The Sound Of Settled Science


Evidence is mounting that a tiny subatomic particle seems to be disobeying the known laws of physics, scientists announced on Wednesday, a finding that would open a vast and tantalizing hole in our understanding of the universe.
The result, physicists say, suggests that there are forms of matter and energy vital to the nature and evolution of the cosmos that are not yet known to science. The new work, they said, could eventually lead to breakthroughs more dramatic than the heralded discovery in 2012 of the Higgs boson, a particle that imbues other particles with mass.
“This is our Mars rover landing moment,” said Chris Polly, a physicist at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, or Fermilab, in Batavia, Ill., who has been working toward this finding for most of his career.
The particle célèbre is the muon, which is akin to an electron but far heavier, and is an integral element of the cosmos. Dr. Polly and his colleagues — an international team of 200 physicists from seven countries — found that muons did not behave as predicted when shot through an intense magnetic field at Fermilab.
The aberrant behavior poses a firm challenge to the Standard Model, the suite of equations that enumerates the fundamental particles in the universe (17, at last count) and how they interact.

Yes, just like a “Mars rover landing moment”!

Most physicists believe that a rich trove of new physics waits to be found, if only they could see deeper and further. The additional data from the Fermilab experiment could provide a major boost to scientists eager to build the next generation of expensive particle accelerators.

More muoney, please.

And The Vaccine Will Manufacture Itself

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a warning against all travel to Canada due to the ‘”current situation” in the country.
The United States CDC issued a Level 4 or “very high” warning against all travel to Canada, stating: “Because of the current situation in Canada even fully vaccinated travellers may be at risk for getting and spreading COVID-19 variants.”
If they must travel to Canada, U.S. residents are advised to “get fully vaccinated before travel.” Further, all travellers are instructed to wear a mask, stay six feet from others, avoid crowds, and wash their hands.
The advisory also notes that there is a “very high level of COVID-19 in Canada.”

Noted and quoted: “They can’t remove people blocking rail lines but they can erect a fence around a church. Weird.

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Margin Of Fraud

Isn’t there a word for the merger of corporate and government power?

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden again repeated his baseless smear that Georgia’s new election-integrity law is a modern version of “Jim Crow” and celebrated the fact that Coca-Cola, Delta, and Major League Baseball have condemned the legislation. He called these moves of woke capitalism “reassuring,” even while he admitted that MLB and others have left victims in their wake by pulling out of Georgia.

And I don’t think it’s “woke capitalism”.

Is United Airlines Knowingly Compromising the Safety of their Passengers?

If there are two candidates to become a pilot at United Airlines and one scores higher on their tests, you would think they would choose that candidate, right? But if the better candidate happens to be a white male, then they’ll choose the lesser candidate. They state this unequivocally, in their own words. Does it not seem bizarre that an airline would knowingly compromise the safety of its passengers?

Adding bricks to the camel’s back

While the CD Howe Institute is right about ditching Freeland’s $100 billion stimulus package, they go completely off the rails with the rest of the prescription.

The C.D. Howe as a result proposes a hike in GST from its current rate of five per cent up to seven per cent, reversing the previous Conservative government’s two per cent cut in 2006.

As if fearing that morale would not improve without further beatings, the report seems to believe that Canada’s carbon tax regime could use some additional help:

[The report] also proposes hiking GST on transportation fuels like gasoline and diesel by 10 per cent, which would “give consumers a strong price signal to discourage CO2 emissions,” it says.

The Sound Of Settled Science

The “food pyramid” will never be the same;

Despite a widespread belief that humans owe their evolution to the dietary flexibility in eating both meat and vegetables, researchers in Israel suggest that early humans were actually apex predators who hunted large animals for two million years before they sought vegetables to supplement their diet.
In a study recently published in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology, academics from Tel Aviv University in Israel and the University of Minho in Portugal examined modern biology to determine if stone-age humans were specialized carnivores or generalist omnivores.[…]
“We decided to use other methods to reconstruct the diet of Stone-Age humans: to examine the memory preserved in our own bodies, our metabolism, genetics and physical build,” Ben-Dor said.
“Human behaviour changes rapidly, but evolution is slow. The body remembers.”
They discovered 25 lines of evidence from the studied papers on human biology that seem to show that earlier Homo sapiens were apex predators at the top of the food chain.
For example, the academics explained that humans have a high acidity in their stomachs when compared to omnivores or even other predators, which is important for consuming animal products. […]
In addition to the evidence they collected by studying human biology, the researchers said archeological evidence from the Pleistocene period supports their theory.

The Supply Chains Are Fine


It could take several weeks to months to overcome the global shipping backlog.

The Port of Los Angeles reports that February volume jumped 47 percent compared to a year ago. Typically there is no wait, but delays now average more than a week.

In the world’s busiest container trans-shipment port, Singapore, the sailing schedule reliability has hit a 10 year low. Ports were already experiencing long waits and high demand for shipping containers due to the pandemic, then last month’s blockage in the Suez Canal added insult to injury.

What I’d like to know is how they think it will catch up given that not much has really changed?

Diversity and Exclusion

Excerpt from Lindsay Shepard’s new book in today’s National Post.

Christie Blatchford and I exchanged some initial emails and had a couple of brief phone calls so she could confirm the details of the incident, and ensure she got the facts straight. After I sent her the secretly-recorded audio, she wrote back to me, “I just listened. Jesus H. Christ, what a pompous pair of gits,” and “You do realize these people are INSANE?”


The book