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The Librano Youth

WE Charity offered camps up to $25K each to recruit volunteers for Liberal grants

On a recording obtained by National Post of a June 12 video call between WE Charity and over 100 attendees, mostly from summer camp organizations, co-founder Marc Kielburger explained that he was looking for camps who can help WE Charity “move a reasonable volume” of volunteers.
“If your non-profit camp that could potentially move a reasonable volume of young people, and that for us is about 75-plus young people throughout the summer … there are additional funds that we can provide to you up to $25,000 towards your administration of that towards the camp,” Kielburger explained to attendees of the meeting. […]
In addition to $25,000 grants to camps who welcomed at least 75 volunteers, WE Charity promised in a posting on its website earlier this week to pay $12,000 to any teacher who recruited at least 75 student volunteers…

In other words, they were going to buy volunteers before paying them.

What’s The Opposite Of Diversity?

Never apologize. They’re not offended and it only encourages them;

The US Department of Education has warned UCLA it could face fines if it disciplines a political science professor who read the N-word from Martin Luther King Jr.’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail.”
Lecturer W. Ajax Peris, an Air Force veteran, has been under investigation since early this month. UCLA Political Science Chair Michael Chwe and two others in his department had blasted Peris in an email, agreeing with students’ complaints that he didn’t “pause and reassess [his] teaching pedagogy” after objections to the N-word.
An apology from Peris did little to assuage students and faculty. According to Fox News, Chwe and company alleged Peris’s act of contrition “escalated the situation rather than engaging in […] thoughtful and open discourse.”

“This is the breakdown of the basic logic of civilization and it’s spreading”

What happened at Evergreen College in 2017 was a pilot project. As you watch these videos, you’ll recognize terms and phrases that are being repeated everywhere we turn today.

These are the people now cancelling academics. sports figures, and celebrities; holding corporations hostage; ripping apart hard science; demanding bent knees, destroying property and tearing down statues.

You’ll see in these students and agitators the same incoherent authoritarianism, demands for submission, public humiliation and violence; of those in authority the same capitulation and eagerness to be co-opted.

This is why the media — from news and opinion to sports journalism, has curled into a fetal position, repeating the mantras of Black Lives Matter like North Korean hostages. “Don’t hurt me”.

Now Evergreen College has gone nationwide. It’s important that we understand this is no longer the fringe, that tens of thousands of youth have been indoctrinated into this cult. From Human Rights Commissions to cancel culture, it’s been a long time coming. I still don’t think many fully appreciate the danger we’re in.

From 2017, in three parts. Stop feeling bewildered. Share it as far as you can.

I, Napoleon

National File;

Romania has passed a law banning gender studies and educational institutions from promoting gender identities divorced from biological sex, joining the ranks of Central European countries Hungary and Poland to require a more traditional approach to gender theory.
On Tuesday, Romanian lawmakers passed an amendment to an education law banning educational institutions from “activities propagating theories and opinions on gender identity according to which gender is a separate concept from biological sex,” according to The Swaddle.
The decision elicited widespread condemnation from a variety of activist organizations, with some professors openly intending to defy the law. The amendment was passed without any debate or consultation with teachers or educators.

Imagine that.

Two Birds, One Stone

Washington Examiner;

The Trump administration plans to revoke thousands of visas held by Chinese graduate students and researchers in the United States, escalating its crackdown on the Chinese government’s theft of intellectual property.
Those with direct ties to universities affiliated with the People’s Liberation Army will have their visas canceled, American officials with knowledge of the discussions told the New York Times. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo discussed the matter with President Trump on Tuesday at the White House.
The expulsions could affect at least 3,000 students, according to some estimates. Though it’s a small percentage of the approximately 360,000 Chinese students in the U.S., it is likely to spark pushback from universities that rely on full tuition payments from international students and critics who say the administration’s crackdown is contributing to anti-Asian racism.

Emphasis mine.

Losin’ My Tuition

Over the past week or so…

…the student body of Tisch (particularly the Drama students) has engaged in a back and forth with the administration regarding tuition and Zoom classes. Aggrieved students argue that remote classes cannot possibly serve as an adequate replacement for classes that necessitate a physical presence in the room (like acting classes, or dance classes, or film projects, or etcetera), and there have been various calls for a partial refund of tuition, including a petition that at publication had approximately 1,700 signatures, and calls to strike by sitting out of virtual classes.
In turn, Tisch administration has responded with a number of emails stating categorically that no tuition will be refunded, and explanations of varying degrees of empathy and detail as to why that is