18 Replies to “Say It Isn’t So, Joe!”

  1. Not very bright is he or his handlers. In his situation all he had to do was claim the following:
    “Kids, you try to raise them right; show them ropes…
    You hope they don’t but then they do and you do what is necessary to get them out of hot water…”

    Since it is Sleepy Joe – Demoncrap – the corrupt MSM would have spun it as “good enough for them and everyone else”.

    No Republican would be allowed the same courtesy. They would be strung out to dry first opportunity for less.

  2. Slow rolling, the same as James O’Keefe and before him, Andrew Breitbart have shown is an effective means to show that not only are these people wrong, but they lie about it when caught.

    Next week, every day a Democrat controversy, every day a new lie from the Biden family and their enablers as they try to keep it quiet, and to deny the truth about themselves.

    1. Q Post 488217-Oct-2020 9:47:14 AM PDT

      “PANIC IN DC.



      Fun Times. Maybe Hidin Biden retreats to the basement for the last two weeks, to avoid scrutiny, with the DRIP DRIP DRIP of more emails detailing his corruption.

      “Hunters BECOME the Hunted!”

    2. Biden, a career politician who has not a single noteworthy achievement in 47 years at the trough.

      He’s as filthy and greasy as they come.

  3. I liked how he closed that out and I’m paraphrasing:
    “What if Biden and Trump are both corrupt?
    Do I go with the guy who has become rich during his past 47 years in government or the guy who has seen his net worth decline over his past 4 years in government?

  4. If you don’t think that the Biden campaign already called up the U.S. Attorney for Delaware and got a copy of the files, you haven’t been paying attention. It won’t be Biden caught in lies about this, but his media allies will keep getting left to dry time after time over the next seven days, I guess. Plus Rudy claims he has two of them that he is not revealing corroborated with witnesses. So any one of them is a land mine for Biden.

  5. Setting aside confirming corroborating emails from receivers, etc. a simple question I would think should be asked is what about forensics, i.e. are Hunter’s fingerprints on the laptop?

    FBI has been so forthcoming with responding to this sort of info. (sarc, lol), I am sure they would be happy to answer.

    1. They’ve refused repeated requests for comment even from pro-Biden hacks.

      Can you blame them? Telling the truth didn’t exactly do Hillary much good.

  6. Let me guess, Timmy still signals his virtue by saying “Trump is bad” in every single podcast. Notice, no question mark. I am done listening to anything people like him have to say. If someone is stupid, call them stupid to their face. If you think you can get more viewers with virtue signalling your Trump disdain, then you can’t have my click.

    1. Tim Pool has stated he will be voting for Trump. While he admits to being left-leaning, at least he bothers to watch what is going on and question the narrative. Unlike the majority of leftists.

  7. Tim Pool is intellectually honest, and more open that almost anyone else on the left to hearing the truth. I have tremendous respect for him. Much as I like Steven Crowder, Tim is far less bombastic.