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Standing Up Against the Mob

Briones Bedell is an overly woke 17 year old who lives in the East Bay region of the San Francisco Bay area. In her infinite lack of wisdom she decided that the beloved Trader Joe’s supermarket chain was a haven for racist wrong-think. So she launched this online petition against them. It has been running for 3 weeks and hasn’t even achieved the paltry 7,500 signatures she was looking for. Yet the MSM went wild with Fake News after Fake News after Fake News, all claiming that the company was bowing to the pressure and would be changing the names of some of its food products.

Even Wikipedia got into the act, claiming this: “Until 2020, Trader Joe’s labels were sometimes named in accordance with the ethnicity of the food in question, such as “Trader Jose’s” (Mexican food), “Baker Josef’s” (flour and bagels), “Trader Giotto’s” (Italian food), “Trader Joe-San’s” (Japanese food), “Trader Ming’s” (Asian food), “JosephsBrau” (beer), and “Trader Jacques'” (French food and soaps).”

Undoubtedly the Leftist Woke Mob operates under the premise that if you tell a lie enough times then people will believe it. Thank goodness Trader Joe’s did not cave and published this.

“The most singularly depressing town in the entire universe.”

A historic city laid waste by the left.

When I say this is a lifeless soulless place. You must imagine my new context to really understand it. Staying in a hotel with only one, perhaps a handful, of other guest(s) is a rather remarkable sense of living amid COVID-19 misery in real life.
Yes, it’s like a living example of The Shining, sans the death-knock of the twins in the middle of the night. That is correct. Trump International DC – and NO GUESTS. It’s a desolate, depressing, empty dystopian hotel nightmare hidden from all normal people in America including me. I had no idea the metastasized rot had already spread to the central nervous system. Eric needs to consider selling this place, and fast.
Restaurants closed. Everything closed. Lights out. DARK. Want to eat, go to the grocery store and hope for bologna and some bread. Everything on television/internet is disconnected from reality. I know, I’m here.

As the dog returns to its vomit: Bowser issues order for D.C. making masks mandatory when leaving the house

Ask Your Leftist Friends Why They’re Racist Towards Latinos

Goya Foods: A Buycott destroys the Boycott:

Unfortunately for all of these people who apparently object to a Hispanic businessman making his own decisions and walking away from the Leftist Racial Plantation to do as he damn well pleases for his company — all of this has backfired.

On the spot, a “Buycott” campaign to support Goya sprang up. And Goya sales, per CEO Unanue, “quadrupled.” (And a personal note: as a regular Goya customer myself, I have made a point to stock up. I love Goya!) Indeed, a friend of mine reported that she was at her local Giant and went to stock up on Goya goods to support the Buycott. She found a store clerk busy restocking the Goya shelves. When the clerk realized my friend was stocking up on Goya herself, she asked what was going on as my friend was the third person to do this. The situation explained — which the clerk had been unaware of — she said now she understood why the store’s Goya products were flying off the shelves.