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It Didn’t Take A Rocket Surgeon

To see trouble on the horizon;

Rideau Hall — the office of the Queen’s representative in Canada — is now in the extraordinary position of having a third-party workplace investigation after the Privy Council Office intervened due to the allegations aired in a CBC story.
But based on accounts given to the National Post, the people who may have been least shocked about Rideau Hall workplace turmoil were people who worked under Payette between 2013 and 2016, when she ran the Montreal Science Centre as chief operating officer.
For those who chose to speak for this story, they said their motivation is not to grind an axe years after the fact, but to point out that the Prime Minister’s Office shouldn’t be taken by surprise that many Rideau Hall employees are having a very difficult time working for Payette. It’s all happened before.

A caller to JGL last week claimed her “difficult” reputation goes all the way back to flight training. (No link, you’ll have to take my word for it.)

And The Budget Will Balance Itself

Now is the time at SDA when we juxtapose!

CBC FACTCHECK, October 2019: The Conservatives’ misleading claims about a ‘secret’ Liberal housing tax

Blacklocks, July 2020; CMHC is spending $250,000 researching a first-ever federal home equity tax. Organizers of the research project earlier likened homeowners to lottery winners whose residences were tax shelters: “The objective is to identify solutions that could level the playing field between renters and owners.”

He Admires Their Basic Dictatorship

A Million People Are Jailed at China’s Gulags

Few prisoners have succeeded in getting out of the camps and telling their story. Sauytbay’s testimony is even more extraordinary, because during her incarceration she was compelled to be a teacher in the camp. China wants to market its camps to the world as places of educational programs and vocational retraining, but Sauytbay is one of the few people who can offer credible, firsthand testimony about what really goes on in the camps.

The Libranos: Thick As Thieves

But I repeat myself.

The We Charity scandal continues to snowball after it was revealed today that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Chief of Staff Katie Telford co-founded a group that worked “in support” of Free the Children, which is a branch of the WE Charity.
As well as this, Trudeau’s Minister of Natural Resources Seamus O’Regan served as the Honorary Chair of this organization, which was named Artbound.

The Libranos: All In Da Family

Bumped for update.

WE Charity co-founder said PMO ‘called’ to award $900M student-grant program, contradicting Trudeau … Trudeau has maintained that the contract was handled by government bureaucrats.

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WE Charity, which has close ties to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his family — and which will receive millions of dollars to administer a federal student volunteer grant program — has received a series of exclusively sole-source contracts from the federal government over the last three years, government records show. Sole-source contracts are government contracts that are handed directly to a chosen supplier, without the opportunity for others to provide competing bids for the government business.

Update: National Post has more.

According to the government’s online database of government contracts, WE Charity has received five federal contracts worth a total of $120,000 since March 2017. Four of the five contracts have been in the last 15 months, with the most recent — and largest, until now, at $40,000 — dated January 2020. […] The contracts were for vague services such as “Management consulting”, “Public relations services” and, in three cases, “Other professional services not otherwise specified,” according to the data, first brought to light by writer and activist Nora Loreto on social media over the weekend.

Purely coincidental: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Monday he would begin scaling back his daily press briefings

Huh. There are accusations about WE Charity. I have no idea if it’s legitimate, but the Kielburger kid always struck me as creepy.

How Do You Like My Socks?

Blame Harper: “But the reality was, coming in five years later than them gave us a delay that we unfortunately weren’t able to overcome. I was hoping we would, and we certainly worked hard to do it.”

Captain Obvious, writing at Macleans: Believing a win at the UN would fall from the heavens on Trudeau because he wasn’t Harper was an expression of the narcissism and shallowness that have characterized this government during much of its time in office