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        1. In that twitter feed, one response calls it a Russian disinformation campaign. I thought the Russians were backing Creepy Joe? – so confused…

          And of course, lots of Biden supporters are claiming the hard drive has nothing to do with Hunter, and it’s a Rethuglican smear campaign based-on nothing but Orange-Man hot air. To them, Rudy Juliani points-out that Hunter’s lawyer has contacted the shop owner – by e-mail, so there’s a paper trail – asking for the hard drive back. Now I have to ask, who would be dumb enough to leave a firebomb like that (with your naked pictures in it, so half the whores in DC could identify you) unclaimed in a shop anyways? Besides Anthony weiner and Hunter Biden, I mean…

    1. Ya gotta break important stuff like that out:

      But the available evidence seems to show the Joshua Wilson who signed the subpoena for Hunter Biden’s laptop, and the Joshua Wilson who investigates child pornography for the FBI, are the same person. This raises the possibility, not explored by the Post, that the FBI issued the subpoena for reasons unrelated to Hunter Biden’s role in Ukraine and Burisma.

      BTW, thank you for that link.

    2. So the pedo angle is backed up by a Chinese dissident, a person that the thrall-to-the-ChiComs press refers to as a “fugitive” (there is no shame in being a fugitive from the ChiComs) who has seen the contents. This is an entirely separate line of evidence from the discovery that it was a child pornography investigator at the FBI who seized the computer, after the backup of the hard drive had been given to the FBI, and came out before that was known.

      Referring to this twitter link: https://twitter.com/All50News/status/1317080910504824832

      Is it a “conspiracy theory”? Sure, is it absurd on the face of it that the ChiComs would send Hunter child porn? No. It’s called ‘kompromat’ and I believe we made a huge deal for three years on just the accusation from Hillary that Putin had kompromat on Trump.

      1. https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/politics/giuliani-is-drunk-all-the-time-and-russian-disinformation-campaigns-are-taking-advantage-trump-s-ex-lawyer/ar-BB1a7MKb?ocid=msedgdhp

        Ahh but Newsweek says Guliani is a drunk.

        “I think Twitter’s response to the actual article itself makes clear that these purported allegations are false and are not true,” Biden campaign national press secretary Jamal Brown said on Thursday.

        Way to go Jamal. Twitter is the new Solomon.

    3. Scratch a leftist, and you find a Jew-basher, a pedophile, or, most often, both.

      Leftists hate capitalism because they hate Jews. They hate Jews because they hate God. They hate God because God doesn’t like it when you rape children and sacrifice them to demons.

    4. FBI cover up for Democrats, again.

      The FBI needs to be eliminated or nationalized.

      Real police forces cannot allow it to continue as a dirty tricks operation of the Democrat Party.

  1. Yesterday, in 1970, Canada died. PET inflicted the War Measures Act on us, suspending our civil liberties. Pierre Laporte turned up dead in the trunk of a car the next day.

    I remember the principal of the junior high school I attended making the announcement over the PA. I sat at my desk in class wondering what had just happened.

    1. June 25, 1968 the day Trudeau the Elder was voted in. We are still not rid of his debt or his vomicius spawn.

      1. True, but we still had our freedoms back then. Just over two years after being confirmed to be PM by the electorate, he took them away.

        1. I remember the black and white pictures of the troop carriers in Quebec on the news. Dad had taken us back north a couple of years earlier after having done some post-doc studies in the US.

          It was 1970 that he changed from an idealist former young liberal. I guess we would call that the red-pill now.

          My aunt, his sister, never left the fold. At 95 with dementia, she still lectures me on how great Trudeau is, I’m not sure either of knows which one she is talking about.

          1. I remember the troop carriers. My family was on the way to go shopping at Miracle Mart and I recall them passing us. My father got this quiet freaked out look and he got off at the next exit and we went home instead. One day soon afterward my school was full of soldiers and we were all sent home for the day due to a bomb threat. We were supposed to go trick or treating during daylight but everyone ignored that and went trick or treating after dark anyway.

