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How Unnecessary “Forced Mice Clicking” and Censorship Will Limit Future Economic Growth

“The incredibly damaging problem with “The Wyomining 3” is that it takes three times the resources and labor to get one task done no matter how grandiose or small. And when leveraged across the state as a whole, you realize people are wasting three times the amount of time, money, and labor, that could (in theory) go to boost economic production (and the wealth of Wyomingians) by three fold. Admittedly, this was not some key to economic success. All people all across the world need to ask the same question for clarification. All people all across the world are going to goof up from time to time. But what I was seeing was arguably the main difference between a first and second world economy/country – dumb people making dumb mistakes repeatedly, thus taking twice/thrice the amount of time and economic resources to get the same amount of economic production at every level of human interaction.”

The Coronavirus Economic Revolution: The Incredible UPSIDE Potential of COVID 19

“When this Coronavirus scare is all said and done, the vast majority of you will go back to your cubicles, line up at the metered ramps, sign up for $150,000 in student loans for worthless degrees, and rejoice that you can outsource the raising of your children to the public schools. We as a society will have learned nothing and will plug ourselves right back into The Matrix, complaining about the same ole problems we were before until we are all dead.”

“Race Has No Value”

An excerpt from the book “How Not to Become a Millennial” but the stand alone article can be found here.

“An amazing amount of infrastructure has gone into programming Millennials with their political religion. But within that overarching political religion there are sub-religions tailored to individual groups. Women have their feminism and women’s empowerment. Environmentalists have their environmentalism. Health nuts have their organic and fair trade foods. And races have their racial justice/political causes. And if you think about it the schools, colleges, government, and certainly the democrat party have spent trillions over the decades making sure you have these political ideologies, even identities.

But don’t think Corporate America hasn’t noticed.

Just as the federal government spent trillions building the US interstate system, we have also spent trillions establishing a quasi-national political religion of socialism, feminism, pacifism, environmentalism, social justice, organic/free trade, etc. And just as corporations take advantage of the US interstate system to transport and sell their goods, they are also taking advantage of that political infrastructure the Millennials have been programmed with. And so instead of selling you on the merits of a product like its price or its quality, Corporate America instead panders to the identity politics/religion you’ve been programmed to have because it gives you false value.”

The “Self Love” Movement and Why It’s Toxic

“This resulted in pushing self-esteem another mile marker down the road into “self-love.” But not the traditional self-love we’re familiar with (be it the healthy kind where you love yourself in the form of self-respect and self-confidence, or the bad kind where you are narcissistic or arrogant). This new form of “self-love” is the next evolutionary stage of self-esteem where it creates an entire value structure where 100% of your life value is derived internally, not externally. You don’t have to do anything for anyone. You don’t have to work or sacrifice or toil to create something of value for others. You don’t have to invest in yourself to make yourself attractive to other people. The concept of selflessness and altruism is completely absent from this form of love, if for the simple fact there is no counter-party to be selfless or altruistic towards. And so this new love is a completely self-contained system. A truly individual and personal affair, only requiring the individual and no one else.”

“Socialism, Simply”

“You’d think we’d have a solution by now to all these world problems.  You’d think with more human effort and resources spent on any other problem facing society, we’d have solved poverty, hunger, humanity, economics, sociology, and so forth.  But we haven’t.  We still need to debate.  We still need to discuss.  Some people are so ardent in their beliefs they’ll protest, commit assault, dox people, try to get people fired, and violate people’s freedom of speech.  We are just as far away from finding answers and solutions to these problems than when humans first started forming societies.”

The “1099 Superior Race”

“At first “The Wilderness” may seem like a barren wasteland of unemployment, marginal employment, and the daunting reality of “forced self-employment.” But it is a blessing in disguise for the talented people being ostracized and ex-communicated from Corporate America. For while you may be banished into the “Wilderness of Self Employment” you are in fact being forced into the world of 1099’ers. And while you may have to give up your creature comforts of W2, when you sit down and think about it…

we 1099’ers are the superior race.

Would Humans Have Value in an AI World?

Short answer: No.

“This hell is the same prospect facing those of you yearning and desiring for a BGI, student loan bailouts, and an “unlimited economic utopia.” On paper Perfect AI and an army of slave robots may seem great. Until you realize it would relegate every human into a world of unlimited hedonism. A hedonism that would quickly lose its novelty, and thus value, and therefore take away any value, worth, purpose or point of human existence. Yes, you can have one more piece of sushi. Yes, you can have more sex and breed as much as you want. Yes, you can drive Ferraris like every one else. But without a purpose, without a profession, without a connection to the goods you produce from the labor you sacrifice, humans ultimately have no value in an AI world. You are merely “consumers” of materialism who produce nothing of value, nothing of creation, nothing of innovation. Matter of fact, the non-sentient robots and AI software have more value, purpose, and meaning than you as what do you do other than merely exist off of the AI system? In all honesty, most humans in a Perfect AI world might as well commit suicide, and leave the AI system for future, intrepid aliens to discover because most people would ultimately have no point or purpose in life. Besides, the boredom would ultimately drive most people to suicide anyway.”

How Faking Mental Illness Ruined Dungeons and Dragons

“Now because it is “popular” (and I cannot emphasize that word enough, because it is the PRECISE word that describes people’s use of mental illness) POPULAR to have a mental illness, this means a larger percent of the population are people faking mental illness who don’t have it. And these people then permeate into society, ruining it for the rest of us mentally healthy people.”

And thus the blue haired SJW’s in the Twitterverse “screeeeed”

Laziness and Sweet Lies – The Most Addictive Drugs in the World

“I could go over many other hypocritical questions I receive, but at the core of all these questions is a fear, cowardice, and laziness that sends these people to my consultancy.  These clients simply want a short cut, a cheat code at all things hard at life, and are so afraid of hard work and labor, they will pay money for somebody, ANYBODY to tell then there’s an effortless way to success, happiness, and love.  And whereas I simply cannot lie to these people, telling them what they want to hear, there’s no shortage of Oprahs, psychologists, college recruiters, motivational speakers, life coaches, democrats, and other snake oil salesmen who promise people success, happiness, and love all through an easy pill, an easy book, an easy college degree, or an easy $5,000 weekend retreat.” Continue reading

“Deep Down Inside All Women Want to Get Married and Have Children”…Too Bad

“This then pits poor, young women’s genetic conditions against one another. They (once again) “deep down inside” want to have a husband and children, but if they betray the hive, and upset the feminist hierarchy, they will be ostracized, they won’t belong, and they will be kicked out of the club. Today, with the brainwashing starting at the age of 5 and with trillions of government and corporate dollars spent annually on advocating “Team Feminism” it’s very apparent which side they succumb to. Most young women today “don’t need no man,” and are all aggressively pursuing careers and educations. Thus the official veneer of “I don’t need a man, I’m my own woman,” while late at night, after getting drunk at the night club, they cry themselves to sleep because they “can’t find a man.”

Feminism 1, Love 0.”

Why GDP Per Capita Should Be Replaced

“As we asymptotically erode poverty, hunger, strife, and economic hardship away, the amount of “things” we own become increasingly worthless.  Yes we need food.  Yes we need transportation.  Yes we need lodging.  And I will even admit the occasional indulgence in renting a Ferrari or eating sushi is called for in life.  But soon (I would argue today) most everybody has all their material needs satisfied.  You’re not starving.  You’re not homeless.  You’re not even uncomfortable.  The “biggest problem” you face in life is that your dad didn’t buy you the latest iPhone as you major in Sociology at Middlebury.  So if material things no longer matter, nor determine true standards of living, what does?