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You Can’t Keep A WE Man Down

The list of 19 staffers who have been assigned responsibilities in the campaign to elevate Morneau to the top job at the OECD includes public servants working in communications and media relations, policy advisers and analysts, diplomatic outreach and protocol officers, an assistant deputy minister responsible for strategic policy and a number of GAC staff who regularly liaise with the OECD, among others.
These officials will provide Morneau with “strategic policy advice, advocacy and support,” “communications advice and support,” and “coordination of diplomatic outreach.”

Margin Of Fraud

BINGO! Edward Solomon has figured out the voting machine Algorithm in Philly, explained in this video. Brilliant work.

Dominion uses a set of several different integer ratios, assigns each, such as 1:18 (1 T vote for 18 B), to two, three or four precincts. Then every time the citywide system has a global update, each of those ratios transfer to a different set of precincts, where the vote counts conform to the assigned ratios until the next global update, when the ratios transfer again to a new set of precincts. Then the votes from the new set conform to the assigned ratios until the next reset- and so on. Hard to catch but dominion is clearly applying an algorithm to adjust the votes, and is doing it by sliding the ratios from precinct to precinct over time.

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At Rebel News — Dominion Voting Systems shared office is INCUBATOR for radical left-wing organizations

Unconfirmed: Dominion may have vacated their Toronto offices.

Deep Swamp

Roger Simon;

Lee Smith wrote an explosive narrative of the Russia collusion hoax in the number one best-seller “The Plot Against the President” that became a hit documentary film.
Someone should now write “The Plot Against Sidney,” because Trump and General Michael Flynn attorney Sidney Powell is currently in the crosshairs and then some.
And the attacks are coming not just, predictably, from the left, but from people you would think would be her natural allies. […]


I’m not going to speculate on what’s motivating Tucker and Byron. They are friends and they have their reasons. Apparently, they are not disturbed by such things as “weighted-voting algorithms” or the astonishing fact that Dominion does not even report vote totals, only percentages.
Nor will I wave a finger at them because representatives of Dominion did not show up as promised Friday morning for a fact-finding hearing with a committee of the Pennsylvania House. What did they have to hide?
Well, maybe they do have something to hide.

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The Tolerant Left

You will be made to pay;

For Leitch, the transition to private life did not go smoothly.
As parents and their children entered her clinics, she found herself dragged into discussions about her political views. In the interview, she at first said the interactions were positive, but when pressed acknowledged it was not always the case.
For parents to be concerned she had an “agenda” was not in the best interests of the children she wanted to help, Leitch said.
“It was beyond disruptive,” she said.
“For me personally, it was very uncomfortable. And I can’t imagine what it was like for the child.”
So, after encouragement from Canadian colleagues and after canvassing available jobs elsewhere, she settled on accepting a position as chief of pediatric orthopedic surgery at the children’s hospital of Mississippi and moved there last spring.