        2. Not many outside of Quebec know this but after Pierre Laporte was murdered, Anglo Quebeckers immediately withdrew a pile of money and drove to Ontario to open bank accounts there with their hard earned cash. They didn’t trust the F.L.Q. from day one. I personally knew a couple that actually did that.

          The writing was on the wall, Pierre Trudeau trashed Canada and left us for dead — in debt with 7his bloated government and new style of laws.

          Now his drug addicted megalomaniac son has thrown Canada to the U.N. wolves for consumption.

          I too wondered what this was all about then. It’s so clear now. The Trudeau Dynasty is alive, well and wealthy.

          Canada? Not so much.

          The fiftieth anniversary of the Quebec Crisis can leave one in a pure funk again. I’m over it now, mostly, but I will never forget the fear and loss on a personal level as a former Anglo Quebecker.

      2. alecincgy, that is true, without that vote the insanity may have been sidelined for a few years, but make no mistake, Canada was heading down the socialist trail and voting patterns have confirmed that and election after election has only driven more nails in the coffin. The box is just about finished as is Canada and individual freedom. We will not recover from the current bout of insanity the people are just not smart enough, the reaction to a flu virus proves that beyond all argument.

    1. Ann Coulter’s book (written before BLM) says much the same thing. Blacks are treated by leftists as victims . . . not grown ups. Dems routinely exploit Blacks to gain power. Reparations is more of this. Netflix (and likely Amazon) seem to have a vested interest in promoting the Black victim narrative.

  2. What we learned from the judicial committee proceedings. If you thought Kamala and Joe were the dimmest bulbs that the Democrat party had to offer, you were WRONG. They may actually be the best and the brightest.

  3. It just came to me who Dementia Joe reminds me of. Remember John Candy as the dementia ridden mayor of Melonville in the old Second City TV show? It was a hoot when he would throw his toy dog kibble.

  4. A little-known story. Tommy Shanks was a driver for East End Taxi, who had the account for Second City. They loved the guy. That’s how the mayor of Melonville came to be named Tommy Shanks.

    Now drive North on McCowan Road out of the city until you come to Lemonville.

    1. Each time I drove by Lemonville to visit my mom in LTC I was reminded of SCTV’s Melonville and Tommy Shanks. I sometimes wondered if that was the inspiration.

  5. The Liberal Party’s Globe and Mail and the Liberal Party’s Toronto Star explain that Dementia Joe will make a great president because he will cancel the Keystone Pipeline. This will result in Joe and our little dictator to concentrate on global warming scams. The Toronto Star also reminds the government today, that it needs more money from the taxpayers.

    1. “Biden is a security risk because of his connections to CCP”
      None of Hitlery’s multiferous shady deals with the Russians came back to disqualify her…

  6. BBC has this article about how the whole thing is just a Republican smear story based on Russian disinformation and Old Joe has already been cleared of any wrongdoing or illegal activity. So I guess that’s the story and a hope they win the election so they can bury it.

    1. I believe there is too much proof out there for them to ignore indefinitely. Of course tons of people dislike Trump, but if voters are not careful, Communist China will be running the country. Surely, even CNN and MSNBC would have concerns.

      1. LindaL – Re “Surely, even CNN and MSNBC would have concerns”. They might think that is a feature, not a bug.
        The mainstream media is upset Trump pulled the US out of the Paris Climate Accord. They are panicked that the world will become uninhabitable as they appear to believe their own hype. They also hate that he’s immune to their cancel-culture reeducation techniques. If others follow his lead, he could up-end their plans for social terraforming the west into a dystopian society where everyone is exactly equal, no matter how hard you work, which even China knows doesn’t work for long.

  7. The Islamists must believe the polls that Biden/Harris will win as we are hearing from them for the first time in almost four years:

    Teacher beheaded in Paris suburb after recently showing cartoons of Prophet Mohammad in class – “A man armed with a knife on Friday killed a middle school history teacher by slitting his throat in front of his school”.


  8. The Liberal Party’s CBC is excited that the federal NDP leader is calling white lobster fishermen terrorists.

    1. Can somebody say if east coast Indians ever fished for lobster before Whitey (gotta capitalize it!) came along. I fully f**king doubt it, but I’m not 100% sure.

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