Statistics Liberal

One of these things is not like the other.

CBC Business News, October 9: Canada’s economy added 378,000 new jobs in September, Statistics Canada says, almost all of which were full-time positions. September’s job gains mean that the job market is now within 720,000 positions of where it was in February…

Reuters Business News, October 15: Canada sheds jobs for seventh straight month in September: The August data was revised to show jobs declined by 770,600 rather than by 205,400.

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  1. Which one is based on “settled” science or benefits Prinz Dummkopf’s gang the most? That’ll be the one that will be accepted, actual facts being irrelevant.

  2. They’re probably both right. Long-term jobs, based on producing solid products that people can use, dropped. Government sponsored jobs that produce nothing and that stop long-term jobs by throwing environmental or legal or cultural favouritism into the mix probably increased.

    Because it’s not like we can have a strong economy without the heavy foot of government on the necks of the job producers.

    1. +++C_M. Communists never do anything right except kill millions, if one can consider that doing something right, maybe phrase it another way, they are good at killing people.

    2. ” … Government sponsored jobs that produce nothing and that stop long-term jobs by throwing environmental or legal or cultural favouritism into the mix probably increased.”

      Exactly. And it is becoming an increasingly rare thing for the cut-and-pasters penning columns in business sections to even mention the two sectors of the economy
      – let alone point out the difference in their respective contributory values.

  3. I think the difference is CBC counts collecting 500 a week while remaining home as a job. The Reuters News comes as no surprise to anyone looking for a job.

  4. Saying you are adding jobs when you have closed millions down is hardly something to be excited about. Open everything back up and then maybe you might get some more real jobs. In the mean time lets look at killing more business by getting rid of plastics.

  5. Funny, no comments about recession level job losses, guess it isn’t a recession when you blame it on a flu.

    1. Canadians are stupid, have I mentioned that before? Dementia hasn’t caught up with me yet.

      1. US economic data is released much faster than Canadian data. Also, more importantly, revisions to the previous month’s data is released with the current month’s data.
        Canadian media consistently refuse to report data revisions. Useful Canadian data is only obtained years after-the-fact by interested academics. The people are treated like mushrooms…

  6. The CBC massaging employment numbers to show the Liberals in the best possible light? I don’t believe it! These are honest journalists with too much integrity and fairmind..ed …… hahaha, sorry I can’t keep it up.

  7. The new fulltime jobs are all in a Government position. And as we all know we need a lot bigger government than we already have….Steve O

    1. SL: You are absolutely right. The Statistics Canada data for September 2020 reveal the following key facts:
      1) Total employment DECREASED by 474,300 from Sept. 2019;
      2) Public sector employees actually INCREASED by 73,700 over the same 12 months;
      3) Private sector employees DECREASED by 548,000;
      4) The self-employed DECREASED by 210,600.

      In sum, public sector employees increased by 73,700 while private sector employment fell by 758,600. But remember: “We are all in this together”.

      1. Living in Ottawa, I get so mad when meeting retired government employees 10-15 years younger than me who are having a wealthy retirment – while still working so that I can pay them.

  8. This is what happens to “statistics” when the party running the country so Iong has fiIIed aII of the senior bureaucrat positions with IiberaI sycophants and bagmen.
    Don’t beIieve a thing you read from CBC, or any officiaI government agency. The Government agencies……can more accurateIy be described as IiberaI staffers.

    1. One statement I always dread to hear from Our Dear Leaders.

      ” Hello. I am from the Government and I am here to help. “

      1. I believe that one belonged to R R. He used it in one of his speeches and it is as true now as it was then.

  9. It’s important to pay attention to what the cbc article is selling. The plight of women during covid. A female professor complaining about being employed and looking after kids during covid. How most service sector jobs are women. How men’s jobs haven’t been hit as hard. (Likely because men usually “have to” work to support the family, it’s their duty)

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this article is laying the groundwork for a huge Liberal payout coming down the pipe to firm up their XX support. Liberal motto: when you can’t get out of the hole, keep digging.

  10. Too bad there wasn’t an Opposition in this country to do something, anything about Canada’s disgraceful, dishonest Media.

    Sadly, the Pussy Party is all there is.

    AKA the Conservative Party, weak, inept and pathetic as tis, a fine representation of your typical Canadian, the bended knee folk.

    1. It’s pretty hard to express your point of view when the media won’t report it to Canadians.
      I was surprised they reported O’Toole’s strong rejection of the Chinese ambassador’s comments threatening Canadians living in Hong Kong.

      1. You are right, that is exactly what Harper said in his interview on the media. They refused to accept Conservative Party adds and information. He should have defunded the Communist Broadcasting Company when he had the chance.

  11. Things that all share a common characteristic.

    Baghdad Bob’s contentions of Iraq forces success on the battlefield.
    Media contentions that Epstein killed himself.
    CBC providing factual news reports.

    1. “There are no American forces here in Baghdad!” – Muhammad Saeed al-Sahhaf (Comical Ali)
      “The Olympics can no more lose money than a man can have a baby.” – Jean Drapeau (Montreal Mayor, 1974)

  12. Good job Kate—–CBC has been bragging up their Journalistic skills! When I commented that they were terrible they immediately moderated my comment ! “Always keep your enemies close” Now they have another post about their great
    journalism —-no comments allowed!


    Of course it is. Typically what happens when CBC discovers readers aren’t buying the shit they’re peddling.

  14. Proof that it is pure BS propaganda: they won’t let you comment where it is published about the “gains”. The Kanuckistanian Pravda is also spreading the BS.

    1. Then premise any comments with “of course it’s not true that”
      For example
      Of course it’s not true that the Trudeau government tried to give a billion dollar sole source contract to the WE organization. And it’s just as false to presume it was done to circumvent election laws that restrict donations in kind and contribution limits.
      It also can’t be true that they used the pandemic as cover to hide this malfeasance.
      See what I did there?

      1. Actually it was $700 million.
        See, if you stick with reality it works better.
        They, the Communist Broadcasting Corporation can say that it is not true. If they said that it was not true that the airhead gave $700 million, they would be lying.

        Just an observation.

  15. Seeing as how nobody watches the CBC except self flagellating SDA readers, the discrepancy in figures is irrelevant.

  16. Who to believe? The government’s chief propagandist? Or the folks who actually prepare the payroll cheques? What a quandry!