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He Admires Their Basic Dictatorship

Sober Second Reeducation Camp.

With little fanfare, the Senate of Canada voted today to suspend Sen. Lynn Beyak for the remainder of this parliamentary session because she failed to complete the anti-racism training she was directed to undergo the last time she was temporarily kicked out of the Red Chamber.
The Senate agreed, on a voice vote, to adopt the ethics committee’s latest report on Beyak, which calls for her suspension from the chamber so she can complete the prescribed training and take time to think about the harm she did to Indigenous people by posting racist letters on her website.

Mischief Is Important

An evening with Patrick Moore. Heh.

Going fast!

Jordan Peterson

An update on his condition and recovery.

A doctor explains, in the comments section at the National Post;

There is a difference between dependence and addiction. His daughter states this is dependence. Anyone, literally 100% of the population will form a dependence on Benzos if taken for long enough and they are horrific to come off of for everyone. There is a very big difference between addiction and dependence. This article blatantly conflates the two even though the video they posted from his daughter clearly states he developed dependence. As a medical professional I can tell you that Doctors must take more responsibility to ensure that dependency is not formed to benzos. That is different from addiction. Dependence on benzodiazepines can kill anyone. Addiction forms in a smaller portion of the population and generally extends to other drugs and activities to experience the effects of drugs/addictive behaviors. Try to respond with empathy, likelihood is you know someone who has formed dependence on substances and struggled to get off them. This man’s story is compelling. His wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer and formed a deeper dependence to manage the devastating consequences. Regardless of whether you agree with his views this is an all too common story.

The Chibranos

Just another day in your basic dictatorship.

The Trudeau government isn’t satisfied to simply spend $600 million dollars to pay off the entire media establishment in Canada, they want to monitor your news and use the CBC to “ensure quality in news coverage.”
Yesterday an advisory panel released a report entitled, “Canada’s Communications Future: Time To Act”, citing” a “crisis in news.” It recommends all media content services fall under the Act and regulation by the Canadian Radio Television and Telecommunications Commission.”

Elections Librano

I’m not the only Canadian journalist to write a book about Trudeau during the campaign. So did two pro-Trudeau left-wingers — Aaron Wherry of the CBC state broadcaster and John Ivison of Postmedia, the largest recipient of Trudeau’s newspaper bail-out.
Neither of them is being investigated for writing their books. Only me.

Hockey Night In Wokestan

Number Four;

The Hockey Hall of Famer tells the Toronto Sun that “enough is enough” of smearing and picking on his old coach.
“To throw him under the bus like this is wrong,” said the former Boston Bruins great.
“And for his partner to do it as well. Shame on him.”
Like Cherry, Orr is disappointed Coach’s Corner co-host Ron MacLean buckled to corporate pressures to issue an apology that included saying, “Don made comments that were hurtful and prejudiced.”
This came after MacLean offered a thumbs-up on air and said “That’s why we love you.”
Orr is of the view that Cherry’s awkward wording was taken out of context and turned against him to destroy him.
“I know what he was saying. We all know what he was saying. He was saying we should buy a poppy. All of us,” said the pride of Parry Sound, now a player representative.

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