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    1. Of course this so called debate will also be rigged like the previous one. The chosen topics are Democrat-chosen topics only. They’re trying to avoid mentioning President Trump’s accomplishments.

      1. Biden is incomprehensible and he rarely finished a sentence. Harris, on the other hand, is both belligerent and drunk, as well as desperate.

        Unfortunately, there will still be people who’d vote for them.

        Compare that with Trump. He not only exudes confidence, one can figure out what he’s saying.

    2. I think this would be a legitimate reason for Trump not to attend. It’s just another form of censorship in a world where there is already runaway censorship. I am guessing it will be disruptive and Trump will not be able to finish his statements.

      1. I agree. If it were me I wouldn’t show and simply hold another town hall at the same time as this non-debate.

    1. I PREDICT… (gee, you’d think I’d know better…)

      – If Trump wins, there’ll be a night of gory, over-the-top violence – and several hundred arrests – and this time, the Soros DA’s won’t have the nerve to turn ’em all loose at daybreak, or federal DA’s will have them all arrested as complicit – and all the jail cells vacated for MJ users ( – especially the ones Kamala Harris locked up – ) and COVID turn-loosers will be filled to the brim with Antifa and BLM rioters – and bail will not be granted – and a whole lot of diaper-wearing crybullies will cry themselves to sleep – and the “New Civil War!!!” meme will end, there ‘n then, for at least the next ten-years-to-life.

      1. I pray for President Trump and his family every night and pray that he will win so that in his second term, he can finally “get more things done”.
        I truly hope/pray that you are correct in that it will be one night or perhaps one week of “over the top” resistance with definite pushback from law enforcement and that there will NOT be a second civil war.

        1. Simples. Why are they still rioting every night in Portland? – because they can. Why aren’t they rioting anymore in a score of places, and never rioted at all in hundreds of other U.S. cities? – because they can’t.

          South Dakota governor Kristi Noem showed the way. They rioted one night, in Sioux Falls – and Noem sent in the National Guard. “Rioting and looting will not be tolerated in South Dakota” – end of story, end of riots. Contrast that to the unbelievable fuss Portland made when federal cops were sent in to protect the continually-targeted federal courthouse, and actually – you’re not gonna’ believe this – ARRESTED some rioters? The Mayor of Portland ordered them out of the city. And what did the Mayor of Chicago do after looters spent all night trashing the Magnificent Mile (I mean, other than piously wringing her hands)?

          The old joke after the Watts riots – “observers expect several nights of calm in the city, as looters stay home programming their new VCR’s…” That’s getting really old, and has certainly contributed many votes to Trump – even the Dem’s eventually started decrying the riots. Well, if Trump wins, I figure it’ll be a clear indication of which way the wind is blowing. I hope, at any rate…

          1. “The old joke after the Watts riots…”

            – Sorry – that’d be the Rodney King riots – not too many VCR’s around during the Watts riots in 1965……

        2. Franklin Graham is calling for a day of fasting and prayer on 25 October due to the importance of this election. I don’t worry much about what will happen locally after the election (we’re mostly rural and conservative around here), but I do think the deep blue sections of America may be long in the healing process.

        1. Actually, there was an earlier Hayabusa probe, this one going to asteroid 25143 Itokawa about 15 years ago. That mission was plagued with all sorts of problems, but it did successfully return several years later with a few grains of material.

          1. I know, I just find it funny that they used the same name they used for the Imperial Japanese Army most popular fighter plane during WWII.

            A bit off topic: they are funny that way, they even named their new helicopter carrier Kaga (honest to God it is not an aircraft carrier, just a helicopter carrier, it is a complete coincidence that it just happens to have large enough lifts to operate F-35s)… for those who don’t know Kaga was one of the aircraft carriers they lost at Midway. They aren’t the only ones, Germans reused WWII names on their armor as well.

          2. Hayabusa means falcon in Japanese, an appropriate name for a spacecraft. And why not? The Apollo 11 Lunar Module was Eagle and the one for Apollo 15 was Falcon.

    1. You work for them you better have a relative that pulls.
      You work for them you better have a French surname.

      We should be 2 to 3 countries. NWO is bogus.
      Oui, oui, Bi-)inguilsm and badj transferhdhdch paymentshdchc!
      Blah! Huck-to-wee! Splat!
      This kills the West.
      They are killing the West.
      They’ve killed the West.

        1. I’m just thinking in ‘91 what would it be like if our Canada didn’t include Quebec.

          deConfederation would be complete by now.

  1. Psychologist: Is Wokeness Making STEM Unreliable & Dangerous? | Gad Saad | ACADEMIA | Rubin Report

    L- An evolutionary psychologist dissects the ideological brain parasite that took 50+ years to infect us so thoroughly. Will it take an equal length of time of hard work and courage for to neutralize this pathogen?

  2. Rex Murphy writes about the Hunter Biden scandal at the National Post. And the Post reports on how Queen’s University in Kingston Ont. has admitted it is bending the knee to indians and leftists. It will be removing the name of our first prime minister from its law building.

