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Interesting Perspective

I don’t agree with the attack on Trump near the end and there is zero mention of what Nancy Pelosi and Bill de Blasio have said and done, but overall, it’s still a very interesting video:

Let’s not forget how widely Trump was called a racist when he shut down flights from China. Also, would globalist Obama’s response have been much different from the Shiny Pony’s?

Wuhan Flu: “This is a completely new disease”

Updated and Bumped with this note from Andrew Gaiziunas.

Just popping in to say hello and add some context before anything gets out of hand.
Me and my dad (retired M.D.) were intrigued by the possibilities behind this particular piece of research coming across my desk yesterday morning:
Being all stuck at home under quarantine, we wanted to learn more. My dad provided the medical knowledge, I provided the tech & sleuthing skills, and we came up with this core hypothesis. As we pulled together a series of anecdotal data, some pre-prints, and even some peer-reviewed papers, a clearer picture of the hypothesis formed. We found missing pieces precisely where we thought we would. And yes, we became convinced this is not only plausible but quite likely (or a similar mechanic) to be the case.
I threw it up on Medium just to save a copy and see if anyone would have feedback. We got plenty — much over both of our heads, some out-of-left-field fantastic ideas. For example, if this turns out to be the case, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy might save lives (we have far fewer hyperbaric chambers in the US than ICU beds), a mountain climber suggested portable hyperbaric bags which are pretty cheap (in comparison) and can fit through hospital doors could do the trick.
This was precisely the type of interaction we were looking for.
The article has since been taken down by Medium, but it seems it garnered sufficient interest in the 12 hours it was up as to be handed off to much more qualified and experienced hands. We’re hopeful some of this can be found to be useful; it may or may not, but NOT sharing it would have weighed heavier on our minds if we found out later this theory, or something similar to it, could have helped save lives and yet we did nothing about it.
Cheers and best of luck, everyone stay safe and thanks.

Thank you, Andrew. The original post continues below.

This article is currently percolating across social media and may begin to gain traction in the coming days: Covid-19 had us all fooled, but now we might have finally found its secret. (Now deleted, copy here)

It makes for a compelling read, no question. And it may even be a valid hypothesis, and at least one of the responses lends it legitimacy, as perhaps does this. ⇽ Read it.

But it’s also written under a pseudonym, “libertymavenstock”.

With a few minutes of sleuthing, I found the identity of the author — Andrew Gaiziunas along with his Youtube channel on cryptocurrencies, and an interview. It had 7 views as of this morning. So buyer beware should it pop up in your travels. (Update: He is likely the son of a retired Illinois doctor of the same name.)

It would be useful if our readers in the medical field would chime in.

Fair warning: to anyone veering off topic or jamming up the threads with conspiracy jackshit – prepare to be disappeared.

But I also stumbled upon this during my trip down the rabbit hole, and this is probably as good a place to share it as anywhere. By Dr.Cameron Kyle-Sidell who is treating COVID-19 patients in New York City. Patients need OXYGEN NOT PRESSURE!!! The ventilators may be causing lung damage because of PRESSURE. Needs to be immediately investigated.

And more here.

“These patients as far as I can see, do not experience respiratory fatigue. It seems to be a pure hypoxemic failure. […] the constellation of symptoms seems to most mirror that of decompression pulmonary sickness or high altitude sickness.”

Italian paper that also describes this phenomenon: Covid-19 Does Not Lead to a “Typical” Acute Respiratory
Distress Syndrome

Update: Our own DrD weighs in.

Also, from the comments:

This might be a reach but as a physician I’ve been aggressively treating patients here in the west with the hydroxychloroquine+high dose zinc (200mg per day)+azithromycin with good results but started getting even better when we added a true functional glutathione. We were awarded a patent on this product last year and are currently seeking several further patent continuations (along with international patents) as we were planning to create a biotech around it (meaning we already have the financing/investment and know it works like it should — first one to truly work or to be validated — the only one that works in the marketplace). And after reading these comments and this great article we believe we now know what it was doing and why — it helps prevent the cytokine cascade/storm in the lungs and the overwhelming oxidative stress as mentioned and when used along with hydroxychloroquine probably helps resolve the porphyrin problem more effectively. It is also extremely antiviral (macrophages use it to attack viruses) which is some of our first NDIs for which we are going after with the FDA. But these are all mostly just theories buttressed with the recent clinical knowledge gained by treating a lot of sick patients.

Hope this helps the thoughts and conversation.

Much appreciated.

Wuhan Flu

Let’s review: the risk is not low, the virus spreads through air, and the supply chain is not ok.

What Everyone’s Getting Wrong About the Toilet Paper Shortage.

There’s another, entirely logical explanation for why stores have run out of toilet paper — one that has gone oddly overlooked in the vast majority of media coverage. It has nothing to do with psychology and everything to do with supply chains. It helps to explain why stores are still having trouble keeping it in stock, weeks after they started limiting how many a customer could purchase.
In short, the toilet paper industry is split into two, largely separate markets: commercial and consumer. The pandemic has shifted the lion’s share of demand to the latter. People actually do need to buy significantly more toilet paper during the pandemic — not because they’re making more trips to the bathroom, but because they’re making more of them at home. With some 75% of the U.S. population under stay-at-home orders, Americans are no longer using the restrooms at their workplace, in schools, at restaurants, at hotels, or in airports.
Georgia-Pacific, a leading toilet paper manufacturer based in Atlanta, estimates that the average household will use 40% more toilet paper than usual if all of its members are staying home around the clock. That’s a huge leap in demand for a product whose supply chain is predicated on the assumption that demand is essentially constant. It’s one that won’t fully subside even when people stop hoarding or panic-buying.

