A Trio of #FakeNews all on One Front Page!

Shown here is the front page of yesterday’s USA Today:

The 3 headlines in question are most interesting:

  1. Study predicts 500,000 US deaths [by Feb 28, 2021)
  2. Trump called protests violent.  We found majority are peaceful
  3. ‘Packing in Supreme Court’s future?

Quick analysis:

  1. One wonders if the folks at the University of Washington are using the same “model” as their disgraced English colleague, Neil Ferguson, who has a long history of scare-mongering and his predictions never being remotely accurate.
  2. There are lies, damn lies, and statistics.  USA today clearly is lying through the latter.  If one were to instead compare the number of violent protests in 2019 and compare them with the number this year, the increase would undoubtedly be gravely disturbing.  A visit to the Twitter pages of Andy Ngô and Ian Miles Cheong this past year reveal something that USA Today isn’t capable of providing: The Truth
  3. The article essentially uses the legal nomination and appointment of Amy Coney Barrett to SCOTUS as “justification” for the Far Left to pack the court however they please.  Doing so who instantly destroy the validity and reputation of the Supreme Court but, hey, when you’re trying to take apart the Fabric of America, who cares, right?

USA Today should consider renaming their non-news-paper to “The DNC’s Junior Varsity Propaganda Rag” for this would be a far more accurate description of what they have sadly become.

49 Replies to “A Trio of #FakeNews all on One Front Page!”

    1. OXYMORON ALERT!!! – you used “free” and “survive” in the same sentence. If your luck don’t hold, the Parliamentary Ethics Committee may fine you a hundred dollars…

  1. America will burn on November 3.
    This will become the day when the rat eating Chinese communists will have won the war against Trump and rule the USA.
    Subversion and bribing Democrats are their tools.

  2. I’m a serial killer. I make it a point to kill 1 person per month. Therefore I am 97% law abiding according to USA Today

  3. Thanks for this. A perfect example of not only the chicanery of the media, but also of why SDA is such a good site.

    I’d never have seen this ‘perfect example’ if it was not for SDA.

    1. Ellen, one of the best. I frequent hundreds as I am a voracious reader. I read when I am not actually doing anything else. When not reading on line I am reading novels, just is that way. Can’t stop and my brain seems to need a constant influx of information. I have however learned how to dismiss bullshit and bafflegab in all the things read.

  4. The USA Today has been a rag of a read for a long, long time. Used to be a freebie at your hotel room door.

    1. So how is USA TODAY doing you might ask?
      Lousy – from a 2019 article in full below the quotes:

      “In its latest audited circulation report earlier this year, USA Today reported individually paid circulation of 178,000 with another 342,000 of hotel distribution (for which the hotel chains pay a substantially reduced rate).

      That 520,000 is a long fall from the more than 2,289,000 USA Today claimed in 2007, when it was running neck-and-neck with the Wall Street Journal as tops in paid circulation.


  5. They will be very sorry for all this on January 20.

    The new Court will be much less inclined to let Democrats steal elections, or to recognize the right of globalists and traitors to print lies and distortions to spread alarm and despondency among Americans.

    They will be much more inclined to recognize the right of good, decent people to defend themselves against thugs and terrorists—with the assistance of the US armed forces, as needed—and to be the ones in control of their own governments.

  6. Polls: I don’t know, but according to the People’s Pundit (YouTube channel), there is a substantial ice berg off Biden’s bow. It is composed of working men. We don’t know what lies beneath: we can only see the tip. Based on that, we know it is big, that it skews Trump, and that it ranks high on enthusiasm. One issue that is hard to get a handle on is ballot splitting at the congressional level. I’m inclined to think that men are less likely to split their ballots. Thoughts?

  7. Did none of these stupid media f??ks never see the Wizard of Oz? We all know, none of these 1500 dollar a month media morons, ever claimed. or raised a kid, that’s obvious, by their stupidity of trying to hide the truth, like a fresh baked cake in a house full of kids. Hard to believe they can even find their asses with the drivel they print onto endangered trees daily. Who even buys a newspaper anymore? Like I told my little kids in the nineties, “I would rather hear you do anything else, but become a lieing journalist, they are the lowest form of life”. Thankfully there are numerous sites like this one, that tell the truth otherwise we would all become as stupid as a Juthtin.

    1. Like I told my little kids in the nineties, “I would rather hear you do anything else, but become a lieing journalist, they are the lowest form of life”.

      Funny you say that, I said similar things to my two..the younger of them deciding to take Journalism in College…. And quit 3 months later, saying the entire class was composed of morons that “had no clue as to history or Canadian Politics”.

      Proud daddy now of a Licensed Insurance Agent…a position that took some significant amount of dedication & hard work…Yea, Big time Proud.

