79 Replies to “We Are All Non-Essential Now”

  1. How full are their inboxes going to be tomorrow with “fuck off” and related essential comments?
    I’m unable to say anything else to them that would be appropriate on this matter.

    Kinda balmy for Winnipeg weather atm, only minus a couple, still, I’m guessing a cold hard freeze is on the way soon…

    1. The lockdowns and masks have nothing to do with science, more to do with politics. We are having the supposeed “second wave” despite the earlier lockdown and wearing of masks.

      So, it’s BS. The lockdown is bein done to demonstrate mastery of the populace by the bureaucracy.

      1. Not sure about that. I think the lockdown is driven by the needs of our betters to placate the Karen and UnMillennial demographics who demand that government does something to keep them safe. In short stupid politicians sucking up to stupid electorate.

        1. I think that is more accurate. Pallister is running his policy based on his town halls and surveys which about 15% of the population are participating in and are almost entirely fear stricken screaming karens. Almost all the callers and participants call for more restrictions, more punishments, more fines and more rules. Most other people are yawning their way through this and are not logging in to government surveys or telephone town halls.

      2. Masks and lockdowns are expanding the so called cases, a case now being a positive test even of a dead virus. We are going to have to stand up if we want to take back our freedom. There are far too many stupid people who believe this shit.

  2. BC is locking down again starting today. Just announced. This time it’s permanent probably. Also mandatory mask orders are in effect now too. FML

      1. The feeling around facebook is that #1 masks should be worn at all times. #2 covid infections are caused by irresponsible behavior and by people not from BC. Both notions are 100% wrong and stupid. I used to comply with mask wearing in stores etc but now I’m going to get one of those open mesh ones.

        1. I log into FB once a day to see if anyone pinged me. I try not to scroll down anymore as it is depressing to see family and friends baaaaing and sharing the mask shaming memes. The pee on the leg one is especially wonderful. They don’t get the irony, but they share it like a talisman. Better to carry a rabbit’s foot than to wear a mask! But, I digress. 🙂

          Back to basics is needed. Test people who are sick and who you intend on treating if they present symptoms and test positive. Any doctor calling for testing people and then not treating them is a criminal. Also, if the “disease” is all that bad, why are we just sending people home who test “positive” and having them wait to see if they really get sick? It boggles the mind that people just don’t see the issue. If I test positive for cancer they treat me. If I have a medical condition that requires treatment and follow up, they treat that too. But covid, this “granny killer”, they treat it just like the flu or a common cold. Go home, monitor yourself, and if you feel worse go to the hospital.

        2. I’m going to wear my motorcycle helmet with a full plexi face mask. I’ve been ordered to wear a non-medical mask so that’s what I’m going to do.

        3. I heard that Comrade Dix and Dr. Bonnie Goebbels were imposing a new clampdown based on politics and fear, not health. THats why they had the election in the first place, during the “pandemic”… dictatorial power without accountability…. from what I could tell today most people love having their rights taken away. Got Karened (or Adolfed as I like to call it) in the Canadian Tire. Didn”t matter what facts or statistics i put forward to these scared ignorant noobs, they were steadfast in their fear and ignorance and no amount of reason was going to convince them to not be afraid of a virus.
          I’ll tell ya, I don’t know if it was the Dictatorship of China that came up with this plandemic or Soreass the NAZI, perhaps both, but whoever did come up with the plan knew that a campaign of fear would convince people to give up their rights and freedoms and their civil liberties faster than you can say, shitforbrains fascists. The mandatory ‘vaccine” should be right around the corner.

    1. I was in NE B. C. a few days ago. I went to take out a temporary permit for my truck and when I got to the insurance company, everyone was wearing masks. I was told it was now “company policy”.


    2. The covid mortality rate for BC is currently 3.7 deaths/day. Deaths per 100k of population is <.1. One per 200K population.
      That's .0001%. Detections are approaching triple the peak with deaths peeking up again in BC Coastal and Fraser.
      But they included Vancouver Island in their public masking and lockdown, with 870,000 people and 3 in hospital and 1 in ICU.
      They are squeezing the life out of us. Masks are more than a pain in the ass, they're a sign of no escape and collectivist creep.
      Oh what the hell let's wear masks everywhere, what's the harm? And crush the entertainment industry and several others?
      Who wants to go the gym for a workout with a frigging mask on? For a disease that kills one person/day out of every 100K?
      What about suicides and drug overdoses? What about half empty hospitals standing by for the "next wave?"
      What about people not getting required treatments which ultimately cost them their life? Are they a covid death too?
      They can't help but overreach because they cannot assess risk so try to eliminate it, with the opposite effect, doubled-down.

      1. “They are squeezing the life out of us. Masks are more than a pain in the ass, they’re a sign of no escape and collectivist creep.”

        That’s exactly IT. We’re no longer a free country. I had hopes for Horgan, but those are gone.

