30 Replies to “Social Disease”

  1. They are obviously editorialising by selecting what is published. They should be made public services just like the phone and electricity companies. Or, maybe, fined an excrucxiating amount, maybe several billion.

    1. There are many ways to send a message. IEDs, assasinations and kidnappings are a form of communications too.

      I love history. Such clarity for those who care to study her.

      1. In the 1970’s there was a lovely television series called “Connections”. It’s thesis was that certain innovations or progress could only be made because of connections to other events. The rise of Protestantism and the individual reading/interpreting the Bible caused curiosity about other areas of society such as science. Engineering began in earnest in the late 1600’s and early 1700’s with the discoveries of Sir Issac Newton and James Watt watching a steam kettle and getting the idea of using steam as a source of energy – which allowed the invention of trains. AS well English society was becoming more mercantile and needed efficient transport of goods and raw materials between cities.
        Because of this TV series, I began to look for connections in politics and economics. On our trip to South America in December 2018, I was “gobsmacked” by the modern logistics required to transport grapes from Peru’s Pisco Valley to my Superstore in REgina. I look for connections in politics all the time. I think the next 4 years will be very interesting indeed.

  2. In truth, Twitter and Facebook are yuuuuge Trump supporters. This is their way of ensuring that New York Post articles on the Hunter Biden scandal get as much national publicity as possible.

    1. The Birkenstock Bolsheviks at CTV, Global and CBC must think if Facebook and Twitter is censoring the story they must have a good reason to do so, and accordingly they shouldn’t report the story neither. Mention “The Russians” and our media immediately obays their overlords on the left.

  3. It will be much easier for a CCP/PLA front to buy one or more the Baby Facebooks or Twitters than Ma Facebook or Twitter.

    No. Deal with the problem and only the problem. Make it clear that all the money in the world will not prevent the people of the United States from putting to death those who give aid and comfort to their enemies.

    Once all of Silicon Valley has seen footage on YouTube of Zuck and his Chinese whore being put down like dogs, maybe they will decide it no longer makes good business sense to do Beijing’s dirty work.

      1. Since when does someone claiming to be right wing demand government regulation when free market competition is enough?
        Stop making excuses. Use Parler.

        BTW, if those protections that you are so keen to strip away from Twitter are removed it will kill of competition like Parler much faster. There is no universe where what you are asking for makes any sense.

        1. When Standard Oil was running its monopoly, it was all legal, just unacceptable. Information is more valuable than oil, any day.

          Are you still maintaining, BTW, that all of this evidence of Biden corruption is fake? Twitter continues to pretend that the stuff was “hacked” which is bullshit, of course. The leak of Trump’s tax return was a Federal crime. Twitter didn’t care. Your only hope is for the leader of this mega cabal of corruption to win the election to shut down any investigations. That didn’t work for Trump of course, but I think a special counsel is called for here, and as the days go by, and more shit comes out, that Twitter can’t suppress, this is going to grow. It’s an oncoming train, you guys tried to stop it by blowing the bridge, but it’s too late.

          Twitter’s overreaction is better for Trump in any case. It’s asymmetrical warfare against the billionaires who own Twitter, Google, Washington Post, New York Times, and trying to suppress this information is just making people more interested in it. It’s percolating, Twitter stepped in it. The New York Times has surrendered they place as the setter of the news agenda to Twitter. They both lose.

          We aren’t whining about the attempted censorship, we are gloating. This is gonna drive Republican turnout, Trump turnout. But thank you for your concern for our feelings though.

          1. Standard Oil held physical control over production and distribution of oil that allowed it to keep out competition.
            Twitter and Facebook are glorified websites.
            Competition can move in whenever it wants. In fact, Parler is an example of that competition.
            There is no comparison of Twitter and Facebook to SO.

          2. “There is no comparison of Twitter and Facebook to SO.”

            Dream on. Of course there is. The first mover effect has given Twitter an insurmountable advantage, and we both know that if it leaned right, the left would be calling for its regulation. I think that a reasonable step would be to remove it’s protections from lawsuits, since it obviously has decided that it can make more money if it exercises control over content, well, that extra income comes with the cost of being responsible for what is published.

            That can happen very easily. But good on you for admitting that the hard drive stuff is real. It’s real, and it’s spectacular.

            BTW, the Daily Mail has another long piece on Biden corruption which includes Hunter and ‘Pop’ that proves that Pop was lying when he said he never talked to Hunter about his business because Joe and Hunter are meeting with one of Hunter’s kleptocrat clients


        2. You can’t be this obtuse.

          We are supposed to wait for the market to catch up to a fascist private monopoly that’s violating election laws and silencing opposing opinions while their biased actions are affecting a free election without consequence?

          Get bent, loser. If this were the same situation and twatter was a conservative “platform”, your loathsome ilk would have already firebombed their corporate offices.

          You’re really beyond contempt.


