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Say It Isn’t So, Joe!

NY Post;

Hunter Biden discussed leveraging his connection to his father in a bid to boost his pay from a Ukrainian natural-gas company, according to an e-mail he sent around the time he joined the firm’s corporate board.
In a lengthy memo to his then-business partner, Devon Archer, who already sat on the Burisma board, Biden repeatedly mentioned “my guy” while apparently referring to then-Vice President Joe Biden.
Under President Barack Obama, the elder Biden was the point person for US policy toward Ukraine, and he held a press conference there with Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk on April 22, 2014.
Hunter Biden’s e-mail to Archer is dated a little more than a week earlier.

“The announcement of my guys [sic] upcoming travels should be characterized as part of our advice and thinking- but what he will say and do is out of our hands,” Hunter Biden wrote on April 13, 2014.
“In other words it could be a really good thing or it could end up creating too great an expectation. We need to temper expectations regarding that visit.”
The e-mail, labeled from Robert Biden — Hunter’s given first name — is among a trove of messages, documents, photos and videos purportedly recovered from a MacBook Pro laptop that a Delaware computer-shop owner told The Post was brought in for repair in April 2019 and never picked up afterward. […]
The e-mail to Archer contained 22 bullet points and bore the subject line “Tmrw.”
In No. 22, Hunter Biden told Archer, “Buy a cell phone from a 7/11 or CVS tmrw and ill do the same.”
Following the bullet points, Hunter Biden wrote, “This could be the break we have been waiting for if they really are smart enough to understand our long term value. If they are looking to just use us until the storm passes then we risked far too much for far too little.

More: Smoking-gun email reveals how Hunter Biden introduced Ukrainian businessman to VP dad

Media reaction is swift.

When The FBI Does It, That Means That It’s Not Illegal

It is all a big circle of planting and laundering the same originating false material; aka a “wrap up smear.”

CBS News Catherine Herridge has obtained a 94-page spread sheet (pdf here) showing dates of media reports, dates of Steele reports on the same material, and the FBI effort to verify or validate the circular process. […]
Former SSCI staffer Dan Jones, former Wall Street Journal reporter Glenn Simpson, and Simpson’s crew at Fusion-GPS, pitched and planted phony Trump-Russia evidence with the media and simultaneously gave those fake points to Chris Steele to supplement the dossier. Using the same method of Ezra Klein’s “JournOList” replication, Dan Jones and Fusion-GPS paid the journalists to run the stories.

Steve McIntyre (Climate Audit): like many readers, I’m reading and dismayed by the FBI spreadsheet purportedly summarizing their analysis of Steele dossier… if incompetence, laziness and stupidity were crimes, then Comey’s “right people” would all be in jail long ago.

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A Scandalous Development

Philadelphia Weekly, one of the city’s most venerable leftist “alternative” newsweeklies, has rocked the local journalism scene with its announcement that, starting next year, it will provide Philly readers with a different kind of alternative: it will change its editorial outlook from hard-liberal to conservative.

One of these.

Your Moral And Intellectual Superiors

More from @AndreaFloresTVDenver Dept of Excise and Licenses confirms “there is no record for an active licensed security guard now or ever for an individual named Matthew Doloff or Dolloff. If he was operating as a security guard, he was in violation of the law”.

More about Lee Keltner, the man shot.

Another thread from Michelle Malkin.

Things You’ll Never See On The CBC

True North;

In recent years, CBC has faced a significant decline in viewership and ad revenue. In 2019, only 0.8% of Canadians tuned into local CBC TV evening news broadcasts, with CBC only holding 5% of market share.
In a statement to True North, Senator Housako said that the government needs to reconsider the purpose of the CBC if the public consistently chooses other news sources.

Your Moral And Intellectual Superiors

From the same New York Times that fired an editor over a column by Sen. Tom Cotton.

The New York Times on Thursday published an opinion column authored by Regina Ip, a Hong Kong official the paper once described as “Beijing’s enforcer” in the city, calling for Hong Kong to accept its relationship with China as “destiny.”
“No amount of outcry, condemnation or sanctions over the Chinese government’s purported encroachment in Hong Kong’s affairs will alter the fact that Hong Kong is part of China and that its destiny is intertwined with the mainland’s,” Ip wrote. Noting Hong Kong “has been rocked” by protests, Ip said, China was right to pass a “national security” law in June allowing the government to impose life sentences on dissidents convicted of subverting state power. “Something had to be done, and the Chinese authorities did it.” […]
Ip, a member of the Executive Council and the Legislative Council of Hong Kong, is a long-time proponent of the Chinese Communist Party. A 2003 report by The Times’ Keith Bradsher noted Ip resigned that year as Hong Kong’s secretary of security, in part, because she was “widely seen as Beijing’s enforcer, sending police and immigration officers to perform sometimes politically controversial raids.”
The column came just months after The Times quietly removed advertorials placed by the state-backed China Daily. That issue became the subject of scrutiny after reporting from the Washington Free Beacon found The Times and other publications — including The Washington Post and Wall Street Journal — were running the ads, which were favorable to China’s government. Disclosures filed under the Foreign Agents Registration Act revealed The Times took $50,000 for the ads in 2018 alone.