42 Replies to “Do as We Say, Not as We Do!”

    1. Training…You germ carrying Ebola factory machine and cooties too.
      But we still need to suck every last buck out of you at the same time as we have these elaborate parties to pay for to attract our donors.

  1. The aristocrats need to be taken down.
    There seems to be more of them as the days go by.
    Media cartel is going to omit as though there is no story. As it is nobody cares, it’s the hypocrisy of the media&political scum.

  2. To keep my mental health and sanity in this increasing stressful environment our governments have created. Every couple months I put the headphones on hook up the U-tube and listen to the fantastic music we had in the past to have a good old fashioned pitty party. Remembering the past and morn the people in my life that I have lost.
    It really is remarkable how good you feel the next day putting the past behind as new challenges arise.
    Keeps me happy go lucky in not having other people’s problems dumped on me too.
    I have very few friends from choice and no loads from their problems.

  3. I no longer think these poor folks in California actually voted for these pigs. I think Democrats in California has been the cheating for decades.

    1. From the article …

      “Anybody organizing an in-person event should think carefully about the optics, particularly in California, where the governor has just sent most of the state into purple. There’s a chance this will not be received well by the general public.”

      Excuse me … but what do “optics” … have to do with the “science” of a pandemic?

      1. Same “science” of a pandemic where a bug can magically jump 1.99 metres, but not 2.0 metres…or will jump from person to person if you mask is askew by 2mm for .3 of a second?

  4. Behold our Biden-Silicon Valley Oligarchs. This is how they live … while they CRUSH the plebes with a FAKE pandemic hysteria. And they KNOW what they’re not telling you … that this COVID Chi-Com bio-weapon is NOT spreading among upper middle class communities and families. It is rampant ONLY among the poor and the *ahem* … undocumented. Do you honestly believe Gavin would put his family in DANGER … if he actually FEARED the COVID? Of course not.

    Welcome to the machine. Your leftist overlords are about to take FULL control of the US Govt. and turn America … into CA. We’re totally fucked. Goodbye sweet America of my birth.

    And if you actually BELIEVE there will be a “RED wave” in the midterm elections … then you must also believe this last election wasn’t manipulated. Now … every State will be manipulated. Left. Blue. The EVIL ones have seized control. They now have total control.

    1. Unfortunately, I think you are right. They have proved the concept, they have proved that they can suppress any sort of media scrutiny of the most blatant fraud and that the peasants have nothing to say on the matter.

      They will continue to send out mail-in votes for a few years, but eventually will stop even that, simply an announcement on the 4th of November who the newly appointed leader and his merry band of thieves are.

  5. And that’s the ironic joke of progressivism. Their obsession with equality is all about we proles being the same muted tones, keeping our mouths shut and doing what we’re told so that the road to a leftist utopia can proceed at maximum speed.
    Of course every socialist society has an elite ruling class for whom the rules do not apply. The only lesson Newsom and his cronies learned here is to be more careful not to get caught and that there are some really horrible people who will publicize the hypocrisy of the elites when all they want is the best for their beloved proles.

  6. From miniAOC in the twitter comments “When the Presidency is taken away from Joe Biden his voters will be rolling over in their graves.”

  7. On Dec 25th, Nicolae Ceaușescu and his wife Elene were captured, were tried, and convicted of economic sabotage and genocide, they were immediately executed by firing squad on 25 December, 1989. For those that don’t remember, it all happened on the same day.
    All it took, was for their security to stand down,,, and let the people have their way.
    newsom and black face must be very confidant in their security.

    1. I remember how it ended for Nick and Ellie. I imagine that their trial went something like this:

      “Are you Nicolae and Elene Ceaușescu?”


      “Guilty as charged. Fire!”

      Unfortunately, Canadians, collectively, have no backbone. (“If we got rid of him, who’ll give us all our free stuff?” “Work for or make it yourself.” “Eeeewww! That means having to do something!”)

    2. My wife & I were in Timișoara in the Spring of 2018; we visited a small museum and heard how a ‘recalcitrant priest’ refused to be silenced, (the authorities tried to transfer him to another locale but he wouldn’t leave).

      He started with about 20 followers, his supporters grew exponentially, and in something like twelve days it was all over and done. Ceaușescu was a goner.

      1. The church here in Canada wouldn’t do that nowadays. It prefers to collaborate with out oppressors. Think of the masked clergyman someone mentioned yesterday.

        It wouldn’t surprise me if the old hymn is now sung as:

        Stand up! Stand up for Trudeau!
        You soldiers of the mask.
        You must not spread the virus,
        That is your holy task.

    3. Carl, I vacationed in Romania in 1979, for five weeks, with my former girlfriend, as she purchased Romanian folk bouses to import to Canada. Lots of anecdotes about life under the Ceausescu dynasty, but I will mention a couple. I brought along a number of anti-communist paperbacks, and we handed them to dissidents we met. We stayed at medium-grade hotels, and in each hotel room there was a picture of the Ceausescus smiling at us. Same with TV, newspapers and magazines. So near the end of our trip, as anti-communist as I was, I has started to like the dictators. This is what mind control can do to one.

