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I, For One, Welcome Our New Self Driving Overlords

McKenna Approved

The shuttles can seat up to six people at a time and can travel at speeds of up to 25 km/h. Typically, the shuttles travel along a pre-programmed route and use sensors and software to detect their surroundings and avoid obstances.
Those sensors proved to be very sensitive during Monday’s test. Light snow, blowing leaves, and even geese that can frequently be found around Tunney’s Pasture brought the shuttle to a halt.

We’re All In This Together™

The American CEO of Costco was granted a special exemption from Canada’s mandatory 14-day COVID-19 quarantine to attend the openings of the grocery chain’s newest outlets, a CBC News investigation has learned.
Craig Jelinek and another top company executive, Joe Portera, travelled to Canada aboard a private Gulfstream jet in late August for a three-day store inspection blitz that took them to Ontario, Quebec and Alberta — the epicentres of this country’s novel coronavirus outbreak.

We Don’t Need No Stinking Giant Fans

Doug Denley;

Instead of talking about a trivial increase of a couple of dollars, Ontarians should be paying attention to the $4.7 billion the provincial government is borrowing this year to keep power bills artificially low. Ontarians are getting a rebate of 33 per cent off their real power costs. Pretending that power rates are far lower than they really are is a trifecta of political stupidity that the Liberals started, the PCs continued, and the NDP promises to make worse.
Ford defended the increase this week by saying that’s it’s rising at the rate of inflation. It is, but the increase has little to do with inflation. Instead, as the OEB pointed out, prices are going up because of declining demand.
But wait, wouldn’t decreasing demand in a market that already has a large supply surplus tend to lower prices, not increase them? Unfortunately, not in Ontario.
During the 15-year Liberal reign, the supply of wind, solar and natural gas generation increased to well beyond what the province required. For example, gas-fired generation makes up 25 per cent of provincial capacity but produces only six per cent of power output. In a free market, that kind of surplus would have driven prices down and pushed inefficient competitors out, but the Liberals had a solution for that. They guaranteed to pay for that new power, even if it was not needed or generated.
That’s the root cause of this week’s power increase. Guaranteed contracts have left Ontario with huge fixed power costs. As the volume of power used declined steadily for more than a decade, fixed costs rose to 18 times what they were back in 2008. Just over one-quarter of fixed costs now are attributed to wind and solar power.

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Margin Of Fraud


Elections Canada says it has identified roughly 3,500 cases of people who voted in 2019’s federal election where there was conflicting evidence about their citizenship, CBC News has learned.
But almost a year after Canadians headed to the polls, the agency says it’s still trying to determine how many of those cases — if any — involved non-Canadian citizens casting ballots.
A fear of foreign nationals or permanent residents taking advantage of Canada’s honour system and voting illegally was one of the most common themes Elections Canada documented while monitoring social media in the lead-up to the Oct. 21 election, according to CBC’s analysis of the agency’s internal documents. Some people called on the agency to require voters to show proof of citizenship at the polls, such as a passport.

CBC writes several more paragraphs assuring us that those fears are unfounded and Liberalsplaining how voter ID is bad.

Y2Kyoto: ‘If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it.’

Ross McKitrick;

…we have ended up with the worst of both worlds. None of the inefficient policies was repealed, carbon taxes were layered on top of them and now the government is charging ahead with even more misguided climate regulations. The recent throne speech brings back for the millionth time home energy retrofit subsidies, despite ample evidence (going back to the old CHIP grants in the 1970s) that most of the money is wasted, paying people to do things they were planning to do anyway. Even worse is the proposed Clean Fuels Standard, a high-cost boondoggle that aims to bring the carbon intensity of fuels down by a small amount, at what will be an exorbitant cost per tonne that far exceeds the carbon tax rate.
So if, as the government insists, carbon taxes “work,” why all the regulations? The reality is the government never understood or endorsed the economic theory of carbon taxes, they just liked the virtue signalling and the revenue.

Diversity Is Our Strength

“And here are the deputy ministers of the federal government’s departments — the people often considered the true leaders of the cabinet ministries — in early September…”


Hiring this one-sided is usually blamed on overt and covert prejudices that combine to form the sort of “systemic barriers” Trudeau’s throne speech alluded to. In the Canadian public sector, one such systemic barrier has always been obvious — and is indeed routinely cited by diversity advocates: mandatory French-English bilingualism.

JJ. McCullough, in the Washington Post.  I can’t guarantee it’s not behind the paywall, though I was able to access. It’s a good one.

Ricin, Eh?


Update: She’s been identified as Pascale Ferrier, 53.

I think it’s a she.




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CTVThe RCMP say a police operation is ongoing at Vauquelin Boulevard, a residential street located south of Montreal.

Afternoon update:

A Canadian woman who was arrested this weekend on charges of mailing the poison ricin to the White House, had been deported back to Canada from South Texas after overstaying her visa in 2019, according to a report in The New York Times.

And Hidalgo County Sheriff Eddie Guerra on Monday afternoon said that “envelopes” of ricin were mailed to him and three others in South Texas associated with the case, but resulted in no injuries. Border Report reached out to Guerra but he said he could not comment and tweeted this is an “active federal investigation.”

Clown Court

An argument for electing judges;

Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Graeme Mitchell appeared Sunday at a closing ceremony for a young Metis man whom he ruled was allowed to stay on the provincial legislature’s lawn to finish a hunger strike over suicide rates.
Mitchell dismissed the government’s bid to remove Tristen Durocher’s teepee and found the bylaws that prohibit overnight camping on the grounds infringed on his charter rights as an Indigenous man.
During his stop at Durocher’s camp, Mitchell spoke to him and accepted a Metis sash presented by a supporter.

In Defense Of Looting


Writer Vicky Osterweil’s book, In Defense of Looting, came out on Tuesday. When she finished it, back in April, she wrote (rather presciently) that “a new energy of resistance is building across the country.” Now, as protests and riots continue to grip cities, she argues that looting is a powerful tool to bring about real, lasting change in society.

And it seems to be working: Riot-Ravaged Minneapolis Businesses Can’t Rebuild Because the Insurance Won’t Cover It.

As for Vicky Osterweil’s property, that’s a different matter.