How To Harm Children

Ohio social studies teachers – and by extension, their students – will learn that having brown skin is some kind of accomplishment, a basis for applause and favours, unlike being white, which is apparently the opposite, a basis for atonement. In order to achieve “absolution” – and yes, that term is used in the recommended literature, with all that it implies – the “stone idol” of “whiteness” must be “smashed to pieces.” Students and educators are also informed that insofar as “white people” have any culture at all, it is merely one “of colonisation, of genocide, of taking,” “a deep, dark hole of grief and of loss,” in which “envy and fear” are defining features. It is, we’re assured, “the culture of death.”

What “equity” looks like in Ohio schools.

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  1. I’m already hearing this BS from a college English professor. Ghetto slang is a higher form of English. Shameful.

    1. I wonder if they know that the intelligentsia are normally among the first victims of the revolution.

  2. The Liberal Party’s Toronto Star has a number of stories this morning at its website, on how Ontario schools need to teach more black and whiny indian history. And of course teach about the evils of our colonial past.

    1. In one of the provinces I’m registered in, it appears that there’s a push to change the way engineering is taught. And, yes, the proposed revision is going to include some of what you mentioned. So I guess Poisson’s Ratio or the Bernoulli equation is affected by increasing “diversity” in the profession.

      It’s a good thing I’m no longer practicing.

    2. Indian history is pretty darn interesting. But you need to approach it from the anthropological side to avoid most of the stupid speculating mostly be weird white academics. A lot of the early accounts by European explorers were the first written records we have of what life was really like for us back then. But you need to go to the raw diaries and accounts. You would be surprised at how sympathetic a lot of these accounts are.

      1. National Geographic has a feature in this issue on the Indian tribes interacting with the arriving English settlers who supposedly enslaved some and shipped them to Europe.

        1. With respect, National Geographic is a woke clown MSM publication. I would not make the effort to even spit on them. Read decades of back issues when I was a kid though. No one ever through them out!

          Add furthermore, Indians were experts at taking slaves, hostages and either ritualistically torturing them or adopting them as their own sons and daughters depending on God knows what! Nobody is innocent here.

          1. Well said. Nat Geo positively throbs with SJW claptrap. At the rate we are going whites are going to end up being second class citizens in their own countries.

  3. I’ve learned that whenever you see the word “equity” used to describe making things “fair”, it doesn’t mean the same thing as equality.

  4. Was there an announcement that the pale skinned are about to self destruct?
    What the hell is going on?
    Those that come up with that kind of garbage obviously, however unlikely that may be, have their idiot heads stuck up their collective ass.
    And nobody is calling them out in public, lest they be cancelled.

    That is why the hate propaganda of the mass media cartel against Trump. He seems to be the only guy to point those things out and of course they want to cancel him.
    So far the population is not going for it. At least half of it and probably vast, as in vast, silent majority are not buying it.
    They are just silent with fear that the body snatchers will stretch their arm, point the index finger at them and scream.

  5. The Immigration Act of 1965, which has flooded America with sketchy POC from every incompatible culture from the 4-corners of the globe. More than 1M legal POC coming to America every year since. Coupled with a HUGE helping of. Self-loathing white Liberal guilt … and voila … you have the creeping genocide of white people.

    At first … we fled to the suburbs. Then to the hinterlands. Then we built walled compounds like they do in every dangerous country on the planet. Then … the racial ‘equity’ squads came over the walls.

    1. “Then … the racial ‘equity’ squads came over the walls.”

      They didn’t have to come over the walls, they were hired on to guard the gates.

      1. they were hired on to guard the gates

        Yup. Go to any airport and see who comprises the security detail. They’re not hiring the Marlboro Man.

    1. Buddy, you should check out the Kipling poem, The Saxon.

      Basically, describing the tolerance and slow boil to anger by the Saxon, “Whitey tribe” that “eventually” when pushed and pushed and pushed, we do “turn green” and then we don’t turn back to our original shade until the problem is completely, and finally, dealt with.

      When you get shoved into a corner, and the shovee keeps digging his finger into your chest, again and again “emphasizing” his point over and over, you will reach a moment of clarity, then grab the finger, and sharply snap it….with emphasis! Problem solved.

      At some time in the forseeable future, we will, collectively, reach our boiling point!

  6. They should go after the billions in skin lightening products sold across South & East Asia. Apparently Asians are intentionally rubbing Nazi cream all over themselves, but no one says a word.

    1. If they think Trump is a racist, they really won’t enjoy what’s in store for them under Chinese dominion.

      Assuming whitey, in the form of President Trump, doesn’t save them from their own greed and stupidity. Again.

  7. I would plant a bug in the ear of BLM that white teachers and school board employees should be replaced with teachers of colour to give the students complete immersion in this new understanding.

    Just to watch the union suddenly get take-y and colonial.

  8. Sure is a good thing that Barry the “magic negro” is only half black. By the way, for anyone who is even marginally intelligent, the “magic negro” quote is from a black writer at the LA Times. Ok folks get your heads out quick, you will suffocate.

  9. thingy in the msm about HUGE increase in violence in ontariariario school aimed at the teachers.

    who for generations right from the earliest beginnings of pub lick edjukayshun were fond of clobbering the little darlings.

    what to do? well the little darlings figured it out. HIT BACK. dont hear any reprts NOW of VIOLENCE aimed at the precious clients eh?

    I called up some of the edjukaySHUN boards GLOATING over the fact, and hoping 1 day a particularly abusive teacherrrrr gets shot in the chest.