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Why Not Pull The Plug And Pipe In Al Jazeera?

Britain’s decay continues;

Private Johnson Beharry’s courage in rescuing an ambushed foot patrol then, in a second act, saving his vehicle’s crew despite his own terrible injuries earned him a Victoria Cross.
For the BBC, however, his story is “too positive” about the conflict.
The corporation has cancelled the commission for a 90-minute drama about Britain’s youngest surviving Victoria Cross hero because it feared it would alienate members of the audience opposed to the war in Iraq.

With Great Respect To Blacks

I can’t be certain, but it’s possible the author of this carefully worded critique may have a position with the UN Relief Works Agency (Google search).
Translated from Arabic from the Palestinian newspaper Neda Al Quds, you’ll have to read between the lines;

While preparing for a visit to the Arab region and to meet with its leaders, she rejected all calls for a cessation of hostilities. Instead, she announced that the U.S. would continue to provide the aggressors in the Israeli occupation army with hundreds of the most dangerous and deadly weapons and smart bombs, giving the Zionist war machine the green light to continue killing innocent children, women, and the elderly and to destroy the infrastructure of the Palestinian Authority and the Lebanese State.
And this abhorrently ugly woman is becoming more and more audacious every day. When she invited her subordinates in the region [Arab leaders] to support her efforts to create a New Middle East – free of anyone affiliated with any national liberation movement that resists American and Israeli colonial dominance – this succubus stated quite clearly that the ongoing war in Lebanon was an American one run by Israel on America’s behalf as part of the wars America started in Iraq and Afghanistan.
This is because America, which is drowning in the mud of the countries it has already occupied and destroyed, can’t open up any news fronts on its own. To finish implementing the plans of the neo-conservatives; spread U.S. dominance over the entire Middle East region; and eradicate all opposition forces and remaining resistance – especially in Palestine and Lebanon, and before, during and after the siege of Syria and Iran – America needs Israel.
Rice acted in a manner similar to that of the Black Widow spider, weaving her web to catch her prey. Rice and the Black Widow have many similarities, beyond the fact that they are both Black (with great respect to the Blacks) and aside from the fact that they are both biologically female (there’s no need for women to get angry at me, since technically, Rice does belong to the female gender). The overriding similarities are that they both have poison dripping from their mouths, kill mercilessly and take horrifically sadistic pleasure in tormenting their victims and sucking their blood. But more importantly, both perfectly plan their hostile acts ahead of time.

I did consider for a time whether I should draw attention to it, as it’s certain to draw approving links from members of the progressive left.
In the end, the spirit of non-partisanship won out.
(You can read it from start to finish at Watching America.)

Belated eat an animal for PETA day!

A sure reminder that spring is upon us is the arrival of naked moonbats and international recognition of the fifth annual Eat an animal for PETA day. Since they also take this day to remind the world that we Canucks like to club seals for fun and profit, it’s a fine day to promote that traditional Newfoundland fare of Seal Flipper pie. In case you can’t pop in to Belbin’s Grocery in St. John’s and pick up a ready-to-bake one for $8.99, we present a traditional recipe for the club-it-yourselfer:

# 4 seal flippers (don’t forget to club at least two seals!)
# 1 L water
# 500 ml soda
# 125 ml fat pork, diced
# 1 cup milk
# 2 onions, chopped
# 5 ml salt
# 60 ml flour
# 250 ml cold water
# 5 ml Worcestershire sauce

Soak flippers in 1 L of water and soda. Trim off excess fat.
Dry flippers and dip in seasoned flour.
Brown in pork fat. Add onions and make a gravy of flour, water, and sauce. Pour over flippers.
Cover and bake at 350 degrees F for 2-3 hours.
Make a pastry and cover the flippers. Bake at 400 degrees F for 30 minutes.

Hmmm. Actually, no. These overgrown maritime rats taste like rancid cod entrails. Given the choice, I’d take the cod entrails. This is one of those cases where the clubbin’s better than the eatin’.
But that’s no reason to pass on up on that wholesome tradition and the satisfying sound of crushing their skulls with a blunt club.

sealboots.jpg These rats may taste awful but they make warm and waterproof boots, as well as attractive handbags. sealpurse.jpg

Good luck with the hunt in Newfoundland! You know we wish we could join in the fun.

