectacle of "Code Pink,"a group of self-proclaimed feminists, exchanging pleasantries with the president of a country that punishes women convicted of adultery by stoning them to death!

Ahmadinejad's most well-known encounter with the U.S. elite was back in 2006, when he appeared before a packed audience at Columbia University at the invitation of its president, Lee Bollinger. He may get a second opportunity this year, if the reports of an intimate dinner with students under Columbia's auspices turn out to be true.

All these gatherings have one feature in common: Iranian dissidents like myself are nowhere to be seen.

(At time of writing) a Google News search for "Ahmad Batebi" produced only one network result: Fox News.

With a party of Jew-hating totalitarians to vote for;

On Thursday, a team of 15 to 20 armed al-Qaeda terrorists (members of the Palestinian Popular Committees, an al-Qaeda affiliate) snaked through tunnels from Gaza to Sinai. From there, they hiked 200 kilometers over land, either ignored or facilitated by Egyptian army forces. They were thus able to sneak into Israel through the porous border at Eilat — porous because Israel has not needed to worry much about its Egyptian border for the last 30 years.

At around noon, the terrorists took up positions along the highway and opened fire at buses and cars. One detonated a suicide belt. In all, eight Israelis were killed and 30 more wounded. The terrorists shot to death a family of four who were just out driving in their car — father, mother, and their 6- and 4-year-old kids (“resistance” against the “occupiers,” as Islamists like to say). Barry Rubin counts this as al-Qaeda’s first successful terrorist attack against Israel.

From here, the story gets more frightful.

Read the whole thing. But hey, how 'bout that Libyan thing!

So while we wait for the commentariat to sort out their adjectives, and review what I’ve heard is the shooter’s 1500 page “manifesto,” I’ve been struck by other interesting aspects of the case of the man I like to think of as “the Bill Ayers of Norway”...

Good to know he's facing hard time.

Related! Democrat congressman and climate change "hawk" David Wu (more here) accused of sexually assaulting teen. (See how easy that was?)

Also, on the religious relativism watch - anyone got tape of fundamentalist Christians taking to the streets to celebrate? Pass it along, please.

CTV News: Canadians arrested in Gaza flotilla

[Gaza flotilla spokesman Ehab Lotayef] said Kneen and Coleman were in their kayaks "cheering the boat as it was leaving."



Darkness in Palestine: Michael Totten visits Hebron.

Despite nearly a decade of war, al Qaeda is stronger today than when it carried out the 9/11 attacks. Before 2001, its history was checkered with mostly failed attempts to fulfill its most enduring goal: the unification of other militant Islamist groups under its strategic leadership. However, since fleeing Afghanistan to Pakistan’s tribal areas in late 2001, al Qaeda has founded a regional branch in the Arabian Peninsula and acquired franchises in Iraq and the Maghreb. Today, it has more members, greater geographic reach, and a level of ideological sophistication and influence it lacked ten years ago.

h/t FM

Indeed! "I can’t believe the same crowd that wanted Abu Ghraib pictures endlessly published find a photo confirming Osama bin Laden’s demise to be possibly inflammatory."

Reaping the benefits of the Bush War For Oil: is there nothing that Obama can't do?

“Abu Ahmad al-Kuwaiti was a senior al-Qaeda facilitator and subordinate of [Khalid Sheikh Mohammed]. Al-Kuwaiti worked in the al-Qaeda media house operated by [Khalid Sheikh Mohammed] in Kandahar and served as a courier.”

The file suggests that the courier’s identity was provided to the US by another key source, the al-Qaida facilitator Hassan Ghul, who was captured in Iraq in 2004 and interrogated by the CIA.

Somewhat unsafe for work.

Also - Cheney's "assasination ring" are today's heroes. What a difference a Democrat makes.


Furthermore - pay no attention to where the one-in-a-million Islam distorting extremist chose to nestle his security fortress.

Osama Bin Laden is dead, taken out by a covert US operation outside Islamibad. A huge setback for civil rights lawyers.

Update: Watched Obama and details of Bin Laden's dispatch on CNN. Now switching to #CBC to see how other side's taking it...

This earlier report was certainly related. Google map. Military base is located at corner of Kakul and Awami, Bin Laden compound reported to be on Kabul Road, "within 1,000 ft" of the base. (Edited to remove satellite photo until I have better info.)

Update - here's a page showing the compound's location.

More - Brief ABC video of the inside.

Morning reaction from a corner of Canadian Progressistan;

I’m closing comments on this post even more so because I cannot process the dancing in the streets I saw in the US last night. My soul is chilled and shaken. It aches and trembles on a level I cannot articulate. I am struck silent watching the mobs, as I was struck silent the day the twin towers came down.

Waterboarding - is there nothing it can't do?


In all my years working for the U.S. government I have rarely seen anything as mystifying as our outreach to Muslims. Do we really need it? Sure. We need to be reaching out to the Muslim leaders who are working to prevent radicalization, not the ones who are making it happen. But that isn’t what we’re doing.

Instead we’re having countless meetings from the Cabinet level on down with groups and individuals that we know are bad guys and who we’ve repeatedly said in court are actively working to support terrorist groups overseas. We even had [FBI General Counsel] Valerie Caproni meeting regularly with these Hamas guys to get their guidance. What advice do you think they were giving her?

And she knew exactly who she was dealing with. It was the FBI who went into federal court and said that CAIR is Hamas.


US withdrawing its warplanes from Libya mission.

Looting a Yemeni ammo factory - what could possibly go wrong?

Yemeni state media blamed the disaster on al-Qaida, saying terrorists who raided the factory had lured civilians into a "trap." Residents said someone may have dropped a cigarette in the building Monday, triggering the explosions and resulting fire.

They're on the other side - CNN celebrates jihad-martyrdom suicide bomber as hero

More at the IDF blog.

- Dear Reuters, You Must Be Kidding

Two United States airmen were killed and two injured on Wednesday when a gunman opened fire on an American military bus at the Frankfurt airport, according to American military officials in Europe.

[...] The suspected gunman, who is in custody, is 21-year-old Kosovar who lives in Frankfurt, according to a city police spokesman, Manfred Füllhardt.

[...] Speaking on condition of anonymity to protect his business, he said witnesses told him that the gunman first talked to the military personnel to find out who they were and then opened fire, shouting “God is great” in Arabic.


