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Wuhan Flu


President Trump announced Thursday that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is making experimental drugs — including those used for treating malaria — available as part of the ongoing effort to tackle the spread of the coronavirus.
Trump announced at a White House press briefing that chloroquine, a drug designed for use in malaria, has been FDA approved and will be made available by prescription “almost immediately.” He said it was one of a number of antiviral therapies to limit the symptoms of the virus that the administration is trying to get to Americans as quickly as possible.

“I have directed the FDA to eliminate rules and bureaucracy so work can proceed rapidly, quickly and fast,” he said. “We have to remove every barrier.”

Good. (h/t Buddy)

It’ll be good to return to normal so the world can go back to bashing “big pharma”.

If it were President Obama, this speech would have been praised as “brilliant”

President Trump is trying to keep Americans safe and the Left plays politics.

Not Guilty

They can’t even claim the popular vote.

Expect plenty more of this.