Footnote from Kate: I second the motion.

Organic Farming Kills

Open Market has the story here:

Last summer’s outbreak of E. coli contamination in packaged spinach that killed at least three people and sickened more than 200 others has now been confirmed to have come from a 50-acre organic farm in California’s San Benito County.

Now I don’t really think organic foods are hazardous to your health, but the organic food industry so shamelessly hypes non-existent dangers to promote their products I’m happy to let them wear this one.
Yes, organic vegetarian spinach-eaters, organic fertilizers carry risks of their own.

Book your vacation now!

Now that I’ve seen Al Gore’s latest documentary I’ve decided those rising seas will offer great new business opportunities.
Are you a scuba diver? Are you tired of diving at the same old boring shipwrecks? Well, here at SDA we’re now offering you a chance to reserve now and be the first one to experience the whole new diving experience the reality of global warming will offer.
That’s right, if you book now you could be the first to scuba dive and explore the soon-to-be submerged Kennedy compound at Hyannisport. This is bound to be a hot spot among divers once it’s under water, but we’ve already reserved all diving rights for SDA Scuba Tours, so you can count on a pleasurable dive in uncrowded waters.
See? People are always looking only looking at the down side of global warming, but in any change there are bound to be both winners and losers. They might be exclusive sites for the rich and powerful at the moment, but they’re soon to become your favorite dive site!
In addition to the Kennedy compound, we’ll also be making a snorkeling/scuba tour of the houses of other famous celebrities currently on the shores of Martha’s Vineyard.
So if you want to reserve your spot on this exclusive tour, just hit the paypal link on the left of your screen and we’ll have this fantastic vacation opportunity rolling just as soon as those houses are under water. We regret to inform you that in the unlikely event Al Gore’s predictions of rising sea levels don’t come true and these houses don’t end up under water we’ll be unable to supply a refund. But what are the chances of that, really?

Y2Kyoto – Space Mirrors or Stratospheric Dust?

A sure way to tell if environmentalists want to control the climate or if they’re really interested in cutting off the economy with fuel rationing is to debate the merits of geo-engineering methods of cooling the planet.
Personally, I think the expected warming (if any) in the next century will bring far more benefits than harm. But in any case, one of the many reasons to not to be too worried about global warming is that we have alternative methods of cooling the planet if it were ever to really be necessary. Like space mirrors:

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If You Support The Troops

Support their mission.

Wire Services…
The Office of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will release a press statement tomorrow affirming that she supports the troops in such a bipartisan manner that what she was actually doing was communicating with Senator John McCain in his native Morse code.
“Speaker Pelosi loves veterans after all, and has a special less-cold place in her heart for POW’s . And what better way to forge that special bond than by honoring Admiral Jeremiah Denton during a Presidential Address,” sources quote from the text.
In fact, it will be revealed, she remained seated during the call for victory only to maintain eye contact with him and continue to convey her unwavering support, both for him and for all American servicemen everywhere in service to this nation. “United We Stand.”

Via email from an angry MilBlogger offended that the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives sat silent on a call to victory in Iraq yet stood in ovation at the call to support the troops.’ who says; “If this is how you support us, please, just *&^%ing stop.”

Kyoto: A Moooooving Target


Among the many reasons to cut the bull on global warming, it turns out a
staggering 24 million tonnes of annual greenhouse gas emissions are coming
from the exhaust pipes of Canadian cattle and other farting farm animals.

In the overall ecological scheme of things, that means farmyard flatulence
is contributing as much to heating the planet as half of all the regular
passenger cars on Canadian roads today.

Exactly how one coaxes Bessie into a raspberry reduction to help save the
Earth is a problem we are happy to leave to Canada’s enthusiastic new
environment minister, John Baird (although we do hope there will be pictures)…
— Greg Weston / Ottawa Sun

So does this mean that I should stop feeding the cows nachos and refried
beans when I invite my father-in-law’s cattle herd over to watch Monday Night

If You Support The Troops

Support the mission. You cannot have it both ways. To withhold support for their mission is to advocate their – and our – defeat.
Finally, a poll done in the US demonstrates that a significant percentage of Democrats understand this. Ace of Spades

A full 34% of our troop-supportin’ patriotic loyal opposition flatly wishes failure upon the US military.
I suppose some people may not fully listen to the question, so within that 34% are some respondants who just figure the more “No’s” they offer the more strongly they register their opposition, and some people who add the interpretation “I don’t want the surge to succeed, because I don’t want it to happen in the first place.”
But I don’t think you get to 49% based on misunderstanding the question alone, do you?