An Israeli intelligence officer led me to this concealed yet sweltering viewpoint near the border fence overlooking Lebanon where Hezbollah guerrillas were busy fortifying positions for the next round of conflict, a round that will almost certainly be bloodier and more destructive for both sides than the last. A small green valley covered with Mediterranean scrub stood between us and the Party of God.

“Four years ago you could easily see Hezbollah positions and bunkers from here,” she said. “Now you can’t. Hezbollah pretends to respect United Nations Security Council Resolution 1701, but that’s just their public face. Their posts are now hidden in houses and mosques.”

The rest.

SDA flashback.

Michael Totten interviews Giulio Meotti.

Using Facebook as a communication platform for your secret terrorist bomb plot - what could possibly go wrong?

The Quebec HRC has just awarded a pilot by the name of Javed Latif $319,000 in compensation for racial discrimination by Bombardier when it refused to allow him to take pilot training at one of their facilities... [and has] ordered Bombardier to “stop applying or considering the standards or decisions of American authorities in terms of ‘national security’”.

h/t Hebbert

Jeff Dunetz;

When my family entered the El Al terminal at Newark Airport, we were met by someone who asked where we came from and where were going. When we got into the terminal and on the line to check in, an El Al employee asked my 12 year old son (out of my ear’s range) why we were going to Israel. He asked if we were Jewish and when my son answered yes, so followed up by asking the name of our Synagogue and our Rabbi’s name. But while he was asking questions I could feel his eyes gauging my reaction to our kid’s interrogation. The “interrogation” took no longer than thirty seconds. When he was done with my son, he came to me and asked the same questions (plus the typical who packed your luggage-type queries) once again gauging my reaction very closely.

Like the Mossad, tank drivers, and air force pilots, Israeli airport security have that super hero, no-nonsense, get to the point directness and efficiency. “Who packed your bags?” “What was your bar mitzah portion?” “Why are you even here visiting?” This quick-fire interrogation was not bothersome but reassuring. We got the feeling that we were dealing with people who knew what they were doing.


Related - "The Nation magazine, a liberal publication that typically opposed George W. Bush's NSA snooping on our phone calls, has a new article attacking those who oppose Barack Obama's TSA snooping around our boxer briefs."

Don Surber;

Before he left office, President Bush 43 had a conviction of 9-11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in federal court. All President Obamahad to do was accept KSM’s guilty plea.

But noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

The plot thickens...

Welcome Back, Khadr.

Welcome back, your plea was your ticket out.

Welcome back, to that same old place that you laughed about.

Well the government's changed since you hung around,

But your murderous crime has come back around.

Who'd have thought it'd lead ya? (your lawyer knew it'd lead ya)

Back here where we'll free ya? (eight years'll be a breeze, ya)

Yeah we'll tease you a lot 'cause it's the only chance we've got, welcome back.

Liberal hacks've got your back, you sack of crap.

Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back."

More from Brian Lilley.

A Michael Totten interview with Martin Kramer;

Iran wants to create uncertainty there because oil is the only thing it has. Iran has nothing else—some carpets and pistachio nuts, and that’s it. Their population continues to grow, their needs continue to grow, and their grand ambitions continue to grow. So this, I think, is the first thing they would do with it. All it takes is to create a crisis or a succession of crises.

Iran knows it can’t wrest sole hegemony in the Gulf from the United States, but it wants to create a kind of dual hegemony shared with the United States. Nobody knows where the lines would run, but they wouldn’t run just five to ten miles off the coast Iran into the waters of the Persian Gulf. Iran would like to see its share extend to both sides of the Gulf, to effectively create a kind of push and shove between the United States and Iran.

A lot of people on the Arab side of the Gulf will say they feel Iran’s breath on their faces. The United States is there now, but the British were there once, too, and now they’re gone. The Persians are always there and will always be there. So we’ll see a lot of hedging. Iran would be perceived as the rising power and the United States a declining power.

Canada's smartest columnist misses the point.

From a practical standpoint, Williams' concern is misplaced. The perpetrators of most high-profile terror attacks of the past decade were Muslims who weren't in "Muslim garb," who weren't outwardly "identifying themselves first and foremost as Muslims." [...] They went to strip joints and wore khakis rather than flowing robes and head scarves.

Or; "Khakis didn't fly people into skyscrapers. Muslims did."


Terrorism: Useless goverment “action”

Anne Applebaum of the Washington Post puts what I have been thinking very clearly:

Terror warnings: Be specific or be quiet...

Meanwhile, try finding this at our government’s Foreign Affairs' website:

The Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade is closely monitoring the security situation in Europe...

Maybe they think the warning is useless too.

Horror at Guantanamo. Warning. Graphic images.

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak offered to return the Golan in 2000,

...but Syria’s Assad said no. Most Middle Eastern political analysts assume Assad never wanted a deal, that he merely went through the motions because it suited him at the time. Syria’s secular non-Muslim Alawite-dominated government needs a permanent state of war with Israel to survive in a country with a hostile Sunni majority. Resistance temporarily lends the regime the legitimacy it would otherwise lack. Assad needed an excuse, though, to say no when the Israeli government agreed to return the Golan for peace. And his excuse was that Israel would not give him the eastern shore of the sea.

A long and interesting piece by Michael Totten.

They're not against the war on terrorism. They're on the other side.

The Obama administration has shelved the planned prosecution of Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, the alleged coordinator of the Oct. 2000 suicide attack on the USS Cole in Yemen, according to a court filing.

The decision at least temporarily scuttles what was supposed to be the signature trial of a major al-Qaeda figure under a reformed system of military commissions. And it comes practically on the eve of the 10th anniversary of the attack, which killed 17 sailors and wounded dozens when a boat packed with explosives ripped a hole in the side of the warship in the port of Aden.

In a filing this week in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, the Justice Department said that "no charges are either pending or contemplated with respect to al-Nashiri in the near future."

Prominent members of Ottawa's Muslim community will meet with a team that specializes in defusing police-community tensions to allay fears and explain why the RCMP arrested two men suspected of planning a terrorist attack on Canada.

Because, you know, such things must be explained.

Michael Totten;

Jonathan Spyer is not your typical Israeli journalist and political analyst. He has a PhD in International Relations, he fought in Lebanon during the summer war of 2006, then went *back* to Lebanon as a civilian on a second passport.