        1. How on Earth could anyone have had “hopes” for someone like Horgan and his NDP/Globalist Party… strange.
          People said the timing of the BC election was weird and were unable to determine why the Government would be having an election during a supposed “pandemic” ? It should’ve been obvious. Now the inevitable and unwarranted Clampdown.
          Not that any of the other Party choices ( far left corrupt BC Liberals, Fascist Greens) would have done anything differently.
          Although, I do believe that Comrade Adrian Dix is the real leader behind the scenes of the NDP Gov. and Whorergan is simply a more likable personality for public consumption, Whorergan is an easier sell for the Bell Media monopoly then that Maggot Dix. “Doctor Bonnie” Goebbells doesn’t fart without Comrade Dix saying so… “Dr. Bonnie” is like Whoregun a likeable seemingly harmless fascist that sounds alot like Olympian Nancy Greene does when she”s selling Mars Bars. Dix is the dictator behind the curtain and “Dr. Bonnie” does everything Comrade Dix tells her to do and say.

        2. Why the heck would you have “hopes for Horgan”? He was a sort-of benign communist in a minority government, but you probably gave him a majority. Thanks for that. You should have stayed home and not voted. At least now, Sam Sullivan will no longer be my so-called Liberal MP.

  3. Too soon for readers tips but here’s one.


    I’m reading this on Zerohedge and thinking, there’s nothing said here that isn’t verifiable, so I wonder what this “foundation” is. I don’t know the answer to that; this is all a very small, tight world. But this author is founder of something called “The Canadian Patriot Review”. Good name, but I’ve never heard of it; anyone?

    1. Matthew Ehret is a member of the political cult of “former” Marxist Lyndon LaRouche. A socialist trying to infiltrate the patriotic movement. To be trusted only as far as you can throw him.

      1. As NME says below, it is a great read and I do not believe unfactual. But I hear your opinion too, SG. That’s why I asked about him. A good serpent will hiss credibly.

    2. Robert, a great read there, and it shows some one who understood how to use psych ops to manipulate election out comes.

  4. Once again, booze and pot made the list of purchases approved by our masters.

    Guns and ammo did not.

      1. I guess someone figures that hunters will now use snares or bows and arrows to get their moose.

    1. Who the hell in government knows anything about my personal essential services and how dare they curtail them? Manitobans could riot, but will likely just accept the requisite draconian serfdom.

      Many Canadians arrived here before 1850, escaping the serfdom and taxation of Europe and the British Isles to make new lives by their own effort.

      Now their poorly educated and ill-prepared great great great grandchildren love to tax everything and get CEEB which allows them to self-medicate and ignore what is going on.

      A very sad end to Canada, who happily participates in world-wide war against citizens.

    1. Agree! I already bought everything I need for my garden next year, an expanded version of this years as well.

  5. Anyone up for a court case ? Don’t pay any fines. Let it go to court where I expect the case to be thrown out.

    1. Our cops should be saying that their not metermaids to the government giving tickets to everybody.
      I know, it doesn’t work that way. They get paid by them.

      Need to bug Trump that our politicians have tortured its Citizens enough and could you go after them.
      Wouldn’t hurt my feelings if he experimented with one of his Mother of All Bombs on Ottawa…aw crap, forgot their scattered like rats all over due to this Pandemic.

      1. Why do you think the Government of Manitoba had to hire private thugs? The police have to live with the locals and there was a bit about the terrible abuse they endure if they try to fine people.

    1. you got that right…….

      and NOW I am in lockdown in BC……..means Bring Cash or Batshit Crazy
      take your pick……….we can’t visit anyone outside our household, can’t drive outside our lovely little Town of Osoyoos………IF I go outside I have to wear those white/blue diaper looking masks…….

      I sit by Osoyoos Lake and look at those Geese that aren’t wearing those friggin masks and I envy them…..okay one more cast and if I don’t catch that big fish, it is time to go home……yes wear your mask and rubber gloves in your own vehicle……..BATSHIT CRAZY BC

      1. Yes Max is bad, also a traitor and french (but I am repeating myself). You are a low IQ rabid cretin. Neither fact is relevant.

  6. You can buy anything online that you always could and more. Desire is to prevent Wal-Mart from taking small business sales.

    1. So, giving the small business sales to Amazon instead of Wal-Mart is better how??? At least the local Wal-Mart employs local people, Amazon, not at all.

    2. WalMart delivers too. They have for some time
      This seems more like a Soviet-style, learn-to-live-with-less kind of thing.

      “Why do you plebeians need these unessential items?”

      1. To a reserve they don’t deliver. Many on the reserve are lucky to get to the bigger town a couple times a week to pick things up. Everything they need. Our post office is filling up with their online purchases, that they can’t pick up now, because of covid lockdowns. Canada Post doesn’t deliver to many places because of the isolated locations.

    3. No you can not. Maybe you like to buy online goods, but I do not. Pictures on the Internet do not suffice, except for stuff like appliances or computers. I gather that you really like Walmart clothes.

      Each person to their taste …

  7. You’re only going to get a few mostly conservative politicians here and there in Canada. Not enough of them elected at the same time to do any good.

  8. Winter is coming:

    Remove winter clothing from that list and have police confiscate winter clothes from people seen wearing it – that will ensure the little people of the prairies lockdown properly!

