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When The FBI Does It, That Means That It’s Not Illegal

A pardon for the ages.

Today, President Donald J. Trump signed an Executive Grant of Clemency granting a Full Pardon to General Michael T. Flynn. The President has pardoned General Flynn because he should never have been prosecuted. An independent review of General Flynn’s case by the Department of Justice—conducted by respected career professionals—supports this conclusion. In fact, the Department of Justice has firmly concluded that the charges against General Flynn should be dropped. This Full Pardon achieves that objective, finally bringing to an end the relentless, partisan pursuit of an innocent man.
General Flynn should not require a pardon. He is an innocent man. Even the FBI agents who interviewed General Flynn did not think he was lying. Multiple investigations have produced evidence establishing that General Flynn was the victim of partisan government officials engaged in a coordinated attempt to subvert the election of 2016. These individuals sought to prevent Donald Trump from being elected to the Presidency, to block him from assuming that office upon his election, to remove him from office after his inauguration, and to undermine his Administration at every turn.
The prosecution of General Flynn is yet another reminder of something that has long been clear: After the 2016 election, individuals within the outgoing administration refused to accept the choice the American people had made at the ballot box and worked to undermine the peaceful transition of power. These efforts were enabled by a complicit media that willingly published falsehoods and hid inconvenient facts from public view, including with respect to General Flynn. They amounted to a brazen assault on our democracy and a direct attack on our fundamental political values.
While today’s action sets right an injustice against an innocent man and an American hero, it should also serve as a reminder to all of us that we must remain vigilant over those in whom we place our trust and confidence. The people who sit atop our intelligence and law enforcement agencies have tremendous power to affect the lives of their fellow citizens. The American people must always take care to scrutinize their actions, to hold them accountable, and to ensure that they use their immense power to uphold the rule of law rather than to harass, persecute, and jail their political opponents in pursuit of partisan political agendas.
Happy Thanksgiving to General Flynn and his family, and thank you all for your great service to our Nation!

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Round Two

66% GOP wants Trump to run in 2024, 79% say election ‘stolen’.

The belief among President Trump’s supporters that the election victory was “stolen” through fraud has surged anew, driving 66% to urge the Republican to run in 2024 if Joe Biden is certified the winner.
A new survey for the communications and messaging firm Seven Letter found that 79% of Trump supporters believe that Democrats stole the election from Trump, even more than a similar Rasmussen Reports survey last week that put the number at 75%.
And as a result, 66% of supporters want the president to run again in 2024, which he has privately vowed to do. In the survey, he outdistanced Vice President Mike Pence and his son Donald Trump Jr.

And there’s plenty to motivate them. Biden’s welcome back of Obama era swamp creatures combined with the Republicans new foothold on redistricting lays the groundwork for major gains in 2022.

And it is not too early to herald what might best be described, if not as a wave, as the Trump Undertow of 2020.
Because, like an unseen riptide, this year’s results just handed the GOP an advantage many never thought possible. And it carried far away from shore Democratic hopes and dreams.
“Wait,” you say, “Trump lost the presidency.”
Yes, he did. But Trump, even as he lost, engineered a huge win for the GOP this month, and one that will echo through American politics as our once-a-decade reapportionment fights begin.
“On the eve of reapportionment, Republicans are now in a better position than they were after 2010,” Noah Rothman noted in Commentary. “Following those elections, Republicans controlled 54 of 99 state legislative chambers.” (Nebraska’s legislature is unicameral.)
That number is now 61.
If anything, Rothman understates the impact of the GOP domination of state legislatures. After the 2010 election, congressional redistricting lived in the shadow of a Supreme Court suspicious of gerrymandering. In one 2015 case, the court upheld the redistricting maps of Arizona’s absurdly partisan “citizens’ commission” by a 5-to-4 margin. Today, two of the five justices in the majority on that case have left the court. State legislatures now may do their redistricting work free of fear of new “tests” invented by the court to strike at their maps. Indeed, commissions of the sort that design districts in California, Ohio and Virginia may not be long for the books — a never-very-popular, post-Watergate-era reform whose era is now long over.
The new Supreme Court may be revisiting its 2015 decision very soon.
In nearly two dozen states, the congressional district mapping is safely in the hands of the GOP. That’s because Trump generated huge turnout in red states as well as blue, and Republicans did well down a lot of ballots.
It is ironic that Trump’s narrow losses in Arizona, Georgia and Wisconsin kept him from a second consecutive term. It wasn’t a conspiracy that cost Trump the White House but a terrible combination of bad timing — the vaccines he promised were announced a fortnight too late for them to impact voting — and bad polling. Polling directs resources, locates rallies, energizes or depresses turnout. If polling tells you Wisconsin is lost, Pennsylvania is competitive and other states are safe, when none of that is accurate, the consequences are disastrous.
The party Trump leads is reluctant to tilt at legal windmills, but it is eager for answers about why no one expected so many states to finish closely or projected House Republicans to pick up seats. The headline that read “Biden leads Trump by 17 points in Wisconsin” is what I’ll never forget, nor should the pollsters, the media or the experts.
Elected Republican leaders will rightly balk at asking state legislatures to overturn popular votes — as radical a “constitutional” innovation as packing the Supreme Court, and just as repugnant to rule-of-law conservatives. But the GOP nomination in 2024 will be very much Trump’s for the taking should his health and energy remain as they are now.
Whether he runs again, Trump has reset the stage for the decennial remaking of the maps on which lawmaking at every level of government depends. It’s a proper capstone for a first term — or a last.

