Author: David

Unclean Shelves

Dr Jennifer Cassidy is an Oxford University politics lecturer who has thoughts on what kind of books you’re allowed to have on your shelves. Ownership of Charles Murray’s The Bell Curve is, it turns out, a basis for scolding, like so much else. Readers may recall that the mob that physically menaced Charles Murray at Middlebury College included students, would-be intellectuals, who boasted of never having read his books and who consequently knew almost nothing about their victim’s actual views and actual research. None of which inhibited their self-satisfied enthusiasm for assaulting people and making polite elderly scholars fear for their safety.

One of these.

Simpler Times

Primitive living, it turns out, is so much easier with an inheritance. And if you’re into Stone Age role-play, then spare cash and pre-built property, complete with solar panels, power outlets and rudimentary plumbing, does seem rather handy, perhaps a prerequisite. Such that our fearless disdainer of modernity can “divide her time” flying between continents as mood suits, from Sweden to France’s Dordogne Valley and back to the mountains of Washington, USA.

It’s the prehistoric way.

The Burdens Of A Feminist

It’s been said, here at least, that when someone uses the term “emotional labour” unironically, the person doing the mouthing is most likely a bit of a nightmare. Say, the kind of woman who complains about the “emotional labour” of hiring a domestic cleaner. Or the kind who bitches about her husband and his shortcomings in the pages of a national magazine, where friends and colleagues of said husband, and perhaps his own children, can read on with amusement.

In the pages of Harper’s Bazaar, empowered feminist Gemma Hartley bemoans the “emotional labour” of getting her multiple bathrooms cleaned by someone else.

Dark Forces Detected, Part 3,064

The world of woke crossword-puzzlers – because that’s a thing that exists – is one in which enthusiasts, via social media, grumble about white men, bemoan the insufficient prominence of “queer or POC colloquialisms,” share “off-colour jokes about hypothetical titles for a Melania Trump memoir,” and fret about the exact ratio of male and female names used as clues. Because a lack of “gender parity” in crossword puzzle clues constitutes one of “the systemic forces that threaten women.”

Crossword puzzles can do that, apparently.

Woke Pieties Declared

When not advocating shoplifting and being titillated by visions of collapsing social norms, Ms Trevino, our communist poet and Antifa Gal, wants us to know how pleased she is by criminals escaping prison and taking hostages. What said prisoners may have done to be there in the first place, and what they may do again now that they’re at large, doesn’t seem to interest her.

See, they’re just like normal people, only horribly broken.