I can’t say I felt particularly brave venturing into Hezbollah’s territory along the Lebanese-Israeli border, but it takes guts for Israelis to go there. If Hezbollah caught him and figured out who he was, he would have been in serious trouble.

No one he met in Lebanon knew where he was from. Everyone thought he was British. And no one in Israel but his friends and colleagues knew he went back to Lebanon on his own. He decided, though, that he may as well “out” himself on my blog.

Besides offering an official apology? A website from The Canada-Israel Committee.

Now is the time at SDA when we flashback!

Connecticut, USA , 2010 - Then it got worse: Reporters started showing up at Shahzad's house in Shelton, waiting for the arrest to happen. Shahzad was actually up the road at a ramshackle apartment he had rented in Bridgeport. That's where officers were watching him — but apparently that also was leaked. A TV reporter showed up there and waited.

Beach In Somalia, 1992 - As Navy Seals and Marine reconnaissance teams came shore under the glare of television lights, the spotlights and flash attachments gave away their positions, interfered with their sophisticated night-vision equipment and gave night blindness to commandos who wanted to have their eyes fully adjusted to darkness in case they were attacked from the dunes and scrub.

h/t Ardvark

Twenty-five cents of analysis, from a $183 a vote mayor.

More - "I do hope they ask Faisal Shahzad his views on the individual mandate."

Indeed. Because where the accused got the idea to put "car bomb" together with "civilian target" is a question that continues to confound authorities.

The smoldering propane tank, powder, gasoline and timing device equipped Pathfinder "appears" to be a car bomb, but they "haven't attached a motive to it".

A federal official said that domestic security officials had been informed that the event did not appear to be a terrorist threat.

Until they can blame it on tea parties.

The climate fascists are getting restless...

Emerging battle-bruised from the disaster zone of Copenhagen, but ever-hopeful, a rider on horseback brought news of darkness and light: "The politicians have failed. Now it's up to us. We must break the law to make the laws we need: laws that are supposed to protect society, and protect our future. Until our laws do that, screw being climate lobbyists. Screw being climate activists. It's not working. We need an army of climate outlaws."

The proper channels have failed. It's time for mass civil disobedience to cut off the financial oxygen from denial and skepticism.

If you're one of those who believe that this is not just necessary but also possible, speak to us. Let's talk about what that mass civil disobedience is going to look like.

If you're one of those who have spent their lives undermining progressive climate legislation, bankrolling junk science, fueling spurious debates around false solutions, and cattle-prodding democratically-elected governments into submission, then hear this:

We know who you are. We know where you live. We know where you work.

And we be many, but you be few.

Maybe. But I'll wager we have more ammo.

Update: From the comments - "It's not like they didn't warn us..."

So, I'm looking over the list of banned terror organizations and can't help but notice the name "Amnesty International" is missing.

What gives?

I had my camera along, but BCF did a much better job. Enjoy!

(It's a little shaky near the end. Hopefully, he'll post another video showing the proximity of the new Hezbollah bunkers to our plucky UN observers.)

Jonathon Narvey collected other reports here, plus a few past writings from our incomparable guide Uri.

I knew you could!

National Post;

The Supreme Court of Canada has refused to order the Harper government to seek Omar Khadr's repatriation from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

In a unanimous ruling Friday, the court said that Mr. Khadr's constitutional rights were violated, but concluded that it would intrude on the government power over foreign relations to force officials to ask the U.S. to send the accused terrorist home.

"The appropriate remedy in this case is to declare that Khadr's charter rights were violated, leaving it to the government to decide how to best decide in light of current information, its responsibility over foreign affairs and the charter," said the 9-0 ruling.

The decision overturns two earlier rulings that ordered the government to request Khadr's return to his birth country, as payback for its maltreatment of the 23-year-old.

Mr. Khadr has been detained at the U.S. military compound at Guantanamo since 2002, where he was sent after allegedly throwing a grenade that killed a U.S. soldier following a shootout between American forces and al-Qaeda fighters in Afghanistan.

He faces five charges, including murder as a war crime, and is scheduled to be tried in July before a military tribunal.

Canada has just become the first Western government to cut off aid to UNRWA, the UN agency that runs Palestinian “refugee” camps and does so much to abuse and radicalize Palestinians and prevent any resolution of the conflict.

More at the National Post

Raymond W. Kelly’s remarks Thursday to The New York Young Republican Club started out sounding very boilerplate – like a speech by any of the City’s mayors, police officials, and tourism execs: “Crime is down, tourism is up, come to Times Square and see a show.” So why had the NY Post’s Maggie Haberman announced his appearance as “unusual” and “surprising”?

By the time it was over, it was clear why. We had witnessed this politically independent, world-class police commissioner quietly employ a few dry statistics and facts to slide an anvil off a ledge, allowing gravity to deliver its full weight upon Barack Obama’s head.

h/t BB

Scott Johnson;

Marc Thiessen is the author of Courting Disaster: How the CIA Kept America Safe and How Barack Obama Is Inviting the Next Attack , about which he wrote for us here. As White House speechwriter for George Bush, Thiessen was locked in a secure room and given access to the most sensitive intelligence when he was assigned the task of writing Bush's September 2006 speech explaining the CIA's interrogation program and why Congress should authorize it. Few men in a position to address the subject knowledgeably in public know more about these CIA operations than Thiessen.


Yesterday Thiessen clashed with Amanpour and Sands on CNN. During the segment Thiessen confronted Amanpour with her wild misstatements about the CIA interrogations and disputed Sands's assertion regarding the inefficacy of the techniques in issue. I don't think Amanpour will be having Thiessen back any time soon.

They're worth the watch. Part One and Part Two.

And not courthouses.

Zakaria Amara, 23, the group's ringleader, pleaded guilty on Oct. 8. A police informant described him as being a "time bomb waiting to go off" and having a "total indifference to innocent life." He was sentenced this week to life in prison, but will be eligible for parole in six years.

Saad Gaya, 21, a McMaster University student, pleaded guilty on Sep. 28. The group's ringleaders selected Gaya to drive one of the bomb-laden trucks to its target. He was sentenced to 12 years in prison this week, but will be eligible for parole in 3½ years.

Ali Mohamed Dirie, 26, a Somali-Canadian, was sentenced to seven years in prison after pleading guilty to smuggling guns for the terrorist group. While in prison, Dirie "took an active role in recruiting other inmates to adopt extreme jihadi beliefs," the Crown prosecutor said during his trial.

