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Khmer Noir

Thank you for your support in this time of cultural purge;

There is a theme in the emails. People are scared, this is nothing like anyone has seen. The speech policing is so intense that people are afraid to speak up for fear of loss of a job, even if the speech is not on the job (mine wasn’t). Views and speech are being driven underground. No minds are changed, it’s just pure intimidation.
People are thankful that there are some people willing and able to speak up, even if they can’t.
This time it’s different. This is not the usual political correctness.

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There Are No Violent Protestors In Atlanta. Never!

A CNN crew was attacked by peaceful rioters and rioting protesters who are totally peaceful in Atlanta, the peacefullest city in everywhere.

I don’t think they show up without police: Where is the fire department?

Visit The Washington Monument While You Still Can

“What is the logical conclusion? What is the end of the cancel culture? I will tell you what it is. It is right here in this city, Washington, the District of Columbia. That’s where it will end if we don’t put an end to the madness now,” Cotton warned.
“Just up the Mall is the Washington Monument. Are we gonna tear the Washington Monument down? Are we going to rename it the Obelisk of Wokeness?” the senator asked.
“Up the Hill is the Washington National Cathedral where so many times we have gathered as a nation over the years to mourn our great leaders, to pray for God’s protection and deliverance in moments of national strife and struggle,” Cotton continued. “Are we going to rename the Washington National Cathedral the ‘Temple of Reason’ as the Jacobins did to Notre Dame during the French Revolution?”

I believe their answer is “yes”.