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How Dare You!

Greta’s little comrades weren’t so successful this time:

A federal appeals court has thrown out a high-profile case brought by 21 kids and young adults in a bid to block the federal government from encouraging the use of fossil fuels.

“Juliana vs. the United States,” filed in 2015, alleges that the U.S. government knew for decades that burning fossil fuels would lead to damaging climate change but failed to do enough to stop it. Two judges out of a three-judge panel ruled that the issues raised in the case are best left to Congress.

“There is much to recommend the adoption of a comprehensive scheme to decrease fossil fuel emissions and combat climate change, both as a policy matter in general and a matter of national survival in particular,” Judge Andrew D. Hurwitz wrote in the court opinion. “But it is beyond the power of an Article III court to order, design, supervise, or implement the plaintiffs’ requested remedial plan. As the opinions of their experts make plain, any effective plan would necessarily require a host of complex policy decisions entrusted, for better or worse, to the wisdom and discretion of the executive and legislative branches.”

Non-Insanity Theories?

One theory about Nancy Pelosi’s actions yesterday is that she has gone insane. Removing that possibility for the time being, might any astute SDA readers have another plausible theory about why she has turned impeachment into a circus?

Not Nutritionally Woke Enough

We’ve known for a long time that us right-thinking individuals aren’t “woke” enough for our political betters in the Leftist Cult. Now Elizabeth Warren and some of her comrades in the media are trying to destroy a chain store called Dollar General that doesn’t match their Whole Foods expectations (or prices) that they’re used to.

Salena Zito has thoughts to contrary, both in print and in conversation with John Batchelor.

China signs Trade Deal with America

In what was described by many as impossible, early in this new year, China has signed a major trade deal with the U.S.:

The U.S. and China signed a trade deal that officials say will lead to a sharp increase in sales of U.S. goods and services to China, further open Chinese markets to foreign firms—especially in financial services—and provide strong new protections for trade secrets and intellectual property.

The eight-part agreement acts as a cease-fire in a two-year trade war that has roiled markets world-wide and cut into global growth. But it leaves in place U.S. tariffs on about $370 billion in Chinese goods, or about three-quarters of Chinese imports to the U.S.

Is Ms. Yaniv Going Away to Jail?

Feel free to contact the Committee to Protect Journalists to see what they’re going to do about this violence to one of their own

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