33 Replies to “I, Napoleon”

  1. Listen to the science they say. “Don’t be a science denier. Oh by the way, men can have periods.”

    Yeah, let’s put these morons in charge of our lives. Idiots.

  2. Why would we be surprised? I trust everyone remembers this twit.

    The difference now is that everyone seems to be getting caught in this madness. Professional sports is starting to disintegrate over intersectional feminism.

    But then professional sports has all kinds of problems this year with plummeting ratings among all of basketball, baseball, football. Whyever could it be?

    1. Whyever could it be?

      Because those of us who don’t adhere to this flummery are unenlightened morons?

  3. Procter & Gamble is at it again. First they alienated men with their Gillette commercials. and now this.

  4. It has been my experience that all humans will bleed if you poke enough holes in them. Glad that these woke folk at Tampex support all who bleed. Not that I have ever used their product as an expedient field dressing for a profusely bleeding wound. Well maybe.

    1. If they make tampons to fit bullet holes they could expand their market in places like Chicago and Baltimore.

    1. Yup Buddy, there’s definitely a period or two in there somewhere. 🙂

      OTOH, I do have a pack of absorbent pads in my Prepper storage for possible leaks or wounds.

  5. Woke corporate culture is toxic (to their employees, customers, public and shareholders). Corporations have always been prone to moral cowardice but now that cultural Marxism has infiltrated the executive suites and boardrooms, I’m just glad to be retired and not working for any of them. P&G is one of the worst.

    1. Many years ago, I was starting to look for my first post-B. Sc. job. One of the places I was interviewed by was a pulp mill which was owned by P & G at the time. One of my sessions was with the plant manager and he was very proud of the fact that the product from that facility would be used to make Pampers.

      Looking back, I’m rather glad I didn’t get the job. Earning an engineering degree in order to produce disposable diapers is not what I would have considered to be an achievement.

      1. BA, (excuse the pun) There’s a shit load of parents out there that would disagree, from their perspective, Pampers are an achievement! 🙂

        1. Maybe that was the reason why most of my undergrad classmates that were hired by the mill were either married or about to be. It might make for good advertising to say that even the people who help produce the Pampers use them for their kiddies.

          Rather than make disposable diapers, I went into the oil industry instead.

      2. Several of my forestry classmates were hired on at that operation (Grande Prairie) around the time it started up and some of the stories were pretty bizarre. One was about their best performing area woods manager who was called in to see where in their corporate structure he wanted to go next. The guy just wanted to stay in the area where he also farmed and was rewarded with termination for not being the proper kind of corporate drone that P&G expected. It’s now a Weyerhaeuser owned Mill.

        1. Yup. That’s the plant.

          The tactic of forcing promotions on people is much like the oil company I ended up working for instead of P & G. It was known for that sort of thing and I knew of someone who resisted being transferred to the company’s head office, where the culture was quite different than out in the field.

  6. I’m a top prime cut of meat, I’m your choice, I wanna be elected!
    I’m a Yankee Doodle Dandy in a gold Rolls Royce, I wanna be elected!

  7. Think Procter and Gamble cares what we think? Here’s a partial list of what they own and these are just the ones that earn more than a $1Billion a year – It would shock you to know what common household brands they own that aren’t big earners. Start divesting yourself of P&G products from your home and you’ll free up enough square footage for an exercise room.

    Always menstrual hygiene products
    Ariel laundry detergent
    Bounty paper towels, sold in the United States and Canada
    Charmin bathroom tissue and moist towelettes[3]
    Crest toothpaste[4]
    Dawn dishwashing
    Downy fabric softener and dryer sheets
    Fairy washing up liquid
    Febreze odor eliminator
    Gain laundry detergents, liquid fabric softener, dryer sheets and dish washing liquid
    Gillette razors, shaving soap, shaving cream, body wash, shampoo, deodorant and anti-perspirant
    Head & Shoulders shampoo
    Olay personal and beauty products
    Oral-B oral hygiene products
    Pampers & Pampers Kandoo and Luvs disposable diapers and moist towelettes.
    Pantene haircare products
    SK-II beauty products
    Tide laundry detergents and products
    Vicks cough and cold products

      1. Wasn’t that because of a lawsuit or something like that which alleged the insignia was really a satanic symbol?

        1. yeah, something stupid like that. They only had it since the mid-19th century. They rolled over way to easy. That explains their wokeness and hiring gender studies graduates for the marketing.

    1. Are you kidding???
      They spend MILLIONS of dollars every year trying to ascertain what we think.
      Somebody is feeding them bad information.
      Wait until they have to explain to their shareholders why their dividends are even smaller. Imagine pulling this nonsense in the face of the severe economic downturn looming as a result of global Covidiocy.

      Somewhat interestingly, I buy almost none of the products on that list as it is.

      1. Share price is at $143.00…up $1.72 in today’s trading. Deutsche Bank among others are very bullish on P&G and are expecting it to reach $150.00 by Christmas. Very happy shareholders are clamoring for a stock split.
        Dividend is at $3.00 and change.
        P&G’s biggest shareholder is their own CFO and gazillionaire Jon R. Moeller. If they’re getting bad information he hasn’t received the memo yet.

    2. I’m happy to say That the only one of those products we have in our house is Vicks (Vapo rub). But I also have Mentholatum, and much prefer it. (Made by a small company in Buffalo, NY. ). Will definitely not buy more Vicks.

  8. my father was a traveling salesman for P&G, for the first 12 years of my life. We would be the first to try the new products (Duncan Hines cake mixes comes to mind as a youth treat). I have continued to buy their product in support of their brand through my entire life. That ends now.

  9. It’s gonna be a lot of work finding alternatives to replace all those products, but I get it, and again IDNF nails it. Don’t support them with what you purchase, eventually, they die if no one buys their products. Although, I really don’t see that possibility on any horizon. For me, it’s about self respect. I will deliberately not buy any product that is made by any company that abuses and denigrates it’s customers, or their customer’s principles. I’m the type that would cut off my nose to spite my face, I will pay extra, to keep my self respect and principles intact.

  10. Hmm. Pretty sure my female goats, cats, dogs and other various critter menstruate while in estrus. I’ve yet to hear of a billy, bull or stallion doing the same. #believethescience

  11. ““Together, we can help create a world free from bias,” the statement said.”

    Some things need bias against them.