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Greg Anderson: The Bravest Police Officer in America

This Instagram video has gone viral:

Officer Greg Anderson has now been reprimanded and is at risk of being fired. If you can afford it, you can contribute to his legal defense fund.

Most people in America & Canada have never given much thought to where the police get their authority from. Clearly it’s from the government. And where does the government get its authority? In America, at least, it’s from the people. But even in Canada, the people can only be pushed so far.

“The thin blue line” refers to the tiny percentage of police officers vs. the number of citizens. Law & Order is a very fragile tacit agreement between the authorities and the majority of the population. Events in recent weeks have clearly shown an infringement of that agreement by the authorities. They’ve gone too far under the guise of “safety” and “for the public good”.

Wuhan Flu: It Escaped From A Nasty Chinese Lab, Or It Emerged From A Nasty Chinese Wet Market


For those keeping score: You’re an paranoid conspiracy theorist if you ponder the lab-made hypothesis, and a cancel-worthy racist if you accept the approved wet-market hypothesis.

That is all.

Mann Up

Mark Steyn; (link fixed)

Responding to a motion by my co-defendants the Competitive Enterprise Institute and Rand Simberg, the Court has now ordered Mann to cough up his income records from 2007 along with any evidence of reputational damage. If m’learned friends will forgive a zippy generalization, when you sue for defamation, there are various kinds of damages: “Defamation per se” commands damages in and of itself without evidence of actual losses; on the other hand, compensatory damages requires evidence that you lost 27 grand here and 49 bucks there. Mann had argued that, as he was claiming defamation per se, he didn’t need to show evidence of monetary loss. Judge Anderson has now reminded him that that’s not what his statement of claim actually says…

Wuhan Flu

A very good podcast that touches on many the current issues of the week: censorship of dissenting voices, conspiracy hypothesis and the problem of countering “partial garbage”, unjustified scientific certainty, the dangers of tribal signaling, and the evolutionary unknowns of a virus that’s new and potentially exploring new opportunities of infection.

Dark Horse is a very good channel to subscribe to. They’re reliably middle of the road, relatively apolitical (for academics) and work hard at checking their biases.

Never Let a Crisis Go To Waste

The Inevitable Coronavirus Censorship Crisis is Here:

As the Atlantic lawyers were making their case, YouTube took down a widely-circulated video about coronavirus, citing a violation of “community guidelines.”

The offenders were Drs. Dan Erickson and Artin Massahi, co-owners of an “Urgent Care” clinic in Bakersfield, California. They’d held a presentation in which they argued that widespread lockdowns were perhaps not necessary, according to data they were collecting and analyzing.

“Millions of cases, small amounts of deaths,” said Erickson, a vigorous, cheery-looking Norwegian-American who argued the numbers showed Covid-19 was similar to flu in mortality rate. “Does [that] necessitate shutdown, loss of jobs, destruction of oil companies, furloughing doctors…? I think the answer is going to be increasingly clear.”

This comment is very interesting

15 Freedom Fighters Arrested in Hong Kong

Is the Communist dictatorship of China playing 3-D chess against the West?

Hong Kong police Saturday arrested 15 prominent democracy activists on charges of illegal assembly in the biggest crackdown on the semiautonomous city’s pro-democracy movement since mass, sometimes violent anti-government protests rocked the former British colony in June.

The move came just hours after China’s top representative office in the semiautonomous city declared it is not bound by restrictions in Hong Kong’s constitution, the Basic Law, that bar Chinese government from interfering in local affairs. Earlier this week, Chinese officials urged Hong Kong to enact national security legislation, amid accusations of Chinese overreach into the city’s legislative council and judiciary.

Your Government Is Here Coming For You

From the people who advised that risk remains low, flights are being screened, and masks don’t work;

The federal government is considering introducing legislation to make it an offence to knowingly spread misinformation that could harm people, says Privy Council President Dominic LeBlanc.
LeBlanc told CBC News he is interested in British MP Damian Collins’s call for laws to punish those responsible for spreading dangerous misinformation online about the COVID-19 pandemic.
LeBlanc said he has discussed the matter already with other cabinet ministers, including Justice Minister David Lametti. If the government decides to follow through, he said, it could take a while to draft legislation.


And a reminder.

He Admires Their Basic Dictatorship

Sober Second Reeducation Camp.

With little fanfare, the Senate of Canada voted today to suspend Sen. Lynn Beyak for the remainder of this parliamentary session because she failed to complete the anti-racism training she was directed to undergo the last time she was temporarily kicked out of the Red Chamber.
The Senate agreed, on a voice vote, to adopt the ethics committee’s latest report on Beyak, which calls for her suspension from the chamber so she can complete the prescribed training and take time to think about the harm she did to Indigenous people by posting racist letters on her website.

Mischief Is Important

An evening with Patrick Moore. Heh.

Going fast!

Jordan Peterson

An update on his condition and recovery.

A doctor explains, in the comments section at the National Post;

There is a difference between dependence and addiction. His daughter states this is dependence. Anyone, literally 100% of the population will form a dependence on Benzos if taken for long enough and they are horrific to come off of for everyone. There is a very big difference between addiction and dependence. This article blatantly conflates the two even though the video they posted from his daughter clearly states he developed dependence. As a medical professional I can tell you that Doctors must take more responsibility to ensure that dependency is not formed to benzos. That is different from addiction. Dependence on benzodiazepines can kill anyone. Addiction forms in a smaller portion of the population and generally extends to other drugs and activities to experience the effects of drugs/addictive behaviors. Try to respond with empathy, likelihood is you know someone who has formed dependence on substances and struggled to get off them. This man’s story is compelling. His wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer and formed a deeper dependence to manage the devastating consequences. Regardless of whether you agree with his views this is an all too common story.

The Chibranos

Just another day in your basic dictatorship.

The Trudeau government isn’t satisfied to simply spend $600 million dollars to pay off the entire media establishment in Canada, they want to monitor your news and use the CBC to “ensure quality in news coverage.”
Yesterday an advisory panel released a report entitled, “Canada’s Communications Future: Time To Act”, citing” a “crisis in news.” It recommends all media content services fall under the Act and regulation by the Canadian Radio Television and Telecommunications Commission.”