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Hockey Night In Deplorable Land

Face the tolerance. Permit it to pass over you and through you.


Heh. New Rules.

Call it retribution or punishment or just payback, but causing pain to wrongdoers is a conservative principle we seem to have forgotten. The left needs to feel the pain that comes from their choices. If they want a world where people suffer for speaking, well, I prefer they didn’t, but I damn well know that if that’s the new rule, their side is going to get it shoved down their throat.

Indeed. #FireJessAllen is trending #1 on Twitter at the moment.

Your Moral And Intellectual Superiors


Love him or hate him, there are times you got to love Mitch McConnell.

We Are All Treaty People

Lady Justice trades in her blindfold for a DNA test;

It means that the same crime committed against two women could result in a harsher sentence against the criminal who attacked an Indigenous woman, while a weaker punishment would be levelled against the criminal who attacked a woman of any other race or background.

And as criminals who attack Indigenous women are more likely to be Indigenous men or women than they are any other race, there’s already a fix for that.

The “W” Word

John Robson;

Naturally everybody’s against white supremacy. And with solid historical reason given the evil it did over the past 500 years. But for all the horrors of racial slavery, the biggest killers in the 20th century were Mao, Stalin and Hitler, and in no case was skin colour an issue. In the Holocaust, ethnicity was explicit, and in the Holodomor, class warfare intersected with a cultural tradition of individual farming, not communal farming, to make Ukrainians the main target of Stalin’s deliberately engineered famine. And today the biggest threat isn’t the one related to race, and our foreign minister shouldn’t be in denial about it.

They’ll get letters.

h/t Bad News Quillan

In The Future, Everyone Will Be A Nazi For 15 Minutes


White supremacism and Islamophobia are among “the gravest threats” facing the world, Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland told the United Nations Thursday. […]
“Neo-Nazis, white supremacists, ‘incels,’ nativists and radical anti-globalists who resort to violent acts are a threat to the stability of my country and countries around the world,” Freeland said.
See what she did? “Nativists” “Anti Globalists” i.e. anyone who dares question immigration, open borders, multiculturalism and diversity is a Nazi.

To be fair, she’s one of the few people who’s seen a live one..