40 Replies to “Your Moral And Intellectual Superiors”

    1. My initial thought exactly.

      From what I hear … Dominion is closing offices throughout the world. Making themselves LESS visible and LESS accessible to the media. Perhaps if our media (Dana Perino) didn’t just read the “official statements” coming out of Dominion’s secret offices … and actually CHALLENGED the propaganda … we would have a proper Journalist class once again.

    2. Perino is a BUSH WH alumni.

      Say no more. I wondered about her awhile ago, as she seemed to be uttering odd statements that seemed non-conservative.

      Now Confirmed. That sucking sound you hear is FAUX flushing down the toilet.

      What does DANA know?

      1. Dana is childless and basically married to her stupid dog.
        Her husband is an Englishman who was CEO of Shopko which he ran into the ground and bankruptcy.
        The dog, Jasper, is probably the best of the three by a 1000 times.

        1. This goes to show, no matter how cutsie they may appear, a bitch is a bitch is a bitch. And her husband has bad teeth.

          I used to like Dana. Not anymore. I will not watch any FOX whatsoever.

          The FOX hosts are all clinging their well-paying jobs and letting their alleged conservative principles wait outside at the back of the bank.

    3. I came here now because I felt a great disturbance in the force, as if millions of voices cried out “Ooooooooooo, discovery!”

  1. PLEASE please please please please do that.

    Can you imagine how much easier the main lawsuit and charges would be when discovery rules would apply now? Not to mention the “don’t destroy any relevant information under penalty of law”.

  2. Discovery, the exact reason RINO Ford pardoned Nixon. Now would a real journalist please look into cuck scheep’s situation to see if he got a pay off to throw the election?

      1. Scheer worked so damn hard to lose the most winnable election ever. He must have been paid to throw it. Trudeau supplied all of the attack ad material and Scheer refused to run with it. He cowered before the corrupt Canadian MSM and spit upon TNC and Rebel Media who were friendly to him. Despite his effort to lose, he still managed the highest popular vote.

        1. True, or somewhat debatably true; I happen to like Andrew Scheer: I particularly liked how he dispatched Ralph (“I
          like my $6 million GOC pension plan”) Goodale.

          The question remains, however, what is NME666 talking about, exactly?

          I would like an answer, if it’s not too much to ask?

  3. L-The links best reply 5 star comment:

    “not a cave dweller
    @GigiCar45632112 Replying to
    Would not recommend suing @SidneyPowell1
    better to jump into hot lava”

  4. When Fox cut away from the still live news conference strictly to call Giuliani a liar for his accurate characterization of the Dems being corrupt as hell, I immediately went and removed any and all my links to Fox News.

    Should have done it that shameful day they hired Donna Brazile.

    1. Ok, here is what you do …..type in ustvgo247…… and then you can get fox business, OANN- even the golf channel!

    2. I agree Canadian Observer, I had the same thoughts about Brazille as well, but I was thinking that when the leftie son took over from Ailes, and there have also been a lot of noticeable pointers of late, such as Wallace and Sandra Smith. I just can’t seem to ween myself off of Tucker. I guess I’m doing it slowly like quitting smoking, cutting back one cigarette a week. I’ll get there, just gonna take a while is all.

      Yes, ashamedly, (head bowed and red faced) I’m still a subscriber, but my resistance is building.

      1. Grow a pair and do the right thing. There are many other sources of news and entertainment, but I repeat myself.

  5. I hope the Murdoch soy boys and their Karen wives are reduced to living in the streets of Portland “doing the Harris” for a little loose change.

  6. Dana is simply a better looking Karl Rove.

    She’s not working for the good guys. There is no double reverse on this.

    She’s swamp and always has been.

    This is simply narrative to discredit Powell and Guliani.

    And dominion wont to because they would lose.

    But that won’t matter because in the ears of the ignorant “should sue” becomes “would win if they sued”.

    And media will run with that angle.

  7. Who TF cares what this annoying voiced karl rove george bush sychophant has to say about anything. She is childless and childless people care not a whit about a future, so go ahead dopey dana, sue, and bring on discovery, Lin Wood drops a dana, and a juthtin every morning thats likely way brighter than you, or Canadas juthtin.

  8. I like Dana; well enough not to drag her through the mud. She has a rare combination of looks, intelligence, and a softer demeanor that reminds me of what I was looking for when I was younger but never found.

    I’d rather not picture her in the Bohemian Grove.

  9. I watch The Five and no way is Dana shilling for the dems.

    File her suggestion to Dominion under Make My Day advice.

    1. I’ve just figured out what your problem is: you don’t understand that a small puddle of rodent puke has infinitely more value to the world than you do.

      Worse of course is that there’s no cure whatsoever except death – which as far as everyone else is concerned couldn’t come soon enough.

      1. MHA, you’re not very fond of him are you hmmm?


        Personally, I simply can’t be bothered to entertain the idiot.

  10. Well then you better get on the blower to the IT and DSci teams that are vetting and validating the source code and data model methodologies, and inform them of your debunking ASAP.

    I mean you may be right. But many prefer to check for themselves. That isn’t a problem for you, I hooe?

  11. Absolute lunacy. Rudy should be in an asylum.
    Trump is guilty of treason and should be in prison. Or worse.

    1. Your gonna blow your brains out when you find Trump has won?
      Many lied and said they were moving to Canada last election.

  12. Hoppsing and UnMe must be the same person! No two people could be that dumb! Oh wait a minute…….people voted for Obongo TWICE and the SOY BOY.
    PERHAPS Dominion Voting Systems had a finger in those pies too.
    Go ahead Dominion. Sue Powell and Guiliani – I need a good laff!