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White Fragility “may be the dumbest book ever written”

A recent podcast of Megyn Kelly featured writer, Matt Taibbi. Get past the fact that he’s not a Trump fan and you’ll find an interesting conversation where he and Kelly dissect the Woke culture that is damaging our society. Towards the end of the podcast they talk about “White Fragility”, written by self-proclaimed racist, Robin DiAngelo.

This subject particularly hits home with me because a few months ago I was invited to a socially distanced picnic in Mountain View, California with a dear friend of 4 years. Not too long into it she told me that I had to face up to the fact that I was a racist. She admitted that she was a racist too. All of this comes right out of White Fragility specifically and Critical Race Theory more generally. I suggested to her using words like “biases” and “prejudices” might go a lot further in gaining allies and winning her argument, but she would have none of it. Hey, if my friend wants to call herself a racist then go for it. But I entirely reject the label being affixed to my forehead!

Here’s an excerpt from Taibbi’s article:

It takes a special kind of ignorant for an author to choose an example that illustrates the mathematical opposite of one’s intended point, but this isn’t uncommon in White Fragility, which may be the dumbest book ever written.

This dingbat racialist cult, which has no art, music, literature, and certainly no comedy, is the vision of “progress” institutional America has chosen to endorse in the Trump era. Why? Maybe because it fits. It won’t hurt the business model of the news media, which for decades now has been monetizing division and has known how to profit from moral panics and witch hunts since before Fleet street discovered the Mod/Rocker wars.

For corporate America the calculation is simple. What’s easier, giving up business models based on war, slave labor, and regulatory arbitrage, or benching Aunt Jemima? There’s a deal to be made here, greased by the fact that the “antiracism” prophets promoted in books like White Fragility share corporate Americas instinctive hostility to privacy, individual rights, freedom of speech, etc.

November 13, 2020 – Reader Tips

There’s a new sport in America which may be spreading to Canada. It’s called wokefishing (language warning). Wokefishermen are apolitical or non-Leftist men who pose as devout Wokeists purely to enjoy horizontal refreshment with pretty women who are infected with TDS. This discussion thread is worth a read. For those more interested in real fishing, here’s a beautiful video you’ll enjoy.

Your most authentic tips of the past day are much appreciated!

Trump’s lawsuits are good for American democracy

This past weekend I’ve asked two questions to my friends who are afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome:

  • You do realize that Biden has not yet become the President-elect, right?
  • In the Year 2000, Al Gore rightfully pursued his legal options and things weren’t decided until mid-December.  How come Donald Trump doesn’t have the same right to do so?

In many cases I received stunned silence to both of these questions.  In a few cases I was met with absolute hostility.  But the smarter ones answered ‘Yes’ to the first question and conceded the second.

Others are arguing the same point more vociferously:

For centuries, we have asked people who are unhappy with their fellow citizens or government agencies and institutions to bring their claims to court, where laws of evidence and ethical rules govern the proceedings. President Trump has not broken with these traditions; he has honored them. As long as his claims are not entirely frivolous from a factual or legal perspective, he may direct his lawyers to present and zealously advocate his claims in court.

So far, it seems the courts are doing their job. When the president went to federal court to claim that Pennsylvania should stop counting ballots as long as Republican observers were excluded, the judge asked the president’s lawyer “as a member of the bar of this court” whether any Republicans were present as ballots were counted. The lawyer responded, “There is a non-zero number of people in the room.” Lawyers, unlike politicians, are not allowed to lie, and so Trump’s lawyer was constrained, if only grudgingly, to acknowledge that Republicans had not been entirely excluded. The judge denied the petition but asked the parties to work out an agreement about how many people could observe the count and how close they ought to be.