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  1. Yikes. Tides Foundation is as left as they come. Right up there with the CCP. And tied at the hip with Soros.

  2. So is it Dominion voting systems glitching or is it a proactive mass conspiracy to deny Trump his rightful victory across many unrelated states?

    The problem when you buy into all of the BS is that the explanations begin to contradict, fellas. 😉

    How many more days left of the orange clown now?

    1. I’d venture Trump has more days left than Biden. At least Trump knows what day it is. Biden…..meh.

    2. Flinch much? These are early days for litigation with Sidney Powell set to release the Kracken.

      You don’t have a clue what’s going on behind the scenes, so don’t pretend you do. So spare us your bullshit.

      As for the rest of us, we know the media is nothing but a nest of negligent, partisan liars so we accept nothing from them.

      Not a word, or a syllable, or a crossed t or a dotted i. Only authoritative judgments will be accepted, this time SCOTUS.

      If that happens, if it doesn’t go Trump’s way, he and we will accept it and not start a DeMarxist type four year temper tantrum.

      Only Demidiots think everything has to be a conspiracy. Like minded people working for the same seditious goal is more like it.

      But they left too much evidence behind. Votes exceeding registered voters. Two middle of the night vote dumps.

      So we wait out actual statements from honest people who aren’t disgusting liars who put their country through partisan hell.

      1. Say, mate (as you know, from the same neighbourhood in SW Ontario), the facts are these:

        1. The call, apparently, of NC, puts a floor under Trump @ 232;

        2. This is vastly different from Hillary @ 232 in 2016, as that was the ceiling;

        3. I am seeing that any combination of PA ((20 electoral votes; in litigation, probably successful), MI (16 electoral votes; in litigation), GA (16 electoral votes — Trump behind by 11,000 votes — highly doubtful that Biden can sustain the reality of the situation), NV (7 electoral votes), and Arizona (11 electoral votes), totalling 38, puts the President in office, once again.

        4. And, anyway, I had my flags up on Wednesday (75th, you know)– Canada (current); Army; RCAF; RCN, according to protocol.

        1. Always a pleasure seeing you post Dave.

          Your points refreshed my memory that there are those that use the courts to impose what they can’t through legislation. Yet when the other side goes the legal route they get most irrational and become confrontational.

    3. Will you cry if Prez trump wins again?

      The left wing loons are showing up in every Conservative site.

      Worried I guess.

    4. Comrade Ivan: Should he survive the legal hailstorm coming his way over the yet to be proven voter fraud perpetrated by people like you who have been brainwashed to think that Trump is Hitler, the nearly inevitable Republican Senate will cripple Biden’s presidency.
      Either way, the left’s (including Tides) wet dream of a green new deal is dead. Sorry. I should have put a trigger warning on this post.

  3. My biggest laugh right now is Biden can’t be President no matter what the media wishes. Media is not the law. President Trump took the Constitutional route that this Election will not be certified and the Whitehouse already stated it.
    My other laugh is Trudeau broke the US law big-time being a foreign agent against a sitting President no matter what propaganda the media was spinning. This idiot should have known better. Logan’s Law here we come. Smooth move exlax

    1. So did Jason Kenny. Now he hides in his basement like Dear Leader.

      On another note. Dominion’s response also did not include a statement that they would welcome a forensic audit of their program software, particularly the one supplied in question. The upside of a result showing no one hacked or reverse engineered the one supplied to Pennsylvania would raise the value of their product. That they didn’t welcome an audit indicates a lack of confidence that their software security and periodic upgrades are sufficient to prevent vote fraud.

      1. Bang on MIke…and that seems to be the case all over this election.

        Why cover up your activities if you have NOTHING to Hide.???
        Dems… with the collective intelligence of Lemmings

        1. steakman, both you and Mike are correct, but…sorry, I can’t help myself, um, Aren’t Lemmings a collective without much intelligence…?

    2. By doing that, Trudeau confirmed that the Canadian government is an enemy of America/Trump.

      The Trump second term is going to be HARD on Canada. Trudeau’s corrupt legal system better not set Huawei’s MIng Wan whatever free on “technicalities” which seems to be the strategy. Trump will make Canada pay in ways we can’t imagine, and deservedly so!

        1. Yes. Well, well, well, three holes in the ground.
          Does Harper have any recourse?
          From what we’ve seen, the Prinz just wasn’t ready to be P.M.

          He was never ready, and will never be ready. He just doesn’t have what it takes.

          Friggin CHEATER.

          1. My dear Miss Ross, you make the mistake of believing that only Justin runs this country (into the ground).

            Justin’s lips wouldn’t move if someone didn’t cram his hand up his @$$. Justin is a total puppet, is my point.

      1. I think that is why our oil coming in from Michigan suddenly is being looked at and the right of way renewal.
        Can’t fuck with Trump he loves his revenge.
        Some Attorney General or something said Trump was a Nazi on her website and suddenly she is now in charge of sorting legal votes being recounted.

