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What Do the Woke Left and White Supremacists Have in Common?

Some have called this recent podcast episode by Sam Harris the most important podcast segment in the history of the Internet. It’s long. He has nothing nice to say about Trump. But his message for reasonable people on the Left is critically important. This would be a brilliant link to send to all of your Left-leaning family & friends and encourage them to listen to it to the end.

(Seconded by Kate. It’s an important podcast and people like Sam Harris, no matter their partisan leaning, need our support.)

Journalists -> Activists -> Irrelevance

In his most recent editorial, Matt Taibbi provides countless examples of how “journalists” are clearly not honest, ethical professionals any longer. Get past his strong detest for Donald Trump and the rest of the piece illustrates the current sad state of journalism:

The main thing accomplished by removing those types of editorials from newspapers — apart from scaring the hell out of editors — is to shield readers from knowledge of what a major segment of American society is thinking.

It also guarantees that opinion writers and editors alike will shape views to avoid upsetting colleagues, which means that instead of hearing what our differences are and how we might address those issues, newspaper readers will instead be presented with page after page of people professing to agree with one another. That’s not agitation, that’s misinformation.

Show trials have existed throughout the history of totalitarian regimes, not to deliver justice, but to scare the population into strict compliance with the state. In 2020 the Leftist Cult known as “Progressivism” has clearly communicated to all, with journalists at the front of the list, that any deviation from the official Woke narrative will be met with cancelation & shaming, enforced by mob rule, both online and sometimes in person. The scared sheep, formerly known as journalists, have received the message loud & clear and will now comply. For they know the consequences if they don’t.

The traditional view of the press was never based on some contrived, mathematical notion of “balance,” i.e. five paragraphs of Republicans for every five paragraphs of Democrats. The ideal instead was that we showed you everything we could see, good and bad, ugly and not, trusting that a better-informed public would make better decisions. This vision of media stressed accuracy, truth, and trust in the reader’s judgment as the routes to positive social change.

For all our infamous failings, journalists once had some toughness to them. We were supposed to be willing to go to jail for sources we might not even like, and fly off to war zones or disaster areas without question when editors asked. It was also once considered a virtue to flout the disapproval of colleagues to fight for stories we believed in (Watergate, for instance).

Antifa & BLM are the Orchestra and Democrat Politicians are the Conductors

If you’ve viewed the insanity in America over recent weeks with suspicion, you’re not alone. Brian Cates summarizes the latest chapter in Seattle (free subscription via registration) :

It seems the play among some Democrat governors and mayors was to refuse to call in the National Guard while also making their police departments stand down and give the rioters “space to destroy,” which would cause the situation to become so bad that Trump would be forced to act.

And the act they anticipated the president to take was to seize in the U.S. military in to restore order. This would have then allowed them to play their “Trump the Dictator” narrative all the way to the election.

But Trump didn’t do what they expected.

Pause for a moment to think about Democrat politicians rubbing their hands with glee over the death and destruction their policies & inactions have caused in their communities – all in anticipation of forcing President Trump to restore civility & order through a show of force. Thankfully the cameras of their MSM apparatchiks didn’t capture this desired outcome because it never happened. Why would anyone vote for these cretins ever again?!

Rewriting history is not a “start”

Democrat mouthpiece Kirsten Powers has some ideas that are not too far afield from those of historic totalitarian takeovers of democracies:

Most Americans were reared on whitewashed fairy tales about the United States’ history with race. I wish we didn’t have so much ugliness in our history to contend with, but we do.

It’s time for us to grow up as a country and face the whole truth.

Many white Americans seem to be waking up to this fact. But there is an element on the right committed to pretending that they are the ones being victimized by the changes sweeping the country. These changes challenge the one-sided narrative of America crafted by a select group of white men.

The Radical Left’s Latest Tactic

The “Woke” Left has been preparing for this moment and is ready with a serious of effective tactics and slogans:

If you’ve followed the news in recent weeks, you’ll have noticed that the Left’s social-justice brigades have not cooled in their passion for banishing speech with which they disagree. But these days have also revealed a more dangerous tactic: conscripting speech by means of social pressure. Instead of enforcing strict silence, progressives aim to craft a public square in which we are all obliged to echo their views.

It is abundantly clear that social-justice activists — and, increasingly, mainstream left-wing Americans — do not intend to relent in wielding the cultural power of rage mobs to erase all trace of contrary opinions.

In the old days, people could freely debate. But given that the Left argues from the perspective of feelings, not facts, they lost all arguments. So they switched to the tactic of “what you’re saying is hateful, thus you don’t have a right to speak”. But now, in 2020, even that isn’t enough. You now MUST publicly agree with them or fear being canceled and destroyed. Have you noticed how many politicians, senior police officials, and companies have fallen into line so quickly?

Update: Here’s the latest example from Alberta.

55 Years of Failure

In his latest column, Dan Henninger details over a half century of failure of Democrat Party policies. Though his column is probably behind a paywall, he discusses it with John Batchelor here.

Simply put, all of the Democrat politicians are locked into a framework of failure. They didn’t invent these policies but did sign up to support them. Even suggesting that any of these policies be altered is a sure recipe for career suicide. The strange thing is why the protestors are demanding change from these absolute policy failures?

Hooking their wagons to the Woke Train

The sincere Americans seeking positive change in their country seem not to have realized that the “leaders” they’re following in this “revolution” have taken them down the wrong path, which will ultimately lead to only more bloodshed and frustration. Brendan O’Neill has written a stinging indictment of the BLM movement and its comrades:

Let’s be clear about what is happening here: this is an effort to establish racial collective guilt for the murderous suffocation of George Floyd. There are two problems with this approach. The first is that collective guilt on the basis of racial origin is always a wicked ideology to pursue. Whether it’s Jews being held collectively guilty of the alleged excesses of ‘rich Jews’ or blacks being collectively punished for the offences of individual black people, such racial extrapolation always leads to prejudice and suffering. There is a twisted irony in the fact that so many commentators and activists who pose as anti-racist are promoting the ideology of collective racial guilt in response to the killing of George Floyd.

The second problem with this sweeping anti-white reaction to Floyd’s death, and with the pathologisation of whiteness more broadly, is that it acts as a distraction from the real problems facing the US and other societies. Collectivising the crime committed by four police officers in Minneapolis turns attention away from the specificity of police brutality and of structural disarray in modern America, in favour of pursuing a blanket suspicion of all whites. The problem is dissipated, then obscured. We are implicitly discouraged from seriously analysing specific residual political problems in the United States in favour of joining in the thrill-inducing project of bashing all whites.

O’Neill touches upon why so many major corporations appear to be supporting Black Lives Matter. If you haven’t yet figured out how completely insincere they are, this video clip from Joe Rogan’s podcast explains things in greater detail. Most succinctly, it’s all about Wagging the Dog.

Update: Where is the mob headed?