22 Replies to “Y2Kyoto: They Tried To Warn Us”

  1. Still snapping my magic mojo feature eye glasses to the future setting…
    Aw crap, it ain’t working.

    We were not to suppose to get any snow anymore and all the glaciers were supposed to be gone too.

  2. So the climate scare agenda didn’t work and now they have pushed on to the Covid19 agenda. Given enough time these experts will eventually, like the monkey with the typewriter turning out a Shakespearean play, get it right. Unfortunately I don’t have enough time left on this globe to live through their many forced rewrites.

  3. I suggested to the US National Park Service they could save money in Glacier National Park. Since the glaciers are still there the new signs should use dry-erase chalkboard. Then they could easily change the year the glaciers are supposed to be gone. Each time that year arrives wipe off the old date and re-enter a new one.

  4. The report was provided by an “influential” Pentagon Advisor. This is where they insert the words “science-based” … and … “truth-based” … Right? GMAFB (give me a fucking break).

      1. I’m doing the February 30th too.

        This is the date I’m waiting for my inflationary catch up check for the last 40 years. Figure in the $350,000 range now. That is how much money I have lost with our currency debasement which I have yet to be compensated for.

  5. No surprise. Anyone who follows Diana West knows the Pentagon along with every other alphabet agency is thick as thieves with operatives globalist, far left employees. McCarthy had it right all along.

    James Comey, Madeleine Albright, Hillary Clinton, Obama, John McCain and Jimmy Carter, just to name a few are adherents of the teachings and sermons of Reinhold Niebuhr or at the very least have admitted that he had a direct impact on their political leanings. Comey going so far as to write his college thesis about him. And these are just the high profile players.
    Who is he? Oh, no one special really. Y’know, just your everyday American Marxist who had a platform in the thirties and forties to spread his socialist garbage to anyone who would listen. Despite Wikipedia’s best attempts at softening him up a bit.

    Anyways – Now you know why things currently are the way they are and why Trump was a big wrench in the gears.

  6. Best crops ever on our farm. Corn 230 bushels per acre, winter wheat 105 bushels per acre. Have to love this climate change. More deer, rabbits, coyote, hawks and so forth..wonder if city people ever saw nature close up they would have an epiphany?

  7. Don’t understand.
    The original article is from 16 years ago.
    Is the linked page a replay or original issue? What I mean, is it reprinted in a new edition?
    Which “expert” wrote this “science” fiction, there is no name to it, would like to write to it and see how its doin’ and what ‘s the next catastrophe.
    Maybe ask if it has developed new theory on the everlasting life of a flee, or maybe it has been to a black hole and back …. or something.

  8. I remember in 1980 actor Ted Danson warning everyone, “We only have 10 more years before Global warming destroys us all, 10 more years.”

    He was the original Greta.