Related: Milk dumping has begun, processors are being hit by employee illness, and despite high retail demand, prices for all classes of feeder cattle dropped $10-20 per hundredweight. Some producers decided not to sell this past week and some cattle were passed on electronic markets. Auction volumes in the three prairie provinces were down 55 percent compared to last year. It’s the same in the UK.

Update: Food shortages in India begin

Related links and ground level observations (positive or negative) are invited in the comments.


Things have turned very bad for the city of Guayaquil;

Photographs and video footage emerging from this crisis-stricken coastal city look like images from the aftermath of a natural disaster: bodies wrapped in sheets and dumped on the roadside or outside houses; desperate families begging for help after being forced to keep their loved-ones corpses at home for days in temperatures of more than 30C.

Wuhan Flu

Things I told you about a month ago — It said that though the research isn’t yet conclusive, “the results of available studies are consistent with aerosolization of virus from normal breathing.”

Wash those hands, plebes.

Update: Solid information on the situation in New York City on today’s War Room. After the interview with the oncologist is over, stay on for mention of the Australian study using Ivermectin. I’d like to hear what our readers in the medical field have to say.

Until 15 Minutes Ago, I Was Being Told Canada Was Outperforming Orange Man Bad In Every Conceivable Way

Last night: President Trump Invokes Defense Production Act Taking Control of 3M Production…

CBC: Because there are currently no domestic manufacturers of N95 masks, pressure put on the global supply by the coronavirus pandemic has left Canada in a precarious position.


And more background;

Within hours of the distributor’s demand, the group had assembled a consortium of 19 different entities in need of the masks, including two major hospital chains, one city health department in Colorado, six county governments in three states, and one governor’s office. Though several of the buyers were also hoping to purchase gowns, gloves, ventilators, and other supplies, they were pooling resources to be able to put in the minimum order of 3M’s 1860 N95 mask, which protects health care workers against airborne particles and is “resistant to splash and spatter of blood and other infectious materials.”
Although the 1860 N95 masks should cost $1.27 each, according to a price list 3M issued yesterday, the Canadian dealer was charging more than $7 per mask. But the jacked-up price isn’t what killed the deal. Even the major hospital chains were desperate enough to spend the money. Instead, the group’s purchase began to fall apart when the dealer said that the Canadian military had seized 10 million of the masks and then insisted that the group not only commit to buying the remaining 20 million masks but also to five additional monthly purchases of 20 million masks, totaling $140 million.

Your Government Is Here For You

And YOU! And You! And You over there!

The Canadian emergency response benefit is part of the Canadian government’s massive relief package to taxpayers in the midst of the global pandemic.
Unfortunately for those same taxpayers, Trudeau has snuck non-Canadians onto the list of who qualifies for that lucrative $8,000 per person bail out.
International students, most of whom come from China, are among those eligible. So are temporary foreign workers.

Your Government Is Here For You

Trust the experts.

Politicians warned Wednesday Canadians can expect weeks or months of social distancing, but declined to reveal their own models or estimates of just how many people could become infected or die of COVID-19.

While federal and provincial leaders stressed the need for Canadians to maintain the fight against COVID-19, they refused to disclose models that project how the virus might play out.
Ontario Premier Doug Ford said releasing projection models might prompt panic.
“There are a few different models and if we give one or the other it sends two different messages,” said Ford. “These models could drastically, drastically change. If we underestimate on one side and overestimate on the other (it could) create a panic if we overestimate.”
When asked about releasing information from such models, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said, “There are a wide range of projections depending on how Canadians are behaving.”

In Saskatchewan they refuse to even disclose where COVID-19 cases are.

Related: Trudeau’s attempt to help may kill many small businesses

Y2Kyoto: Contagion

From the comments;

The federal government announced Tuesday that it “was in the process of finalizing an agreement” with the Montreal-based protective equipment manufacturer Medicom to start N95 and surgical mask production in Canada.
But the proposed Medicom manufacturing site won’t be up and running for months. According to the company, neither the location nor the number of facilities that will be producing masks has been decided. It is aiming to start production in early summer.
Trudeau is desperately trying to source N95 masks from other countries, who are struggling with their own needs.

Guess “studies of mosquitoes, rats, and programs on “storytelling regarding climate change” were more important.

The Grim Crisis In Europe’s Care Homes


More than a third of care homes in the Paris region alone are thought to have been affected by coronavirus. But while hospital deaths are recorded in the daily toll of coronavirus, deaths in care homes are not. […]
Few of the cases in France’s retirement homes are ever tested for the virus, once an initial outbreak has been confirmed. But day after day, stories are emerging of double-digit death tolls inside these institutions, now virtually shuttered from the outside world.
As Italy and Spain have so far seen Europe’s biggest and deadliest outbreaks, so have the elderly in care homes borne the most painful brunt, enveloped by twin crises of mass infection and staffing shortages.
In Italy, hundreds of deaths have been reported in residential homes in Bergamo in the north, while 83 elderly residents went without food at a home for two days in the south because staff had to go into quarantine.

“Grim” is an understatement.

Your Government Is Here For You

Now is the time at SDA when we juxtapose again!

Washington, DC – March 30, 2020: Trump unveils new five-minute coronavirus test device

Update: FDA authorizes two-minute antibody testing kit to detect coronavirus

Ottawa, ON – March 31st, 2020: “our next-generation manufacturing supercluster will be leading companies in developing and scaling up new technologies to test and to treat Canadians.”

Flashback to SDA, March 27th: This is GAME CHANGER. Abbott to market, starting next week, a fast point-of-care #coronavirus test, delivering positive results in 5min and negative results in 13min. Will deliver 50K tests/day to start. Kudos to Abbott and FDA’s Jeff Shuren and team at CDRH who are in the fight.