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This Is CNN

“In today’s news we frame a military veteran and actively participate in a coup against a legally elected government. Then, we’ll whip up some racial frenzy and make money from pharmaceutical ads while we film you burning each others’ shit.

In other news, protesters are attacking our headquarters and we don’t know what we did to deserve it.”

Scott Adams, Robot Reads The News

The Media: Corrupt or Incompetent?

What other profession would get away with getting SO MUCH absolutely wrong … and pay absolutely no price for it?

How lovely it is to have a high-profile job in our major media institutions. Let’s say you completely, hideously muck up a huge story. Let’s say you spend three years wildly misleading the public. Let’s say that, at the outset of the worst public-health crisis in a century, you mock people for being afraid and tell them to go about life as usual. When you’re proven wrong, you get to tell the next chapter of the story anyway. And if you feel like saying, “No fair noticing we were wrong!” you know other members of the mainstream-media cartel will rush to support you.

A New Low for Journalists

We’ve long known about #FakeNews from Leftist “journalists” but one of them truly has hit a new low:

So she decided to do something about it, and joined hundreds of like-minded Pennsylvanians to at the Reopen PA rally in Downtown Pittsburgh on April 20th. As a result, Jill’s photo, which displayed her holding a sign that clearly read “FREE SMALL BUSINESS,” appeared in numerous publications, including the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

As expected, those photos made their way across the Internet in a flash, including one specific one shared by Post-Gazette photographer Andrew Rush to his Twitter account. However, within just over a week, that photo made it elsewhere; specifically to the Twitter account of a disgraced ex-New Yorker staffer named Talia Lavin, a radical, left-wing ideologue whose “journalistic pursuits” led to a forced resignation from her aforementioned employer in 2018 after fabricating a story in which she accused an ICE agent of having a Nazi tattoo.

Just a few days ago, Ms. Lavin proved, once again, that old habits die hard when she shared a doctored photo of Jill holding a sign that, instead of “FREE SMALL BUSINESS,” read “WORK SETS YOU FREE,” which she was quick to note translates to “arbeit macht frei,” a common term used among Nazis during World War II. She then accused Jill of harboring mutual sentiments with white supremacists, writing that “this [the wording on the sign in the doctored photo] is intentional.”

Thanks to the investigative work of Andy Ngo, the truth has been revealed.

Ms. Lavin is still tweeting. No shame. No second thoughts. No feelings of guilt. Is Leftism a political belief or a brain disease?