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How Deep, Señor Trudeau?

Venezuelan Economics;

One senior public servant described the expensive schedule of social programs coming down as a “structural change in the way government in this country operates.”
The risk for Justin Trudeau and new finance minister Chrystia Freeland is that if they spend too much, too fast, they could estrange blue Liberals worried about economic growth and fiscal discipline. The throne speech details remain unknown to all but a few, but there are enough broad hints to make some Liberal MPs and supporters, not to mention senior public servants, very worried indeed.
With three weeks until the government unveils its new agenda, the cracks are already beginning to show.

The Branch DeBlasions

New York City is home to 118 billionaires, more than any other American city. New York City is also home to nearly one million millionaires, more than any other city in the world. Among those millionaires some 8,865 are classified as “high net worth,” with more than $30 million each.
They pay the taxes. The top one percent of NYC taxpayers pay nearly 50 percent of all personal income taxes collected in New York. Personal income tax in the New York area accounts for 59 percent of all revenues. Property taxes add in more than a billion dollars a year in revenue, about half of that generated by office space.

And they’re leaving.

And The Budget Will Balance Itself

Now is the time at SDA when we juxtapose!

CBC FACTCHECK, October 2019: The Conservatives’ misleading claims about a ‘secret’ Liberal housing tax

Blacklocks, July 2020; CMHC is spending $250,000 researching a first-ever federal home equity tax. Organizers of the research project earlier likened homeowners to lottery winners whose residences were tax shelters: “The objective is to identify solutions that could level the playing field between renters and owners.”

“I have never seen the likes of this,” Sadlowski-Garza said. “I’m scared.”

Mayor Lori Lightfoot is not the name of a cartoon character, but it should be.

Leaked Audio from May 31st: WTTW News obtained a recording of an online conference call held by the [Chicago] mayor’s office to brief all 50 aldermen on the city’s response to the unrest touched off by the death of George Floyd in the custody of Minneapolis police.

Link to audio here — it’s been up and down, but I now have a copy saved.

You may get a warning message on the prompt, but it’s loading from the WTTW News server.

The recording begins with Ald. Michelle Harris (8th Ward) wondering how she could convince businesses like Walmart and CVS to rebuild on the South Side after the destruction.
“It’s like, what are we going to have left in our community?” Harris asks her colleagues before answering herself. “Nothing.”
The Chicago City Council’s Black Caucus criticized Lightfoot’s decision to use 375 members of the Illinois National Guard to block off the Loop and the central business district starting Sunday morning, making business corridors on the South and West sides an “easy target” for looters and criminals because they “did not have the same level of protection.”
Lightfoot dismissed that criticism as “illogical and not true” on Wednesday.
Ald. Pat Dowell (3rd Ward) said she felt helpless to protect older residents, who she said were struggling to buy food and get prescription medicine.
“I’ve worked really hard over the last seven years and now I feel like I am five feet back,” Dowell said.
“I feel like I am at ground zero,” Harris responded. “My major business district is shattered. Why would Walmart or CVS come back to our communities?”

Via @peterjhassonSeriously listen to the whole audio. It’s insane. Chicago’s own leaders describe their city like it’s Ciudad Juárez

Your Moral And Intellectual Superiors

More media dishonesty, but that’s the norm.

No, I haven’t been blogging on the riots, primarily because I’ve been busy and away from the computer, but also because Minneapolis is one of the cities I know best, and it sickens me to witness the twin cancers of the left – identity politics and entitlement culture – metastasize yet again.


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“In the midst of this festival of frivolity, harsh reality landed in Europe”

With an intro by Sarah Hoyt;

Let me put this into small bite-size ideas: Globalism, of the sort that assumes there are no real differences between cultures and that totalitarian regimes are as trustworthy as non-dictatorial regimes, is a luxury. It is the luxury of those so wealthy and pampered they can afford to ignore reality and live in make-believe. In centuries past it was the luxury of the very few and very wealthy. Briefly, for a shining moment in history, all of the West could afford to be that stupid.


The Left’s Wildest Dreams May Be Coming True

While sane, responsible people are rightfully worried about what is still to come from Covid-19, it must be noted that the ardent disciples of the cult known as Radical Leftism appear to be having all of their most heartfelt wishes granted.

First, the economic growth we’ve all enjoyed is about to end, which is something that Bernie Sanders and AOC and Bill Maher and their ilk have been hoping would happen for some time now. But if that wasn’t enough, the reduced growth is certain to reduce carbon emissions. And for the cherry on top, all of the Leftists who have been screaming that we need to reduce the population are now about to have their wishes granted, with an estimated 0.25% – 3.0% of the world’s population about to die. With that population currently at about 7.7 Billion people, this equates to between 19.25 Million to 231 Million souls gone.

The Leftist Death Cult must be rejoicing!

“They are eligible for everything. Everything. For 20 years.”

I’m going to tear up my passport and identify as a Syrian.

Illegal border crossers and asylum claimants whose cases have not yet been heard in front of an immigration judge are in some cases being given 20 years of all-access to gold-plated healthcare services, the Sun has learned.
This provides access to every medical procedure available under the Canada Health Act, as well as full dental coverage and tax-payer funded prescription drugs, according to a medical assistant who is blowing the whistle on these exorbitant freebees.
The medical assistant, who spoke to the Sun on condition of anonymity and provided supporting documentation to back these claims, works at a medical clinic in York Region that takes patients covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). This one office in a town north of Toronto sees 30 to 40 migrants with 20-year permits each week, said the source.
According to the whistleblower, migrants walk into the clinic and provide a government-issued identification number. When the number is inputted into the OHIP computer system, it shows what services the person is qualified to receive.