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He Fights

Related: In this article, I will argue that there are many lines of evidence the combination of which justifies us thinking that significant voter fraud occurred in the 2020 US election which increased the chances of Joe Biden winning in key swing states.

On Lou Dobbs: “Sidney Powell Reads Statements From Smartmatic Whistleblower”

“Here is why Liberals are not fully happy with the 2020 results”

…the overall results of the 2020 elections shows that the buzzwords and narratives that were written in the NYT and repeated on @Morning_Joe for the last 5 years are totally disconnected from reality. The 2020 results show that the “great” strategy by @HouseDemocrats @SenateDems and @TeamJoe regarding minorities did not work because – again – Biden won thanks to middle America whites while minorities moved to the GOP in ways not seen in decades thus keeping Trump’s loss narrow in the electoral count and regarding the margins within swing states.
Don’t expect the Machine Media (who peddled years of anti Trump conspiracies; who fortold a mass GOP wipeout in 2020, and who ran interference for Biden’s anger outbursts, gaffes, racists remarks and contradictory policy proposals) to echo the above facts.


What must make the McCain/Romney wing of the GOP sick is to look at the hits the GOP took in 2008/2012 versus what happened now with Trump atop of the ticket.

Check out the rest because you won’t read it anywhere else.


Margin Of Fraud

It’s on.

Attorney General William Barr has authorized federal prosecutors across the U.S. to pursue “substantial allegations” of voting irregularities before the 2020 presidential election is certified…

A thread on the Pennsylvania lawsuit here.


The 2020 Presidential Election Prediction Thread

As I write this post, Trump is still on stage at his final rally in Grand Rapids, MI. It’s well past midnight and he’s gone totally off script… We’re energy independent…we have more oil than anybody… you’re paying $2 a gallon for your gasoline… if Biden got in you’ll be paying 7 dollars, 8 dollars, 9 dollars. Then they’d say “Get rid of your car. We’re going to build some more windmills, kill all the birds.”

270 to win.

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Tie breaker: Winner’s share of popular vote

I’ll be giving out some books. With luck, the results will so overwhelming that I can name the winners on Wednesday.


Senate votes to confirm Amy Coney Barrett to Supreme Court

The Senate voted to confirm Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court in a 52-48 vote, capping off a rapid confirmation process ending just days before the 2020 presidential election.
Barrett is President Donald Trump’s pick to fill the vacancy left behind by the late liberal icon, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

With an extra twist directed at Joe Biden.

Happy Birthday, Hillary!

Head Explosions: INCOMING

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What the media missed — or deliberately ignored. I’d place my money on the latter.

As I pointed out yesterday, the odds for President Trump’s recovery were a lot better than most people would guess based on what they’ve been told by the likes of The Atlantic, The New York Times, CNN, CBC, MSNBC, The Washington Post, and all the rest of the media Deep State. Of those who contract COVID-19 in his age grouping, their 70s, the Centers for Disease Control estimates 94.6 percent will live through it. That’s very good news.
But we haven’t been given good news in a very, very long time. Why might that be? The nation could clearly use it. The only answer is that irrational fear serves a useful political purpose.
Second, the “fear COVID or you’re evil” stance is morally questionable. We all feel fear, of course, and we can’t completely control it. But we can control what we do in response to our feelings. We can confront and work through our fears, and try to slowly acclimate ourselves to things we’re afraid of that we shouldn’t be. We can work to diffuse our fear by better attaching ourselves to reality.
In times of fear and heightened danger, good leaders have always told their people to take heart. It is a leader’s duty to do so, in fact. Would the nation really be in a better place if Trump acted like the media did, panicking about every possible horror scenario or frightful event? He’d be a simply awful president if he did that. It’s part of a leader’s job description to project confidence amid chaos. Otherwise, the chaos wins.

Trump On The Mend, CNN Hardest Hit

@JackPosobiecAll of the anonymous sources just died