Saad Khalid, 23, was the first of the group to plead guilty. The Saudi-born Khalid was sentenced to 14 years but could be released on parole in just more than two years because of seven years' credit given for time served. Khalid bought electrical components and recruited another person into the group. Crown prosecutors say they willl appeal his sentence.

Nishanthan Yogakrishnan, 18 at the time of his arrest, is a Sri Lankan convert to Islam. He was convicted last September and sentenced to 30 months, but credited for time served and released on parole. Yogakrishnan was first person found guilty under anti-terrorism legislation passed by Parliament in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks in the United States.

Amin Durrani, 23, was sentenced yesterday to 7½ years in prison but will be released today on strict parole, having been given extra credit for time already served in custody.


The following have signed peace bonds in which they agreed to undergo rehabilitation and stay out of trouble, and in exchange the Crown agreed not to proceed with their prosecution:

- A father in his mid-40s, described as a spiritual leader to some of the accused.

- A recent university graduate, described by a lawyer as a model citizen.

- A young university student.

- A man originally charged with importing firearms for the group.

- Three young offenders released in February 2007.

Or the Toronto Star.

Ralph Peters;

Rarely in the course of human events has a report issued by any government agency been so cowardly and delusional. It's so inept, it doesn't even rise to cover-up level.

"Protecting the Force: Lessons From Fort Hood" never mentions Islamist terror. Its 86 mind-numbing pages treat "the alleged perpetrator," Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, as just another workplace shooter (guess they're still looking for the pickup truck with the gun rack).


Unquestionably, the officers who let Hasan slide, despite his well-known wackiness and hatred of America, bear plenty of blame. But this disgraceful pretense of a report never asks why they didn't stop Hasan's career in its tracks.

The answer is straightforward: Hasan's superiors feared -- correctly -- that any attempt to call attention to his radicalism or to prevent his promotion would backfire on them, destroying their careers, not his.

Hasan was a protected-species minority. Under the PC tyranny of today's armed services, no non-minority officer was going to take him on.

h/t nick

Bringing a monthly status report to a Semtex fight.



Associated Press;

An airline passenger in Miami proclaimed "I want to kill all the Jews" before police forced him off a Detroit-bound plane, authorities said Thursday.

Mansor Mohammad Asad, 43, of Toledo, Ohio, was arrested Wednesday night, according to a Miami-Dade Police Department statement. Asad was charged with threats against a public servant, disorderly conduct and resisting an officer without violence.

FBI spokeswoman Judy Orihuela said there were no indications the disturbance was related to terrorism. The bureau was initially brought in to look into the incident but is no longer involved in the investigation. She said the FBI is treating the disruption as a matter for local authorities.

Related - another teaching moment for Al Queda.

Plus, it's not like the bomb went off or anything!

A failed airport security test...

... ended up with a Slovak man unknowingly carrying hidden explosives in his luggage on a flight to Dublin, Slovakian officials admitted Wednesday.

While the Slovaks blamed the incident on "a silly and unprofessional mistake," Irish officials and security experts said it was foolish for them to hide actual bomb parts in the luggage of innocent passengers under any circumstances.

Advice from a pilot;

Some things to look for: groups or pairs of men, a passenger talking to themselves, speaking Arabic, watching crewmembers (this is different than looking), staring at the cockpit door, long stays or multiple trips to the lavatory, reading a book but not turning any pages, nervousness, being unusual by trying to fit in, taking pictures/videos, not making eye contact. When you are at the boarding area and on the plane if you notice a suspicious passenger, look for others. How many? If it is one or two then they could be planning on bombing the aircraft or just making observations of crew procedures. 6 or more? Then this cell’s objective would be hijacking the plane by brute force. Also remember that there are sleepers that try to blend in with the other passengers and could be very hard to notice. A website reports a well-dressed man in custody that was also a passenger on Delta Flight 253. After an incident, your entire plane might be delayed for security and they will treat everyone as suspects. Also expect the government and airline to try to cover up parts or all of an event.

Andrew Marcus;

This report is interesting because even as it parrots the Jihad narrative, it provides more in depth background information and perspective on American, Saudi, and Iranian involvement in Yemen than anything we have seen from just about any US “news” outlet.

What a sad comment on the state of US/Western media, that “Jihad TV” is a better source of information pertinent to this aspect of the world war we are engaged in.

He's just a lonely boy.... lonely and BOOM!

The 23-year-old Nigerian man accused of the attempted Christmas Day bombing of an American airliner apparently turned to the Internet for counseling and companionship, writing in an online forum that he was "lonely" and had "never found a true Muslim friend."

"I have no one to speak too [sic]," read a posting from January 2005, when Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was attending boarding school. "No one to consult, no one to support me and I feel depressed and lonely. I do not know what to do. And then I think this loneliness leads me to other problems."

Read the whole Washington Post investigative journalism thingie, and you too, can join the millions of others who now know more about the college years of the Undi-bomber than they do those of the President of the United States.

h/t Peter C.

"We have no suggestion that Mrs. O'Leary's cow was improperly inspected"


A case of Peri-Millionaire Banker's Son Stress Disorder nearly results in tragedy;

A man is on the no-fly list but is allowed to board the plane. Everyone flying on an inbound long-haul flight to the United States is forced to hand over excessively large amounts of liquids and gels and put the small amounts permitted into separate plastic bags, yet the no-fly guy's material for bomb-making sails through undetected.

This time the last line of defense worked. Next time, the paradise-seeking jihadist might get lucky and find himself sitting next to, say, Charlie Sheen, too immersed in a lengthy treatise on how 9/11 was an inside job to notice the smoldering socks in the next seat; or to the same kind of nothing-to-see-here crowd who thought Major Hasan's e-mails were "consistent with his research interests".

(Speaking of the uncommon heroism of the earthbound, here's commentary that cries out for a few minutes of combustive companionship in a two-seater...)

Update - This account mentioned in the comments looks to be legit.

Flight 253 passenger: Sharp-dressed man aided terror suspect Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab onto plane without passport


Lord Fraser said that there was “a growing suspicion about what the Libyans are up to with [Libyan Lockerbie bomber] al-Megrahi.” He said: “I and others understood that he was released on the grounds of compassion and that he was going to die.”

Previous - "Doesn't it make you proud to be Scottish?"

h/t tim

"Bomb-sniffing dogs on Vancouver transit worry Muslim leader."