  3. Before it is taken down, take note of this 2016 CBC Report on the elected chief of the Mi’k’maw Sipekne’katik band (currently involved in the dispute over out-of-season lobster fishing in Nova Scotia). Clearly the man has long had big dreams (and probably bigger television sets).


    Given how close in time his election was to the US presidential election in 2016, his establishment of this new indigenous “moderate livelihood” fishery may just be about “making Sipekne’katik great again.”

  4. The Liberal Party’s Globe and Mail has once again published a two page spread of Chinese propaganda. China is wonderful. And under the title, we are entitled to our entitlements, the retiring head of the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. has been hired as a consultant to the corporation. Story at Blacklock. Blacklock also reports on a Liberal MP who was forced to apologize for breaking ethics rules. No penalty was involved.

  5. I checked Blackie’s website to see if he mentioned that on Oct.20th and Oct. 22nd. 2014, two members of the Canadian Armed Forces were murdered by Islam. No mention of it, but he did celebrate “Persons Day, and is excited to be on his CBC’s comedy show tonight.

  6. Someone tell this asshole, this pathetic yet so typical Canadian Media Embarrassment, that Guthrie is not running.
    Canada is a joke country, populated by mostly morons.

    David Akin
    Flag of Canada
    It’s pretty clear watching this Georgia Trump rant/rally that Trump has been stewing all day about the whupping he got from @SavannahGuthrie
    on NBC last night. He can’t stop talking about her – or re-doing all the answers he gave her.

  7. Prompted by the most recent atrocity by a follower of the religion that cannot be named by the mainstream media in Canada (at least when it comes to committing terrorist actions), France’s government is speaking publicly about their most serious internal threat:

    “Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said there were some 80 investigations being conducted into online hate and that he was looking into whether to disband about 50 associations within the Muslim community.

    A police source on Sunday said France was preparing to deport 213 foreigners who were on a government watchlist and suspected of holding extreme religious beliefs, among whom about 150 are serving jail sentences.”


    Is this the start of what could become a sustained government initiative, or simply a minor pause in France’s continued decline?

  8. This will likely be the only article in the mainstream media that spells out what happens when politicians and police decide not to enforce the law:
    “Liberals demand the RCMP protect indigenous lobstermen in Nova Scotia, but praised Ontario police for not stopping the Mohawk rail blockade.

    The takeaway here isn’t that the cops always go after Indigenous people and leave white people alone. It’s that they enforce rights, laws, rulings and injunctions when they feel like it, and don’t enforce them when they don’t feel like it — and the politicians who nominally oversee them will support their decision, or not, based on their own preferences.”


  9. I wonder if that one Canadian Supreme Court Justice still has a habit of wandering off in a dementia haze, causing the police to look for him?

  10. https://www.cbc.ca/news/business/alberta-businesses-pandemic-closures-1.5768058

    The CBC has decided its readers, most of whom do not do anything constructive for a living, might find it fun to read about “What it’s like to lose your business during a pandemic.”

    Needless to say, they only interviewed the lucky ones who managed to, ah, re-invent themselves.

    Nobody contemplating an Alberta winter on the streets or back at his parents’ house with nothing (after the bank and the repo man were done with him) but the clothes on his back and a ruined credit rating could be reached for comment, it seems.

    1. Nobody contemplating an Alberta winter on the streets or back at his parents’ house with nothing (after the bank and the repo man were done with him) but the clothes on his back and a ruined credit rating could be reached for comment, it seems.

      That’s because the rest of Canada believes that every Albertan owns an oil well and is earning world prices for each barrel it produces. We’re only hoarding our wealth and refusing to share any of it, so we deserve everything that happens to us.

      I encountered that attitude 40 years ago and it seems that it hasn’t changed.

  11. Blackie’s lapdog leader of the NDP made it clear at his press conference today, that he will follow orders from Justin and support the Liberals at the confidence motion tomorrow.

  12. “With the government ruling out any broad-based tax increases, that will leave today’s young Canadians to deal with the fiscal fallout decades down the line, Mr. Drummond said, criticizing such an approach as irresponsible. “You really don’t have a right to pass the costs to the next generation,” he said in an interview.” Says an old Liberal who has a come-to-grandpa moment!

    Read it all here:


    1. Mesley did not deserve getting canned. They must have wanted to get rid of her. Barton is an appalling choice for replacement.

    2. What are they calling the Barton show?
      Lipstick on a pig?
      Porkies from a porker?
      I wonder what percentage of the 0.8% who bother to watch CBC will tune in?
      Or will it be like the National,so bad you actually what for comic relief.

  13. The Liberal Party’s CTV is excited about a new Lego animation show that features our Great Leader advising children about the China virus. He is so cool and wonderful.

    1. Ah, so we can finally, and legitimately, claim that Prinz Dummkopf is as thick as a (Lego) brick.