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The Inability to Think Beyond Stage One

SDA regular ‘Larry’ posted something very interesting yesterday. His second link pointed to this:

Governor Noem appears to have a troll named Roseanna Renaud absolutely obsessed with her. Looking through her tweets, Ms. Renaud, is also obsessed with Covid deaths. In any case, she accused Noem of being a “super spreader” citing various facts including that 218 South Dakotans have died from Covid-19 to date. With the state’s estimated population of 858,469, that’s 0.025%. The breakdown by age is as follows:

  • 0 – 29: 2
  • 30 – 39: 7
  • 40 – 49: 10
  • 50 – 59: 22
  • 60 – 69: 32
  • 70 – 79: 38
  • 80+ : 107

One astute commenter challenged Renaud: “Are you seriously going to strip people of their rights, isolate an entire population, and cause irreparable damage to the economy over 218 deaths? All for what? Eventually we have to open up again, and when we do, there will be deaths. Doesn’t matter if it’s tomorrow or in 2022.”

She retorted: “Every single one of those 218 people mattered. You’ve shown your true colors.”  Such simplistic thinking.  This is the kind of comeback a 5 year old child has on a playground.

You can read the responses here.  This is a clear example of the divide between people who think purely through emotions and those who use logic and are able to view the bigger picture.  Will it ever be possible to get pure emotion-based people beyond the mental trap they’re in?

#BidenThugs are now Hunting Innocent People

Further to Kate’s earlier post, the BLM/Antifa thugs are now hunting down and beating up anyone who doesn’t comply with their violent tactics. Put yourself in the driver’s seat of a vehicle that happens upon a protest. People start attacking your vehicle and threaten to do the same to you and everyone else with you. Precisely what would you do in such a circumstance?

Of course, the thugs’ media allies are right there to spin a false narrative defending them.

The revolution has started, folks, at least if you live in America. Think it ain’t gonna spread to Canada?

Louisville: Spontaneous Organization

And there they go again…

Kentucky National Guard activated.

Update: Youtube is reportedly shutting down livestreams, probably to conceal violence by BLM. There is an alternatve here at bitwave.

Say It Isn’t So, Joe!

Hunter Biden Received Millions From Wife Of Ex-Moscow Mayor, Paid Suspects Allegedly Tied To Trafficking, Had Contacts With Chinese Military, Senate Report Alleges

With Apologies to The Boss

A musical manifesto in honour of the alleged Ricin mailer:

Born north in Trudeaupia
Indoctrinated to be a brainwashed dope, oh yeah
You end up listening to the Leftist media
Til you spend half your life hatin’ Americans

Born in Canada
I was born in Canada
I was born in Canada
Born in Canada

Got a little depressed from the Covid lockdown
Was 24/7 watchin’ news from my compound
Felt I needed to help my woke friends in a foreign land
To help them hurt the orange man

Born in Canada
I was born in Canada
I was born in Canada
Born in Canada

So I cooked me up a batch of some nasty poison
Affixed it to some letters addressed down south
Sent them away to see what they would do
Waited patiently to hear the news

When they failed to cause the desired horror
I got in my car and drove to the border
A woman’s work is clearly never done
But the bastards caught me with a damn gun!

Now they have me for a psych eval
But I’m workin’ on a letter to my Ottawa pal
In ten years, I’ll surely be out
With an apology and a big payout

Born in Canada
I was born in Canada now
Born in Canada
I’m a long gone oppressed Woman in Canada now
Born in Canada
Born in Canada
Born in Canada
I’m a cool non-binary in Canada now

Original song. Encouraging Steven Crowder to make a video out of these lyrics.

On a serious note though, this woman seems to have slipped over the edge and was not in her right mind. One can only imagine what a mentally unstable person, depressed from the endless Covid lockdown and watching endless government funded CBC News and Radio Canada anti-American propaganda, might do.  While the U.S. government has no legal right to pressure their own “free press”, might not the people who run CBC News take this as a wake-up call that their 24/7 #OrangeManBad #HateFest could have some negative consequences?!?

Legal Disclaimer: Everyone is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.  Let’s hope that whoever is eventually convicted of this crime gets the psychological help and legal assistance they need.