It's a wonderful world we live in.

Via Andy McCarthy;

In effect, Pakistani intelligence is running its own secret war against America, a war bankrolled by the Saudis. These are the Taliban's shadow partners. And they are winning. In effect, we are offering Pakistan-based insurgents 30,000 new targets with no changes in the rules of engagement. Even now, when our troops come under attack, they are not permitted to pursue enemy fighters back across the border and destroy their Pakistani redoubts. Imagine sending troops to France to free the French from the Nazis but failing to take out their Eagle's Nest next door in Germany. Welcome to our war policy today in Afghanistan.

Much more at the link.

Ottawa Citizen

The fast-moving international case against a Pakistani-Canadian businessman charged with plotting a terror attack in Denmark and suspected of others in India moved into Pakistan on Monday night with news of the capture of another suspect.


If confirmed, Kashmiri's arrest will expand the global nature of the case, which already has connections to Chicago, Copenhagen, Mumbai and Kanata. It would also highlight the intercontinental reach of suspected terrorist operations.

Canadian Tahawwur Hussain Rana, 48, and Pakistani-American David Coleman Headley, 49, were arrested in Chicago by the FBI last month and accused of plotting the murder of an editor and cartoonist at the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten, which ran controversial cartoons of the prophet Mohammad in 2005. They face charges of conspiring to provide material support for terrorism and providing material support to terrorism.

Buried way, way down at the bottom...

According to his brother, Rana is "honest" and "hard-working." In Monday's edition of The Hill Times, Abbas Rana said the charges against his the brother were "false," and that the ordeal had plunged his family into a nightmare.


"Abbas is a respected Parliament Hill journalist who has been on the The Hill Times staff for seven years,"

via Bourque

Seven salient facts about Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan.

h/t Robert W.

But New York City gets the circus!

Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, the self-described [*!] mastermind of the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, and four other men accused in the plot will be prosecuted in federal court in New York City, a federal law enforcement official said early Friday.

Is there nothing that Obama can't do?

* Alleged!

Speaking of Sheikh Jihadi Extreme Makeover....

I knew I'd seen that face before!

Benjamin Kerstein;

Elected to enact sweeping, revolutionary change, especially in the Middle East, Obama’s efforts thus far have been an embarrassing failure. Netanyahu shows no signs of making preliminary concessions, Abbas is threatening to resign rather than face negotiations with Israel without a complete settlement freeze, and the Arab states show no signs of making any gestures toward normalization. Faced with humiliation on all fronts, Obama is currently busy trying to placate all sides, telling both us and the Palestinians what he thinks we want to hear, while convincing no one of his sincerity.

Less than a year into his term, then, Obama is presented with two potentially disastrous scenarios. First, he may come out of this looking weak, feckless, and incompetent in one of the areas he promised to be most effective and influential. The damage to his political standing and prestige could be immense. Second, and more importantly, his image (and, I suspect, self-image) as an omnipotent healer and messianic agent of change, already badly compromised, could be shattered completely. Given that his meteoric political rise was based on little more than that image – a fact of which he must be at least subconsciously aware – such an outcome would place not only his foreign policy clout but his entire presidency in jeopardy.

Given all this, it is not unthinkable that Obama may have concluded that the only way out of this impasse of his own making is to make an unexpected, game-changing move; one that would both remake the map of the Middle East and cement his reputation as the harbinger of a new politics and a “new world,” as he put it in his Cairo speech. Recognition of a unilaterally declared Palestinian state is precisely the kind of Hail Mary pass he may be looking for. It would bring him the adoration of his far-left base and the Arab nations, as well as many European politicians; it would turn him into the hero who defied the dreaded Israel Lobby; and it would write his name into the history books as the man who ended a century-old conflict. There might even be a second Nobel Prize in the offing, this time for actually accomplishing something. One imagines that such temptations may well be difficult to resist.

h/t Ben

ABC News;

U.S. intelligence agencies were aware months ago that Army Major Nidal Hasan was attempting to make contact with people associated with al Qaeda, two American officials briefed on classified material in the case told ABC News.

That sound you hear in the distance is the mainstream media changing gears from "Hasan The Hapless Victim" to finger pointing at the failure of those within the Obama administration to "connect the dots" ... oh, wait...

Questions remain - victim of war or victim of feminism? Well, he'd never actually been to war....

Kim is of my best friends in dog sport, and owns one of my Mini Schnauzers. When I learned earlier today that she'd been on the scene at Fort Hood, I asked if she'd be willing to write about the experience. In her own words....

I was notified by dispatch that there were several shots fired and potentially several victims. The scene was not safe so we were instructed to "stage" close to the scene. While staging I was approached by a police officer that their was an "officer down!"...I told him I had not gotten a "code 4", our code that the scene was safe for emergency responders to enter the scene. The officer left and came back again to me to tell me again there was an officer down and needed EMS NOW!

He assured me the scene was safe so we proceeded into the scene. Several bystanders were around and Ft Hood fire dept was already on scene. My partner went to a pt lying on the ground on her side of the ambulance and I approached the officer who had been shot; her gun shot wound was exposed which appeared to be potentially fatal due to the location, a tourniquet was applied prior to my arrival which probably saved her life; she was conscious but appeared very pale and probably in compensated shock at this point due to the massive amount of blood loss I witnessed around her.

I was then summoned to other patients calling for EMS; the next pt I approached was shot in the neck with a arterial bleed...I instructed bystanders to continue to hold pressure to the wound and gave them bandaging material. I triaged several pt's with potentially life threatening wounds, each worse than the next.

A young man walked up to me and asked if I could help him, I asked him, "where are you shot?", he told me in the chest...I directed him to go sit in my ambulance and an army medic sat with him and started oxygen and bandaging on him; in the mist of the madness I was trying to determine who would be the first to be transported still waiting on the helicopters to land so I could fly out the worst.

While getting more bandaging material off my ambulance several bystanders carried a soldier to my truck that had been shot in the head, he was conscious and breathing, he kept asking me "am I gonna die?", I told him I was doing the best I could, knowing from experience his situation appeared bleak.

Behind my ambulance several bystanders were doing CPR on a lady that had obviously been fatally shot, in a mas-cal situation you do "the most good for the most people"...that means save the ones you can and black tag the's a harsh truth but effective in this type of situation.

