Our Betters At Work

On “equity” and race-hustling in San Francisco’s public high schools:

A preference for academic rigour and admission by ability is “racist,” you see. Please update your files and lifestyles accordingly. Note that the board decision was “unanimous,” while the views of local parents – those directly affected – were somewhat more complicated and deemed “divisive.” Note too the implication that the feelings of those who work hard and show ability should be trumped by the feelings of those who do neither.

Oh, there’s more.

19 Replies to “Our Betters At Work”

  1. I saw similar things while I was at Armpit College. A few years after I started, the institution insisted that I no longer had students but “customers” of my “learning delivery”. The concept of standards was completely thrown out and I had to teach in order to “meet or exceed the expectations” of my “customers”.

    1. Are doctors, engineers, and people in other jobs where competence is crucial, going to be trained at colleges that have eliminated “academic rigour and admission by ability”? Or has that happened already?

    1. The educational system makes the mistake by assuming that graduation rates nowadays are directly proportional to talent and skill. If “too many” fail a course, it’s never because the students are inept or, worse, lazy. Nope. The standards are too high or the teacher or professor expected too much of them.

      The result is that one can be a loafer or a complete dolt and still graduate.

  2. Just another way the satanic progtards are trying to keep blacks on the plantation, chained to the far left system. There is no one as racist and depraved as a leftist. Social justice is Satan’s justice.

  3. Just when I thought SF couldn’t get in worse. They proved me wrong.
    The worse part. The city of San Diego CA. Where I was born and raised, is following the same non-sense.
    We use to be a very conservative city.

  4. And this is how the movie Idiocracy came to be. It was supposed to be a comedy, not a vision for the future.

  5. It seems there is something new every day – closer to home. I live in Waterloo region. Just this week the City of Kitchener has announced they will be ‘investing’ approximately $600K in new salaries for a permanent diversity, and racism committee, probably made up of the whiners who have been bleating the most over the last year. I guess the mayor and council (only one voted against) figure $600K will shut them up. They will be wrong. Then just this morning I hear my alma mater U of Waterloo will be launching a racism board game some useless faculty has developed. People will answer questions to get around the board and no doubt find out how racist they really are along the way. There is so much of this blather most of it just gets ignored, it’s become meaningless background noise.

    1. I would suggest they “invest” in something that will give them a financial return rather than a burden.

  6. Well thank God they’ve declared merit to be racist – now I don’t have to pretend that these credentialed morons merit any more attention than any other random jackass on the internet.

  7. We bit the bullet, and pulled out kids out of the public system a few years ago. Home schooled them. Never looked back.

    We skipped the hot tubs and foreign vacations so we could spend quality time raising them right.

    They read Kipling, Shakespeare and more recently, some of Dahl’s edgier stuff. They are 3 years ahead in math and physics. They do school 2 hours a day The rest of the time is for playing, reading, being outside.

    I will never make them spend 8 hours a day trying to focus while Shantique or Trevonna carry on next to them like jackasses.

    When the time comes, we are emigrating. The West is going gown. It is done. In ten years you’ll regret not getting out before capital controls came in.

    1. At eighty something I’m not especially worried about the future, I had a glorious life. But I take your point. The problem is where to go.

    2. If the West goes down, complete and total globalization will be next. Maybe that will happen even if the West doesn’t go down. Where will you emigrate to? A South Seas Island? Europe? China? There may be no place to escape to.

    1. The irony is that that woman, while sticking it to the East Asian students, went and got herself an East Asian name (could be Chinese or Korean) in Chinese characters. It is a partial transliteration of her name. Ko Li See. I saw that name and read the comment, and at first I thought it must have been irony. But no … Isn’t that ethnic appropriation at the very least?
      As to “white adjacent”, well, they have to say something to explain an ethnic minority is 60%+ at elite Lowell. Yes, it is, or was, elite, the creme de la creme. What is that based on except ability? It isn’t as though there are not hundreds of other high schools in San Francisco that Ko Li See has to worry about who is worthy of “education.” So now Lowell would fall academically below any San Francisco neighborhood white or “white adjacent” school. And whites and “white adjacents” will soon not apply there. I guess they could make it an elite black school, using as standard of admission the white racist criterion of … ability.
      In the meantime, I wonder if anyone is bothered that college basketball scholarships are bestowed on one ethnic minority based solely on the racist ability of putting a round ball into a basket. Isn’t anything based on ability that favors one ethnicity now considered racist? Shouldn’t only 12% of the Duke or Kentucky basketball team be black?

      1. Yes OB … I yearn for a return to the days of white boys with two handed set shots, and four corner stalls for the last quarter of every game! Bring back “white adjacent” basketball. Giggle.

  8. Are there enough Coffee Shops and such in North America to take these “graduates” of idiocy..?? This marxist Bullshit will eventually be tied into Universal basic Income…for to not have cash on hand will be considered RACIST (as will working for money).

    I cannot disagree: The West is most certainly going down…Climate Stupidity…Contrived Racism…Mass Govt Corruption everywhere…woke insanity…open terrorist gangs (BLM-AntiFa)….along with an invasion of Sub Saharan – Middle Eastern Garbage.

    Not sure if 4 more yrs with the only person who has the ability to possibly put a cork in this Shit will do..?? I’m thinking it may well have to be a Pinochet type…? ya never know, TRUMP may do just that.

  9. Over here in Canada our educators have figured out that there’s big money in mediocrity.
    And I hate to be a broken record on all of this but it’s a grift.
    What your child doesn’t learn from the school’s self entitled, hard done by $85,000/yr man child, can be rectified by various learning centers and tutors for $80.00/hr. staffed by… you guessed it, retired teachers who are only too happy to take your cash after they give you the hard sell, such as, “No parent wants their child to be behind…I can help you with that”.
    These educational elixirs are sold from elementary school right up to University and beyond.

    Whaddya get for your money? A 40 something who’ll tell you how much cleaner the air is because of carbon taxes.
    Mission accomplished.