      1. Sounds too much PM Blackface coming out of his hole everyday giving covid updates,,, while the media liked him though didn’t they. Reassuring the peasants.

  8. I’m so old I remember when the lobbyists bribed the pols in the back room at Frank Fats in Sacramento. No limo rides to Yountville, no three figure plates, no four figure wine. And we had an infrastructure that was the envy of the country.

    1. You grew up in the CA I did … where I started elementary school at Skycrest Elementary school in Citrus Heights. When Citrus Heights was the outer edge of the Sacramento urban zone. Nothing but rolling hills of lupine and poppies stretching outside of my back gate. And as a young 6yo … I was free to roam those hills with my older brother and friends.

      The year was 1960, and we NEVER had a “Public Safety Power Shutdown” … and no flow restrictors on our faucets.

  9. I can’t post links from this device but if you haven’t had a good skin crawl go to youtube and watch “Governor Newsom apologizes”.
    It is unbelievable.

    1. I am dying to hear the “body language” woman on YouTube … who dismantled Dr. Hazy-Recollection Ford … do a breakdown of that Gavin Newsom “apology”. From the constantly blinking eyes, to his permanent, inappropriate smile through the whole selfie-video … he is the paragon of creepiness … a full on psychopath

  10. So…over the past week we have had some self appointed Minister of Lockdowns in Calgary, Tom Sampson, “Emergency Management Chief” …. whatever the hell that is. I know he is NOT a Medical Authority on anything, yet it’s this ASSHOLE who is pushing for a 28 day full LOCKdOWN of Not only the City, but the entire Province.

    Ie A TOTAL shutdown of ALL non Essential services.

    Good to see the Justice Centre, A non profit is ready, willing & able to take this Pissante and his Main Supporter, NenXi on in court and seek an injunction based on the fact they have ZERO Legal Basis to enact such a lockdown in the first place.

    Also out in the news today is this: Seems that since Jan 2020 there have been only 10 Deaths attributed to soley to COVID in all of Alberta. 10. All other deaths have been due to complications and co-morbidities and nearly all were folks over the age of 65. This out of a population of 4.7 million folks.


    And this AsshOLE would shut down the Entire province..??
    Fuck you Mr PISSANTE

    1. Steakman
      Patient: How long will this COVID crises last?

      Doctor: How should I know. I’m just a doctor not a journalist.

  11. Newsom and the rest of these fuckers need to be fed an amuse-bouche of liquid shit to start their full course meal.
    Be even more fitting if it was their Last Supper.

  12. If anyone figures out how or why it is that people so willingly acquiesce to gov’t dictats without a whisper of resistance despite their own leaders glaring hypocrisy let me know will ya, because I’m really having a hard time with this. There’s gotta be a name for this in mental health circles. Some kind of weird martyr complex…I dunno.

    Analogous to meek Russians forced to wait in lines for a loaf of bread while low level gov’t suckups vacationed at countryside dachas.

    1. You should know that the letters to the editor in Calgary Herald vastly support the shut down. Probably work for the government, making tons of money supplied by yer proles, they won’t lose a penny.

      1. Sounds like a bunch of shills to me. Who else would bother writing in support of a move like that? The US doesn’t have a monopoly on TWANLOC, that’s for damn sure.

  13. Ever get the feeling the whole covid thing is a scam? Sorry rhetorical question. It still mazes me how people just capitulated and laid down without asking a question and how our “leaders” Moe and the rest perpetuated said scam. Chicken little still has a voice ffs.

    1. The mayor of Folsom CA got ahead of the climb down Monday. She’s self quarantined after a positive test and says it’s like a mild flu.

    2. And people continue to capitulate and lie down, no questions asked. I don’t even want to leave home anymore; it’s so depressing out there. People have embraced mandatory masks as a way of life now and don’t remove them at all while they are out. I really have no hope for the future.

  14. What Tom Fitton said of their attitude: “Let them eat cake.” Instead of a political beheading, voters elected these hypocrites to rule them, never leading, the disaster they portend always in the future, never the present, always couched in infantile emotion.

    Followed by censorship and intimidation and ultimately conflict and war, which is good for their business; behaviour more akin to a third world banana republic dictatorship than one of the world’s greatest stories of liberty, ingenuity and rugged individualism, replace by pajama boys, rent seekers and charlatans never missing a chance to re-imagine their benefit and power, thoroughly disconnected from the people who suffer the consequences of their incompetent megalomania, unenlightened despots all.

  15. If a good looking woman inquires as to where my mask is
    I reply that I am using it as a Jock Strap Liner
    and would require her help to get it out
    I have as yet very few offers to hold my Junk
    while I retrieve my mask.
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