          1. Fox New and One America silence opposing opinions all of the time.
            Do you have a problem with that?

            If you don’t like Twitter use the competition.
            Twitter is not a monopoly by any reasonable definition of the word.
            Why is that so hard to understand?

            What is beyond contempt are the little children here throwing a hissy fit because twitter does not want to broadcast their irrelevant nonsense. What is beyond contempt are the little children here ignoring Trumps ongoing and blatant corruption that includes pay-to-play access to whitehouse favours while expecting people to vote him because his opponent’s son was involved in shady business years ago.

            Anyone who cares about corruption in government is voting against Trump. Anyone who votes for Trump thinks corruption is fine so it does not really matter whatever Biden did because it perfectly acceptable based on the standards established by Trump.

          2. “Fox New and One America silence opposing opinions all of the time.”

            Do you ever watch Fox? They have more diversity of opinion than any other cable news network. That comment just proves you are only repeating talking points fed to you by somebody else. CNN does what you are saying. They banned IceCube for fuck’s sake, just because he is working with Trump.

          3. Timmy boy…

            Call it what you want …it’s still CENSORSHIP by a bunch of Made in America NAZI’s. And it seems to me there are laws against that sort of thing in America no.??

            An amendment to the Constitution I do believe…1st.??

            End of story.
            May they HANG….in Nicolae Ceausescu manner.

        3. “BTW, if those protections that you are so keen to strip away from Twitter are removed it will kill of competition like Parler much faster.”

          That’s proven point in Canada, where the honourable hosts of FreeDominion, Connie and Mark Fournier, were effectively made responsible in meat world courts for posts made by anonymous posters.

          “Anyone who cares about corruption in government is voting against Trump. Anyone who votes for Trump thinks corruption is fine so it does not really matter whatever Biden did because it perfectly acceptable based on the standards established by Trump.”

          That’s a dumb comment. People of culture accept that those who receive government pay checks will have the same number of miscreants as those in the private sector.
          President Trump met many public employees in the course of his development career.

          Commonly, people only ever engage with their civic government when receiving parking tickets or applying for a building permit.
          The latter engagement can be a fully involved experience with several different offices and officials acting out non-published policies.
          Once coming face to face with all the municipal characters on display, then following some of the more colourful (or greyscale) public officials, it’s apparent that government service attracts lifers.

          One very appealing thing about Donald Trump is that he entered the political arena knowing that he would only have to devote 8 years of his life to government employment.

        4. Close Twatter then and that’s that. No freedom for enemies of freedom. There solved your conundrum for you.

    1. Said no one ever trying to compete against Rockefeller’s Standard Oil.
      I love as well how Liberals spout off about the free market until they want a cake baked for Brian and Biff.

  4. They are demanding that the NYPost tacitly admit to something that is not true. There was no violation because they were not “hacked.” Twitter can’t admit that they were never hacked in the first place as that climbdown would hurt Biden.

  5. Is this why NYT refused to publish any information regarding Trump’s tax returns and why Twitter blocked any tweets regarding the tax returns?

  6. Twitter is arrogantly all in, betting it all that Biden will triumph over Trump. I don’t believe there has ever been more at stake for the free world in any election past.

  7. It’s too bad all the early voters can’t recant their vote. If the Democrats win, future voters might not retain the right to remedy this mistake.

  8. Who says Facebook and Twitter aren’t neutral?

    . . .

    Anna Makanju is the Facebook executive in charge of “election integrity on the platform”; and guess what her job was before that position… “Previously, she was the special policy adviser for Europe and Eurasia to former US Vice President Joe Biden”.


  9. I hate you frothing idiots for making me agree with Tim G.

    You’re all just butthurt because you soi-disant conservatives forgot the first rule of economics – TANSTAAFL – and now Twitter and Facebook are taking your free shit away and you’re rioting like inner-city “youths” when a glitch breaks the EBT cards.

    Twitter doesn’t have a monopoly. You’re just too stupid to figure out how to find the dozen or so other microblogging services that exist.

    Facebook doesn’t have a monopoly. You’re just too stupid to figure out how to find the dozen or so other social networks that exist.

    The problem is not s.230, or Facebook, or Twitter. The problem is the collusion between disparate tech companies that don’t operate in the same market acting to exclude services like Gab and people like Alex Jones. You can’t fix that with antitrust law. It’s a Constitutional tar patch that could have far-reaching 1st Amendment implications if implemented wrong. It’s difficult, and complex, and certainly much more work than shouting “Break them up!” and “Grrr! Corporations”.

    When you can’t tell the difference between your side and the Communists, it’s time to take a long hard look at your values.

  10. a brief follow up for those who waste time responding to tim g, don’t waste your time he is either unme or a clone thereof, dumb as a bag of rocks and more than worthy of an insult with no explanation necessary.

    1. Yep, pure deflection all the way. I don’t use Twitter and I don’t use social media of any kind; I’m just concerned about the level of influence they exert on people who do use them. Surely even a no-lobes like Dim can figure that out.