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The Age Of Pretending

In graduate school, she told fellow students she was of Algerian origin with a German father. Later, she claimed that she was from the inner-city “hood” with a spiritual kinship to the late rapper Biggie Smalls… Her final self-proclaimed provenance seems to have been the South Bronx slums, where she identified as a “boricua,” or Stateside-dwelling Puerto Rican, whose mother had been a drug addict. She also moonlighted as a salsa-dancing community activist with the tag “Jess La Bombalera” and was videoed at a New York City Council hearing in June 2020 berating the police for violence against “my black and brown siblings.”

In fact, Krug is white, Jewish, and from suburban Kansas City. She attended a Jewish day school growing up and then the preppy Barstow School in Kansas City, where 12th-grade tuition is currently more than $22,000.

Charlotte Allen on the farcical racial pantomime of Jessica Krug. One of these.

We Are All Treaty People

Is it time to decolonize your lawn?

When most people think of lawns they picture carefree kids playing in backyards, picnics in well-kept parks – perhaps they even feel a sense of pride at how green and immaculate their own swath is.
But the traditional lawn – manicured, verdant, under control – now finds itself at the confluence of two hot-button issues: climate change and Indigenous rights. Some environmentalists, First Nations leaders and even hobby gardeners are calling for a different approach to how we view and treat the ubiquitous urban green space. It is, they argue, a lasting symbol of how settlers appropriated Indigenous land and culture. And the rigid Western ideal we have imposed continues to hurt the planet and, in turn, all of us. The lawn, some go as far to say, needs to be decolonized.

Compelling argument.

h/t Comrade Terry

Backpedaling on energy is politically inevitable – even Biden will embrace hydrocarbons if in power, there is no other choice

…he’ll turn his back on the ultra-activists he had to placate on the election trail because, well, he won’t have any choice. Should he get into power, the US will by then have a debt problem of monumental proportions, will be facing unprecedented bankruptcies as coronavirus chickens come home to roost, and he’ll have a thousand problems to deal with without creating a huge new one. Read on…

Uncomfortable Truths about the #WhiteRacists of Antifa & BLM