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One Flu Out Of The Wuhan Nest

WIV is Wuhan Institute of Virology. If you poke around in the replies and links, you’ll find a morning’s coffee worth of discussion, including this thread by Alita Chan. As a reminder, Yuri Deigin is the author of this Medium post of April, which if you haven’t read yet I recommend. But be warned, that will take a morning pot’s worth of coffee.

RIP Herman Cain

A good man.

A better link at Newsmax (h/t Larry);

He was born Dec. 13, 1945, in Memphis, Tennessee, and grew up poor in Atlanta, Georgia, where his father worked three jobs — as a janitor, barber, and chauffeur — while his mother toiled as a domestic worker.
A stellar student who worked hard, Cain graduated from Morehouse College with a mathematics degree in 1967. A year later, he married Gloria Etchison, whom he met when he was a sophomore at Morehouse and she was a freshman at Morris Brown College.
Cain went on to earn a master’s degree in computer science from Purdue University in 1971, and helped develop fire control ballistics for ships and fighter planes for the U.S. Navy.
Next, he joined The Coca-Cola Company as a systems analyst, and after considerable success, moved to Pillsbury.
After serving as regional vice president of Pillsbury’s Burger King, Cain then took on the biggest challenge of his career as president and CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, a national chain teetering on the edge of bankruptcy.
In 14 months, he returned Godfather’s to profitability and led his management team to a buyout of the company.

A tribute from a former campaign aid.

It’s Probably Nothing

Asia Times;

People in cities along China’s Yangtze River, which have already been inundated with water, are now scrambling to shore up embankments and dykes before the Three Gorges Dam releases more water and towns are swamped again by the third big flood this summer.
The Yangtze has again become a raging torrent. On Monday evening, stormwater started to pour into the reservoir of the Three Gorges Dam in the Yangtze’s middle reaches at more than 60,000 cubic meters per second.
The amount of water is the same as the peak flow rate 10 days ago, which added more than 10 billion cubic meters of water to the mega-dam’s artificial lake.
After the National Meteorological Center in Beijing flagged fresh deluge warnings last weekend, the China Three Gorges Group, the dam’s operator, again put itself on a “wartime” footing.

A thread on the catastrophic downstream consequences if the dam fails, both literally and figuratively.

It’s Probably Nothing

China’s Three Gorges Dam At The Brink

Cheng says that the flood has already raised the water dammed behind the Three Gorges to 50 — fifty — feet higher than the maximum flood level. Rain is still falling this week in central China. I am told by a Chinese media follower that the government has just raised the emergency level in five affected provinces — Shanxi, Henan, Shandong, Anhui and Jiangsu — to the highest level below martial law, as part of last-ditch efforts to protect the Three Gorges Dam. The state is releasing water from tributary dams, flooding those provinces even worse than they already have been, because the alternative — a Three Gorges Dam collapse — is unthinkable. The WSJ’s Cheng said that China has had its worst economic year in four decades because of Covid, but if that dam goes, the damage to China’s economy will “dwarf” what Covid has done to it.

This simulation video has been making the roundsMore from The Risks of Three Gorges Dam’s Flooding

“The most singularly depressing town in the entire universe.”

A historic city laid waste by the left.

When I say this is a lifeless soulless place. You must imagine my new context to really understand it. Staying in a hotel with only one, perhaps a handful, of other guest(s) is a rather remarkable sense of living amid COVID-19 misery in real life.
Yes, it’s like a living example of The Shining, sans the death-knock of the twins in the middle of the night. That is correct. Trump International DC – and NO GUESTS. It’s a desolate, depressing, empty dystopian hotel nightmare hidden from all normal people in America including me. I had no idea the metastasized rot had already spread to the central nervous system. Eric needs to consider selling this place, and fast.
Restaurants closed. Everything closed. Lights out. DARK. Want to eat, go to the grocery store and hope for bologna and some bread. Everything on television/internet is disconnected from reality. I know, I’m here.

As the dog returns to its vomit: Bowser issues order for D.C. making masks mandatory when leaving the house

Wuhan Flu

And you thought AIDS had been politicized…

Dr. Harvey Risch, an epidemiology professor at Yale School of Public Health, said on Tuesday that he thinks hydroxychloroquine could save 75,000 to 100,000 lives if the drug is widely used to treat coronavirus.
“There are many doctors that I’ve gotten hostile remarks about saying that all the evidence is bad for it and, in fact, that is not true at all,” Risch told “Ingraham Angle,” adding that he believes the drug can be used as a “prophylactic” for front-line workers, as other countries like India have done.
Risch lamented that a “propaganda war” is being waged against the use of the drug for political purposes, not based on “medical facts.”

It’s Probably Nothing

Outlook India;

China blasted a dam over a river in Anhui province on Sunday to discharge the surging flood waters as torrential rains and floods wreaked havoc in the country, killing over 100 people.
The dam on the Chuhe river, a tributary of the mighty Yangtze River, was destroyed with explosives to ease the flood control pressure in the river basin, state-run CCTV reported.
Water levels on many rivers, including the Yangtze, have been unusually high this year because of torrential rains.

Wuhan Flu

Place your trust in science: The current CDC nucleic acid test kits for SARS-CoV-2 generate 30% false-positive and 20% false-negative results in the best state public health laboratory, Dr. Sin Hang Lee reported in a peer-reviewed article published in the International Journal of Geriatrics and Rehabilitation, an online journal based in Japan

Lots more at the link.

One Flu Out Of The Wuhan Nest


One day after a report that a respected Chinese virologist fled Hong Kong to accuse Beijing of a COVID cover-up, former Trump strategist Steve Bannon told the Daily Mail that scientists from the Wuhan Institute of Virology and other labs have defected to the West and are “turning over evidence” against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for their role in the COVID-19 pandemic which has claimed over 560,000 lives worldwide since last December. […]
The 66-year-old then said that defectors are cooperating with intelligence agencies in America, Europe and the UK, which have been assembling evidence to challenge the CCP claim that the pandemic originated in a wet market – not in a lab home to scientists who have come under fire for manipulating bat coronavirus to be more transmissible to humans.