Since the helicopter was still not there I made the decision to take off and transport these two critical patients to Darnell Army Hosp which was about 4 mi away. I quickly dropped off those patients and headed back to the scene with an ER nurse as well to help. In the meantime, several other ambulances had showed up and others had been transported leaving me with one soldier shot in the shoulder, and deservedly last, the shooter was the last to leave the scene and was flown to a hosp approx 30 mil away since the local hosp's were overwhelmed at this point.

I consider myself and seasoned and experienced medic but no one can prepare you for a war zone, which is exactly what this was...I felt so helpless trying to help so many with such limited resources. Thank God for all the bystanders, fire dept and community EMS services that came to our aide. Thank you officer Kimberly Munley for being so brave and fearlessly doing your job....

And you too, Kim.

Now is the time at SDA when we juxtapose!

April, 2009 - “The report is not saying that veterans are extremists. Far from it,” Napolitano said on CNN’s State of the Union. “What it is saying is returning veterans are targets of right-wing extremist groups that are trying to recruit those to commit violent acts within the country. We want to do all we can to prevent that.”

November, 2009 - Napolitano said: "The investigation into the shootings has began and it would be inappropriate to speculate on the causes of this terrible crime, so let me not comment any further as the investigation is ongoing." While she was in Brussels, reports out of the US suggested that the suspect in the killing of at least 13 people at the Fort Hood base shouted "Allah Akbar" (God is great) before opening fire."

It's the new "cry for help".

According to the suspect's cousin, Hasan was also harassed after 9/11 because of his ethnicity, and was called a "camel jockey."

Well said: Horrific Outbreak of Stupidity

h/t Jason

Update: Not all are equally reluctant - "So we give congratulations to the Ummah for their jihadist operation executed by the brother Nidal Malik Hasan on the American base where he was working as a psychiatrist and recently (received orders to go Iraq), and he seemed upset and did not want to participate in this war, and he did not want to be among the ranks of infidels against his Muslim brothers"

It's what we pay them the big bucks for.

h/t Stan

At The Torch:

Islamist bad guys and Afstan/British brass hats and frock coats

The entire West Side Highway, the roof of the Marriott Hotel directly below, and everything flying through the air, was on fire. I stood there for what seemed an eternally long time, fixated in shock and amazement as the cars on the West Side Highway blew up, one after another. It took me about two seconds to deduce that I needed to get out - immediately. Although we had a good evacuation procedure in place, I was not going to wait for it to be dictated to me. I grabbed my backpack, then a frightened Karen, and stressed in a loud, forceful manor laced with foul language (using everything in the book and then some!) that everyone needed to move now!

h/t Kathy Shaidle, who notes;

PS: Nice of Obama to show up in New York earlier this week for the memorial service for... Walter Cronkite, a man whose televised lies slandered American servicemen and helped sign the death warrants of millions of abanonded anti-communist Vietnamese, who died so that a bunch of spoiled, dirty hippies could live and spread their contagion throughout society for the next fifty years.

Ooops, Obama couldn't make it to New York today though.

"Doesn't it make you proud to be Scottish?"

"Some hate the English. I don't. They're just wankers. We, on the other hand, are COLONIZED by wankers. Can't even find a decent culture to be colonized BY. We're ruled by effete assholes. It's a SHITE state of affairs to be in, Tommy, and ALL the fresh air in the world won't make any fucking difference! " *

Since nobody else seems willing to stick up for them;

A North African offshoot of al-Qaeda has China in its crosshairs because of its treatment of Muslim rioters in Urumqi last week.

A group called al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQM) is threatening attacks on the 50,000 Chinese workers in Algeria, according to a report prepared by international risk consultants Sterling Assynt and revealed in the South China Morning Post Tuesday.

The Chinese government is taking its first threat from Osama bin Laden’s deadly network seriously. Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang told reporters: “We will keep a close eye on developments and make joint efforts with relevant countries to take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of overseas Chinese institutions and people.”

Via Andrew Keyes, (who's waiting for a reaction from the left that will never come).

Jules Crittenden examines the explosive revelation;

So killing al-Qaeda leaders is not only a big controversial hush-hush secret, it’s also wrong.

OK, I’m confused. I thought that was what they were supposed to be doing. I’m pretty sure that’s what Bill Clinton had in mind when he was lobbing cruise missiles onto assorted patches of desert and rocky crags in Afghanistan. I know that is pretty much was George Bush was talking about with his “dead or alive” speech. In fact, when the U.S. military blew up Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and the CIA started lobbing Hellfires into Yemen and Waziristan, I thought that was the basic idea. Kill al-Qaeda leaders.

In response to a gruesome series of Islamic-Palestinian synagogue bombings in Europe, police officers guarded Europe’s synagogues and Jewish Centers. Now, synagogues all over New York City, tend to have barricades or some kind of police presence outside. We are now all Israelis: Not just the Jews, but the world’s civilians.

And thus, four African-American converts to Islam, all of whom converted to Islam in prison, have been arrested by the FBI just as they attempted to bomb two Riverdale synagogues, (the Riverdale Jewish Center and the Riverdale Temple), in the Bronx and a New York National Guard air base in Newburgh, New York where they lived and attended a mosque.

Why do I begin by clearly stating the race and religion of the terrorists? Because the liberal mainstream media refuses to do so, or buries such facts on its back pages.

h/t Frank

The first of a four part series by Michael Totten;

During my last trip to Baghdad I tried to figure out if the worst in Iraq is over or if the dramatic reduction in violence is just a long lull. Half the Iraqis and half the Americans I spoke to were optimistic. The other half think Iraq is probably doomed. I have no idea who's right, and neither does anyone else. This is the first in a four-part series where I'll present both cases and let you decide what to think for yourself. We'll start with the good news.

Former CIA director Porter J. Goss

Since leaving my post as CIA director almost three years ago, I have remained largely silent on the public stage. I am speaking out now because I feel our government has crossed the red line between properly protecting our national security and trying to gain partisan political advantage. We can't have a secret intelligence service if we keep giving away all the secrets. Americans have to decide now.

Foxnews - Mystery Shrouds Kidnap of Pro-Jihadist Canadian Activist by Pakistani Extremists

Rees dismisses the idea that Qahaar [Giesebrecht] is working with the Taliban and that the kidnapping is a hoax intended to raise money. The videos confirm that Qahaar is in real trouble, he says."

