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Not Nutritionally Woke Enough

We’ve known for a long time that us right-thinking individuals aren’t “woke” enough for our political betters in the Leftist Cult. Now Elizabeth Warren and some of her comrades in the media are trying to destroy a chain store called Dollar General that doesn’t match their Whole Foods expectations (or prices) that they’re used to.

Salena Zito has thoughts to contrary, both in print and in conversation with John Batchelor.

Ginning up Canadian NPCs

The NY Times is now promoting a narrative whereby Canadians should assign President Trump some blame for . . . wait for it . . . Iran shooting down a Ukrainian airliner:

If it is determined that it was an Iranian missile, Mr. Trudeau will have to grapple with the question of whether the United States, Canada’s most important ally, played a role in provoking the events that ultimately resulted in the loss of Canadians’ lives.

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When Will Rachel Maddow Be Fired?

More from the National Review:

Like other prime-time cable news hosts who receive much more criticism, Maddow shows up every weeknight and tells a devoted audience, “the world is as you want it to be.” Trump is the worst, he’s committed many terrible crimes, a reckoning is coming, we will be vindicated. Her audience is not interested in hearing the host or guests declare: “While we are vehemently opposed to Trump, but there is no evidence he’s being blackmailed or controlled by the Russian government.” Her program includes bits of news and other substances that appear to be like news, but are not — fervent speculation, conjecture, assumptions, theories. If it is too harsh to call it “fake news,” then it is news with artificial flavors and sweeteners, designed to make it more exciting and appealing than it really is.