I shudder to think what the percentage would be if such a poll were taken here.

It’s Not Easy Being Green

The faint hint of chartreuse climbing Jack Layton’s cheeks is not a reflection.

Leader Jack Layton’s call for tough emissions standards for new vehicles has hit a speed bump, with Canada’s biggest auto union warning the move could cost the struggling auto sector “thousands of jobs.”
Canadian Auto Workers president Buzz Hargrove says he was “taken aback” by Layton’s comments and rebuked the federal leader for not consulting with union leaders before making his demand for the new standards.
“It would have been helpful for you to have first consulted with the CAW on this important question before making your statement,” Hargrove wrote in a letter to Layton released yesterday.

And in other Jack Layton news – reaching out to Canada’s leading online anti-semitic community to help get their message out to Canadians should be just what the doctored ordered.

This should give Crawls with Caffeine and company more to blog about now that the NDP and Liberals are also “illegally colluding with bloggers in violation of the Elections act”. There’s never enough tinfoil around when you need it.

Danger of Disinformation

On the anti-DDT hysteria:

President George W. Bush’s new international anti-malaria campaign has been greeted with enthusiasm by its victims, but with pseudoscience by commentators.
That is not unusual: Fallacies infect every debate about the environment and affect policy, taxpayers’ money and victims’ lives.

We like to poke fun at the global warming hysterics, but they haven’t killed anywhere near as many African children as the DDT activists.
And a group specializing in exactly that type of disinformation closer to home and making good money at it- As You Sow.

There’s Nothing Cukier Than A Gun Control Nut

Via Volokh;

Vancouver school board trustee Sharon Gregson [publicly argues that] Canadians need to broaden their thinking about handgun ownership. “There is a thinking that guns can only be bad and related to crime, and that’s not my experience as a legal gun owner, participating in a gun sport,” Ms. Gregson said, explaining why she decided to get a handgun permit in Utah….
But some of Ms. Gregson’s colleagues have urged the trustee, a married mother of four, to stop shooting her mouth off. Trustee Clarence Hanson said her comments send the wrong message to kids. [Ed note – “stop shooting her mouth off”… how clever!]
“I was quite shocked,” Mr. Hanson said after he heard Ms. Gregson on a morning radio program yesterday, in which she argued in favour of easier access for permits to carry a concealed gun, especially for women who feel threatened. “As a school trustee, my concern is basically, we have a number of children … who sometimes feel harassed and bullied. I don’t want them to get the impression that this is the way to protect yourself,” Mr. Hanson said. “If they get a feeling that a school trustee who represents them thinks it’s okay to protect yourself in this way, … we’re going down a dangerous road, I think.” …
Ms. Gregson said she did not mean to suggest that kids in the school system be urged to carry guns. However, she did suggest that the outcome of the Montreal massacre might have been different if any one of Marc Lepine’s 14 female victims had been carrying a weapon…..

Not Lepine. Gharbi. His name was Gamil Rodrigue Gharbi.

The head of the Canada’s main gun-control lobby[, Wendy Cukier,] denounced Ms. Gregson’s comments as well …. “It’s an absurd comment. It’s completely contrary to Canadian traditions. It has no basis in fact, and for someone who is associated with schools to be making those comments is particularly alarming, especially a woman.” …

Well, Ms. Cukier… here’s a comment from a woman. I hope you find it alarming.
Not only did I shoot the gopher that graces the top of this page, I did so with what is now a prohibited firearm – the same .22 rifle I’ve used to dispatch gophers since I was 12 years old. And God willing, I’ll dispatch a few more with it in years to come.
And never mind the teachers – thinking back to the class of 16 that I graduated with, at least half of the girls I knew in school with would have proven a worthy match for Gharbi or any other nutcase intent on turning them into next year’s excuse for your precious televised candle-light marches – given half a chance and access to the appropriate firepower.
That any individual would presume define “acceptable” thought for an entire gender is completely contrary to our western democratic traditions, not to mention, an insult to all Canadian women. Suffice it to say, Wendy Cukier – you don’t speak for me.