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If you’re racing to the lowest possible outcome . . .

. . . you might be a Seattle School Administrator:

Last week the Seattle School Board voted to partner with a nonprofit to change and (they hope) improve the curriculum of Washington Middle School. Unfortunately, these changes are coming at the expense of the Highly Capable Cohort (HCC), an extremely popular gifted program that lets the students who score the highest on standardized tests participate in a specialized classes. There, they study material several grade levels higher than the ordinary curriculum.

The program has historically been dominated by white and Asian students, and this hasn’t set well with some folks who want to see more diversity in advanced programs. But rather than improve access, some school leaders—including Superintendent Denise Juneau—have decided that the whole program is a form of “redlining” and are trying to kill off the whole thing, over the objections of their own customers.

The Insane Future of the Radical Left

It’s not April 1st, so we assume this must be real:

Chartered Management Institute head Ann Francke said sports banter can exclude women and lead to laddish behaviour such as chat about sexual conquests.

“A lot of women, in particular, feel left out,” she told the BBC’s Today programme.

“They don’t follow those sports and they don’t like either being forced to talk about them or not being included.”

“I have nothing against sports enthusiasts or cricket fans – that’s great,” she said.

“But the issue is many people aren’t cricket fans,” she added, arguing bosses should crack down on sports banter.

Be sure to read the comments at the bottom of the article. They’re brilliant! More here.

What is Woke Culture?

Anyone following British politics the past few years knows who Ash Sarkar is. She’s an arguably attractive but ultra-naive young woman who is “literally a communist” and was inadvertently one of the architects of Jeremy Corbyn’s massive election defeat in December. Being a Devout Religious-like Disciple of the Cult of Leftism, she’ll never change her views. In this video, Carl Benjamin tears her apart using her own words.

The Mind-Numbing Grappling Hold of the MSM has been broken

SDA regular may recognize this quote:

Until this moment I have been forced to listen while media and politicians alike have told me “what Canadians think”. In all that time they never once asked. This is just the voice of an ordinary Canadian yelling back at the radio – “You don’t speak for me.” – Catherine McMillan

You may be repeatedly reminded of her words when you watch this:

January 21, 2020: Reader Tips

This evening we travel back to August 28, 1963 to hear Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech in which there was this brilliant sentence:

“I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character”.

Pause for a moment to think about how he would have felt to see millions of Woke Americans today ignoring the content of one’s character and entirely judging a person by the color their skin. Such is the power of the pseudo-religious cult of Leftism to twist the impressionable minds of malleable individuals in a very bad, and dare we say evil, direction.

Your inspirational tips would be especially appreciated today.