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Manufactured Conflict in Virginia?

Some are very concerned about what may happen in Virginia on MLK Day:

Republican Virginia State Senator Amanda Chase issued a warning on Friday to the thousands of Second Amendment advocates who are planning to attend an upcoming massive pro-gun rally in Richmond, saying that they are “being set up.”

The Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL) organized the event, which is being held on Monday, and “is traditionally known as ‘Lobby Day’ in Virginia’s capital,” WTOP reported. “Tens of thousands are expected to show up for the event Monday in Richmond. Given the contentious nature of the issue, the prospect of such a large event has raised tensions. Earlier, [Virginia Democrat Governor Ralph] Northam declared a state of emergency. And recent arrests have further raised those tensions.”

Any predictions on how the media will twist the truth to demonize one or more attendees?

An Open Letter to the Democrats

Dear Democrats, I’m mad at you. I was raised a die-hard, bleeding-heart liberal. My grandmother was an Irish Catholic New Englander who worshipped JFK almost as much as Jesus. My dad and his nine siblings sang for the Kennedys at Hammersmith Farm.

For decades, I was a loyal regular at your bar until suddenly you started ignoring me. You took my support for granted and dismissed my concerns, focusing instead on courting the young city hipsters with their scooters and their designer weed and their craft beers. You began overlooking pragmatic moderates and catering to loud extremists who favor rewriting the Constitution and accelerating our lurch towards socialism.

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The Left vs. The Common Sense of the American People

“I”m as mad as Hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!” – these were merely words from a movie but one wonders if they also don’t represent a growing chorus of American voters who are downright fed up with the ridiculous antics of unhinged Leftist buffoons who seem intent on upending every last part of society.

In his tweet above, Peterson is referencing Heather MacDonald’s latest piece in City Journal, in which she juxtaposes the lawsuit against Harvard’s discriminatory admittance policies with the campaign to destroy Brett Kavanaugh. Both are driven by identity politics and the underlying hatred towards all white men.

Enemy of the People

David Catron is fed up with Hillary Clinton and her comrades:

Like the passive onlookers to the attack on Senator Sumner, Clinton’s fellow Democrats have been silent concerning her thinly veiled incitement of violence. Only one of the self-styled moderate Democrats, Senator Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota, found Clinton’s remarks worthy of comment, much less condemnation. And, make no mistake about it, their silence equals consent. By refusing to call out this power-hungry harridan for deliberately casting doubt on the legitimacy of the democratic process and encouraging violence, these cowards render themselves complicit in the inevitable bloodshed.