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Caption This

Ladies and Gentlemen – we have a winner. But first, the Dishonourable Mentions:
“Workers survey the almost completed BeyoncĂ© Easter Parade inflatable”kevin
“Fourteen injured at Lulu Lemon R&D Lab mishap, story at 6”richfisher
“New CBC logo?” kuzo
And the winner is… Steve from Rockwood!


“Everything was going fine until he hit the twerk button.”

Send me an email, Steve and we’ll get your book out to you.

Cheese-Eating Boots On Ground (and in air)

1) Grands fromagers:


2) Bottes:

France completes Operation Tudelle in northern Mali
France completed its Operation ‘Tudelle’ in Mali’s Ifoghas mountains, 500 km north of Gao and close to the Algerian border in early November. The operation saw a shift in both jihadist and French military tactics, while behind the scenes all the indications are that France’s military involvement in Mali is set for the long term…
Operation ‘Tudelle’ involved some 400 soldiers and 100 vehicles, and forms part of the wider Operation ‘Barkhane’, which spans from Chad to Mali and involves 3,000 French personnel…
According to the French military, Operation ‘Tudelle’ saw 24 jihadists killed, two captured and a large amount of ammunition, weapons and bomb-making components destroyed. France meanwhile suffered its 10th fatality since its Operation ‘Serval’ was launched in Mali in 2013, when a French special forces operator from the Commando Parachutiste de l’Air n°10 was killed on 29 October…

A Tale of Two Minds

I’m of two minds on Ontario’s decision to uninvite CBSA on their road-side stops.
On one hand I don’t think any illegal immigrant or illegal immigrant worker should be allowed to roam freely without fear of hindrance on the roads. The roadside checks success is evident when a net caught 21 in August according to the article.
On the gripping hand, I have a real problem with roadside stops engaging in unreasonable search and seizure.
Via, NWC.

Just for 454guy

Labrador went Liberal. Which was either a great gain by Trudeau or a local phenomenon. The CPC talking point is that while the Liberals got 60% of the vote, Dion’s Liberals got 70%, so…yeah.
Adler called it in 2009.
Round 2 tickets are available. (Snort)
A liberal Senator resigned from the Liberal caucus, Duffy paid his back, and no one knows what Brazeau is going to do.
You’ll get your BC Election thread later.
Hmm, other than that…

Wait, What?

When did ‘prorogue’ become fashionable again? Not just some silly little 20 day prorogue either.
Not to worry though. I understand that the Left is organizing a day of protest over this dramatic body blow to our democracy. Mansbridge is breathless. Occupy is organizing, the unions are printing up signs. Quebec has promised another referendum. TorStar, Globe & Mail and the Nat. Post have run leads for the last week…oh, wait.
It wasn’t Harper?
Never mind, didn’t happen. Nothing to see here. Move along.

Writing the narrative

Democrats aren’t all that hyped about voting this go-around.

“Republicans’ greater enthusiasm about voting is a troubling sign for the Obama campaign, especially given the fact that registered voters are essentially tied in their presidential voting preferences and that Republicans historically vote at higher rates than Democrats do.”

So, I guess that quote explains why we have all those D+6 to D+11 polls, eh? If you can’t con ’em, poll ’em.