27 Replies to “Democrat Thugs Hard at Work”

      1. I have been exposed to the comments of a feeble mind and it would be yours. I have rarely responded to people as stupid as you are but, hey, every now and then I make an exception.

  1. Apparently, the two Wayne County Republicans that were threatened into changing their votes for certification have now rescinded their votes on certification. I have no idea how this plays out in reality.

  2. This is an absolutely brilliant strategy in President Trump Winning this election by US Constitution.

    The Whitehouse has already announced to the world that Trump will be President by Constitutional Law.

    It is an old document long before our computer age.

    In it is States that votes must have a chain of command back to the sender to ensure the Election can be certified that each vote came from the legal voter.

    As you can quite imagine. Every State has broken that Constitutional Obligation and would be illegal, not certified. When needed, he can bring this up in each State that he may have lost due to the immense voter fraud and have the State not certified. Current Electoral College Votes is Biden 214 and Trump 232.

    Which then no clear winner in this election as no candidate has a clear majority of 270 Electoral College Votes. This goes to the house of representatives. 28 Republican and 22 Democrats.

    This is how President Trump won.

    1. That’s a nice fantasy, except for the part where if it happened many of those GOP officeholders would end up in nooses and guillotines.

      It’s all over but the crying.

      1. Yea, all over except for the + 72 million conservative voters who know they’ve been cheated out of their freedom & democracy.

        Have fun with that, I’m sure it’ll be a 4 year utopia for the Antifascist Fascists if Biden is actually confirmed and that same +72 million roll over like whipped puppies, as y’all seem to think they will 🙂

        Regardless of outcome Trump has shone a BIG spotlight on the political swamp and it’s street creatures, good luck overcoming that WIN.

        1. Most of those people will indeed roll over and die. I’ve seen the demographics. Dems have the younger, more educated, and bigger base. They win the future, the GOP follows the path set by the Cali GOP: into oblivion.

          1. Amusing.
            But you forget the old saw:
            “If you’re not a Democrat by the time you’re 20, you have no heart.
            If you’re not a Republican by the time you’re 40, you have no brain.”

          2. That isn’t bring the Cali GOP back, and further, it’s actually the case that old people are following trends set by young people on social issues like gay marriage, legalization, immigration, etc.

      2. It may be a crying shame if that happens, but you’re the crybaby here.
        Citizens voted, as in 2015 here, in large party to stop the constant temper tantrum of progressives denied power they lust.
        We all remember your constant whining about Russia collusion, that only a hyperpartisan and/or complete fools believed.
        That would be you. Nobody cares what you say or think because your judgement is already demonstrably abysmal.

        1. Neither I nor anyone serious ever claimed that the (very real and well documented) Russian collusion rendered 2016 illegitimate. I just wanted Trump impeached and tossed over it. Not the same.

          1. Only a liberal would want Trump tossed, when the “(very real and well documented) Russian collusion” you mention was instigated by Hillary…

      3. “…if it happened many of those GOP officeholders would end up in nooses and guillotines.”
        Careful what you proselytize for, liberal boy.
        It’s probably not a good idea to bring up “nooses and guillotines” when over 80% of the 600,000,000 guns in the USA are owned by non-Democrats.
        And you can be sure that your average Republican, unlike your average Democrat, knows which end to point where…

        1. First, I didn’t proselytize it. Second, I’ve seen these BA militia types over 95% are LARPERs who couldn’t fight off their own beer gut. Total joke they’d get smoked in a fight.

      4. Bull.
        In your soy boy crusty chin dribble dreams.

        There’s a reason a entire US Army infantry division has since the Civil War been stationed in Washington, DC, and its not to look pretty nor guard the dead.

        You have unfathomable ignorence as to the resources of violence avalible, trained and willing at the behest of Congress.
        Just for you steady stupidity, all officers of the military, all, above Major, are appointed and owe their rank to Congress. Get it?

  3. If you want to see a horror show go to the WAPO website and read the comments. There you see even more proof of the disgusting behaviour of the leftist.

  4. Evidence Of Ballot Dumping Found In Wis., Mich.
    per oann

    President Trump is pointing to the latest evidence of an illegal ballot-dump in . In a tweet Wednesday, the President said Democrat Joe Biden received a major dump of more than 143,000 ballots on the night after the election.

    He noted, the illegal dump took place in the early morning hours on November 4 when Democrats realized they were losing in the state. The 2020 Trump campaign is now mounting a legal challenge to prevent the certification of fraudulent election results in Wisconsin.

    “Look at this in Wisconsin! A day AFTER the election, Biden receives a dump of 143,379 votes at 3:42AM, when they learned he was losing badly. This is unbelievable!”


    Hans Rupprecht, Commander in Chief
    1st Saint Nicolaas Army
    Army Group “True North

  5. The republican board members recanted their votes, claiming that they realized that the promise made to them as a “compromise” of a full vote audit would never take place.

    They also signed affidavits claiming that they were bullied and intimidated, and their children were threatened. The democrats on the board actually went so far as to dox the republican’s kids. These are valid grounds to appeal the election outcome.

    1. Why is it only Republicans get doxxed? It’s about time some Democrats – and Liberals here – get doxxed!