Kate at SDA;

Who cares?

h/t Vern

More here = She didn't simply stop being a Baptist and start being a Muslim. She became a nutter, or more precisely, she became even more of a nutter than she already was."

[al-Nafisi],,, "received his doctorate from Churchill College in Cambridge. He has been a visiting professor at Exeter University in England."

Steve Schippert blogs for Threats Watch and The Tank. Via email - "The one to watch in Pakistan is Nawaz Sharif - his 'Long March" protests engineered were not about democracy and judges but rather the specific judges that would remove the ban on him (and later, on his brother) from holding elected office. That he is a useful idiot for the AQ-Taliban - and a bridge, of sorts, to keep Pak politcal power seat warm for their own man. Well, well, well... Look what just happened in Pakistan."

Pakistan’s main opposition party on Tuesday received a major boost to its fast growing popularity after two of its key leaders returned to mainstream politics following the end of a battle in the Supreme Court.

The Pakistani Supreme Court suspended an earlier ruling that had disqualified Nawaz Sharif, the former prime minister, and his younger brother Shehbaz Sharif, from contesting elections to the federal and the provincial parliaments.

The verdict opened the way for the younger Mr Sharif to return as chief minister of the populous Punjab province, just over a month after he was forced to quit and direct federal rule was imposed on the province.

The disqualification had prompted Mr Nawaz Sharif, former prime minister and leader of the opposition Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), to lead a successful political campaign culminating with big street protests in Lahore, capital of the Punjab.

“I am thankful to the Almighty God for this restoration through a great people revolution,” the younger Mr Sharif said after the Supreme Court announced its verdict.

Under intense pressure from the Sharif brothers, Mr Zardari earlier restored Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhary as chief justice of the Supreme Court more than two years after he was sacked by former president Pervez Musharraf.

Steve explains -

"Unclear still whether Nawaz has been fully made eligible for office. Digging for better native Pakistani coverage via painfully slow connection & limited time.

Make no mistake, Sharif is no "champion of democratic rights." He, like every other party leadership in Pakistan, is hopelessly corrupt. Those who favor him simply prefer his corruption to that of others. He was banned for this corruption, as tried in courts. But of course, his accusations - true, generally - come and came from others in a game of pots calling kettles black.

So what's the difference among them? Nawaz Sharif has never and likely will never criticize the Taliban and bin Laden's al-Qaeda. There are reasons for this.

Also, Sharif is in favor of ending all cooperation with the US and NATO regarding fighting AQ/Taliban. He sees America as a Pakistani enemy.

He will soon be Pakistan's President. Game changer. Don't listen to Financial Times drivel about "Champion of Democracy" and Western investors longing for him. Whether they do or do not, whomever they are, his ascention will signal Pakistan one step closer to falling to those we are fighting.

Sharif is reported to have received "massive" campaign donations from Bin Laden in previous runs at Pakistan's PM's office . More background here.

(Related - "Flash! Neanderthal "War On Terror" is now officially declared over. Flash! Neanderthal Taliban Mehsud promises to hit D.C.!")

Because Greg Whats-his-name is the enemy;

"So we had in our custody a top commander of the Taliban, against which we have been at war for eight years and which, far from surrendering, has continued fighting and killing American troops throughout that time. But because Guantanamo Bay is purportedly a blight on our reputation in the international community (whatever that means), and because we have thus been under pressure from the Left to shut it down, we released the said top Taliban commander even as things were getting worse in Afghanistan. He, as anyone might have predicted, has gone straight back to the jihad. Now things have gotten so bad we've had to send more troops, and the guy we released is playing a key role fortifying enemy forces and helping them prepare roadside and suicide bombings against the increased forces we're sending.

But not to worry. The administration is working hard to make arrangements to release most of the remaining 240+ detainees so the President can make good on his commitment to close Gitmo by the beginning of next year."

Hey, but keep on keeping those eyes off the ball.

Update: SDA GETS RESULTS! The Canadian hosted site is down.

~$ ping
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Rusty Shackleford explains: Official Taliban websites are being hosted in Los Angeles, Houston and Winnipeg...

A reminder that providing business services, even free ones, to the Taliban violates the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA). Each IEEPA violation of carries a fine of up to $250,000.

These businesses generally use automated web based forms and so are probably unaware that they are breaking federal law and U.N. Security Council Resolutions by dealing with the Taliban. Please contact them with the information provided below and let them know who it is they are giving an internet platform to.

Remember, the "Voice of Jihad" websites are the Taliban's OFFICIAL websites and are OFFICIAL propaganda outlets for the Taliban's OFFICIAL spokesmen, Qari Youssef Muhammad and Zabihullah Mujahid. The IEAP website is another OFFICIAL website which is under the direction of Abdul Wasay, (aka, Mullah Agha Jan Mu'Tasim) the former finance minister for the Taliban and current head of the "political commission". Wasay/Mutasim is currently on the UN Security Council's sanction list.

But even if it wasn't against federal and international law to provide business services to the Taliban, it is highly immoral. We, the United States and Canada, are at war with the Taliban. Every day members of the Taliban attempt to kill NATO troops. Some days they succeed.

Alternate Pashtun "Voice of Jihad" URL:
= = Amray Hosting (Winnipeg, Canada) = Internet 123
Southfield, Michigan
Amray Abuse:
Internet 123 abuse:
Taliban e-mail:

Away from the "politics of fear". Towards the politics of tortured vocabulary.

In my speech, although I did not use the word "terrorism," I referred to "man-caused" disasters.

America is being run by crazy people.

...and their rogue teleprompters.

... President Obama thanked President Obama for inviting everyone over.

Related - the teleprompter gets angry!

And all I got was this lousy beheading video;

A top Taliban commander has issued a new threat to foreign aid workers, saying that under the insurgent group's new "constitution" they will execute them as spies or hold them in exchange for the release of Taliban fighters.

In an exclusive telephone interview Friday night with CNN, Mohammed Ibrahim Hanafi said the Taliban intelligence wing was actively gathering information on foreign aid workers. "If we get someone, that is how we will deal with it under our new constitution," he said.

He added that he was telling "Afghan brothers not to work with NGOs."

Related: Now this is speaking their language.

Meanwhile... (link fixed)

...Recent "apocalyptic" intelligence on the situation in Pakistan has sent shockwaves through the upper echelons of the Obama administration and convinced Mr Riedel's review team that radicals trained in Pakistan are the greatest threat to Western security.