  8. These studies are so full of assumptions that they probably should be restricted in circulation to people who actually understand they are calculated based on the best guesses that biased people can make and are little better than gut feel. Models are never right. If they could make an accurate model of this, they could make an accurate model of what the stock market will be in a month and give up “scientific research” to live the lives of billionaires. So much human behavior is factored into this, for instance, if people start dying in large numbers, how many people voluntarily enter a “shutdown and isolate mode” compared to how many ignore it and keep going out to restaurants and to parties, etc. There is still little known about how long immunity lasts after one has cleared the virus. There are better treatments on the near horizon like the one that cured Trump in a couple of days, etc, etc, etc. Treatments are already better than they were in March… yada yada yada

    My gut feel is that this winter flu season, COVID is going to be pretty bad everywhere for a while, but there are so many factors that it’s pointless to speculate. Better to be pessimistic and pleasantly surprised that the other way around.

    The wheel is in spin, place your bets. Just don’t kid yourself that your guess is any better than theirs, but it’s probably no worse.

    1. tim, I read an item this am that said that in week 40, last year there were1,251 reported cases of the seasonal flu. This year in the same week there were 61 cases, that came from the unimpeachable C D C. sure thing. Now who the fuck is lying to who? I usually do not swear a great deal but lately the f word is the only logical word because apparently no one understands you are pissed off unless you use it. Every single government agency is fucking lying. It doesn’t matter if it is the US, Canada, or any other damn country the fix is in, they are all liars. I really do hope that someone sometime wakes the hell up and starts a civil war. We are stupid to the 100th power.

  9. USA Today was always suitable only for lining bird cages and house-breaking puppies.

    1. BA, to sully your bird cage, or subject your puppy to such drivel, you’d have to buy it first.
      As IDNF keeps saying, “Better to avoid even referencing them, than to give them your hard earned cash. That way they will wither on the vine.

  10. The problem with models is if that if you are 90% sure of each of five factors, for example, going into it, the odds that you got them right is .9^5 or 59%, even though it sounds like you have a solid grasp of the five factors, the odds that your model will be right is not much better than chance, and there are way more than five factors going into this and way less than 90% certainty on most of them.

    Believe it or not, Naomi Oreskes, author of Merchants of Doubt and global warming super harpy wrote the best takedown of models I ever read.

    Verification and validation of numerical models of natural systems is impossible. This is because natural systems are never closed and because model results are always nonunique. Models can be confirmed by the demonstration of agreement between observation and prediction, but confirmation is inherently partial. Complete confirmation is logically precluded by the fallacy of affirming the consequent and by incomplete access to natural phenomena. Models can only be evaluated in relative terms, and their predictive value is always open to question. The primary value of models is heuristic.


    Getting a model exactly right is more difficult than winning the superfecta at the track.

    1. Models are a waste of time unless you have the power to make the model reflect what those in power want. Simple n’est pas.

  11. Why do you still GAF what the MSM says? Have you still not learned?

    Go to Postmedia and check their latest financials released October 10. Q4 2019 Revenue of $145 Million. Q4 2020 revenue of $105 million. The revenue collapse is so steep that even Trudeau’s millions cannot stop what is coming. They will be out of business in a year. Do not buy a subscription because they will cease publication and you will be out $$

    This is the same for every newspaper in North America save a very few like Epoch Times.

    Newsprint mills across North America are shutting down everywere. Permanently. They know whats coming and they are getting out.

    Do not quote them. Do not link to them. Above all, do not subscribe to them. This is how you fight them. This is how you kill them. We are winning this one.

    1. Strange isn’t it, that as Postmedia continues to bleed and circle the drain, their editorial content becomes further left all the time, with its internal content, and external, the imported crap from WAPO and other far left papers. And, if anyone has noticed, the same articles permeate the local Postmedia rag too. The Vancouver Sun, and Province, both list the same stories verbatim as the NP, just a different header, and a couple different “columnists”. One of them has to go out of business soon, they are now both afternoon bird cage liners.
      Whatever, Eff them. They banned me from their boards, it’s turned into CBC. Canadian Media views the CBC editorial content as the benchmark to aim for. Beats the hell out of me….
      All these media entities have shoved their content online, it won’t be long before they don’t print at all. Save the Trees!
      And they can paywall all they want, paying for their content is ridiculous, especially when it’s easy to cheat around it.

    2. While I agree, no subscriptions, I still think we need to pay attention. The bastard that wrote the piece for Newsweek is extremely dangerous.
      He’s an advocate of Tyranny of the Majority: Yay California, Fuck Wyoming.
      Democrats – like Liberal Cocksuckers in Canada – will force you to do or not do what they command. While I’m a city boy, I know where my food comes and resources come from and it isn’t an overcrowded, disease ridden concrete city of mofos.

      1. I presume Robert Reich’s parents were also named Reich.
        Would that have made him the third Reich of the household? Seems like he never grew out of it.