  9. 198 deaths in Manitoba since January 2020 have been attributed to covid – 90% of those were either too old or moribund, or both, to have survived the year – meaning at the very worst about 37 people in 11 months have died of complications related to Covid.

    We are led by retards.

    1. Funny how the Albertistanis always leave the Communitobans out of the list of approved species, isn’t it ?

  10. Totalitarianism is a nasty business. I do believe that our overlords have overstepped. They think that Canadians are weaklings.

  11. For some time Pallister and crew have been basing their draconian policies on mob-polling, political correctness and a general obsession for power and control. They completely gave up and surrendered to the radical communist, pro-mask, lock down lobby when the extremists littered his front lawn with ignorant anti-reality Halloween tombstones. If you disagree or complain to Pallister or his covid ministers you are dismissed outright and they refer you to seek mental health assistance from their free mental help line. Now they have a snitch line, soliciting the people they have terrorized to rat out their neighbors for any minor rule infraction, so they can unleash their new 90 covid cops on you. I suspect the internment camp south of Portage la Prairie will be filling up shortly with dissidents.

  12. The New Nazi’s Same As The Old Nazi’s. The New Covid Great Reset Nazi’s.
    The CPC, PC, NDP, LIBS, GREENS, BLOC are all the same. Canada is lost. Burn it down

  13. Went to a Manitoba WalMart for the last minute “non essentials”, like books for the wife to read during lockdown.
    It will probably be all Manitoba WalMarts best day ever.

    1. Talking about books, at the store yesterday I parked my butt by the books to skim read some of the latest new work, mostly because wife told me to park there and stay out of trouble and I always do what wife says.
      I picked up the latest from Michael J Fox, the Parkinson’s Disease guy, and read the last part of the book and epilogue where he opines on the CCP flu. I’m not sure what the PD guy knows about the virus but he has his opinions. He says that nowadays the guys NOT wearing the masks are the bad guys so there you are.
      I guess the premier of Mb is on the right track.

      1. This is the same guy who insisted Parkinson’s would be completely cured by now if only we could use aborted fetal stem cells to do medical testing.

    2. I changed to an ereader a long time ago mainly because when I travel I got tired of carrying an extra suitcase for my reading material. Best decision I made.

  14. And tomorrow (Friday) is family allowance day.
    A LOT of out of town people will not be happy, they only get to shop here, not at home.
    Many small towns still have limited/no access to online ordering and house delivery.
    When your only means of travel is VIA Rail in the summer, and winter roads in the winter, delivery is not happening.

  15. They need to start protesting in Manitoba. Even the WHO is saying lockdowns are not appropriate as a response to Covid.

  16. Let’s see, I’m okay to pick up groceries but if I grab a book or a movie while I’m there the extra purchase represents an increased danger of transmission?
    Going to have to pick a newspaper tomorrow for a change and try to sort out just what our sh*thead-in-charge has done to us.

  17. The globalists want us weak, compliant, and begging for the great reset. Better yet if we just die. For the planet.

  18. so Manitobans have been told that both Pants and Shirts are not essential items, but Cannabis is?

    obviously this list was put together by “Top Men”

  19. Not a popular opinion I’m sure but here’s my 2 cents. We have all seen the videos in the UK of people getting arrested for not wearing masks. We need to start being ‘Muslim” and start rioting. If the cops continue, start putting them in the hospital. We are sheep that are willingly being led to the slaughter. Injure a few cops and they’ll get the message soon enough.

  20. As a small business owner in Saskatchewan I wish our government would just go full lockdown (including no open liquor stores – it is only essential so that government can have revenue – how nice for them?) OR be bold and go full open.

    This half in half out lockdown is death by a thousand cuts – no business can plan under the cloud that maybe in two days another dictate will be issued to reduce something. I have about 6 to 7K in advertising that I need to pull the trigger on in less than two weeks – if I go with it will it be a huge waste of money?

    We know the risks of this virus and frankly they are not that terrible – yes the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions are at risk, but the overall recovery rate is 99 plus % – that is better than the seasonal flu. We also have a much better understanding on how to treat those cases. The flatten the curve was a farce, at least in SK – our hospitals were never in danger of being swamped.

    Politicians are just doing the same thing over and over and over and expecting some magical result that will be different. That literally is insane.

  21. Listening to the Certifiable Dr Tam,Projections,Our computer modelling shows…
    VOWG has it exactly right,get rid of those who are benefiting from this hysteria..and the hysteria goes away.
    The tells are obvious.
    The use of “Cases” as cause for panic..In a country that has refused to test asymptomatic citizens until now.
    Hospitals Overwhelmed?So 9 months into an official pandemic,with endless spending on public bailouts,we have not been able to buttress our healthcare system.
    The virus is the classic runaway horse,while our useless parasites are busy nailing the barn door shut.
    Doing us no god but they look as if they are doing something..
    Well they are,reacting to yesterdays events as a Flu sweeps the nation..

    “The percentage of people who test positive…”As government finally tests outside people showing symptoms,cannot be mocked enough.
    Except Canadians are numerically illiterate.
    Apples are Oranges in our idiot effete elites.

    1. John – when they give these computer models, remember this: “To err is human, but to really screw up requires a computer.”.