One White House aide emerged from an intelligence briefing on Pakistan three days after Mr Obama's inauguration to exclaim: "Holy s--t!"

Remember! Experience only matters if you're Vice-President!

Wait. Why didn't Joe warn him?

More on Pakistan from Richard Fernandez.

"Tooth fairy believers unite, you have nothing to lose but your wings."

Is there nothing that Obama can't do?

What on Earth is the administration doing announcing plans to give $900 Million in aid to rebuild Hamas' Gaza Strip while our own Defense Department's Security Development Plan for the Federally Administered Tribal Areas of Pakistan "faces a shortfall of approximately $167.5 million, about 73 percent of its funding goal for fiscal year 2009," according to a GAO report?

Did we not just witness the American president heading up a "Fiscal Responsibility Summit"? With fiscal responsibility in such high demand, one must forget entirely the nearly $1 trillion in irresponsibly distributed 'stimulus' already signed into commitment and the half-trillion dollar supplemental spending bill being presented this week. In a less than three week span, the two spending packages together would instantly represent a more than 10% increase in the national debt accrued over this nation's entire history. Yet when it comes to Defense and National Security, seemingly the only budgets eyed for any significant spending cuts, critical operations and initiatives expect to be short changed and starved of funds.

The Department of Defense's Security Development Plan for the Federally Administered Tribal Areas of Pakistan, like the administration's $900 million Gaza aid plan, is directed at the heart of a terrorist haven. But the DoD initiative is directed at curtailing and/or cutting off terrorists from narcotics funding and undermining their stranglehold on and, to the degree that it exists, popular support of the local populations there. An alternative.

The Administration's Gaza reconstruction gift contains none of these counterterrorism dynamics. Not a one. There is but one ultimate distributor in Gaza: Hamas. The Obama administration can claim that "the aid would not go to Hamas but that it would be funneled through nongovernmental organizations," but the fact of the matter remains that the Hamas terrorist organization that dominates Gaza stands to gain from every penny. It most certainly will not be hindered. That equation is nowhere in the calculus.

The Israeli taxi arrived at Sderot just before noon. Thousands of terrorist rockets have rained on Israeli towns within range of Hamas-ruled Gaza, as the world mostly ignored the thunder. Those who knew about the attacks seemed to dismiss the rockets as just a nuisance, like mosquitoes. Yet the rockets have grown more and more powerful, to the point where the largest these days carries about 60 times more explosives than a hand grenade.

Michael Yon, from Sderot.

From the mouths of babes...

Accused terrorist Omar Khadr identified Maher Arar as someone he recognized from an al-Qaida-run "safe" house in Afghanistan, an FBI agent testified in a Guantanamo Bay military commission Monday.

Robert Fuller, who interrogated the Canadian-born terror suspect in October 2002, said Khadr made the identification from a black-and-white photo of Arar provided by FBI in Massachusetts - a state where Arar, now an Ottawa resident, once lived.


“He identified him by name,” Mr. Fuller testified. “He said he had never seen him in Canada.”"

When Fatah shows up to protest Hamas, you're supposed to pray for an air strike, not pick a favourite;

The Hamas official said that his security forces had launched a massive "preemptive" campaign aimed at thwarting Fatah's attempts to "spread anarchy and chaos." He confirmed that many Fatah operatives had been shot in the legs over the past few days by Hamas "to make sure that they don't help Israel."

Al Reuters;

Israeli warplanes bombed the Islamic University in the Gaza Strip on Sunday, a significant Hamas cultural symbol, in the latest of a series of aerial attacks in the coastal territory, the Islamist group said.

An Israeli army spokeswoman had no immediate comment on the strike. Witnesses said a series of explosions rocked the Gaza city campus. Israel has killed 298 Palestinians in an aerial offensive since Saturday in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip.

And that is all they offer - from Hamas' lips to the world's ears... Patrick Poole fills in the blanks;
Other reports have detailed how the IUG [Islamic University of Gaza] has also been used for weapons storage, launching rockets, and holding hostages. In February 2007, Palestinian security forces captured seven Iranian military trainers and confiscated 1,000 Qassam rockets located at the IUG. Another article reported that 2,000 AK-47s were also confiscated, as well as evidence that captured IDF soldier Gilad Shalit, abducted by Hamas in June 2006, had previously been held at the university.

A May 2007 International Herald Tribune article described IUG’s centrality in the Fatah-Hamas factional fighting in Gaza, with the university used to launch attacks against their rivals and for military training...

But the best part?
The labs were made possible by millions from a Saudi-financed charity in ... Ohio.

More - GONE: Islamic University, home of "Gaza Scholars"

"Of course there’s the chance that both sides will simultaneously win and that the eventual result of the Afghan/Pakistani campaign will be a population of pill-dropping, break dancing, sunglass wearing, Oprah-watching Muslim fundamentalists, half working for Osama and the other half reporting to Langley."

An analysis of Mumbai terror tactics and likely suspects, by Bill Roggio at the Long War Journal.

But the most curious kidnapping that occurred in Pakistan’s northwest has gone largely unreported. The Taliban kidnapped a Canadian journalist named Beverly Giesbrecht. CTV described Giesbrecht as "a Web magazine publisher in British Columbia who adopted the name Khadija Abdul Qahaar after converting to Islam after 9/11."

What magazine does Giesbrecht/Qahaar write for? None other than Jihad Unspun, a pro-al Qaeda, pro-Taliban, pro-jihadi rag that describes terrorists as "Mujahideen" and Western forces as "Occupiers." Jihad Unspun routinely posts translations of terrorist leaders.

A question for our readership!
What Should The Canadian Gov't Do To Secure Beverly Giesbrecht's release?
Nothing free polls

h/t rg


Ayers actually said: “I don’t regret setting bombs. I feel we didn’t do enough.” Asked whether he would advocate bombing again, he answered: “I don’t want to discount the possibility.” Or as he writes in his memoir: “I can’t imagine entirely dismissing the possibility.”
Ayers snivels here, worth reading for the comments. (Via)

The Australian;

THE Bali bombers Amrozi, Mukhlas and Imam Samudra have been executed, finally ending days of speculation about the Indonesian government's willingness to dispatch the country's most notorious terrorists."

By firing squad.

"What you did was re-evaluate the treatment of Maher Arar and decide that procedural mistakes along the way had been made. That didn't vindicate him from the charge that he was involved in fundr