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BC Election

Apparently there’s been a provincial election. Polls closed an hour ago or thereabouts but in this hyper technological, super advanced world, nobody will know the results for weeks.

Officials with Elections BC said more than 700,000 votes have been cast by mail-in ballot, which must be tabulated manually due the timing of the Oct. 24 election. The results that would generally be available hours after the polls close, they added, will be postponed for weeks while the votes are counted.
The setup may have been different had the election taken place a year from now as scheduled, but NDP Leader John Horgan announced the surprise campaign, citing the need for political stability during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For God’s sake, just locate the polling stations in Home Depot stores where it’s safe, and mandate in-person voting.

Results here.

My BC election commentary follows.

Y2Kyoto: Snowfalls Are Now Just A Thing Of The Past


Banff’s Mount Norquay Ski Resort is preparing to open the mountain on Saturday (Oct.24), the earliest date in its 95th year of operation.
Norquay will be the first ski hill to open in the country this season, and is typically one of the first resorts to open for the ski season.
“We’ve received over 30 centimetres of snow with great overnight temperatures that allowed us to make a lot of snow,” said general manager Andre Quenneville.
“We have also made some improvements to our snowmaking system since last winter, which has increased our efficiency. Having overnight temperatures hovering around -9, -10 is what has really allowed us to open up so early.”

Related: Numerous records were broken, including in Val Marie, where the mercury dropped to -27 C, breaking the record of -14 C set back in 2002, and making the community the Canadian cold spot for most of the morning Friday.

Say It Isn’t So, Joe

National Pulse (Raheem Kassan);

While Biden – or “the big guy” – has his real name attached to his private account for some time, it changed around early 2016, going from “Joseph Biden” to “Peter Henderson” in Hunter’s e-mails.
It is unclear whether this change was on Hunter’s end (on his devices) or on Joe’s, but Peter Henderson’s e-mails included messages such as “Keep in touch, Love Dad” and shared links – often about Hillary Clinton.
In Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan series, “Peter Henderson” is the name of a KGB mole that infiltrated the United States government.


The First Post National State

All your history belongs to them.

The Ottawa Police Service is investigating a hate-motivated graffiti that occurred on Friday, October 16th at the National War Memorial on Wellington Street.
At approximately 9:46pm, a man riding a bike approached the Memorial, used a sharp object to engrave a hate graffiti on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. He left the area on the bike.
The suspect is described as Caucasian man. He was wearing a light-coloured sweater, dark pants, a dark tuque, a black back pack and was riding a mountain style bike (see photos).

I don’t know why they’re looking for the vandal. Nothing will happen to him.

Blind Horse

Bret Weinstein had his life threatened at Evergreen College for refusing to declare his inherent racism, his Unity 2020 Twitter account was suspended without explanation – and now this.

But he’s still anti-Trump because “something something better than that”.

Update: Eric Weinstein tears into Facebook’s Liz Bourgeois in an epic take down.