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State Of The Nation

The Dialogueing has begun.

Tensions were high at a protest in Regina on Saturday, when a vehicle pushed through a line of demonstrators blocking Albert St.

RCMP are investigating after a truck driver refused to stop for a group of protesters — allegedly hitting at least one of the demonstrators — while they blocked Highway 75 near Morris, Man., Monday, police say.

Counter protesters in Edmonton have all but hauled away the barricades on the CN tracks. (Video)

Andrew Coyne is all atwitter.

Hey, Quebecers — it’s your turn.

State Of The Nation


Protesters have blocked access to the Thousand Islands Bridge as families return home after the Family Day long weekend.
The Thousand Islands Bridge Authority says traffic restrictions to Canada are in effect due to protesters on the Canadian span of the bridge crossing.
In a message on Twitter, Ontario Provincial Police announced Highway 137 is closed in the Lansdowne area, including access from Highway 401 eastbound and westbound and access to the United States.

How thoughtful of the OPP to step up to the plate with volunteer traffic control. Mighty neighborly.


We Are All Treaty People

How’s that Liberal government workin’ out for ya?

Businesses and homes across Atlantic Canada are days away from running out of propane as a result of anti-pipeline protests that have cut off rail links across Canada.
Ian Wilson, president of Halifax-based Wilson Fuel, said his company is rationing propane by partially filling customers’ tanks.
“If we just filled everybody’s tank on delivery, we’d be looking at outages today,” he said in an interview Friday.

Question: If you’re stuck in traffic during an illegal protest, will police still ticket you for sending a text?

With that question asked and answered, I believe it’s time for our own blockade. No more voluntary fine payments: take every parking ticket, every traffic violation, every petty bylaw infraction to court until the police, politicians, and judiciary in this country agree to return to work.

I Want A New Country

Incompetence or orchestration? Where’s the security detail?

Pipeline protesters linked arms to physically block Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland from entering a meeting at Halifax City Hall.
Freeland planned to meet with Halifax Mayor Mike Savage on Wednesday, but a group of protesters standing in solidarity with the Wet’suwet’en First Nation in British Columbia blocked the front door of the building.
“No thank you, no thank you,” a protester told Freeland, adding that she may need to call the police to remove the group. “This will not happen. This meeting is not happening.”

Ivison, you moron…

The mob is winning. CN has temporarily closed down part of its network and warned of threats to the transportation of food, grain, de-icing fluid for airports and propane for Quebec and Atlantic Canada.
In the face of this declaration of disorder, our politicians have been supine. Justin Trudeau is overseas, campaigning for a UN Security Council seat but encouraged all parties to use dialogue to resolve the problem.

That’s his mob.

We Are All Treaty People

Lady Justice trades in her blindfold for a DNA test;

It means that the same crime committed against two women could result in a harsher sentence against the criminal who attacked an Indigenous woman, while a weaker punishment would be levelled against the criminal who attacked a woman of any other race or background.

And as criminals who attack Indigenous women are more likely to be Indigenous men or women than they are any other race, there’s already a fix for that.

Some Treaty People Are More Equal Than Others

They went from “Justice is Blind” to Check Your Privilege so fast we didn’t even notice.

The chief commissioner of the national inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women is recommending the justice system be tougher on people who commit crimes against Indigenous women, girls and LGBT people, saying the government must prove their lives are valued.
In a taste of what’s to come when the national inquiry releases its final report next month, Marion Buller told a parliamentary committee this week that homicides involving Indigenous women must be treated automatically as first-degree murder. She also said that in criminal cases where the complainant is an Indigenous woman, judges must consider that fact as an aggravating factor when sentencing the offender.

Unless the murderer is also indigenous, in which case they’ll book a nice room at a Healing Lodge.

We Are All Treaty People

Who needs a pipeline, when money flows in rivers from Ottawa?

Members of southern Alberta’s Blood Tribe voted in favour of a multi-million-dollar settlement claim on Tuesday regarding a century-old dispute about cattle management.
They will be receiving $150 million from the federal government as compensation for losses the Blood Tribe suffered in the late 19th century and early 20th century.
Three-thousand-fifteen eligible voters cast their votes with 2,966 voting in favour of the deal and 49 against.

I’ll assume the 49 thought it wasn’t enough.

Update: Check the comments for more on the litigious history of this band.

Why Is There Always A Big Screen TV?

MMIW inquiry granted 6-month extension

The national inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls is getting an additional six months to complete its work. […]


Department officials said they will work with the inquiry to determine the budget. The Liberal government had initially earmarked $53.8 million and two years for the inquiry to complete its work.

They need more money to come to their predetermined conclusions.

If Justin Had A Son, He’d Look Like Colten

Again, and again and again.

A firearm was discharged during an early-morning break-and-enter in a rural area near Spiritwood.
According to an RCMP news release, no injuries were reported in connection with the incident, which took place Tuesday around 12:30 a.m.
One man is in custody, RCMP said. The man in custody “did not discharge a firearm,” police added. No charges were immediately laid in connection with the incident.
In an update Tuesday evening, the RCMP said they have charged Ronald Joseph, 28, of Big River First Nation.
Joseph has been charged with possession of a weapon for a purpose dangerous to the public, unauthorized possession of a firearm, break and enter, possession of property obtained by crime, operation of a motor vehicle while disqualified, and three counts of theft of motor vehicle.

Check into the Gormley show later this morning. John will be reading texts “from a phone found in the SUV with Colten Boushie”.