    3. JoJo, that has been my thinking, the turd is tied up in this, and I wonder what the USA will do to that pick, once Trump is sworn back in

      1. I’m very close to that assessment as well.

        Perhaps the President will ask about that 2% of GDP for NATO that the Turd promised? ($16 billion each year for those that can’t understand %)

      2. Been thinking of putting in a complaint. Seems when you do things get done rather than wait around but that is after the media burns out on this Biden nonsense or just before the swearing in in January.

        You mean rat out your own Prime Minister?
        Damn right he sure has fucked up my life.
        Why not fuck up his?

  4. I once sat next to OJ Simpson at an airport boarding gate. So far I’ve resisted all urges to buy a Ford Bronco.

    Now if you show me Kielburgers and Butts as directors of Dominion… then that also would be meaningless BUT very interesting.

  5. To quote the punchline from an old Leon’s Furniture ad campaign: “Coincidence? I think not.”

  6. Tides is the outfit the big name US foundations go to hide their contributions to eco-fascist goons by laundering it under Tide’s name. It keeps them in good stead with their society board members to go through Tides rather than directly to eco terrorists.

    1. There are no coincidences (in most things, but particularly in politics).

      I do hope what Rep. Louis Gohmert said is true. He was quoting from a tweet in Germany, in German, regarding the bankruptcy of the company formerly in charge of this file.

    2. Believe Gohmert was talking about the vote aggregation company Scytl (sp?). The following information is found online at: https://beta.canadasbusinessregistries.ca/search/results?search=%7BDominion%20Voting%7D&status=Active .

      Business Number (BN): –
      Registry ID: 1998653
      Registered Office Location: TORONTO, Ontario
      Status: Active
      Status Notes: Active
      Business Type: Ontario Business Corporation
      Created: 2018-07-13
      For the complete profile, go to the official registry source: ServiceOntario

      Further details can be purchased through a registry search in Ontario.

  7. If voting machines are going to be used it should be law that they can only use open source software. Voting machines are a little too important to be running some software that no one knows what it’s doing to the votes or what it may be running in the background.

    1. There are problems even with that.
      Seems that these machines were connected to the internet, and software updates were remotely loaded on them (which is a violationof election law, since software must be certified), so even if you start with open source software, if the machines are connected to the internet, it may not be same software when the counting starts – or halfway through.

      Even if disconnected, the way they are designed required network access (*maybe* not Internet, but how do you guarantee that?). Without network connectivity, they don’t achieve much. Not an easy problem to solve. It really needs trustworthy people – and VERY severe penalties for anyone caught interfering with the election – not talking about small fines or even a couple of years in prison here…

      A couple of million dollar bounties for people reporting illegal events would help too.

  8. Lin Wood, counsel to President Trump, has stated that people will be going to jail, lots of people.

    Trump had more votes on November 3’rd than any sitting President previous. He won in a landslide.

    Trump 2020 KAG

  9. I don’t quite understand all these leftists with incredible amounts of $$$$$ ?? Like the Tides Fn’dn, Bezos, Musk, Dorsey, Zuckerstein, et.al. Hollywooden Fakiers. When they establish their communist-fascist nirvana … are they going to GIVE every one of their subjects buckets of their money? Or will a select few become communist oligarchs hoarding the now scarce wealth all to themselves? Lording over the proles with the greatest wealth disparity in the history of mankind.

    Yeah, the answer is pretty obvious … they simply want ENSLAVE the entire population to their narrow-minded, parochial, political correctitudes … while they retain the FREEDOM they’ve STOLEN from us all. It would be better for mankind if these Maoist cultural revolutionaries were all slaughtered before they destroyed half of all living humans on the planet. Kinda like killing Hitler as a child … given the foreknowledge of what he was going to do.

    1. Fully agree with you. It’s just that the left, much better funded and organized than the right, are willing to sacrifice more money and energy, to destroy America, than the right is trying to save it. It will be interesting to see if Trump tries to retain his well-run organization to fight the Democrat elites.

  10. I’ve been wondering if all this money the turd has been losing track of wasn’t winding up in Soros pocket.

    Also I wonder if the crooked dominion vote counting machines weren’t used in Canada’s last election.
    Scheer was sheared by corruption?
    One thing about a liebral, every one of them would crawl up a snakes arse!
    After jumping in air to hit the hole that is!

    1. There is ZERO chance that the US military would raid a private commercial entity in Germany. ZERO. For exactly the same reasons that the Bundeswehr will never raid a private commercial entity in the US. It would amount to a direct and blatant violation of the sovereignty of a vital Western ally. The diplomatic fallout would be off the charts ridiculous. The US would never authorize it, the Germans would never allow it.

      Seriously, the level of gullibility and lack of critical thought here. What is the matter with you?

      1. yup Anggy, yer as stupid in fake, as you are in real life, go read the full article, as it explains the moves Trump made recently