      2. The way to fight them is to ignore them. Starve them. Make them irrelevant. Who GAF what they say. It just does not matter anymore what they say if no one is listening.

          1. Not ignore the democrats. Ignore the media who support the democrats. Kill the media and you kill the democrats.

            For some of you, kicking the MSM seems like trying to kick crack, booze or smokes.

            Lots of pretty weak excuses. Come on. Be strong!

            Kill your cable. Kill your news subscriptions. Never click on their links.

            Instead support independent media like Rebel, Blacklocks, Millenial etc. Theres lots to choose from now.

  12. Given that the great majority of all military personnel are employed in non-combat roles, WWII was mostly peaceful if you analyze it with USA Today’s methods.

  13. If Trump said birds fly, “journalists” would call him a liar and unscientific by pointing out that chickens and penguins don’t fly.

  14. Congrats Steakman, they chose well, you and I can both be proud of our children, mine, all three have high end jobs where they are not rewarded for lieing, like urnalists. The world of urnalism needs a lot more Michele Hogans, news anchor from years ago, threw up her pen and said I’m tired of lieing to you all, and quit, smart girl.

  15. Hotel chains keep pushing USA Today (Grope & Fail up here). I throw it out every morning. Then, I’ll find and purchase a more balanced publication such as the Epoch Times and read it in the common areas just for spite.

  16. As of today, in the USA, according to worldmeters.info, there are currently about 231,300 deaths. The article says there will be 511,373 deaths by February 28. The difference is 280,073.
    There are still 123 days till feb. 28. Which means an average daily death toll of 2,277. For the last 10 days the average daily death toll in the USA is now about 550 per day. I am wondering if they make Mr. Cuomo the Covid tsar?

  17. Heh.

    Yesterday I remembered to check my spam email addy over at Yahoo. Of course, had to click in through the first page of “news”.

    “Headline” was “QAnon slowly creeping into Canadian churches”

    First “news story” below that was under Politics: “Is Fake Melania Trump the Greatest Unsolved Mystery of Our Time?” from something called Refinery29.

    No, I didn’t click, I was shaking my head too hard…..

  18. A tale of two statistics, as cases rise dramatically to above peak levels used to justify lockdowns, deaths fall precipitously.
    In the US, deaths peaked out at a seven day daily average of 2232 in April to 805 as of yesterday, about one third.
    How does that presage a doubling of US deaths into 2021, used to justify shutting down 90% of the entertainment industry?
    It doesn’t; like climate change, disaster is always in the future, never in the present. Never forget that, always remember that.
    Canada is doing much better but new cases are at least double the peak so release the lockdown hounds.
    Our death rates? Peaked at 7 day daily average of 177 on 7 May, now 28. The sheeple better wake up.
    That’s not a shearing tool, that’s a sword pointing the way to the slaughterhouse. We are being lied to folks.
    Are hospitals overwhelmed? ICUs? Must we ignore the collateral damage wrought by these neverending lockdowns.
    Is influenza the next lockdown while we wait out on vaccines, delaying her immunity?
    It’s wake up time Canada, time to revive your independent spirit and don’t let the woketopians turn us into Wokestan.
    First they came for your stuff, then your opinions, next your thoughts. How long before it’s about your life. Already there folks.
    The bigger the state, the smaller the citizen.

    1. Shamrock, First they gotta come for the guns! Already happening here, but now thankfully long delayed in the US, we’re not lost yet, but as you say, we need many more to WAKE THE F UP!

  19. Sure they are lying,but at least they are consistent.
    Once you abandon truth,there is no restraint on the tales (the narrative) you can tell.
    So modern Presstitutes are certainly free.
    But why they get offended by people laughing at their lies??
    That does amuse and bemuse me.
    Do they actually believe the tales they spin?
    Are these writers really that stupid?
    Given the average media “reporter” stupidity may be the cause.

    Liberalism is a progressive disease and these unhappy critters seem very proud of being Progressive Persons.
    With only the finest state sanctioned opinions to offer.
    Gilbert and Sullivan had a real eye for these kind of creeps..The very model of a modern major general news shaper….

    Funny how the faster these clowns spiral into financial oblivion,the more the political types demand we taxpayers bail their Comrades of the Press out.
    Inside their little bubble the Press is impressive,outside it the public is not buying what the press sells.
    But that means the State acting on behalf of the public,must subsidize what the public has rejected..Assault Style Libtard Politicians.

  20. Anybody remember a time when a US Supreme Court Justice Nominee had to get TWO-THIRDS of the Senate votes in order to get the post? Anybody remember that it was Harry Reid (Dem-Nevada) and his fellow Democrats who changed that to a simple 50%+1? Boy did that bite them on the ass. Now they want to pack the court with lefties? Hell, by 2030 the US Supreme Court will have more members than the Senate does.